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Sorry I haven’t been on this page for a while. Will check your email and reply back.

I still have not got back my blood report from the doc yet- it got dealyed with the Christmas/New Year holidays. I have to confess I am not a 100% yet though very close. Its like that main pocket of pain opened up with juicing (yes I juiced again for seven days) and now everythign is spilling out- but the spill has not cleaned up yet.

Its is taking longer than I thought- I guess the injury was deeper than I thought.

By: Tom Coghill Thu, 23 Dec 2010 02:46:14 +0000 Hi Jcheals
I sent you am email but you did not respond. I need to contact you are this book on osteoporosis is well underway. Can you send me an email using the contact form at the top of the page? I would like for you to review the book.

By: JCheals Mon, 20 Dec 2010 22:06:37 +0000 Will be going in from my bloodwork tomorrow or day after. Excited to see what the results will show!

By: JCheals Tue, 07 Dec 2010 02:31:34 +0000 I stopped eating nuts and seeds- have not had them since I last wrote- and can confidently say that my body heals better and faster without nuts and seeds. I had been on and off them a few times since last March but each time, I came to the same conclusion in the end -though initially I always felt good. May work for others- but I feel better and safer without nuts and seeds.

Exercises are definitely helping and so is eating wisely and juicing, but there is one more things that is helping big-time but I’ll write about it when my healing come through fully.

By: JCheals Fri, 03 Dec 2010 18:40:09 +0000 Better but not a hundred percent pain-free. The couple exercises I mentioned above are really helping strengthen whatever needs strengthening.

I tried eating nuts and seeds for a few days – I am really not sure if they help me at all. The pain seems more pronounded after I eat them and it kind of messes up the natural balance that comes with eating fresh fruits and vegetables or even sprouts.

Sprouts are better than nuts but on the relative scale, I think my body responds best when I stick with just fresh fruits and vegetables- that way I can listen to my body the best, and the healing comes more efficiently.

By: JCheals Mon, 29 Nov 2010 23:58:45 +0000 So today, during my swim lessons, as I began to practice kicking while floating- I noticed that my kicks were not very strong to begin with – but it sure did exercise my pelvis- but as I practiced on, the kicks got a little stronger- but I think the kicking has more or less the same effect as the exercised the Lord showed that couple who prayed for me- because that feel the same in effect as the kicking in water.

So now, I am continuing to juice/ eat healthy- but I am alongside also being more regular with the physical disciplines which exercie my pelvis like swimming and ground exercises that stretch the pelvis. The last bit IS stubborn, tiny little bit as it may be. But I am not letting it sit or hide.

By: JCheals Wed, 24 Nov 2010 02:08:17 +0000 Today it was really windy in the evening when I went out for a walk- and it got worse on the way back. In that instant, I was reminded that last year this time, winds used to terrify me and I used to literally get blown away by the winds in the direction of the winds because my body was so fragile and in so much pain that it was easy for it to lose balance. I had to literally struggle to walk in the wind and did so only because at times, I had no choice but to walk.

How grateful I felt today for the distance I have come since then. Winters no longer scare me- I still don’t particularly like them but atleast I know I can withstand it.

Grateful indeed!

By: JCheals Tue, 23 Nov 2010 08:16:09 +0000 It seems like I never know what my body is going to tell me the next day. Today, I felt inspired to have a handful of walnuts. Did not seem to particularly enjoy them- but I ate them anyway. Am also begining to slowly add back other fruits.

Tonight, I also felt inspired to sprout more regularly- so I guess I am going to be making that addition and testing that out.

Swimming should help too. Still doing my weekly swim lessons- feel great in the water- good exercise for my pelvis.

Amazing how much time the last tiny bit of pain takes to leave. The pain is not deep anymore. It is barely there some days but some days when I carry anythign heavy or don’t eat regularly enough or don’t sleep enough, I feel some pain return.

In other words, I have to take care to not go too long without eating which I sometimes do for one reason or another. I need to avoid carrying much weights for a while longer and sure I need to get enough sleep- the discipline sure helps.

The scripture that comes to me for healing today – is strangely Psalm 91- well not that strange- it is quite all encompassing.

By: JCheals Sun, 21 Nov 2010 22:46:55 +0000 I feel to focus on the word of God more (in addition to taking the practical steps in terms of eating healthy). I am almost there but not quite there in terms of 100% healing.

I am looking to JC to complete the good work He has started in me.

Will keep this page updated of key developments.

Incidentally, I ate some raw sunflower seeds today after a long season of not having eaten nuts and seeds. I did not enjoy eating them though I did in the past. But I don’t feel inclined to eat them again- not for a while at least. Lets see.

By: JCheals Sat, 20 Nov 2010 20:44:27 +0000 DAY FORTY

Very close but not a 100% yet. Great forty days but I cannot really call this fasting- I just love this life-style. Must say that more happened in ways other than physical healing (I mean breakthroughs) during this period, and one of these days this break-through will be complete too. Thanks to JC.