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Fasting Progress Report User: justdoit

Reasons for Fasting: To achieve mental clarity, overcome food addiction, heal and reconnect with life again
Intended Length of Fast: 21 days
First Name: Val
Site User Name: justdoit
City, State and Country: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Weight: 141 lbs
Height: 5’5
Proposed Fasting Method: water fasting
Past Fasting Experience: 2 x 8 day water fasts previously and 5 day master cleanse
Present Diet: anything goes
Present Medical Problems: Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which caused very strong mood fluctuations along with easy weight gain. In healthy weight range but actually unhealthy with high body fat percentage. Used to be 20 lbs lighter which has been my average weight for years until pcos occurred. Quite down on this, so I’m hoping water fasting will get me back on the right track with my connection with life
State of Mind: Determined
Limitations: None

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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24 Responses to Fasting Progress Report User: justdoit

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Val,
    A 21 day water fast from a standard diet is not advisable. Clearly, your body is breaking down and you are still young. Try juicing with a juicer for 5 days before water fasting. It will help your body heal and you can fast safely.

  2. justdoit says:

    Thanks Tom. I will try to juice fast for 5 days before my fast, however, would there be any implications if i went straight onto the water fast? I’ve done that the last two times and felt I was quite successful on completing the fast that way then juicing first as I have a tendency to want to eat – help!

  3. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    There is a big difference between a short and long water fast. 21 days means you body will have to live on the nutritional resources stored in your body. If your diet for example contained white flour, white sugar, white rice, processed foods and oils that demand nutrition for digestion and give nothing then what resources do you have.
    Hair loss, hormone imbalances, liver stress are common on longer water fasts and totally preventable. If you climbed mount everest what is in your pack is life or death. Fasting is like climbing a mountain. One glass of carrot juice could contain 60,000 IU of vitamin A just for starters. Juicing flood the body with nutrients in preparation for water fasting.

  4. justdoit says:

    Understood! Okay, will be patient and take up your advice on juicing for the first week before embarking on my water journey. Have you heard of anyone being cured from pcos on a water fast? Your advice is greatly appreciated!

  5. justdoit says:

    I’ve just completed my 4th day on juice fasting and I’ve developed a fairly bad flu. I also wake up with the most annoying sore throat in the mornings to which I remedy it with warm water. The fast has been quite easy so far, besides the fact that when I need to cook every night for my fiance, the food is just so tempting. Also, I guess the flu also has made me feel quite confused whether I should continue the fast or not as I will dip into a water fast in 2 days time. Still soldiering on regardless of my sickness at the moment hoping its just the toxins making me feel ill. That’s my update so far.

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi justdoit
    For $200 you can get a colloidal silver generator that will supply you for life. I have been researching for weeks and for sure they are great for cold, bugs, infections and candida.

  7. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    You can also buy silver at a health store. I have cure a cold during a fast and got one due to getting chilled. But getting cold can be normal as the immune system is working hard on the cleanup and the body gets chilled easily.

  8. justdoit says:

    Just completed Day 5 and onto Day 6 :)

    Updating from yesterday, I felt terrible the whole day. I was constantly sneezing out mucus, coughing, compounded with an ongoing fever all day (and the headache that also came along with have the fever). I stayed in bed most of the day and drank some spirulina to help boost my immune system a little bit since I didn’t want to be tempted to break fast due to a little obstacle.

    Great news! I woke up this morning absolutely fine! Fasting is amazing.

    Although there’s quite a bit of days left until I achieve my goal, I’m starting to gain discipline in my temptation with food and also being able to defeat my negative emotions without resorting to food first (well still training on this one).

    Will update again when I pass day 7! then there’ll only be 2 weeks before day 21 :)

  9. justdoit says:

    Something terrible happened!!!!

    It could have been Day 10 or 11 today but… I broke my fast so unhealthily in the middle of the 8th day because I encountered a difficult situation with my partner and got quite upset about it. I haven’t stopped eating since then and today would be my third day or eating like a pig (however, my stomach does stop me from binging too much as it has shrunk). What do I do? I have decided to continue to commit to my fast by juice fasting first and then follow it through with a water fast. Will this remedy my overeating during the 3 day period? I intend to follow through with this fast with stronger will power for the next 14 days as I do feel quite compelled to disconnect myself from the food again.

    Please provide opinions. Thanking you guys kindly.

  10. Ron says:

    Hi Justdoit, Your name pretty much sums it up!

