Pre-water Fasting Questions

I am about to go on a water fast.  Do you still take your vitamins everyday while on a water fast? NO!

Also, how do you pick the length to water fast for? (that depends on available time and your goals.)

I am pretty addicted to caffeine and would also like to work towards become a raw vegan.  I have already been a vegan for almost 10 years, but I really think water fasting will help me transition to a raw diet.  I also just feel like my body isn’t very healthy and would like to cleanse it, because I am in college and a lot of times I’m not really giving it the right food, sleep, or ex-cerise, but then that raises another question.

So, say I do a water fast for two weeks, is this a thing that should be reoccurring to keep my body healthy?  Should I do a water fast a certain amount of times, or is one time enough? I am 21 yr old female who is 5’4″ 150lbs  who has never fasted before. (periodic fasting is good)

I never recommend water fasting for a first fast. Juice first go to water then back to juice.

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