Progress Report – Leatris -21 day Master Cleanse

Title: Starting a 21 day Master Cleanse
Juice fast: June 28-29-30
Master Cleanse: 1 July- 21 July.
Breaking fast: 22 July- 29 July
Total: 32 days.
Day one June 28TH
Reasons for Fasting: I would like to break my addition to sweets, alcohol and marijuna.
Intended Length of Fast: Prep as a 3 day juice fast followed by 21 days of Master Cleanse
Site User Name: Leatris
City, State and Country: Montreal, QC, CANADA
Sex: Age: Female, 31
Weight: 153 (Gain 8 lbs since January, where I have started a very bad sweet habit)
Height: 5.6.5ft.
Proposed Fasting Method: Master Cleanse
Past Fasting Experience: Did a 2 of Juice fast of 7days+ 3 water fast of 4days in the past 18mos
Present Diet: Lots of veggies very balance, but eat lots of sweet in addition to that.
Relevant Medical History: Use to suffer from chronic constipation
Present Medical Problems: Acne
State of Mind: Doubting my ability to complete it.
Limitations: going back to work in 8 days

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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21 Responses to Progress Report – Leatris -21 day Master Cleanse

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Leatris,
    Working on the master cleanse can be hard for some people, dependent on metabolism and physical demands. Try the sugar scrub for you skin. Rub the sugar lightly till your skin gets used to it. Do a site search for “sugar scrub”. Wishing you every success on your fast.

    • leatris says:

      Thanks for the tip. 🙂 I was wondering if body brushing will have the same effect as the sugar scrub? Could you elaborate more on the metabolic impact of a master cleanse?

      • Tom Coghill says:

        Hi Leatris,
        Metabolic impact of the master cleanse is less than water and more than juice fasting. It depends on calories consumed. The less calories the more aggressive the fast. Read fasting research on the front page of The sugar scub and skin brushing have the same effect which is stimulating the lymph and removing dead cells.

  2. mxxm says:

    I wish you success Leatris. Keep in touch and let us all know how you are doing. You are not alone. Remember that.

    • leatris says:

      Thanks…Mxxm: I am new to the message concept of support… I am going to make an effort to keep logging in an doing updates? Are you fasting as well?

  3. leatris says:

    Day 1: I woke up and did my habitual workout, the day went pretty well much better than I expected.. I felt really hungry at the end of the day around 7ish…. It was a hunger hungry… I folded with a miso soup combined with algae and seafood…. It was hit the spot and i felt great.

    Day 2: I had so much energy did some stretching and then a short run. I felt great, had an active day help my brother paint his new place then head home… I had minded myself to eat popcorn at the TWILIGHT Eclipse movie and it was the release today… I was not hungry but really want to have the experience I had imagine in my mind. Had my popcorn at Midnight at the premiere….

    Day 3 will be the day all my loop hole are gone, Day 1 and Day 2 gave me confidence, to journey on my 21 day master cleanse.

    I have to admit that since I have been fasting this is the first time I my lacking discipline, 21 days seemed a bit scary for me…But easing in to it as I have been doing has been really key in set my mind space up.

  4. mxxm says:

    Hello Leatris,

    Glad to hear that you are finding your way in fasting. I am new at it. I am presently fasting only on the weekends, beginning Friday morning and ending somewhere around midday on Sunday. Last weekend was my third weekend doing this and its already something that I look forward to doing. In a few words, water fasting on the weekend is like putting a period on the end of a sentence; the week has past with all of its high points, low points, enjoyments and frustrations and its time to stand back, take a time out, collect, regroup and prepare for another week.

    While fasting I find that it strengthens and encourages me if I spend time on the internet researching various health topics, including but not limited to topics concerning fasting. It is said that knowledge is power and my experience is that there is solid truth in this saying. Knowing why I am fasting, what benefits others have derived from it and how it might effect me is truly a plus; a useful and valuable asset that I cannot do without.

    I have made the decision. Fasting is a part of my life. So, to call a fast unsucessful because I thought to fast a certain amount of days but began eating before reaching that amount is a misnomer. EVERY fast benefits my spirit, mind and body. It cannot be otherwise.

