Fasting Progress Reports 2

We had to close the last “Progress Report” to comments as it had 1300 comments and was taking too long to load.

If you want just make a comment at the bottom of this page telling your progress such as sleep good, had ??? for juice, felt a little stressed. You can add comments for other faster such as… Hey Jim, Did you make day 5?  Have fun and get real.

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574 Responses to Fasting Progress Reports 2

  1. DL says:

    Steve: how long does the sleeplessness last? going into day 4 of a water fast, after 2 weeks juice, 5 days water, and 1 1/2 weeks on food. I”m aiming for 7 days water, and then taking it from there.

    • Steve says:

      Im still sleeping less i managed 7 hours last night
      the most all week and woke 3 times fully
      and had to force myself to sleep

      i ended up getting up at 5.30am
      as i couldnt get back off the 4th time

  2. Didrik says:


    What happened to the posts from this morning, April 8th ?


  3. Once says:

    Hello all,

    I had a disastrous week last week. I was still on week three of my juice fast when I had the worst attack of joint pain in my life!!! Every joint on my limbs was screaming, and my gut was inflamed. I knew it couldn’t be the juice, but I felt panic at the pain. What if it didn’t stop? I had to wrap my ankles and wrists tightly in ace bandages to take my family out for a promised night at the movies. The next day I had a dr.s appt and she diagnosed an infection. Within 1 day of taking the medication, the pain in my joints was gone-turned off like a light switch!! Then during routine checkups for the kids, I find out that 2 of them have picked up parvovirus – it’s going around their school. It gives kids rashes – but their parents get – joint pain!! So, once again – I don’t know whether it was my infection or the parvovirus (or both) which brought on the RA.

    Now I feel caught up, and can start juicing again.

  4. Sipsum247 says:

    Hello – So after finishing the 40 day juice fast, I was at 208 lbs. I went back up to 214 for a few days and have been 213 in the past four days. I will probably starting another fast to get down to the 190 goal.

  5. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. so after a gizzilion attempts to do a fast for the past few weeks i failed after a couple of days every time.. :( i’m very frustrated and disappointed in myself.. feel like such a failure.. but anyhow, i thought to myself i won’t give up cuz i need to reach my goal weight.. i’m glad to hear everyone’s doing so great here, i hope a few weeks from now i can see that i can do it too.. i’m starting again.. today, day 1..

  6. Territorytaker says:

    blessings to all….been on and off for 40 some odd days now on juice… still hanging tough…looking for a goal weight…and running…getting more and more focused…more and more determined…to live under 133lbs…the rest of my life…God bless,br John.

  7. hope_83 says:

    day 1 AGAIN.. finally finished.. i’m looking forward to tomorrow..
    TERRITORY i hope i can feel and think the same as u soon.. :)

    • Territorytaker says:

      Thank you Hope…it encourages me…that I might be an encouragement to you … this is how we help each other…thank you for helping me…God bless you …we can get there from here ! ! !…br John.

    • Nikki says:

      Hope _83 don’t beat yourself up over repeating day 1 – we’ve all been there! I’m actually starting over myself. Fasting takes practice & determination. The important thing is to not give up.
      Congrats on finishing day 1 ;)

  8. marieat says:

    I came off my water fast (23 days as I was not losing weight for well over a week) just fine. I eased into eating and did not gain (or lose) weight for over 10 days. Then I had 2 days of admittedly heavily salty food. I swelled up and gained 15 pounds. I assume it’s got to be water retension. How do I get rid of it????? Thanks!

    • Territorytaker says:

      salt will do that….happened to me on a SWF that didn’t work….gained 8lbs over night…it will take a few days for your body to return to normal…I would think flushing your body with water would help speed up the process…br John

    • Once says:

      Hi Mariat

      I really swear by dandelion as the best diuretic I’ve come across. you can use dried root in teas, but even more potent is brewing fresh leaves in tea with honey, or juice a few leaves w/some carrots-you won’t taste ‘em, but boy will you ever lose the excess fluid over the next several hours! Your salt cravings may indicate a need for minerals such as potassium…?

      • Azeron says:

        Dandelion? Isn’t that a weed? Can’t I get it in a capsule or something? By the way, How are you?

        • Once says:

          Hi again Azeron. Yup – it’s a weed, and it’s been used forever by many cultures, mainly as a liver support and blood cleanser, (most bitter herbs are cleansers) but it’s also used to help with edema. It’s just good for you. I get it from the farmer’s market, (I’d pull it out of the sidewalk, but for the certainty of dog-piddle) but I have to get there early, because the Russian and Greek citizens buy it in serious bulk!! It’s gone by about 8:30 am. I craved it for years, and kept buying it, but it took me a while to actually use it…strange, I know. Russians put it in their salads…I haven’t talked to any Greeks yet.

          • Once says:

            Oh – and yes, you can certainly get dandelion root in a capsule, or in a teabag – just look for the “liver cleansing” products at a health food store – but I think the greens are important too, and much cheaper.

    • Monda says:

      Hi Marieat – you gained 15 pounds in 2 days ?? that seems an awful lot, I wonder about that…

      • Nikki says:

        Marieat – part of your water retention may be due to food allergies? You may not want to hear this but fasting always worked best for getting rid of my retained water. Believe me, I can retain water like nobody’s business! That’s how I found out I was allergic to dairy. From summer ’08 – summer ’09, after a couple very hot summers & a whole lot of ice cream. I was fat for the first time in my whole life, bordering on obeise. Before that, I had ALWAYS been underweight & very thin. I started fasting & all my retained water was gone in a couple days. Then I got a couple books. One said (I think it was “The false fat diet”) to add foods back one at a time after fasting & watch for a reaction. While eating ice cream my face literally swelled before my eyes. You should’ve seen the looks on my kids faces as they watched in amazement (or horror?), lol. Anyway, I’m sure a 2 day water / tea fast would get you right back to normal if you aren’t opposed to it.
        Good luck!

