Progress Report Lisa

Name: Lisa Sportsman. Reasons for Fasting: for health benefits and occasional weight loss/control

Intended Length of Fast: 2-4 weeks


First Name:Lisa

(Optional) Last Name:S

Site User Name:LIS

City, State and Country: Republic, Mo  USA

Sex: F

Weight: 150

Height: 5’7

Proposed Fasting Method: water and or juice

Past Fasting Experience: juice, water only, raw food diet

Present Diet: fruits and veggies- mostly raw

Relevant Medical History: none; I’m good

Present Medical Problems:none again; still good

State of Mind: cheerful, bubbly, but can get deep at times. Moody/depressed sometimes but no one would ever guess it. I fake quite well.

Limitations: I don’t think I have any. Low back problems some times but I’ve had 4 kids, all natural! To be expected I guess.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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