  5. leatris says:

    I am on track, my first day of Master Cleanse (MC)and I must admit I find it more complicated than a water fast… Its almost too much liquid to drink in one day… This morning I did P90X legs and back… quiet intense… I was lethargic when I woke up so I took the saline solution and relax a bit then did my workout… I find my energy increasing as the day go by.. .Yesterday was up till 1 am… and today i am on the same track…

    Today I spent quiet some time looking at my nutrition books… My aim is the build a 3-5 meal plans with grocery list that I am rely on to take the thinking out of eating untill I feel confortable to make adhoc decision about what I put into my mouth.. Half way throught the exercise of builing my first plan I began to feel hungry so I had some MC and but I was not going away.. Then I realise that what I was doing was playing with my brain…

    I read also a bit on addiction as a part of my fast is to break my Maryjane, HABIT…After the food rush, for one minute I thought about having some… So I read on it and they were saying that its appeal is more psychological than physiological… I was like tell me something I don’t know.. I AM DETERMINE TO CHANGE MY BRAIN emotionally and physically. My health education teacher says it take 75 consecutive days to break and addiction so that is my aim…During these 75 days, It will be a lifestyle overhaul, lots of introspection and acceptance… I found a book that is helping me now, its called 1001 pearls of Yoga widsom, it has great quotes to focus oneself on their inner being.. Namaste my Fellow Fasties….

  6. mxxm says:


    I find it interesting and encouraging that you are able to exercise while fasting. The P90X is quite an intensive exercise program. I also workout regularly both at home and at the local fitness salon. Since I began fasting on the weekends last month I have more energy.

    I no longer eat breakfast. Instead I workout for about an hour, taking short breaks in between sets in order to prepare whatever foods I will take with me to work. Not eating breakfast keeps my body in a fat burning mode until I eat something on my first break at work. I do drink a few cups of green tea during this time. I don’t get hungry but I do get thirsty.

    If by MaryJane you mean marijuana than I do hope you break the habit. Where I live marijuana is legal. I have yet to see anyone who regularly smoke it do well as far as their overall physical and psychological health is concerned.

    Life is too short to waste it doing things that WE KNOW is counter productive.

    Strength to you as you set yourself to change your thought patterns. It CAN BE DONE, and you sound very determined to do it.

    • leatris says:

      Thanks for the nudge! I am confident that someway somehow I will get there… I am glad to say that I don’t smoke when I work generally in the evening when its time to unwind and weekends…. But still not a way of life I want….

      Its such a myth that you don’t have energy when you fast!!! I am glad that you enjoying fasting its an awesome way of life!!!
      I do the no breakfast fast all the time without knowing it… I like working out in the morning because it burns more fat to workout on an empty stomach and I get it out of the way. I generally take my first meal at 11am I an rarely hungry before then.

      Do you workout regularly? Checkout he has a couple of simple ten minutes workout to boost your metabolism… I believe in regards to working out it is variety and just workout… don’t sweat the rest so keep going!!!

  7. leatris says:

    I am now day 5 on the master cleanse. Today I switch to agave syrup instead of the recommended Maple syrup. I decided to switch because I found myself getting hungry around diner time, I had fasted before an never experience that sensation after day one of the fast. I figured that it was because of the high G.I of the maple syrup. So I switch it up.

    I have no MaryJane craving not even on my mind at all… I am glad and thanks for the encouragement MXXM. 🙂

    I spent the weekend outdoors camping it was awesome to be connect with nature, when to sleep with the sound of the river and woke up to birds churping.. Awesome!!! I did a 40 mins hike on both days it was awesome!!!

    This morning did some mild weight training (30mins).. I was a bit sluggish, my tougue was very heavely coated. I beleive its because I didn’t to a salt water flush on day 4 as I was camping.

    I flush lots today.. awesome the energy is back!!

    16 more days to go… At which point I will reasses if I continue….

    Lets talk numbers:
    Weight: 153
    Body fat: 23.5%
    Weight: 144.5lbs
    Body Fat: 20.6%

    It seems like I am loosing on average 1lbs per day.. Considering I started fasting on the 28th, see my progress report for more details.

  8. leatris says:

    Ended day 11 of the MC yesterday… Its very difficult I really tired all week and its has been really hot here… I don’t have the energy to run or excercise much… I exercise 3 times only last week… Huge drop for me who usually do 6 times a week… My resting heartrate is down by 10beat per minute as well… I think this was expected….

    The salt water flush didn’t really work well today, it only cause for me to emlimate very little once….At least nothing scary is showing up after elimination… 🙂 On day 6 I switch to Agave syrup instead of Maple syrup just to make sure my pancreas wasn’t being pushed to produce insulin… (Is this an accurate thought?)

    10 more days of the MC to go!!!

    Lets talk numbers:
    Weight: 153
    Body fat: 23.5%
    July 5th
    Weight: 144.5lbs
    Body Fat: 20.6%
    July 12th:
    Weight: 143bs
    Body Fat: 19.6%

    It seems like my weight lost has slowed down lots… With only 1.5 in a week… I think that the time of the month is coming this week this is my explanation….Glad to see that it am looking FAT…. According to my research a lean boday fat for someone built like me is 14%-19% so I can still drop fat without worry…

    Namaste folks!!! Have a good week!

