Progress Report Juice/Water Fast – cassdawn

Original Weight: 141
Original BMI: 21.4
Height: 5′8″
Planned fasting time: 14 days
Fasting type: Fresh Juice and Water on different days
Reasons: Mind body and spirit to be healthy and whole
Health Issues: Not overweight but want to be a healthy 125-130 lbs. Aches in hips, back, neck and in my right wrist where I broke it and there is still a screw. Borderline anemia. Leaky heart valve from Rheumatic Fever damage when I was young. Sporadic bulimic issues (Happens every 2-3 months, I eat way too much feel guilty, then purge but this is never a common occurrence. seems it happens when guilt gets to me. NEVER been anorexic as I LOVE food.) I am also a VERY fast eater and would like to get over this and slow down, has seemed very hard to me. I also easily get woozy when I haven’t eaten (borderline hyperglycemic?)
I have a pretty healthy relationship with food but I want to be able to slow down when I eat. I seem to have this subconscious sense that I have to eat as quickly as possible to survive. Then sometimes I eat way too much (not too often though as I HATE the feeling of being so full).
Day 3- Felt great yesterday, which really surprised me. I was tired and hungry some of the time, but mostly I forgot that I was even fasting. Starting to get a clear mind and noticing every color and smell. Last night I made “Tom’s Favorite” Juice, as I opened the cinnamon to put a little in I was captivated by the smell. I literally stood there smelling it for at least a minute. It was invigorating. I felt great this morning as well…more awake than I EVER do when I drink coffee and in a great mood which is hard for me in the mornings.
This fast seems to be better than the last and I really think it is because I am more prepared and organized with my juices and I feel like I am less toxic than last time. I’ve gone from 141 to 136 so far in 2 days (I weighed this morning). Tom- what vitamins can I take during juice fasting? Can I chew gum?
Day 4- Just water and herbal tea today. Water days were always hard, but we’ll see how it goes today. I was detoxing for about 2 hrs last night..tension/pain in joints and muscles, tired. But overall I have felt great! More updates to come 🙂
Day 5- Yesterday was pretty good considering it was a water day…good energy, not too hungry 🙂 Weighed in at 133.5 (BMI 20.3) today. 🙂 Day 5 total weight loss 7.5 lbs.
Having a hard time not being grumpy today lol–I dont think its the fast though, I think its cause it my ‘friday’ at work and i get a 4 day weekend! Bad taste in the bad of my mouth, white tongue, no bowel movements (nothing in nothing out) Belly is flat, no bloating. Random pains/aches in muscles/joints throughout the day but not anything really bad at all. I have felt so much better durin this fast than the last one, more energy and less hungry. Like I said before I think its because I was prepared (HAVING A PLAN is key for me during a fast!)

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  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi cassdawn
    Sorry for the publishing delay. Looks like you are doing great.