    I think you have to search for the root reasons for overeating. Having an angry moment is not the real reason. But only you know what it is. You have to disconnect the reason from the eating.

    If you have to over-eat…use cabbage, or some veggies….and …well…stuff yourself until full. At that point you will have at least done some good for your body. Then maybe you can feel good about “something” in a situation that made you that way.

    Next I would probably write down all the reasons that make me want to eat (when NOT hungry).

    Once you’ve put healthy food in you, albeit more than you need. Then, also identified the areas of concern for the over-eating. You can work on the disconnect part. Which of course is the hard part.

    But there are 3 ways to do it! One: Prayer. Two: Substitution Three: Prayer.

    Sorry for repeating one and 3…but they will help the most, and are the most important.

    Number 2 is your job! Substitute your: “Anger” for “Happiness”, “Hate” for “Love”, “Turmoil” for “Peace”, “Sorrow” for “Joy”…. “Food for Excercise”, “Food for Helping Someone”, “Food” for “A walk around the block”, “Food” for a call to a friend”. and so on. There is always something “else” you can do besides eating. Ask God! He will help! HONEST!!

    You really can: “Just do it”! I’ll be praying too! God Bless, Ron

  11. justdoit says:

    Hi Ron. Thank you so much for your support. It does really mean a lot.
    Although I should put much more effort into number 1 and 3, because I know I need to lift my faith up, your number 2 suggestion has really hit home for me. And I thank you sincerely for reminding me to be kinder to myself than to eat for anger, eat for hate, eat for sorrow, but to substitute it all for something else that’s more meaningful in life.
    Thank you again Ron for reminding me to appreciate and find meaning in myself and in life.

    I will do just do it! I have just finished breakfast with an apple at 8am Sydney time. So I will update as I go on this journey again :) My new aim for my fast is to also find a new peace in myself that will make me stronger in my everyday living.

  12. justdoit says:

    New Update: Re-starting my fast with courage

    It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last short fast and I’m determined to start again and complete at least 14 days of fasting. It has been quite difficult to re-start my fast as my emotional state was up and down and I guess I did not want to re-enter the fast with ill thoughts (the really negative self talk). Also, my experience after the last fast has shown me that I am no longer that keen to “binge” on food as such anymore and to just eat until I’m content. However, the refeeding of food actually have made me quite ill such as bad headaches or fever like symptoms. I did fast for 2 days and the headaches disappeared but I ended up eating dinner tonight due to temptation. So in conclusion, I am living again and I am learning and I will not be too hard on myself for falling off the wagon. I sense that I feel more connected with myself than before I began my progress report. I believe I am getting there with my spiritual journey as well as embracing this fast to heal my emotional woes and pcos symptoms.

    Just also wanted to say that I have been reading other’s comments and progresses and it has inspired me more to be resilient in achieving my goals. Thanks everyone.

  13. justdoit says:

    Hi Guys! I am back. Just wanted to updated on my progress. I’m on Day 8 again! This time I went straight into a water fast instead of the juice fast. It was psychologically challenging to keep this up but today I feel a great surge of energy and have somewhat of a natural high of mental clarity.

    I still am thinking about food or what not, but no so much sugary foods like I used to. sometime when my stomach gurgles and I feel hungry, I do think about real foods I’d like to eat such as some lean chicken and a salad. So I’m on a good start!

    Also, my weight loss to date right now is about just under 57kgs which is about 125.4lbs, which is a happy feat for now as I did regain all my weight after my last attempt. This time however, I have mixed some cayenne pepper in my water as I feel it makes my hunger pangs settle alot faster and also it appears that this time my weight loss has slightly been a bit faster with it?

    All in all, I’m looking to complete 14 days of this water fast before switching to 7day juice feeding to ease my digestion back into a raw food diet. It has been a very exciting journey so far and I hope the best for everyone!

    P.S. I feel my pcos has also leveled as in, I don’t experience much of the symptoms of it anymore while on this fast. I feel very healthy and I’m find the joy in living again!

  14. justdoit says:

    Little Help Please!

    I’m on day 13 on my fast. Tomorrow will be day 14. I had scheduled for a 21 day fast but I can’t seem to tell if I’m truly hungry or I’m going through detox symptoms as I am happy with 14 days. I have been getting hunger pangs for the last few days which eventually disappear, but they return every night. I also have huge cravings for real food such as a chicken salad or spaghetti with tuna. I’m quite worried that these are food cravings rather than real hunger.

    I’m also trying to drink alot of water to quench my thirst right now as all of a sudden my mouth and throat gets quite dry after 30mins of consuming water.

