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Fasting Club Jan 2009

Please post your fasts here or in “Fasting Progress Reports”  The “Fasting Club” page is a place to share with other fasters.   Fasting is a bit like climbing a mountain. You need some knowledge and training. And like mountain climbing …. falling off is painful and occasionally needs an emotional rescue.

Feel free to post, emotions, events, and personal stuff as these small images give new user windows into the world of fasting that makes it real to them and what seems impossible becomes doable.

If you want to have a “user pic” beside your comments, just log in and click on your name at the top right, upload the pic and then click the update profile. It is nice to see who you are chatting with. Feel free to offer advice, or challenge other opinions as this site is an open forum to share ideas and knowledge to further the science of fasting.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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561 Responses to Fasting Club Jan 2009

  1. Brenda says:

    My son just called and irritated me so badly I practically hung up on him. Ended with “I am not in the state of mind for this so I am hanging up now. Love you… “click”

    I told him about being so sick the last couple (now 3 days) and that I just want to end this well and in the right process and not in defeat. I have made too much progress to not continue on into a juice and whole foods program and continue my weight loss and health improvement. Well he went off very judgmental how when he ended his water fast a few months ago at 30 days he regretted he didn’t see it through the 90 days etc. I asked him if he would have planned the 30 and ended properly and into a whole foods diet and continued his progress wouldn’t that have been better than ending in what he felt was defeat. Of course that didn’t keep him from trying to debating with me about why I am not following through at least the 60 etc etc. I told him I prayed about it and am waiting on an answer from God. Anyway he just kept pushing me to the point that I started feeling sick so I got off the phone… I don’t even know what I feel right now but that sure didn’t help me!

    I am still walking this through but right now he has put me in a corner of sorts like if I don’t go at least 60 I am a failure and I will NOT be manipulated by him or anyone else. Grrrrrr…. OK I better pray. I posted this in case anyone else goes through tough “people” stuff. A trying to calm down & probably more hurt than anything else, Brenda

  2. marieat says:

    How amazing. Reading the posts have been so inspiring. I have 125 to 135 pounds to lose. I had started a fast and was doing well, but then I got sick. So I’m starting again. I would love an e-mail buddy (one who has over 100 pounds to lose) to chat daily with and to show mutual support. I’m beginning again today so please e-mail me if you have over 100 pounds to lose, if you want to fast for 30 or more days and if you’d like support and to offer it as well. My e-mail is Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Brenda says:

    Tom I appreciate your site & your comments but I am somewhat offended and take issue with the highly generalized statement you made: “For people with lots of excess fat, 40 to 60 days of water fasting is quite easy.” I have been waiting for this “easy” time period I keep reading about. I have had a day here and there and once 2 days in a row that were pretty easy, other than that it has been quite difficult physically. The last 3 days I have had constant stomach pains, nauseau, horrible heartburn like pain all through my chest (which I never get) and general aches and pains through most severely my back, neck and again stomach. I have also had a couple vry strange feelings that came over me that felt like I was having a bad trip on a severe drug and have of course had nothing but water. The last time that happened was last night and it scared me badly and I don’t let things scare me I just keep going. I know you are the expert here but please don’t “generalize me in all the same excess fat category.

    I am now on day 23 and still water only. have last 60 lbs to date and regret ever posting my weight here. It is was very transparent and obviously a mistake. You may like to know I am not one who is some side show. I have been in management all my life and until recently ran a Tax Law Firm. I have also weighed from 130 to almost 500. I had a fitness show on a weekly morning show as the fitness expert for a couple years in NV. I am not an idiot I just am on a mission to reclaim my health after several years of severe stress and poor decisions have put me back into a place that I regret. Anyway it really irritates me when people generalize any group. I know you help many & you are much appreciated. You are my bother in Christ. I just felt this needed to be said.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Brenda,
      Generally speaking is all I can do. So do not take offense as there was no insult intended. Being specific takes a lot of time and I do not have that luxury. I also do not have the background data and medical records.
      Considering your negative experiences, a time of juice fasting should dramatically reduce them.
      Water fasting is a more difficult and more uncomfortable than juice fasting. I think posting your weight is a good thing. It has encouraged many who are in the same situation. I am glad you are open and I do not take offense.

  4. Tomika says:

    Hello guys…i am starting over with a juice diet/fresh fruit/veggies…i failed my last attempt. This time i am 3 days strong and my starting weight was 250. I had a baby 5 months ago and i have all this unwanted fat that i want to get rid of. And i also want to try and stay healthy and get rid of these toxins in my body. I am sooo inspired by Brenda’s progress and how much weight you have lost. I personally am so glad you posted your weight and your progress because it really has inspired me to well on this fast. I just hope i can make it over the weekend cause that is when i am mostly tempted. I weighed my self today and i already lost 4lbs just in 3 days….now i am down to 246. I would like to lose 50lbs. Please wish me luck cause i will need it…lol

  5. Nikki says:

    day 4 got much worse & i honestly believed i was dying. threw up all day yesterday & was so miserable, my whole body hurt. i couldnt move & i couldnt stay still, it was awful! i started calling relatives at the end of day 3 to come get my children. their father passed away 2 years ago & i didnt know if i would make it or not. i certainly couldnt take care of them or even myself. yesterday, day 4 i finally talked my uncle into coming over to get them if i agreed to go too. he dropped kids off st his house with my cousin & took me straight to the hospital. the dr. assumed i had a stomach flu, lol. he said my white blood cell count 15,000 which indicates infection, lol. im sure it does! all those years of toxins surfacing! he gave me some anti-nausea pills that my uncle made sure i took. then i threw up. my body sure is smart! after we got back to his house my uncle made me take more & drink gatorade! i was so upset. today i finished the 32 oz bottle of gatorade & had a microwave can of cambells chicken noodle soup – ick! he also made me take more anti nausea pills & a mucle relaxer :( . then he went to work & i had my brother come get my children & me. now we are back home away from all the soup & gatorade! i am so bummed that i’ve undone everything i’ve worked so hard for. so now i’m starting over. this time i’m going to drink just a little juice along with my water. a juice fast is probably the best i can do for myself right now.

    brenda, im sure my failure doesn’t do much for you, but hang in there! just take it 1 day at a time. if you thank you can make it to day 30 & i know you can shoot for that. when you wake up on day 31, see if you think you can make it another 10 days & pray about it. then when you are ready, break your fast with a little juice at first. then maybe raw fruits & veggies. go slow & add new foods gradually, just a little at a time :) hope this helps & i havent lost your respect. you’ve been such a blessing me on here! i’ll continue praying for you.

    God be with you & bless you all!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Nikki,
      This is the problem of water fasting for the first fast off a toxic diet. It is a trip to hell. With juice fasting you can get passed it in 3 days then go two water without any suffering. Do not get down on yourself feel good about what you have done.

  6. Brenda says:

    Nikki, I am proud of you! You have tried very sonsistently & had to do what you felt best. Even after all that you still see the benefits and are planning the juicing & whole foods (good for you!) You have been a great blessing to me as well Nikki. You have put a name & a personality to this forum and that has meant alot. I am finishing day 23 & soon approaching day 24. Blessings to you Nikki! If I don’t post much here anymore it is because I have lost a bit of my confidence here but never in you! I am continuing on & will pop in from time to time just to check and see how you are doing.

    Blessings & Hugs, Brenda

  7. Tomika says:

    I woke up really thirsty today…and im very very tired. and i had im trying to ignore these hunger pangs…

  8. kittylovee says:

    Hi Brenda,

    I have been following your amazing fasting journey since day 1. You give me so much hope that I can also achieve a 30 days fast. The longest fast that I have ever done was 11 days with soy milk. I know you feel offended by what Tom said ealier. But please dont. I have been reading this forum for almost a year and I know he didn’t mean to offend you. I know I am noone to you but I would love to continue reading your fasting journey until the end. :)

  9. SbInstructor says:

    Sorry it has been so long everyone I was up camping in duluth

    Day 11-14

    Weight: 220lbs
    Drinks: Just water, Orange Juice, Apple Juice
    Other: none

  10. marieat says:

    Day 3

    Starting Weight: 258
    Today: 253
    Loss: -5

    Oil Pulling, Water, 1 cup oolong tea & 4 tablets Herbs & Prunes

    Started period yesterday so just trying to make it through.

