Flying Grapefruit Juice with Grapefruit, Pear, Sweet Potato

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Flying Grapefruit Juice
2 pears
3 pink grapefruit
1 sweet potato

A delicious, alcohol-free party pleaser that will blow both socks off. Ask the host if you can take your juicer to the party. Enjoy an enzyme high without a nasty hangover. It may be more expensive than beer, but who wants to drink yeast excrement (alcohol) anyway? Cut loose with the joy of the Spirit. And when all those social drinkers are drinking to numb the conscience, yours will be free and clear. And when the fun becomes foolish, you can drive safely home to rest with a timely excuse—I jog at 6 o’clock in the morning.


With five times the vitamin C content of oranges, this juice is a powerful cleanser.The tastiest grapefruit is grown in Texas and Florida. Pink is sweeter and less acidic than white. Many people can tolerate grapefruit more easily than oranges.

Grapefruit Juicing Tips

Juice some of the white pith for valuable bioflavinoids. Grapefruits can be prepared in a hand citrus juicer quickly. All citrus juices should be drunk immediately because of the fragility of the vitamin C.

For information about juicing the other ingredients, click on the following links:
Sweet Potato

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