The Brain Stimulator Juice with Orange, Pear, Yam, Grapefruit and Apple

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The Brain Stimulator
1 orange
1 hard pear
1 yam
1 grapefruit
1 apple

Scientists have determined that we use only 10 percent of the brain. Living on coffee and doughnuts reduces that to 2 percent. Here is a juice to stimulate all of that unused percentage back into activity. For this juice to be effective, you need a five-day juice fast to clear the coffee, doughnut and junk food residues out of the bloodstream. Once clear, this wide-spectrum, nutrient-rich juice will stir the brain into super activity. Better memory, sharper thinking and good study techniques are the tools for great marks. No more morning brain fog. Now, you can leap out of bed to study while brushing your teeth and preparing for the day.

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    • Tom Coghill: Hi Sim, We put at least 15 terminal cancer patients through a juice fasting program. Some are alive and healthy one year later. Others died as the cancer was too advanced and they came in weeks or days before death. We discovered that most cancer had a time of remission on juice...
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    • Tom Coghill: Hi Laiya, Most appetite suppressants are stimulants which during a fast causes additional stress on the liver and kidneys. During a fast most people do not feel hungry, but some do like yourself. What is the name of the suppressant you are using?
    • Once: Thanks Tom I know that’s true. But these disorders of the gut, as well as some of the autoimmune diseases are said to have a strong psychological component and have been linked to certain “all or nothing” personalities, and extreme stress very early in life. I do have a...
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