  11. Brenda says:

    Thank You kittylovee,

    Your post meant a lot to me. I pray you do meet your goals in fasting. I have indeed improved much health wise, so much so it is astounding to me that so much can be improved in such a short period of time. I feel that I am coming alive again! It is an awesome thing. I had 4 awful days, was very sick but doing well now. Had a great day. Much success to you & all here, in all your self improvement endeavors! :)

    Day 25 of water fast
    Total weight loss on fast *62 lbs

    (*Also I had lost 40 lbs before the fast so 102 total lbs! so far :)

    God Bless, Brenda

  12. Nikki says:

    Tom, thank you so much for your understanding it is much appreciated & i needed that! I feel as good as new now. I haven’t been drinking much juice – a cup or two a day. I started adding lemon to my water as well, but I also haven’t been drinking nearly as much water. I don’t really ever want juice, I drink it just to sustain myself. If you think I’ll be ok going back to water, I’ll go back to my water fast tomorrow (half hour from now) & start my week off right!
    By the way, I lost 12 lbs on my 4 day water fast & only gained half a pound back. I’ll just work harder to keep it coming off :)

  13. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone here are the specs. Im still 220lbs I woke up I weighed myself i was down to 219lbs i was on track im like yes then i drank a bunch of water about mid day i weighed my self again 220lbs then i just weighed myself again 220lbs. Im doing the rollercoaster here but after burning 20lbs in only 15 days I can see that im starting to plateau i might have to do a water fast for the next 15 i dont know. My goal is 200lbs so if I have to push this fast into and even the end of september I am game. I LOVE FASTING =) Trust me for those of you struggling in the end it is all worth it I promise. I also watched ‘Super Size Me’ if you guys dont know its about a guy who goes against the big fast food industries but its mainly about a overly healthy guy who then eats nothing but mcdonalds for 1 month and nearly dies. Very inspirational for all fasters to watch. It will help keep you from eating. They also talk about how the fast food industries put stuff in the food aka ‘a food drug’ to make it addicting like cocaine only they call it a ‘flavor enhancer’ hahaha we all know the truth dont let food rule your life. Hopefully by tomorrow I can display a proud 219lbs =) I will have to burn some weight while im sleeping =)

    Day 15

    Weight: 220lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water, Green Tea,
    Other: none

  14. Nikki says:

    SbInstructor is right about the movie Super Size Me, definately a must see! I first saw it 2 years ago & had my little ones watch it with me. There are a couple parts I would’ve preferred they missed… but they won’t even consider asking for McDonald’s now! Needless to say, none of us ever ate there again. It’s really all fast foods. I’m pretty concerned to even eat in a restraunt. I know everyone here is fasting, but once you start eating again it’s very important to know exactly what you are putting in your body. You don’t want to fill it full of all those toxins again, once you have it all cleaned up from fasting. Do watch Super Size Me though. It will definately make you NOT hungry. I really need to just buy it, so I have it handy. It really is a perfect tool for fasting – Thanx SbInstructor!
    By the way I already got rid of that extra half pound I gained back & started working out. Things are going great. I’m just focused on staying on track! :)

  15. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone no new news! So ill keep it short here are the stats. It said 18.4 so i rounded down =) how nice i know but i fear i may be then 218 tomorrow oh well at least its progress. How is everyone else doing???

    Day 16

    Weight: 218lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water (drinking it out of a tin rather than plastic i wont get into to it but drinking out of a soft plastic water bottle is unhealthy it seems everything is unhealthy but supposedly materials used to make soft plastics and even sometimes in hard plastic can leak and pollute water within the container especially with sun light. Its kinda nit-picky but just something to look into if your not familiar with what im talking about)
    Other: none

  16. Tomika says:

    Hey guys…i am really having problems sticking to a fast. i have had two failed attempts already. Today starting all back over again. I am depressed about some issues in my life…mainly my weight. And i want to gain more confidence in myself because there are things that i want to accomplish next year. Today i sipped on some chicken broth. Tom, is broth ok to fast on? And does anyone wanna be my fasting buddy? I really need some help and support!!! Im back at 250…AGAIN!!!!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Tomika
      Natural chicken broth does not have many calories so a cup a day would be fine. Better to heat carrot and beet, then at hotsauce and worstershire sauce. The packet chicken broth is mostly chemicals.

  17. SbInstructor says:

    Day 16

    Weight: 218lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water, Back to tea again
    Other: omega 3, potassium, and more cant remember everything but not gnc vitapaks. (Repeat do not use GNC vitapaks on a fast very very very very bad dangerous and potentially life threatening *sport or green versions)

  18. SbInstructor says:

    Dammit i got a little copy/paste enter happy and didnt enter for day seventeen disregard above post i just always copy paste then fill in the daily stats. Im down to 217.4 which was from yesterday a whole pound difference im rounding down to 217lb still on track =) how is everyone Tomika stick through it. Heres how it works usually your first few attempts will be failures im sure everyone in here can vouche for this however after a few times the feeling of failing will kick you into be staying motivated enough not to break your fast. The first few times the thought of food outweighs the thoughts of failure but once a few failed attempts compounds your stronger to stay on your fast. It will take a bit but hang in there you will be okay.

    Day 17

    Weight: 217lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water, Back to tea again
    Other: omega 3, potassium, and more cant remember everything but not gnc vitapaks. (Repeat do not use GNC vitapaks on a fast very very very very bad dangerous and potentially life threatening *sport or green versions)

  19. Tomika says:

    Thanks for the encouragment. This is my second day and i am doing pretty good. Im not hungry and i sipped on some juice earlier. I woke up with bad sinuses and allergies…and with a headache. I pray i get through this day!

  20. Tomika says:

    I have to attend a luncheon today at my job and they are serving seafood….YIKES!!!

  21. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone just got back from my aunts i flew up to visit her for the day yesterday in the arrow i check my weight and it was 216.5 lbs. Some odd things are now happening. I feel as though I am dehydrated a lot and I accidentally drank pop as thats all my aunt had available at her house since i dont drink tap water unless its filtered. I know its strange just a pet peeve anyways i had a lot of energy and then a major crash afterwards I felt as though i had zero energy and i can tell im getting lighter now ive noticed spots on my body where fat are disappearing which means i know my body is eating my fat stores around my body so its good and bad im pretty tired and i might even be too deydrated as i feel in my legs like it is going to crap up but it never does so i dont know i will just have to keep drinking fluids. All is well otherwise =) how is everyone else???

    Day 18-19

    Weight: 216lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      I am on day 10 of a juice fast here with a client at the Sagada Detox Retreat. Working really hard so had some whole eggs blended with hotsauce. Strangely, feeling a background of nausea. I may be toxic from exposure to diesel fumes from traveling. May have to go to water fasting to clean it out.

  22. Amber says:

    Ok so I’ve been trying to start a juice fast for awhile now, but I think I keep talking my self out of it, and I’m starting to get discouraged. I know there are a lot of great health benefits to fasting, and after years of stress and bad decisions and addictions, I am ready to take back control of my life. I think one of my biggest fears is that I will not have the energy to keep up with my daily routine. In addition to being a full time student, I have work, 2 kids to chase, and recently added kickboxing and yoga/pilates to the mix. If I fast for a long period of time, what can I do to make sure I can keep up? Also, how will the fast effect my concentration? Any advice would be great. I really want to kick off my fast the right way, and stick to it this time!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Amber
      It can be very hard to fast with intense demands like you have. You will need to cut your activities. Concentartion will come and go. The mind can be sharp or foggy at the beginning of a fast. At least drinks lots of juice and cut back on the kick boxing.

  23. SbInstructor says:

    Feeling tired tired tired walked around the mall of america yesterday sorry i didnt post didnt have time i checked my weight this morning 213.4lbs a success by anymeans and a victory despite being tired all day. I have no energy on the 18th is when i was hit with a wall of tiredness. Its all good and worth it in the end. Hope everyone is well.

    Day 20-21

    Weight: 213lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  24. Nikki says:

    SbInstuctor I have a pet peave about plastic too. All my dishes are glass, stainless steel or wood. I wouldn’t even think of drinking tap water – no telling what’s in there! I only drink distilled water. Because distilled water has nothing in it but, well..water, it grabs onto everything else. Great for drawing toxins out of your body! So I think distilled water is probably especially good for fasting. I would avoid water with minerals & electrolytes as they have no place in water. We’re supposed to get that stuff out of our food. Our bodies can’t use it with just water, it just builds up like a rock & don’t even get me started on spring water.. lol. Be aware although your body is using up some stored fat, it’s taking some muscle with it, but it’s worth it! It’s also getting rid of any retained water & all kinds of toxins :) Glad you are still hanging in there & going strong. Sounds like you’re doing great.

    My weight loss has slowed down, but it’s still coming off. I was so worried I would start gaining it back when I first broke my water fast. It stayed the same for about a week until I was able to get a little excercise, then it started going back down again. At this point, I’ve lost 20 lbs & water that I was retaining forever. Other than that I’m not losing much size – just pounds. I started working my abs, hoping to lose some size around my waist… I’m still waiting for it though. I know I’ll get there. Until then I’ll just keep at it. I’ve been drinking a cup of juice in the morning – usually grapefruit or orange or apple to get me going, then just water.

  25. marieat says:

    Loose skin has always been a concern of mine. Doing a water fast, would something like this be helpful Thanks!

  26. JD says:

    Wow, you guys are amazing! 20+ days of a water fast?! Holy criminy! I was scared, but I’m not anymore.

    Day 4 of a water-only fast.

    Having trouble sleeping, have bouts of intense hunger and weakness, and last night I had terrible leg cramps (like overcharged restless leg syndrome, not charlie horses).

