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Day 3 of a 40 Day Water Fast

This is day 3 of a 40-day water fast for me.

I have been overweight my entire life, and the battle has taken me in many directions.

I recently removed a section of my colon due to diverticulitis. I experience IBS symptoms frequently, as well as terrible problems with arthritic joints and inflammation all over my body. I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS.

I spent last year exercising to burn between 700 – 1100 calories per day, plus consuming only 1700 calories daily. I gained weight. I took it down to 1200 calories daily – still gained weight.

This fast is to settle my body down once and for all, and also to build solid discipline regarding food. My gynecologist told me that to bring the unbalanced hormones under control, I would need to lose weight. The problem was that it was the unbalanced hormones that was driving my weight up and up. I could gain 15 pounds in two days. I am now declaring that that is in the past.

I know that God is doing amazing things to pull my life out of the deep rut that it has been in since childhood. I know that I have a part to play. Jesus fasted for 40 days, and he did not have 100 pounds excess weight. I will do it, as Matthew 17:21 says: “But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” I have prayed. Now it’s time to do both. I have lost 3.4 pounds in three days and I am giving God glory.

I am so blessed to have found this website as everyone else has told me that this is wrong. But I am fighting for my life here. If I don’t do this – I am dead already.

I am here for everyone!


Glad to be of support in reaching you goals. If it get too bad to handle or get negative results go to juice fasting for a few days using a juicer.  We get lost of problems on this site with first time faster attempting long water fasts.  We do endless damage control as people start long water fasts without reading or getting and education on the science of fasting. What you are trying is a very difficult undertaking and can be dangerous if you blow a fast that long.  The detox with your condition can be very intense.

Posted on by Kathryn

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One Response to Day 3 of a 40 Day Water Fast

  1. thenewme_2010 says:

    hello Kathryn, How are you? How did your 40 day fast go? I am starting a 17 day water fast today. I have PCOS and this also is related to hormones being all messed up. Get back with me I would like to chat and possibly become friends.