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Finding Your Purpose

Before you start fasting, take some time to think about why you are fasting. Jesus did not fast to lose weight. He was to be stripped naked, and hung bleeding on a Cross. His purpose in fasting was for the strength to complete His ministry. Healing, better health, weight loss and clearer thinking are worthy goals but what is the purpose of your life? The Bible says that each of us is called and God has set out our purpose from the beginning of time. Are you ready to live your purpose?

During the fast, the day-to-day world fades in significance. The world of thought, memory and emotion heighten in intensity. Connection with God clarifies. The foolishness of modern living becomes repulsive. Questions of who am I and where am I going, demand answers. Fasting is the accelerator of the process. It demands you to live for a higher purpose and that will cause you to become different from the people around you. Fasting unplugs you from the Matrix. You will never be “normal” again.

By Tom Coghill of
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