    The food porn on TV and the web isn’t really bothering me, and I’m not beating myself up for fantasizing or dreaming about food. I’ll even let myself take a nap and fantasize about food all I want. As long as I don’t actually eat it! I also haven’t minded being around other eaters, as long as they don’t bug me to eat (I haven’t told anyone I’m fasting. It always makes it harder for me–their doubts and expectations, I guess).

    I just tell myself that if I’m still fat, I’m not actually hungry–as in needing food–it’s just a body-habit trick. I have plenty of food in the form of fat for my body to eat, and I command my body to eat the fat if it’s hungry.

    I’m doing this for detox and weight loss. I don’t actually use a scale–probably couldn’t see it anyway! But I’ve a waist pants size 36-38 (I’m 5’4–very short, grr), and wear XXL shirts (yes, they are very long on me). I used to have a pants waist size of 28, and wore small shirts (which is much more appropriate to my structure).

    So.. I just buttoned a pair of size 34 shorts, so something is happening. You guys inspire me so much

    I have Burning Man coming up, which is in the desert and hot as Hades. I’m hoping the fast will make the heat easier, and give me some richness to the desert experience. After all, didn’t all the great Masters retreat to the desert to fast?

    I am drinking club soda sometimes, for the potassium bicarbonate. I seem to be doing better than in the past when I had just water. Read about someone who did a 92 day fast, and she got sick around day 50 and stayed sick. She finally added a little sea salt, potassium (via salt substitute) and magnesium (via epsom salts) to her drinking water, and she was much better. I understand that the loss of electrolytes is the most dangerous thing about very prolonged water fasts.

    Tom, what do you hear about club soda and electrolyte additions to water?

    Thanks! –JD

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Jd
      That is why I recommend going to a few days of juicing or a glass of veggie juice here and there on a long water fast as it prevents any electrolyte imbalances. Juicing for a few day before water fasting will boost electrolyte reserves.

  27. JD says:

    PS, Brenda, where are you? I’m one of the ones you were silently inspiring. Even if you “fell down,” please come back. It’s all educational, all helpful. Even the falling off the horse times.

  28. Brenda says:

    Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I made it for 30 days of water only fast. I am now having organic soups and juices and working on keeping my diet clean. I have learned so much from this fast. It has been the fist fast of more than 7 days I have done for many years and the first more than 4 days in the last 3 or 4 years so it was definitely a success for me. It is only the beginning of what I will be making a part of my lifestyle. I will be fasting on water 1 day per week and probably 1 week per month as well. (Tom, what so you think of that?) Anyway, I lost 75 lbs in 30 days but as soon as I started even having juices and soups I gained about 7 lbs but now am back at the 75 lb loss again and continuing into this new way of eating. I have found this to be a real eye-oening experience in many ways. I have far to go but my eyes are opened and I see things in such a different way than prior to the fast. I believe that all who endeavor to become healthier through fasting have a great deal of character and fortitude. Kudos to you!!!

    This is a post I did on my blog about the fast:

    Sometimes I look for answers in the powerful rushing wild rivers, when it actually lies in a small gentle stream barely tumbling over the rocks in a hidden little cove. Recently I have been in a phase that involved extended fasting on my quest to get my health back & reclaim my life. This was the first time in many many years that I had even attempted a fast of more than a few days and to be honest after a couple weeks I began to whine to the Lord. I felt deprived at times, hopeful at times, but overall I just wanted to eat something! I realized that my flesh is very strong about what it wants! To deny the flesh… Whew not that easy of a thing for me. I would occasionally get frustrated with myself at how much of a struggle I felt through especially the last couple weeks of the fast. Funny because the whole time, though I prayed and told the Lord it was as much a spiritual fast as a fast for my health… I felt like it was pretty much about “me”. However, it was at the times where I was the most frustrated and deplete that I would cry out to God in frustration. In those moments it was like the red sea parting… All the “stuff” simply parted and I was left with the most humbled me crying out to HIM, completely vulnerable with realization that within myself alone there was not a whole lot I actually could control in my life anyway! In those moments it was no longer about “me”. In those moments it was about HIM and about the people I felt led to pray for, to lay at His feet. It is hard to explain what happened in the final period… The toughest period in the flesh… But somehow in that time of struggle and vulnerability and frustration I would come to that end of “me” and end up somehow headlong in HIS presence, without my even being conscience of it, HE was doing things, changing lives, changing me, changing others… All of a sudden I began to see some break-throughs happening. It stunned me. Things I had prayed for, for quite some time and all of a sudden different people were reporting break-throughs. I was and am astounded at God’s love and care for those HE loves. Here I was crying out in my struggles and only in getting to the point of forgetting myself and lost in just crying out to HIM did things truly begin to happen. And that is when I “got it”. THAT is what fasting is supposed to be about… About coming to the end of you, only then can GOD really take HIS most powerful place without human interference!

    I have the movie “Seabiscuit” on right now. I almost turned it off a couple of times in the first hour or so. It was slow moving and I guess I was looking for more immediate gratification. But something said keep watching… It has become an experience this movie. It is an awesome thing to see people arise from hurt and pain and even in inability to be all we should be, to come to a place that without even realizing it, we shine in our most humbling moment(s). The movie is about triumph for the humble, the common, the unlikely winner. In a way I think that is what GOD is about. HE is about breathing life into the foolish things (like me…) and using this old clay pot even when there are beautifully glazed vessels HE could choose to use instead. Isn’t that amazing… It boggles my mind. I don’t have to be the perfect expensive vessel to be used by the King of Kings. He is the not only the King of Kings but also the King of Hearts. The King of my heart who has chosen to use a humble, misshapen clay vessel. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this God whom not only do I love but the mysteries of all mysteries… HE loves me. Can you imagine such a thing? HE loves me… Wow… HE loves you as well… Take it in because therein is the source of life and hope and love… HE is amazing this God of love…

    Thanks for caring & supporting me through this. Your prayers and well wishes have been felt. I will continue on in this journey. Maybe soon Tome will be able to get the pics fixed in the site so we can “see” each other.

    Many Blessings to All, Brenda

  29. Brenda says:

    p.s. – The last day of phase 1: the 30 day water fast went through 8/19 Last Wednesday. I started soups & juices as of Thursday the 20th.

  30. SbInstructor says:

    So busy.

    Day 22-23

    Weight: 212lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  31. alideleondi says:

    Hi everyone. I’ve been looking at the posts here for about a week now and am very excited to start my juice fast. I am a 29 year old female and about 45lbs overweight. I feel horrible where I am, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I would really like to get some of this junk out of my body. I feel it is more than just my weight holding me down. From reading through everything here I see that some of you feel so much better after and during your fasts. I do have some questions though (even if they are kinda quirky). If someone could help me with this:
    1. Juicing- I bought a juicer that was in my price range (not very much) and tried it out last night, but I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to look like when it came out. I am totally confused and really new to this ;-)

    2. Odor-I work in an office as a receptionist. I am a little concerned with the possible odor I might give off. I definitely don’t want to run away any of our clients.

    I really want to do a good job with this and understand it might take me a few tries to get going smoothly. I’ve never joined a group like this before and I am hoping that I can get support here as well as from my hubby. My next stop here is to the recipe section…
    Also, like I said I am a newbie here and I am sure I will have tons of questions…please be patient ;-)
    Thanks so much!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi alideleondi
      Bananas, papaya do not juice. Melons, pineapples, apples are excellent. Strain the juice as it tastes better and you do not need the fiber during fasting. The only odor that can be a problem is bad breath. Chewing on a sprig of pasley occasionally will stop bad breath and supply some extra vitamins.

  32. TamaraInLA says:

    Hi all,
    I couldn’t find this box until now, so I will post my email to Tom and his reply.
    Hi Tom,

    I am at the end day 6 of, God willing, a 27 day fast. I have to stop about one week before the Jewish High Holydays, since this is the time of the year that I can’t avoid being invited to many meals. I will be careful, and then go back on a fast.

    Up until day 4 I felt quite OK, but then it started going down hill. I am so groggy, nauseous, etc. I don’t know how I can go to a 45-hour workweek tomorrow. My biggest problem is at nighttime. I sleep very badly and wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning, unable to go back to sleep. Any advise?

    I am 64 years old and eating mostly a healthy diet. Any time I eat unhealthy or sugary foods, I’m quite sick afterwards. I started juice fasting in 2001. My first fast lasted 35 days and I felt like climbing the walls from all this excess energy. I did it a few months before a knee replacement surgery. While the surgery was very successful, I had to stay in the hospital for 8 days (normally 3) because my body was “too clean” and any medication they tried to give me caused many allergies so they couldn’t send me home, until I told them that I am going home without it.

    The last few years I could do no more than 5 days, with major headaches, and being quite sick. I know that I have bad Candida and other issues that I refuse to call fibromyalgia, so I call it pains all over my body. I have done detox diets with a nutritionist but cannot tolerate any Candida killing supplements, as it makes me violently ill.

