Juice Fast Day 6- lost 9 lbs

1.  Starting juice fast tomorrow! So glad to have found your web site and hear the audios. Thank you. Chiropractor had done a fast before and that got me to thinking. He lost 60 pounds in 45 days. Doing it for my health and to lose weight so I can ENJOY my grandkids.

2.  End of day#2.  I feel way better than I dreamed I would.  I thought by this evening I would be fighting this juicing hard.  Enjoying it so very much.  My stomach growls but it is not annoying yet.

3.  End of day #3: Doing great!  Stomach more active today with the growling but nothing bad.  I am sure my BLOOD PRESSURE is down.  I have not taken it but my pulse is down also, which is great.  Lost 5 pounds.  I am on my way!   JC-TEXAS  (Joy)

4. End of day #6: Lost 9 pounds and feel great.  Have not felt this good in years and clothes fitting so much better!  So excited.

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One Response to Juice Fast Day 6- lost 9 lbs

  1. lynn2010 says:

    wow thats great. I just found your page. How long did you juice fast for?