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Fasting For Spiritual Strengthening

Fasting is a powerful discipline for bringing the body under submission. You take total control. It suffers and you say no. A soldier without needs cannot be tempted and will not turn from duty.

Each great servant of God has had his/her time of fasting. It is an essential spiritual discipline and without it we are weak. It fortifies spiritual foundations, builds intimacy with God and strengthens resolve. We can hide behind a lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy, fear of rejection, and fear of failure, yet we will never be fulfilled until we become courageous. Fasting, prayer and faith give us the courage to move past our fears into the realm of the unknown.

If you are spiritually dry, fasting and prayer will restore that fiery passion you had when you first came to Christ. If you are seeking direction, truth will be revealed. If you are in a spiritual battle, fasting gives the edge for victory. If you have a request before God, there is no position more powerful than fasting in humility and praise. The chapter on intercession was written for you.

When John baptized Christ, the Spirit led Him into the desert not for a vacation, but a preparation through fasting. Each day was another day closer to the suffering of the Cross. Any man would want to run from such a fate, but Christ used fasting to strengthen His resolve. One of Satan main tactics is to encourage any addiction or lifestyle that makes the body the master, where man is moved by every little whim of the flesh.

When God breathed life into Adam, the work was complete. No extra ears or missing brain cells. A perfect body in a perfect world; disease and sickness did not exist. But God heart was saddened. He saw the future, witnessed the Temple of God being degraded through pleasure-centered living and so the human body was created with a self-regulated, healing mechanism. Sickness, disease, injury or shock became the triggers for the body to enter the fasting state. When given the opportunity, the healing mechanism of fasting touches more than just the cells of the body but reaches the depth of the soul causing the intense, spiritual changes for which fasting is so famous.

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11 Responses to Fasting For Spiritual Strengthening

  1. angelabagassien says:

    i need to start my fasting for spiritual strength.i am frighten because i have never been on a day fast.i want to fast for two days.

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Welcome angelabagassien
    Fear you should have excitement. Fasting is truly amazing and transformed many a life. Juice first before water fasting. Every prayer gets answered and wisdom comes with clarity. But 2 days,,,, mmmm just a warm up.

    • Edu Reis says:

      Hello. my brother!

      I need you help. I am a pastor in Brazil. and have since before my ministry practiced fasting. Usually I fast periods of 24 hours, day in and day out, but unfortunately never made ​​it through the three days of fasting water. Where comes the third day I feel very weak, it seems that when I get up I’m going to faint, and then I run the fast break. Help me, I need to break the barrier of the third day, for now I want to go up to the fourteenth day, and then after twenty-one and forty. Tom, what can I do to go beyond the third day without dying? Help me for God’s Kingdom and the needy. Thanks

      • Ron says:

        Hi Edu, I’m sure Tom would tell you that water fasting is very difficult to master. If you work, water fasting may be almost impossible for you to accomplish for any great length of time. Have you tried juice fasting? I usually mix days with some just water, and some with juice. That will keep your energy level up and you will be able to fast for much longer periods of time.

        As you know, the Lord appreciates any sacrafice we offer to Him! And, He will bless you abundantly for doing so. I will keep you and your ministry for the needy in my prayers!

        If you fast more often, the longer fasts will come easier for you as time goes by. Good Fasting! And God’s Blessings! Ron

        • Edu Reis says:

          Thank you Ron! I was very happy to see your reply.

          I was thinking of drinking coconut water in the first six days, although it has not got fiber carbohydrates and can give me some energy, but with respect to juices, as they should be prepared, which fruits can not use what and how much I can drink a day?

          I await response.

          • Ron says:

            Hi Edu, Coconut water is good. But fruit and vegetables are better. Fiber and pulp will keep the digestive system going. If you are trying to cleanse and detoxify your body, fiber slows that process down. If you are fasting for spiritual reasons, anything is fine!

            I usually have 1 or 2 liters of water and/or juice a day. Listen to your body, and don’t drink too much in one session. Any fruits or veggies are fine for juicing. But fruits like mango and bananas are not good for juicing. I hope that answered your questions? Ron

            • Edu Reis says:

              Thank you Ron!

              I wonder if I could make the juices to a blender and strain with a sieve, or I need a processor? Should I drink the pure juice or water can mix it?

              • Ron says:

                Sure, a blender and strainer is fine, if that’s all you have to work with. And mixing water is fine also. If you hear your stomach grumbling that means there is probably too much pulp or fiber in the juice. But as I said earlier, it depends on your goals. Personally, I like to get the benefits of a body cleansing in addition to the spiritual reasons for fasting.

                I love fasting at this time of year! It seems that our Lord through the Holy Spirit is very busy during Lent, and filling our lives with Grace and Love! God Bless You, Ron

  3. humbled student says:

    I have been interested in fasting for about 12 yrs but not until recent have I practiced fasting for more than 10 days on water only in september 2008 I fasted 21 days but I incorporated both at night. Is this beneficial?

  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hey your post makes no sense.

  5. guidedjuicefast says:
    Guided Juice Fast

    Hi Tom – the phone at my Wellness Education Center is 406-755-8423. Call & I’ll give you my home & cell numbers also. Thanks, Jeanette Cheney