    I read today most of the fasting club posts and decided to try some juice just once a day. We have this wonderful health food store in LA that carries locally made bottled juice that is not pasteurized and comes in daily. So I got some Organic mixed greens – celery, spinach, parsley, romaine, kale. I also got apple-lemon-ginger.
    Then I got pure coconut water for the electrolytes, but it is full of sugar, I know.
    Hopefully with a little of this juice every day, I can feel better and go to work. I am afraid, though, that even the smallest amount of sugar will not kill the candida enough. What do you think?

    One more thing. Even though I got the lemon juice, I know I have a problem with lemons. After a few days my lips and my tongue get cracked and raw. I have been drinking for years every morning 1 tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar in water and it seems to alkaline me better. Can I do this on the water fast?



    Hi Tamara
    Yes cider vinegar is good on fasting and great in veggie juices.
    You may want to increase fresh juices.
    Restless and sleeplessness is normal and periodic.
    Reading will help put you to sleep.
    If you can post your question on the web I would appreciate it as it helps other. I do not normally respond to any fasting question by email.

  33. SbInstructor says:

    Days are flying by everyone staying busy with all sorts of to dos around the house.

    Day 24-25

    Weight: 210lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  34. Brenda says:

    RE pics to Tom: NoOne shows their pic except your on posting. And every notice we get asks us to post a photo. So why do we submit them if they don’t show up? Just curious. If it works then why no photos other than yours on posts?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Brenda,
      As to setting up a user pic did you follow these steps. 1. click on your user name at top right when you log in to get into your profile. 2 Upload image. 3. click update profile.
      Did you did that what error message did you get? The problem with wordpress is that the profile link is the user name and most people do not access it. We can change the code but ever new update would demand we do it again.

      • Tom Coghill says:
        Tom Coghill

        Hi Brenda Kieth and All who created a user pic.
        USER PIC NOTICIE…..[B]IT IS NOW working!!!!![/B]
        I found the problem. The photos were set for needing approval without sending notification.
        It is now set for automatic so you should see any user photo automatically.
        Sorry about this. Our site is can be a bit more complicated as we have customized coding.

  35. kittylovee says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am on Day 3 of fasting. I have been consuming low-fat milk, yakult, and V8 juice. I am not good at water fast as I have failed miserably many times. I think consuming milk will prevent hair loss. However, the weigh is dropping very slowly. Do you have any comments or sugestions? Thank you.

  36. SbInstructor says:

    Nothing new sorry everyone for my little posting or stories im moving into a new apartment closer to my college campus school starts here on the 9th.

    Day 26-27

    Weight: 207lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  37. SbInstructor says:

    Coming along just nicely with this fasting almost 40lbs lost in 30 days. Excellent fasting is the best i will start eating minimally salad and olive oil here starting back on when i start to eat again in the next 2 days.

    Day 28-29

    Weight: 205lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  38. SbInstructor says:

    Finally finished up the fasting i got down to 203lbs so I didnt reach my goal of 200 but i suppose if i spit a lot i would get there lol. Anyways not really worried im starting back to eating but here is the deal in order to keep the weight off im closely monitoring my weight as in like twice a day to keep me on track and get down to instead of 200lbs i want to get down to about 190lbs and then build muscle back up. So for this whole month im concentrating on burning my 3lbs and then an additional 10 all while eating. But heres the catch im eating only 3 cups of food a day and here is what my schedule details. Morning= 1 cup of Total (totals vitamins i assume are sprayed on) thats with 1 cup skim milk, Noon= 1 cup of salad w/ olive oil, Evening= 2 cups smoothie (blend of real strawberries, blueberries, spinach leaves). So all through september this is what it will entail every day. I will also excerise a minimal 30 minutes per day. I had not excercised at all on my fast and dropped 37lbs so i think with this excercising and a close monitor of my weight and meal portions i will get down to my desired weight within 2 weeks time safely. I also talked with a doctor and he advised me that dropping nearly 40lbs at my weight was dangerous and that what i did was not advised to anyone else. My original weight was 240lb for all the new people in here and now im down to almost 200lb in a month. Anyways hope all is well and i will post my first post tonight.~sbinstructor

  39. MoMoChan says:

    Hi everyone!!!
    I hope you all are doing well with your fasting. I thought it would be a good idea to fast since I recently just finished doing a colon cleanse and because my brother sbinstructor seems to be doing very well on his fast. Today will be my fifth day of drinking water and tea. So far so good. In the first two days I lost five pounds, but I haven’t really kept track after that. I continue to take all of my vitamins, etc. I take organic multi-vitamin for women, coral calcium, organic whole fruit blueberry, red marine algae, pomegranate extract, and lysine. And I also take a teaspoon of cod liver oil and two tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil. I have to say, the coconut oil is a great appetite suppresant. I also throw in a scoop of Go Ruby Go! super food fruit mix and two scoops of organic greens & fruits plus into my water sometimes. Oops! Sorry for the long novel here. Thanks for reading and good luck! I hope you all have a wonderful day! ^.^

  40. keith101 says:

    hi momochan,…your brother left a blog about taking vitimins, saying that it is a bad idea on a water fast?…im 2 days away from my 2nd week on water only..i was thinking about taking a multyvitimin pill on week 2..but iv been told quite a lot not to take one?..maby you or sbinstructor can give me some advice on this matter? regards keith.

  41. alideleondi says:

    Hi everyone, I left a post a few weeks ago talking about starting a juice fast. I am back and started my prefast on Sunday. So far so good. It has been easier than I ever imagined and it is only my 3rd day. I started Sunday at 191 lbs and this morning weighed in at 186. 5 lb is massive loss for me especially in only 3 days. I tried my first juice last night (since it is my pre-fast i am edging into it) and it was better than I thought it would be.

    Im also wondering why no one has posted for the last few weeks. Hopefully everything is ok with the system and my post will work. We will see. Good luck to everyone and I will be posting daily (hopefully)

  42. alideleondi says:

    Hello everyone, hope you are great! Today is going good for me so far. Yesterday I started my 1st day of juice fast and luckily didn’t have any problems. I did start the day weighing 185, YAY! (191 prefast weight).

    Today, I woke up and had to rush around to get the kids ready for school, but was able to get in a nice fruit juice. My weight today is 184. Last night it was a little rough for me to fall alseep, once there slept all through the night thank goodness. I know that won’t be the same for the entire fast, so I might as well enjoy the rest now.

    I have decided that it is time to start a little meditation, when I have the time anyway. It can get so busy around the house with 2 young girls. Anyway, thanks for listening. It is nice to have a place to post my thoughts and progress.

  43. Lena says:

    Hi alideleondi,
    Congrats on your progress! Why don’t you post in the ‘fasting progress reports’ page instead-plenty of activity there ;) .

  44. marieat says:

    Is there any type of organic juice you can buy, somewhere like Whole Foods or Trader Joes, so you don’t have to juice?

  45. keith101 says:

    Hi there Marieat
    Tom can help you there, i live in the uk and can buy all my organic vegies and juice from the local store.
    Is this your first fast?
    If you have a look at fasting progress reports you will find and get all the info you need on where to buy your organic juices from.
    Here in the uk i would normally buy v-8 juices but dare say it is differant there in America, but my friends on fasting progress reports can advise you and Tom”.
    Best regards Keith.

  46. Nikki says:

    well im back again. trying to decide how i want to start my fast. im kind of leaning towards a dry fast for a couple days since i havent been able to make myself drink lately anyway. i have been overeating recently so maybe it would be too much for me? i have the will to just quit eating for a couple days but im worried about getting sick with such a rapid detox. i’ve never dry fasted before. is it really necessary to start a dry fast with a water or juice fast? if so, why?


  47. keith101 says:

    Hi Nikki
    Dry fasting is very hard as you probably have read it is a rapid detox, are you looking to loose a lot of waight?
    Have you thought about juice fasting.
    Tom… is having probs with his internet conection due to a typhoon in the philipines.
    Rob and i are on the fasting progress reports page if you need anymore advice.
    Best regards Keith.

