Introduction to Biblical Fasting

Fasting is not a pathway to God. You do not need a path to God. He is with you now. You can’t get any closer than He is to you right now.

He knows your every thought, the number of hairs on your head and the workings of every cell in your body. The reason we are not overwhelmed with the presence of God is that we are not living in obedience. Fasting is a time to cleanse and discipline our hearts before God that we may give to Him what He truly wants—the full commitment of our heart. When we give more of us, He give more of Him and that is an incredible trade.

If you want an honored guest to visit you for dinner you must invite them in the appropriate manner. If you invite Christ into your life, with the right heart, He will come. Fasting can be the preparation for His coming; where we dedicate time to cleanse the temple, our body and soul, of all the clutter that His Spirit may dwell with our spirit in comfort.

Hard won treasures pale before unending love radiating from the face of Christ.

By Tom Coghill of
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