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Fasting Progress Report Meg

Reasons for Fasting: Weightloss!!  And the secondary (at this point in time) effects:  feeling of ease of movement, fresh skin, more energy with less sleep, freeing of alcohol/caffeine overconsumption, freedom of compulsive eating and snacking.

Intended Length of Fast: 10-30

First Name: Meg

(Optional) Last Name:

Site User Name:discussions42

City, State and Country: Germany

Sex: F

Age: 28

Weight: omg


Proposed Fasting Method: not exactly water

Past Fasting Experience: 3 times of 3-4 days,  coffee only – SUPER results.  Intermittent fasting as a lifestyle – the same,  I consider the IF an ideal lifestyle for me and am full out fasting in order to break the snacking and emotional eating addictions.  And the milky coffee obsession.

Present Diet:  Everything

Relevant Medical History:

Present Medical Problems: fat

State of Mind: Extremely positive.   Recent emotional and spiritual growth as well as life changes has me eager for my body to reflect the same.

none. I do worry about having strength and “solidity” to give massages though.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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11 Responses to Fasting Progress Report Meg

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Meg,
    Doing massage during a water fast is almost impossible. Just standing can be an effort. You should do a juice fast with 2 liters of juice a day. The headaches may be hell for the start of the fast. Welcome.

  2. discussions42 says:

    Hi! I was posting my progress in the wrong spot.

    I’ve gotten into a modified fast of water (of course), some (250-500ml) fresh juice, cucumber and apple mix, will get some carrots and cabbage and celery today. I’m still drinking coffee, but about 1/3 of the amount I used to and not laden with milk and sugar.

    Hunger: fine. It’s not really bothering me of course there are sensations and like just now I was getting some food for my son and stuck it in my mouth, but spit it out. It was just like – habit of movement and the smell of pizza from somewhere else making a reaction. I aim for water wasting but this is my first real fast and I’m being kind. I just want to DO it and get the results I don’t need perfection.

    Strength: excellent, first 2 days sucked, and I only got a few hours sleep last night so I’m tired but generally I am strong and alert. I’ve continued to lift weights but intermittently throughout the day and only a few repetitions and movements, not like an entire workout all at once. I walk between 30-300 mins per day. I aim for walks/jogs in the evening, and do not use a car to commute or do errands so it’s all on foot.

    Today is the 4th day. Every day my figure improves and my face looks a little fresher. I’m still overweight but no longer look pregnant. I’m short waisted (long legs) and store my weight on my stomach. I’ll take some pics tonight and document things I suppose.

    I’m going to have eggs whites and protein powder on reserve to mix with juice and drink for when massages are scheduled, but I’m keeping the schedule mostly clear.

    Every day I notice a better attitude and more freedom fom food. I’d really allowed to to be a crutch and was using it to smother feelings and procratinate and hide from things. This is great.

  3. discussions42 says:

    day 6 — really spacey just now, I’d love to just sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep for about 5 hours or so. Just posting on here to get some motivation! I’m going to take the wee one out to collect dandelion, run some errands, and try some dandelion cucumber juice later, the scale is playing water tricks and unfortunately I find it gratifying to see it go down. Almost a week, minimal juice consumption and most of it cucumber anyway and no scale weight lost is a bit annoying. But like I mentioned, I am happy with the visual changes. Patience.

    Have a massage scheduled for tomorrow and need to be cool and not use that as an excuse to overconsume :)

    One thing that I have right now that I’ve never had before is cellulitey legs. It’s very strange for me becuase my fat does not tend to cellulite and I wonder if that has something to do with the way this particular fat was put on. From October to the start of this fast was spent drinking way way way way too much and then overeating after said drinking = fat

    I had a lot of important experiences and lessons and needed that period for growth, but it’s a relief that that period is over, I’m so ready to feel physically fantastic.

  4. ERobinM says:

    LOL i was soo spacey girl! now ya see what i meant by feeling A.D.D or something?? Lol my Fat went to diff areas than usual also but i think mine may be age Lol and i even admitted in the open im almost 40 LOL eww like i said im fixing my messenger today so will be on there =-D got ya email and sent one.. =-D

  5. discussions42 says:

    lol at the age. Would you go back? I love getting older, the payoffs emotionally and mentally and with the richness of relationships and enjoyment of life can’t be compared. Sure I’d love my youthful figure but if I had to pick? Life has gotten so beautiful (despite difficult situations) I am really excited about getting older and better all the time. Hahaha I’ll just have to use fasting to keep my body happy as well. Circumstances don’t matter, state of being matters :) :) :) :) :)

    I’m really out of it today, everything is in slow motion. If I try to operate “in the real world” it’s frustrating and I get really irritable. It’s hard to deal with my kids actually. But if I operate presently in “my world” then it’s very beautiful. I was walking bareful in the grass in sun that was way too hot for me and it was as if time and sensation had slowed down and I was fully distracted and engaged by a series of simple things as the passed. The colour and beauty of a wild flower, for example. But yeah I probably seem like I’m on drugs or something. Good thing I’m not in an office.

  6. discussions42 says:

    ok this is a great recipe I just have to share

    cucumber, celery, zucchini and an onion all in the juicer and add some sea salt. Feeling better already after just a few sips.

  7. ERobinM says:

    Oh yea! i love getting older Lol means i have more know how under my belt since i actually pay attention an take notes to life etc Lol not to mention im actually glad im no longer mistaken for my oldest sons(23)Gf or sister LOL used to drive me crazy! an i am writing those recipes down for when i juice.. because mine are absolutely GROSS Lol i like the veggie flavor etc but it has tht wang i told ya about tht is just nasty Lol i made my hubby juice with the new juicer he just got me and took a sip without swallowing and it was horrid to me..Lol

  8. discussions42 says:

    sha la la la la la hip bones! And ribs! and Delts and Biceps :) I like watching my shape emerge.

    This morning I did a massage and was rather greedy with a protein shake beforehand. While it was effective, and I will go harder on the weights today to take advantage of it, I think that means I technically broke the fast. I have several massages coming up in the next week so will have to find a better compromise.

    The plan for the next one is a carrot apple peach mix with egg whites popped in there for good measure.

    Obviously after the shake today I’m feeling strong, only water for the rest of today. Only got 3 hours sleep again, with the heat wave the kids are waking up soooooo early.

    oh! i’m having a strong salicylate reaction!! It must be from the dandelion I juiced yesterday, which was totally disgusting but I downed it all. And still have not lost a single pound. I’m almost beginning to think that my scale is joking.

  9. discussions42 says:

    down about 6 lbs finally, and omg my temper is flaring. I used to have one, and cultivated a very long fuse and mindful response to things but I am really really really short fused and reactive today.

    Other than that.. all is good. No real hunger.

  10. discussions42 says:

    Back again :) Ok I’m gearing up … have some massages early this week and about 3 hours of vigorous set dancing on wed night (am going to have 1 cider, figuring it’s the most juice-like ) and some other planned exercise BUT it all goes well (ie: avoid massages) I’ll waterfast from Thu-Sun. Lemon allowed lol. Otherwise it’s continue on as it is. I’m so so so happy with the results so far. This is definitely going to be incorporated into my lifestyle from now on.

  11. bella83 says:

    So you are on Day 7 now? Wow, I wonder if I’m going to get spacey too. I have Days 4-8 off from work, and I do work in an office. LOL!

    I store my fat on my stomach too, and as a matter of fact the day before fasting a pregnant lady asked me when was a due!!!! That really made my decision to fast alot more easy.

    Wow, well good job and keep it up.