  48. Nikki says:

    Hi Keith
    I’ve tried juice fasting over & over & over & over again. It just makes me hungry. I’ve never made it more than about 18 hours on a juice fast. I kept trying to start my first water fast with a juice fast in Feb. & Mar. before finally giving up & just going from eating meat, etc. straight to a water fast in Aug. I posted my progress in this thread. I lost weight pretty rapidly & continued to lose weight (at a much slower rate) even after breaking my fast. Only recently have I started to gain weight again. I gained back 2 lbs – due to overeating & lack of excercise. It’s fishing season & I’ve been so tired from long, long days fishing lol. Today was the last day of fishing though, so it’s time for me to get back on track before I go hunting next week so I can get off to a healthy start again. In Aug., I only made it through 4 days of my fast before I got so ill from such a rapid detox that I really believed I was dying, lol. It sounds silly now, since I clearly made it through just fine, but at the time I sure was suffering. Like I said though, I didn’t prepare for my fast properly. This time, I expect my fast will go much smoother as I should not be so toxic this time around. Prior to my fast in Aug. I was consuming ridiculous amounts of candy & junkfood & drinking way too much coke. I haven’t any junkfood since & I’ve only had 1 or 2 cokes about a week or 2 ago. Lately I’ve been intending on drinking a gallon of water a day, but I haven’t been able to get through more than a cup or 2. That’s why I’m considering a dry fast. Juice fasting makes me too hungry & I always seem to fail & I haven’t been drinking much water anyway so I figure it would be pretty easy to just stop everything all together? I imagine a dry fast will be pretty brutal though, especially without preparation? I plan to take it 1 day at a time. I’m going to try for a 2 day dry fast, if I’m still doing ok I’ll go 3 days. If I’m miserable after the 1st day, I will go to a water fast. After my dry fast, I plan to water fast for 3 – 5 days. Then juice for a day or 2, then fresh whole foods – fruits & veggies for about a week. Maybe after a dry fast & water fast juice fasting will be easier & I’ll be able to stick with it for several weeks, or throughout the year? Only one way to find out!
    Ok, I’m going to start at midnight – here goes nothing!
    I will keep you all posted daily (maybe more than once daily if I need extra support) on how it’s going.
    Wish me luck! -though I think it will go great ;)

  49. keith101 says:

    Hi Nikki
    Sorry i havnt got back to you hope things are going well for you as you know the site is going through changes at the moment so i am finding my way around again lol, my 10 days on water is at an end, iv had no real probs apart from the migrain that i suffered and was waring shades to log onto the site lol.
    Best wishes Keith and good luck with the hunting.

  50. Elisheba says:

    Hello, I´m begining a water fasting…I made a juice fasting before, but it´s not effective to me; I feel more weak and anxious than with water fasting…I want to fast on water for five days: the next three days fast on juice, and afterwards stick to a fruit and vegetal diet during a week; only later I want to introduce legumes, cereal and amonds, and stay with this diet forever…I´m vegetarian now, but I want to give up milk and its products, because of the lactosa and animal proteins…It´s very important to me make this well, so I would be very happy if someone starts a fast today and want to share the experience with me.

    I wish strength and patience to everyone!!

  51. keith101 says:

    Hi Elisheba
    Welcome to
    We have an experianced vegitarian on the fasting progress report page called Seeker1 who is a good friend of mine.
    my water fast finishes tomoz that will be 12 days for me.
    i was going to water fast for 40 days but i will be starting a new job next week.
    lilmiss is on day 14 of a 21-30 day water fast and would love to support you, i also am here for support and guidance on your fasting journey.
    Best wishes Keith.

  52. Elisheba says:

    Hi Keith, thank you very much for your welcome, and congratulations for the progress of your water fast, although you had to renounce to the 40 days fast, the 12 days is a good one!!! I never went so far myself…I have much hope in this fasting journey…in fact, the more difficult to me is the breaking of the fast, but is the most delicate and important part, so I want to be very carefull this time…

    I would like to Know if you feel more vital, and if you feel more strength and energy inside you…I would like to know how will you break your fast: with fruit or with vegetable juice?

    Thank you again, and, best wishes to you!

    P.D. I apologize for my grammar mistakes, I´m spanish, I do my best…:D

  53. Nikki says:

    Hi Elisheba. I started my water fast just today, I will fast with you! I’ll look forward to hearing about it :) I’m on the fasting progress reports page as well, along with Keith & Seeker1. It’s a great thread, they are very insightful & so supportive. I really like this thread too, I just kinda forgot when Keith told me about the progress reports page. I just now remembered because I wanted to review how I did on my last fast & I posted it all this thread

  54. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone its been awhile. A Bit just wanted to let you all know im still at 197lbs. Im actually stuck at this weight it fluctuates between 193lbs to 199lbs never have I been over 200lbs since losing 40lbs. I want to get down to 185lbs now. Im 6’2″ athletic build so 185lbs is a good weight. I want to get at this weight before december so i need to lose 12lbs in a couple weeks its not quite a big a task as my 240lbs down to 200lbs but it seems for some reason that it is harder for me to shed the weight now that I have lost so much weight. So starting today November 14 2009 I will give you the specs.

    Weight: 197lbs
    Diet: Tea & Water (blueberry supplemental pills with antioxidants/ fish oil “1 tablet because it gives me a head ache”

    Just a warning if you buy fish oil that is non purified and distilled it will most likely contain small amounts of mercury fish is so contaminated these days *shaking my head*

  55. keith101 says:

    Hi Sblnstructor
    Yeah it been at least a few months since i have seen you on here, hows your brother?
    what diet have you been on? this the start of your fast again.
    Best wishes Keith.

  56. keith101 says:

    Hi Elisheba
    I break my fast with natural youghurt to line the gut with healthy bacteria with raw fruit and veg juice for 2 days then 3rd day organic soups, 4 day salad with a small chicken portion, skinless of curse.
    Long water fasts demand an alteration on breaking fasting.
    Hope this helps you for now.
    Best wishes Keith.
    hope you can pair up with Nikki on your fast as she has just started a water fast.

  57. Didrik says:

    Thank you so much for this great forum.
    I am 60 years, 5.11’ tall and weigh 183 pound. Into my 7 day of a 10 day water-fast.
    I didn’t do this fast to lose weight, but rather to boost my immune system.
    My Doctor has found that my white blood cell count is low. After taking numerous blood tests, they cannot find anything and I feel fine, with normal energy level.
    I am taking an antidepressant drug and have been during this fast also.
    On day 7 of my water-fast, this drug is starting to work “too good”. The feeling is the same as it was when I first started taking the drug, which was very strong. Feels like being on speed…

    I will discontinue the drug for the rest of the fast.
    I have only fasted twice before, only for one day each time.
    It will be interesting to see if my white blood cell count has increased after this fast.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Didrik
      I always recommend juice fasting over water fasting to boost the immune system. You get lots of nutrition to support the immune system while cleansing. Yes cutting the drug is wise but you may go through withdrawal state.

  58. keith101 says:

    Hi Didrik
    Welcome to
    I understand fully what you have said feeling on a high with the antidepreesants,the reason for this is that there is no food in your system to slow the full effect of the drug so it is working to max effect.
    Tom is right about slowly coming of the drug as you could suffer withdrawals,
    Well done on your 8th day today,on water, juicing is the best way to go on your next fast to boost the immune system.
    Best wishes Keith.

  59. Didrik says:

    Hi Tom and Keith,

    Thank you for your replies.
    Day 8 today and I am feeling well with plenty of energy. I am working on-board a ship during this fasting, albeit my work is not very physical.
    Tom: If I would have known that juice fasting was better than water, I would have definitely done that instead. I don’t have any need to lose weight; however, I have lost 11 lbs already. Hopefully I will gain a little of that back before I see my wife around Christmas. :-)
    Keith: Thank you for replying. I can see that you are a good man to “know” and are helping many during fasting.

    I am very surprised how good I feel after eight days, my spirit, humor and overall good feeling today is better than on a “normal” day when I am eating.

    We are anchored off Rabaul, Papua New Guinea and about two miles away from an active volcano. This morning when I woke up, there was a layer of ash on the deck. The wind had turned in the middle of the night…

    All the best, Didrik

  60. Didrik says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am new to this forum and have a couple of questions:

    Would it be beneficial for me to do a dry fast the last day or two of my 10 day water-fast, when my objective is to boost my immune system, not lose weight?

    When I registered for my account, I didn’t upload any picture to my profile and no picture shows in my profile, but when I posted my first post; lo and behold; there is a picture of my 2-1/2 year old son! This picture does not show in my profile. Now I don’t know how to remove/replace it. Anybody knows how to do that?
    I have tried to upload a new picture, the picture shows in my profile, but it doesn’t replace the picture in my posts.

    Cheers, Didrik

  61. keith101 says:

    Wow Didrik
    Wish i was there to see that, what is it that you do on the boat..?
    LOL… As i said you will feel on a high with the pills you are taking, so it might be a good idea when you go back home and see the doc, then discuss what you would like to do.
    Water fasting does put you on a high without the meds.
    I am worried if you stop the meds that this will send you on a downer, so be carefull what you do, waight until you get home before you come off that pills.
    I was on Prozak about 6 yrs ago and stoped them suddenly and i lost thew plot…LOL.
    Sorry to be right to the point but be careful coming off that pills.
    I have a friend here who is looking to go on a fishing boat but he cant get a job, this is his life ambition, maby you have some tips for him to get a job on a boat.
    Anyway iv seen a lot in life and i would recomend waiting until you get home until you come of the A/Ds…you would have been better water fasting before taking them.
    My 30 days on water was amazing, mentally, body, and Spiritually.
    Finnish what you have started then get a full blood count as i would be interested on the results Dedrik.
    Keep me posted on how you are friend.
    Blessings Keith.