    Any suggestions? I would like to keep going with my fast but not sure if I should end the fast sooner than 21 days.


  15. Ron says:

    Hi Justdoit! You can always switch to juice fasting, and do yourself a world of good in the process. Those items you mentioned aren’t “real foods”. Maybe in your present state of mind they are. Real foods are raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits. Anything cooked, processed or animal are pretty much dead. And dead won’t fix your body of anything.

    The way I see it is you have 2 choices: Suck it up for a day or 2 to get over your present state of mind. Or, switch to juice. Or you could end your fast now and feel somewhat good that you made it through day 13.

    Any of these are good choices. Don’t feel like you failed! You only fail when you stop trying, and caring. There is always the next fast to reach your ultimate goal!

    But PLEASE don’t screw your body up by going back to that lousy diet! Try to stay healthy, and “limit” (notice I didn’t say stop?) the crap…. or your 13 day fast is for naught. Excuse my bluntness. I have a bad bedside manner. God Bless, Ron

  16. justdoit says:

    Hi Ron! haha your suggestions made me smile. Yes, I have convinced myself today it’s all in the mind. So mind over matter and I shall suck it up until Day 21. I’ve made it this far, I might as well go through with it.

    Thank you again for your supportiveness! Wouldn’t know who to turn to but you Ron!

    God Bless!

  17. Ron says:

    Hey Val, No problem! We’re here to help each other in life. Just give a yell. ;)

  18. justdoit says:

    It’s finally Day 15 completed and I’m onto Day 16.

    My experience in the last few days have been quite painful in the sense that the discomfort levels in my stomach was increasingly unbearable. My heart rate has also been very slow which is worrying to everyone around me as I have difficulty breathing at times when I’m trying to move. I also couldn’t sleep all night with a mild headache, however, I was quite alert all night. I guess the headache was just compelling me to eat something, just anything, but of course I refused.

    I know these may all be detox symptoms, but I have decided after completing Day 16 tomorrow, I will enter a juice fast to finish up my 21 day fast in good spirit.

    I want to say thank you to Ron for your great advice and also to Tom. I am glad I pulled through at least 14 days on water fasting alone!

    Just for everyone, just updating on my weight. I started at about 141lb (64kg) and my weigh-in today is 121lb (55kg). So making my total loss in 15 days being 20lbs.

    This has been a great journey and experience. Will update again when I’ve completed 21 days!

  19. Ron says:

    Hi Val, don’t remember if i mentioned enemas as a relief in the detox pains, but it does help. And 14 days on water is tremendous!! You’ve made it farther than 90% of the people who try!

    So, feel good about your accomplishment! You’re a Winner!!!

    Remember to eaise back into solids! Juice is a great start. Go w/ soft fruits and veggies for a few days, then salads, plian yogurt and sprouted grain products. Stay away from nuts, coarse foods, wheats and meats for the first week or so. God Bless, Ron

  20. justdoit says:

    Thanks so much for your advice Ron! I have my eating all planned out and its going to be nutritious and fantastic!! Thank you again for your support! You’re a blessing to everyone in this forum.

    God bless you Ron! Will definitely keep in touch.

  21. justdoit says:

    Hi Guys!

    I am BACK! :) to do another 14 day fast. But this time, I will be doing mainly a juice fast. Been feeling quite down and tired which inhibits me from being productive and I don’t want to allow myself to spiral downward at all.

    Just some background info, after my last water fast, I did intend to go raw or vegan at least, but still was attracted by a normal diet. So I went half raw, half cooked which consisted of cooked proteins and processed foods. However, I’m now feeling tired and my body just doesn’t feel right (not in term of physical appearance, but my general wellbeing feels imbalanced). I guess also I do feel somewhat obligated to strengthen myself mentally to be able to adapt to changes without succumbing to negative self-talk that may spiral myself down rather than look at the opportunities changes in life may benefit me. So just in general, I believe my downward feeling is a result of chemical imbalances in my body especially with the fact I have pcos still and I’m determined more than ever to get balanced internally and externally.

    So! here i am again and I will complete the 14 days of juice and intend to go longer if necessary as this is no longer a fast for me but a lifestyle choice. Tom was right, the water fast was too hard to start off with. So now I am tune with my body and giving it what it wants.

    Question: I bought this Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Chlorella and Spirulina powder mix and I was wondering if they would be safe during a water fast as I would like to alternate when i can during my juice fast.

    Love you guy for the support! Hope everyone has been well :)