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Fasting Cleanses The Conscience

Money, medications, material possessions, achievements, good deeds or perfect living cannot buy a clear conscience.It is easy to make excuses, but if you do not believe your own lie, it will be powerless to sooth your conscience.Guilt can last a lifetime, and the pain does not lessen with age.

When Adam hid in the bushes, shame was controlling his actions. He could have been walking, laughing, exploring, but there he was in the bushes hiding with a guilty conscience.Where there is shame there is pain, separation and a degraded self-image.We no longer look at ourselves with pride.God becomes distant and we lose passion for living.

Unknowingly, many come to fasting as a fix for a dirty conscience.Honesty is good for the soul. It is time to tell God and those you have hurt that you are sorry.There may be a cost, but no matter how expensive the cost, the joy will be more than worth it.

Repentance is the pathway to peace.You do not have to apologize a thousand times.Once is enough and the sin is forgotten.The blood of Christ and the power of God’s forgiveness are greater than any sin.Christ willingly died on the Cross for your every sin.When you finally believe in the forgiveness of God, you can start to forgive yourself.When you forgive yourself, it is easier to forgive others.

The ones you love the most cause the greatest pain when they do you wrong.There are only two ways to deal with the pain: resentment and becoming hard or drawing close to God and deepened compassion through humility, acceptance and understanding.

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