  62. Didrik says:

    Thank you for the answer Keith,

    I stopped taking the pills yesterday and I feel a lot better today and am not so dry in my mouth. The medicine is an antidepressant drug, but I got this drug prescribed as an anxiolytic. I am not the person that would go off of medicine that is doing me good, but this feeling was unbearable to me. I felt like I had been drinking many bottles of an energy drink. (Not that I have ever done that. lol) I did talk to the Doctor on-board and he felt that I should stop taking the medicine. (He is very skeptical to my fast. :-)
    Anyways, I have only three days left of my fast.
    Good for you with your 30 day water-fast! On-board here they think I am completely nutty for doing 10 days. :-)

    We just left Rabaul. PNG and are leaving for Valindi. We are on a 10 day expedition down here.
    Keith, I rather not publicize where I work, because this ship is a one of a kind in the world. I be glad to tell you in an email though.
    We have a hospital onboard, so I can take the test anytime I want, but I should probably wait about a week after a water-fast, don’t you think?

    Cheers, Didrik

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Didrik
      Forget dry fasting.
      Move onto juice fasting after your 10 day water fast.
      GO for a full blood count after 7 days on juice/veg fasting. Let me know how you get on, i will be very interested to know how you fair.
      Doctors have a one track mind when it comes to fasting, they are not educated on fasting.
      It takes a lot of mind power to even complete a 10 day water fast, when it comes down to the “nitty gritty”.

      If you have the “power” over your mind to water fast 10 days then you have the “power” over the depression that you have suffered.
      My email is
      If you would like to talk private.
      Blessings Keith.

  63. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Day nine today and I am feeling well.

    O.K., I will forget dry fasting the last day.

    I had been drinking a lot less water day 8 and also day 9 and for the first time I noticed that my urine had a brownish/yellow color. Does that mean that I am not completely clean yet? Anyways, after tomorrow this fast is over.
    The fast has not been hard for me and I could easily go on, but I just cannot stay this unsocial any longer. My working colleagues think I am completely nuts for doing this. :-)
    I have lost almost 16 lbs so far, so I don’t know if I could have gone past the 10th day. I sure don’t need to lose any more weight! I like it though; I am starting to close in on my weight when I was 20. :-)
    Have been reading up on ‘how to break the fast’ and will definitely follow the guidelines. Anyways, those juice recipes sound delicious!

    All the best, Didrik

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Dedrik,
      It take weeks to cleanse the body but you got a great tune up. Urine color change many times from clear to dark during juice and water fasting. The color of your urine is based mostly on how much you drink. Having dark urine is normal if you take a B vitamin. Urine is normally darker in the morning as you did not drink at night. Sugar beets can change the color of the urine or stool. During a dry fast the urine becomes very dark. Dark urine may be caused by dehydration but I have never heard of a case of dehydration caused by fasting. Mostly caused by sweating in heat, diarrhea or liver stress. For most people a steak dinner will turn the urine very dark. Although most fasting practioners believe in lots of fluids to flush the system, I have tried fasting while drinking lots and drinking little and even dry fasting, so my opinion is that you can follow your bodies natural thirst instinct. Doing that many people go from 10 glasses a day of juice of water to 4 or less.
      Congrats…. you made it. Be proud. Yea go slow on breaking the fast, juicing is great if you blow it and overeat. Breaking a fast is harder than fasting.

  64. Didrik says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am not able replace the picture in my posts.

    I uploaded a new picture in my profile-page and updated my profile with no problem. My new picture now shows in my profile, but the posting-picture has not changed / been replaced.
    All the best, Didrik

  65. ahrand says:

    New here and, kind of, new to fasting. I am a follower of the paleo diet and principles. After hearing Thomas Seyfried talking about ketogenic diets and specifically full therapeutic fasts for controlling tumor growth and wanted to experiment with it as it makes lots of sense.

    I have had numerous experiences with not eating anything for 24/36 even 48hours and I know that breaking the fast is as important as the fast itself.

    On day 1 of a water fast now and as usual : lingering headache and hungry.
    I intend to continue for at least 7 days, probably 10.
    Not sure if I should add some fresh lemon juice and or seasalt to my water. I have read conflicting recommendations.

    I don’t consider myself overweight but do have some belly fat but still a good BMI.

    I’ll report back as much as I can.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi ahrand
      Welcome to
      You do not need to add salt into your water, are you taking spring water or distilled?
      I do recomend that you do a one time SWF, on day 3 if your plan is a 10 day water fast, as this flushes out not only the colone but the intestines to speeding up detox.
      Well done on your 1st day, your headache is normal make sure you are taking enough water.
      Best wishes Keith.

      • ahrand says:

        Day 2 of my water fast : slept very well, very deep. Woke up and there was the headache again. Anyway, it’s something I can ignore. When my wife sprayed her deo this morning and I had to walk away, too strong. Also the coffee that she made smelled too strong.
        On my commute to work this morning I was bothered by all the lights, I’ll wear ski shades tomorrow. It’s like my brain wants a rest from everything: artificial lights, noise, chemical odour, I seem to want to avoid it.

        No signs of fatigue yet and the hunger is not there as long as I don’t see or smell food.
        My heartbeat is very noticeable but it does not bother me.

        • ahrand says:

          By the way, here is a link to the interview that got me thinking, then acting, about therapeutic fasting :

          I’m sure Tom will be interested in this.

          Another question, would it be possible to continue taking coconut oil during a fast as it :
          - does not interrupt the ketogenic metabolism
          - provides direct and long-lasting energy
          - as it is almost 100% saturated fat, it puts very little drain on the digestive system, in fact it bypasses mostly the liver and goes straight into the blood.

        • ahrand says:

          Day 3 of my water fast : slept very deep but not enough, although I went to bed at the same time, I felt I needed more. I was very slow this morning, my heartbeat and metabolism is definitely slowing down. Good news : headache is gone, bad news : bouts of nausea.
          Also I can ‘feel’ my kidneys, they hurt, but not terribly.
          The ski shades helped facing the traffic this morning, they have no disadvantages so I think I’ll wear then in the evening to.

          Started with 1 Tbs of VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) this morning, we’ll see where it goes. You can find lots of stuff about it on the internet, the theory is this : it does not interrupt the healing fasting process (body has run out of glucose and is forced to turn to ketones as alternate fuel) as VCO completely and directly converts into ketones. It will halt extreme weight loss as the body always prioritises energy from digestion first, but it will boost your metabolism enough for you to continue to work normally.
          It is also antibacterial and antifungal so will assist in the cleansing process.
          It is also very oily and it is food so it will cause minimal bowel movements, which is good.

  66. keith101 says:

    Hey Dedrik
    eeeerm brown urine means your body is going into dehydration.
    Please increase your water intake Dedrik or you will be carried down to see the doctor on a steatcher, lol. 2 ltrs or more a day is fine, your urine should be clear, this means your body is well hydrateted.
    Thanks for the invite on facebook.
    And you have done amazing for an oldy lol….sorry i had to throw that in, i am catching up with you fast am 41 lol.
    God bless Keith.

  67. keith101 says:

    Hi Didrik
    Sorry to disegree with Tom, but Didrik you are on a water fast right now and not on a juice fast mate, your urine tells me that you are dehydrating and you should up your water intake.
    Detox is a science, if done the right way then the body heals.
    If” given then the wrong Advice the body goes into deteriation and celular deteriation, then the detox has a back fire effect, resulting in the patients relaps into past ways of obesity.
    This is my
    own writing and experiance on fasting.
    And by the way you look like; A stud muffin for your age of 42. LOL
    Blessings as allways Keith.

  68. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    It is great to disagree as that brings discussion and study. It is also more interesting.
    For those out there reading it, is ok to bring challenge to our opinions.
    I believe that science take an impersonal view of facts.
    I also have been proven wrong more than once. :-)

  69. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Day 10. Hurray!
    Slept off at midnight and woke up at 04:00 am. Feel very restless. You mentioned that you were on a high during your 30 day water fast?
    Did you experience a constant dry mouth? I have had a dry mouth from day two or three until now.
    I have increased my water intake and my urine color is back to normal. Thank you Keith.
    I haven’t had a stool since the first day of my water-fast. Is that normal? I guess there is nothing there? Well, tomorrow I be back to “normal” again, so I hope it hasn’t grown shut…:-)
    This fast has been quite an experience for me and should my white blood cell count not improve; I will still do a juice fast next time I come onboard.
    I will get back on my medication in a couple of days.

    I now need to gain a little weight back before my wife and children come onboard in Sydney for Christmas and New Years.

    60’s is the new 50’s Keith .:-) I better stay young; my wife is a lot younger than I am.:-)

    All the best and thank you for the guidance and support during my 10 day fast.