  9. leatris says:

    July 14th… Its the second day in a row I am eating candy… I try just having some agave syrup on a spoon but its just not doing the job.. I simply want to chew on something… Seconly the Salt Water Flush is not doing its job unless I put like 3 teaspoon… then its just awful to drink… Most of the time I don’t eliminate it alll… I just notice by skipping a day and sudennly dropping 2 lbs… Then i took the SWF and I gain back the 2 lbs… That is my deduction… Oddly enough… I am going to try the natural lax pills… Not a fan of because they didn’t work well for me in the past… I can’t wait for this to be over to do an enema.. Its advise not to do enemas while on MC does any know if this is true?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Leatris,
      Most people do not understand the scientific principals of fasting. Read Theraputic Fasting Research on the front page and it will all make sense.
      People have different reactions to the salt flush. I vomit quickly. You have to find what works for you.
      The enema helps that process.

  10. leatris says:

    I have completed my 21 day fast.. 15 MC nad 1 juice and the last 5 water.
    Been only eating fruits since I broke the fast 3 days ago.

    Lets talk numbers:
    Weight: 153
    Body fat: 23.5%
    July 5th
    Weight: 144.5lbs
    Body Fat: 20.6%
    July 12th:
    Weight: 143bs
    Body Fat: 19.6%
    July 21st:
    W: 135lbs
    BF: 17.3%

    I am fully aware I will gain some weight back as my colon is empty… I can only hope the it will be all water and no BF. I look leaner and my skin has cleaned up considerably. Which I am happy about!

    No real sugar craving except when I get hungry… Which really tells me its not so much that I crave sugar as much as I waited too long to eat.. Good finding…

    No urges to smoke MJ either which is good… Still 55 more day of not touching that.. That is what they say an addict need to reprogram the mind…

    I am going to focus on eating as much raw foods as I can and low GI foods to maintain my current body… I think less BF is very healthy for me and as a result I would like to see if I can actually loose more!!

    Goal 15% … 2-3 % to go…

    Thanks to all for your encouragment and support during the fast!!!It was hard at TIMES but very rewarding in the end!!! Glad to have done it my longest ever!!! But kinda glad its done!!!! Namaste FASTERS!

  11. Ron says:

    Hey Tom! Did you see the documentry, “The Beautiful Truth” about Dr. Max Gerson? Great flick! Worth a look if possible. Juice fasting, raw foods and coffee enemas for cancer cure…in 1929!

    Did you read his book “A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases”? I guess he was deemed a quack by the NCI & ACS. With their track record they shouldn’t be calling anyone a quack! In the documentary they are considered more of a money mogul then a research institute!

    He was poisoned twice while writing his book! And finally succumed to the second poisoning. His secretary and drug companies were suspected! A very eye opening, and depressing(in some ways)movie.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      I am download it now. That is the best part about living in the mountains of the Philippines. LOL. Try to get me here. With a billion dollar cancer industry a $100 cure for cancer that can be done as home is a wee bit of a problem. Thats why I stick to 3 world hospitals that have no money for conventional treatments. It does not threaten there income if we cure cancer and a few hundred diseases.

  12. Ron says:

    Tom, It’s just amazing in this day and age the terrible things that are going on behind our backs! It’s all about MONEY!!

    Monsanto is now working on a genetically developed (terminator) seed for fruits and vegatables that will only grow ONE SEASON!! This is so no one can grow anything without buying the seeds from them! Is this insane or what????

    Sagada is looking better all the time to me! LOL… I have about another 5 years before I retire…If you see a lankey, blonde(maybe grey by then)haired, hobo with a guitar over his shoulder coming up the road it may be me! 😉

    On a happier note… My bible study group is interested in fasting for spiritual and health reasons! Most are AA people, so a lot of healing is in order for both areas of their lives. So, you may see a large influx around here as I spread the word! The Holy Spirit has been very busy in my life and others around me lately! All I can say is HALLELUJAH!! I feel like life has had some real meaning of late…and I owe it all to fasting! I’ve been truly blessed in many, many ways!! Thanks Tom !! You, and our fellow fasters are in my prayers always! God Bless, Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      And for me you have been a great blessing. It is so hard to keep up with the members with a heavy workload. Yea I am up to speed on the globalist movements and watch like a hawk.
      Sagada may be the last haven on earth to be affected. So yea, I am expecting you. You can have a long beard and live in the trees with high speed internet.

  13. Ron says:

    No Problem Tom! Any way I can help…Just name it!

    LOL..I had a beard once! Things were living in it…my wife made me shave! 🙂