    All the best,

  70. keith101 says:

    Hey Dedrik
    Some days i honestly felt as though i could run a marathon lol
    A dry mouth means you were not taking enough water.
    But a big congratz on 10 days, well done, many people that i have tryed to support dont even make it through day 1.
    One bit of advice i must give you is that you might feel a little low, dont worry about this as it is normal finnishing a water fast.
    You should have taken an oral enema on day 3 this would have removed the waste that is still lying in the colone and intestines, trust me there will still be waste lying inside you right now.
    You can still do a salt water flush to clean you out making you feel like a newborne with a spring in your step LOL.
    Let me know what you think and i will tell you how to do this but it, but its up to yourself.
    I will be back and forth on all day/night.
    And you look younger than me if that is a recent photo, must be all that fresh salty air that you get on a ship lol
    Best wishes tell the wife i said hello Keith.

  71. keith101 says:

    Hi Ahrand
    I have never read into the benifits of cocconut oil but i will have a look, i did have half a cup of green tea every once in a while without milk or sugar of course lol.
    People say its not a fast if you add anything into your water, but it all depends on why you fast in the first place?
    religeous, mind, body, and spirit, waight loss.
    If you are happy to put cocconut oil in with your water fast then yeah go ahead, if you have read up on this great.
    How are you today, i think i was about 7 days into my last fast and had to wear shades to go onto the pc, my mother thought i was nuts lol.I had a migraine real bad, but i was determined not to put pills into my body, only the ones that keep me alive lol.
    Blessings Keith.

  72. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    It is 4 o’clock in the morning here and I had a very good sleep. Feel really rested. Went to bed about 09:30 pm.
    That enema scares me a little… You obviously think I should do this before I start eating anything again?
    Don’t know if I have the equipment and I don’t want to ask the Doctor. This is a very little community and rumors spread like an Australian wildfire.
    I am willing to try if you let me know what I need of equipment and instruct me how to do it.

    Picture was taken last year. No, it is not the fresh air; changing nappies at my age keeps me young.:-)

    All the best,


  73. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    I don’t have a juicer, only a blender; I guess it doesn’t matter if I have the pulp ? I could strain it of course. Will purchase a juicer when we get to Australia. They are not into juicing in PNG. lol

    All the best,


  74. keith101 says:

    LOL Dedrik
    You dont need anything apart from having your own cabbin 3 hours time off, 2 table spoons of sea salt, 1 ltr of warm water and a bog roll or 2 lol.
    You drink it in a onner you can off set the taste by adding lime, it has nothing to do with a tube and bottle lol.
    But hey trust me it cleans the colone and intestines out, you will feel 18 again.
    But if you dont have the privacy for at least 3 hours after taking the [SWF] Then at least you know a bit about it, it would have been good if you did this on day 3 of your fast.
    When you back home to see the wife and change some nappies again?
    Blessings Keith.

  75. keith101 says:

    You can have a look at the site that i am trying to build, click on
    There is a bit about the salt water flush, ignore the rubbis about facing N, S, E, W, lol
    there are plenty of videos there about fasting enjoy.
    I still have a long way to go before i buy a dimain name and go WWW.
    blessings Keith.

  76. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    I did it! Burped down a liter of salt-water and was never further away from the toilet than I could reach it in 10 steps…
    Your did me a lot of good
    Have found myself a juicer onboard, so now I can make all the fresh juice I want.
    Just made myself a glass of carrot juice.

    Cheers, Didrik

  77. keith101 says:

    oh my god Dedrik
    Was it torture.
    I could time myeslfl to the last minit 1 hour 45 mins for me for it to work.
    You will have a spring in your step tomoz mate.
    The salt does not lie in your body it flushes straight through your system taking all the toxins with it.
    The first time i done this i was shitting myself before i even took it LOL.
    The loo is very handy in diong the SWF. Did you like my recipy on my site with the pic of bog rolls at the right hand side LOL.
    Sometimes you have to wiggle and massage the belly to get the flush going, but as you know know it works.
    The waste that you see has been lying inside you for many years sticking to the walls of the intestines.
    Sorry i forgot to mention start taking natural youghart to re- line the gut with healthy bacteria, then juice, then a salad, then a “CHUNKY” STEAK”…lol but true, but eat healthy.
    Blessings Keith.

  78. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Started off day 11 good, with an apple in the morning, carrot juice and some yoghurt.
    For lunch I had a salad. It is very easy here since we have a salad table for all meals.
    The enema went well and the reaction came less than half an hour after I drank the saltwater. Learned that the effect is still active even longer than three hours afterwards and had a small accident… Well, I haven’t done that since I was two…lol
    Had some prunes in the afternoon and some more juice and yoghurt.

    But in the evening I had three beers… Should never have had those, but have some bad friends onboard here…

    Woke up this morning (day 12) and did not feel too good.
    After having a large glass of Cantaloupe juice; I feel much better. No alcohol today!

    Cheers, Didrik

  79. keith101 says:

    hI Dedrik
    This is an adult site.
    I have sh.. my boxers on the salt water flush, dont worry LOL.
    The main thing is that you have completed 10 days on water alone,this is like climbing half way up mount everest, something that not many achieve.
    Be proud of what you have done mate.
    Not many get past the 1st day truth.
    The thing is the first thing we do is fall back into old ways, but it will change the way you think and view things.
    Trust me.
    Blessings Keith.

  80. JJ says:


    I found out I have a hypothyroid, how does fasting affect this good or bad…any tips on certain juices that help


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JJ
      Juice fasting is beneficial to all glands and organs. The question is … will it cure it.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi JJ
      Hypothyroid is getting more common on
      I was over-active for many years and was on iodine pills to try and stabilize it eat vegetables with a high iodine content to see if that stabilizes it?…I had to have the radio active treatment, best thing i did…I am now
      under-active, which is much easier to treat and control, I take levelthyroxin a nd have been stable now for many years.
      What advise have the doctors gave you…Let me know.
      Blessings Keith.

  81. Once says:

    But Keith…do you stop taking the levo while you’re fasting? That is a question I have also. Current medical belief is that most hypothyroid sufferers have had their thyroids destroyed by autoimmune attack (Hashimoto’s disease). I have asked my doctor if “destroyed” means that I have no chance of independent thyroid function again, ever. She said probably not.

    My question (and Tom’s) is still whether it’s irreparable, or could the under-functioning thyroid gland be healed by a prolonged fast. I would be willing to explore this question – in fact, it would give me a compelling reason to complete a fast if I thought I was contributing important information.

    Tom – is it juice or water fasting that is more likely to heal glands? And – should I stop taking my thyroid replacement hormone (Levo) to encourage healing – or, do you think healing might take place anyway? Would a 30 day fast be long enough?

  82. keith101 says:

    Hi Once
    That is a good question….
    Only part of my thyroid was killed off hence i have a lack of thyroid hormones. My thyroid is irreparable as they killed to much of the thyroid that’s why I am on levelthyroxin for life.
    My mother was over active and was given a course of iodine for about a year and was cured, that was about 15 yrs ago.
    I do believe that normal function can be restored with juice/veg fasting with an iodine content in the veg you take, but you must be able to know how much of an iodine content to take to stabilize the thyroid. {ONLY IF THE THYROID IS OVER-ACTIVE}
    Therefore a doctor has to be able to check with a thyroid function test to see how much iodine you need to take for stabilization of the thyroid, then you can work out what juice/veg you need to take.
    Regards Keith.
    PS The man who discovered thyroid dysfunction was called Graves….{AS IN GRAVES DISEASE}
    I do still take my levelthyroxin, but i will have it checked in 3 weeks time to find out if there is any change with the function.

    • Once says:

      yes I know, Keith – I thinking we are talking about opposite conditions…Graves is hyperthyroid (overactive) and Hashimotos disease results in hypo – underactive, which women sometimes get after childbirth. I had a bout with it after unloading my enormous middle daughter in ’92. I recovered, but after the last one in ’01, I went down for the count, and have been on Levo ever since.

      There was dragging fatigue, depression, and hairloss. I’m still mourning that one. But even with Levo, the sypmtoms remain, and now I have RA. It’s not bad, but I’m not interested in seeing it progress. Todd B. Nippoldt, M.D., Mayo Clinic endocrinologist says:

      “Keep in mind that hypothyroidism can increase your risk of developing other autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. If pain, stiffness and swelling don’t improve after adequate thyroid treatment, consult your doctor. He or she may consider other possible causes of your joint pain.”

      It took eight years to do that. I want to shut down my autoimmune attacks and get my thyroid and joints back without drugs. I have recently started working out again, and I must admit that being on a running track got me fired up and I had a good time running. Then in the gym I found I hadn’t lost as much strength as I thought.

      But the workouts “angered” my immune system, and today I am feverish, weak, glands swollen, kidneys hurting, feeling as if i’m coming down with a flu. I used to get these attacks when I ran track, or pushed myself, and it would last 12-24 hours but there was no flu. Now I understand it is rheumatoid stuff happening. I want to be fit, not sick. So if a fast makes all this autoimmune stuff stop, then it might eventually prove to a doctor that it can be healed, and continuous medications and steroids are not necessary. This is progressive, but can also go into “remission” with the right cure. I want to try.

      • keith101 says:

        Valid point Once.
        But being under active, taking juice/veg will not restore the thyroid to full function, yes it will however relieve the symptoms that you are having. I to get swollen glands, and sometimes feel niggles in my thyroid. I dont have any problems with rheumatoid arthritis, i hear people say that when the thyroid is stabilized, they still put on weight, this is utter rubbish. A healthy diet and even long walks will keep the weight off.
        I may bring this up on my next post Once.
        Regards Keith.

  83. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,
    I have been watching your videos on and you seem to be doing well. Good on you!

    We have a Doctor onboard at the moment that is more “open” to the idea of fasting and I have told him that I will start a 30 day water fast starting April 1st.
    I will take a checkup before I start, including a blood test for white blood cell count.
    That means that I am 14 days into my fast the day you end your 40 day fast.

    This time I will do the saltwater flush on day three.
    Anything else I should remember?

    We are in Port Blair India today and it is very hot here.

    All the best,


  84. keith101 says:

    Hi Dedrik
    I will be posting my video on day 18 tomoz with my weight loss so far, i was at my doctors today for a weigh in and BP…All is fine.
    I will be doing another SWF tomoz, if i am clean then that will be the last one i do. 1st one was day 3, 2nd day 8, 3rd day 18.

    Just make sure your work load is not to heavy on your 30 days.
    Best wishes Keith.

  85. SbInstructor says:

    Hey guys im still maintaining the 206lbs I fluctuate I did go down to 193lbs which was 3 lbs short of my goal but then i realized looking at myself that I looked way to thin on my arms and on my legs however my mid section seemed to be the same for all the new fasters in hear I lost 40lbs from Aug 1st to the 31st well nearly 40lbs. I do not advise doing that as its very dangerous im only 21 yr old so my RMR is a lot higher than the older crowd in here. I also play football so that helps but anyways im 206lbs. Im looking at maintaining around 197lbs-200lbs so im going to fast for a few days to get down to 197lbs. Wish me luck.

    Day 1

    Weight: 206lbs
    Intake: Lots of water, ran out of V8 (found out V8′s bad for you anyways)

  86. SbInstructor says:

    Day 2-3

    Weight: 204lbs
    Intake: Lots of water, Some Tea not much.

  87. SbInstructor says:

    Day 4

    Weight: 204lbs
    Intake: Lots of water & lemon tea

  88. SbInstructor says:

    Day 5-6

    Weight: 202lbs
    Intake: Rasperry tea & water

  89. SbInstructor says:

    Day 7-8

    Weight: 200lbs
    Intake: Water, lemon tea (did 3 mile run 110 pu 110 su)

  90. SbInstructor says:

    My roommate is in ROTC so he helps to keep me keep up the routine. Im 6’3″ 200lbs trying to get down to 195-197lb range I was at 206lbs for everyone joining just recently.

  91. Tomika says:

    Starting my fast over today….unsure of how long im gonna go. Im just hoping to make it past day 1!

    Weight – 237lbs
    i drank decaff coffee and just guzzled down some V8 juice
    So far im not feeling that hungry…and feel pretty good about the fast. My real challenge is alway over the weekend when around other people who eat. If i can get through this weeken then its easy breezy from here!! I LOVE THIS SITE!

    • Tomika says:

      I think im gonna start juicing some fruits because that V8 juice had a lots of sugar in 38 grams.

      • SbInstructor says:

        Juicing yourself is always better but its gonna cost ya a lot more of a hassle especially because you want to eat your fruits when they are fresh so that means you have to sacrifice some time and energy goign to the store every 3-4 days if not sooner. If you do V8 I did a V8 diet and it worked lost 40lbs problem was the original V8 have a lot of sodium in it so thats pretty bad stick to low sodium if anything i had about 125 cans of V8 when i started my fast.

  92. mxxm says:

    Fasting while being in the company of people who are eating is a real challenge. I have done that and looking back I think what bothered me the most was that I couldn’t think what to do. They were all occupied, eating, and I, except for trying to keep a glass of juice in my hand, had nothing to do. At first I felt odd but then a calm came over me as some began to ask why I was not eating. As I began to explain that I was fasting they began to ask questions and I soon found my strength and determination to fast rising up anew within me.

    I encourage you to continue your fast, even in the presence of others, because more than likely there are others around you who desperately need the benefits fasting would bring them.

    • Tomika says:

      Well i made it through the weekend!! Im so proud of myself. Yes it was very hard and food was everywhere. And I did find myself looking around with nothing to do while they ate with a glass of water in my hand. I just told then i had stop eating meat. I knew if i brought up fasting it was just bringing up conversation that i didnt want to get into. My sister always making the comment that i starve myself jokingly. So giving up meat was my answer and they left me alone…lol.

      Day 4 of my juice fast…and i feel great. I have usually have back pain when i get out of bed but this morning i literally jumped out of bed with a lot of energy. over the weekend i did notice there were times where i felt overly tired and dizzy to the point that i couldnt stand. So i knew my body needed to rest.

      i weighed myself and im down to 231. I lost 6lbs already!!! Yeahh meee!! Cant wait till the end results!

  93. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. I accomplished the 195lbs but then went back up to 200lbs to much pressure from family and friends thinking im going anorexic which i am not im far from. Anyways for anyone that is new into fasting please read what I am about to type below:

    Everyone that you will encounter will most likely not like the idea of you fasting. There are many reasons why people will not want you to fast but the key to remember is that fasting is very healthy for your body. If you are overweight or even at a healthy weight for that matter fasting can completely detox your body of all the foreign toxins from the foods that you eat and help to clear up your skin, fingernails and toenails and also make you feel more alert. During the fast you will and I say this in emphasis ‘YOU WILL’ feel like your dying or that something is not right with your body and this is because your detoxing so quickly. Your friends will say that it is bad because then you will gain all your weight back but the truth is that being obese and overweight is more of a risk than fasting. With all the negatives that come with being overweight how can fasting be worse tell them that and see what they say. One of the reasons that others like to ridicule you if not because they want to help is because they themselves feel helpless to do nothing with their own health. Improving your health will improve your mind as well. During the fast will be the toughest time. I imagine fasting like going to war with your own mind because your mind is telling you that you need to eat but you should be able to control your self with your mind.

  94. SbInstructor says:

    Still at 200 weighed myself today im at 199.8lbs weighed myself three different times during the day my weight went up to 200.4lbs at its peak i had a lot of water but its stayed around the 200lbs i would like ot get down to 185lbs but my gf says im crazy if i do it and i dont think my other peers (friends and family) would agree. But remember I am trey so i kinda do what i want any goal ive ever wanted ive attained so im goign to be down to 185lbs by end of ths month guaranteed ill post about it and ill do a 1 on 1 support with anyone that is looking into getting fasting, I can help coach someone if they are in need and we can be a support group. Ive found by writing to others it helps keep me on track and I can also help keep you on track so let me know my email daglory (at) hotmail (dot) com

  95. kisss says:

    hi you guys, how come there isn’t much posting going on here?

    i’m on day 2 of my waterfast yeey
    i’m on wellbutrine so i do take that ( an antidepressivum)
    i work in a sandwich bar and i’m with my hands in food all day
    it sounds stupid but i had a cut in my finger and i was really worried that some food, nutrients, d go into my body through that cut…
    well i hope it doesnt but i know your body can absorb things trough skin, so what do you think?

    on day one, i went working, later on went to the gym, had an hour of vigorous cardio, oh god that felt good! i wanted to do more but then i thought hey don’t push yourself! you need to take it slower on a waterfast and you have to keep it up for 9 more days, so took a nice shower and had a diet coke,
    gosh that diet coke was a reward but i know its so bad for you,
    i hope diet coke doesn’t affect my weight loss, i think the aspartame in it makes you retain water, right?
    i’m not fat, have an BMI of 23 and have lots of muscles, but the sport i’m doing, requires me to have less weight on me, so thats what i’m aiming for, together with no obsession about food anymore, no more depression, getting rid of couperosis (redness of skin in my face)

    i have a question,
    how long do you thik i should waterfast to cure my couperosis? do you thinks its a curable condition on a waterfast?
    i sure hope so
    im now 62,6 kgs
    starting weight was 63,7 i think, not so sure anymore
    im 1m68
    good luck to you all

    best wishes

  96. Ron says:

    Hi Kisss, The site has gone through some changes and I think that people are having a hard time finding the blog in “Progress Reports”. The blogs used to show up on the front page, but no longer do. Tom might be able to shine some light on that. Ron

    P.S. Look for my answers to your questions on the other Report page

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ron
      It is a new system and still being developed. I will create an area for the front page for progress reports. There is a category called progress reports and the new ones show up at the bottom of the page. I am flying to Papau New Guinea today to work with Maxtone a congressman, in the capital, on a program setup. I have had limited web time due to travel So thanks for the support.

  97. Ron says:

    Heya Tom! I figured sumthin was up. I’ll hold down the fort furya! Have a great trip! God Bless! Ron