    • blt says:

      Try prune juice. It will clear your system QUICK. It tastes as bad as they say try half prune and half acai. 4 ounces of each is what I have been drinking for breakfast. Good Luck

      • Monda says:

        Hi BLT
        OMG thank you so much I bought the prune juice last night and this mornign what a nice feeling, thank you, I will now have it for breakfast every morning.

  9. Nikki says:

    Hello everyone,
    I broke my dry fast with a few sips of water after 36 hours, then ate :( .
    Now I’m ready to climb back on the wagon & try again. It seems I’ve gotten a little out of practice with my fasting, so I’m going to keep trying until I get it right!

    • Once says:


      Where ya bin girrrrl? I’m glad you came back too. How are the kids? My mantra for a fast…”one day at a time”…

      • Nikki says:

        Hey Once!
        The kids are… difficult. I think it may have to do with them being back in public school.. I’m hoping I will figure out how to straighten them back out soon.
        For my fasts, I generally end up having to slow it waaaaay down – to one hour at a time, lol!

  10. marieat says:

    Thanks br John. So the retension will go away? I’m glad. I really don’t want to have to add 15 extra “pounds” on to what I want to lose.

    I drank 8 bottles of water today and had 12 alfalfa capsules. Hopefully, I’ll drain soon :)

  11. Once says:

    Hi Ttaker…at 133 or less, your life should be very long and healthful. Happy running.

  12. Nikki says:

    Here I am, Day 1. Again…
    I have a new plan this time. I’m going to water fast from now until the 29th of this month. So a 20 day water fast. I plan to break my water fast on the 29th with freshly juiced fruits & veggies, or I may decide to continue my water fast a little longer. I plan to continue on a juice fast for at least one full month following my water fast. I will likely dry fast for a day or 2 here & there during my fast if I feel I need it. I may also go back to water fasting during my juice fast if the hunger gets to be too much, just until it subsides. I intend to break my juice fast slowly with raw fruits & veggies. I would then like to remain rawetarian to maintain health. I would appreciate any help or advice from anyone who is experienced in this as I have no idea what a healthy rawetarian meal would consist of? I’ve got plenty of time before I’ll need to start worrying about that though! The breaking of the fast is by far the hardest part for me – that & excercise :p. I’m going to make sure I make it a point to at least stretch every day.

    Happy Fasting All & God Bless!


    • Nikki says:

      Haha! This one hadn’t showed up yet when I posted the next one & I was certain it never would or I wouldn’t have bothered, lol. So 2 of my 3 posts made it, lol. How funny, oh well.. :p

    • Monda says:

      Hi Nikki

      I am new to this site and have been readign yoru postings I think you have a very strong will and I applause you for this, I am on my day 5 for the first tiem ever juice fasting and I am doing great, but I am and have been rawetarian for a couple of years I mean 100% rawfoodist, and cannot be otherwise, so whenever you are ready I can help with whatever experience I have there are people who have beed longer than me, but I a happy to share whatever I have with you, Good Luck

      • Azeron says:

        I would also like more info on this raw foods regimen.

        • Monda says:

          Azeron – once you start to become a rawvegan you will be very amazed at the changes in your physique, spirit and mental clarity in addition to many other benefits if I get sarted i will not stop :-)

      • Nikki says:

        Thanks Monda! I attempted it once before, but didn’t last long. I have no idea what a balanced diet would be. Fruit for breakfast? Salad for lunch? Salad for dinner? Just not sure what to put together to make balanced meals when there aren’t 4 food groups to work with. I’m always worried something is missing. Of course nowadays there are probably more like 15 food groups, lol. Having only fruits, veggies & I think nuts & seeds to work with, I have no idea when something is missing. So any meal ideas later will be helpful.

        How long are you fasting for?
        Sounds like you are doing great by the way! 5 days so far, on your first try – that’s outstanding! You must have a lot of self discipline! – I wish I did.. I’ll get there though ;)

        • Monda says:

          Nikki, you should not give up on the raw food diet, I am so much for it, in fact for me it is the only thing, and I have to correct you, I make a lot of meals, I make spaghetti with sauce, chilli concarne, stuffed green peppers, cheese cakes cookies Ican go on and on, breakfast I usually am happy with a big mug of veggie and fruit juice, I also sprout all kind of seeds I also make my own breads and cookies using a dehydrator, the mos tamazinthing with raw food is that eating raw you feel full on very small quantities as the body gets all the nutrients it needs .
          I plan to fast for 21days not sure if I will be able to do it, I think it has been easy so far due to my previous raw diet Idnot knwo for sure ….the strange thing is for the past 2 days I have not lost any weight stuck on 122 pounds oh I forget to mention that going raw I shed 35 pounds and never got them back.
          You will get there I guanratee you, we can do it together whenver you finish your fast I hope we finish it same time we can start if you want the raw food together.

  13. Nikki says:

    The first time I posted this, it disappeared when I clicked submit. The second time, the battery fell out of my laptop & then it came unplugged before I had the chance to click submit. So here’s to hoping the third time’s a charm, lol.
    So here I am, back at day 1. Again.. I have a new plan & I am very determined to succeed this time. I’m going water fast from now until the 29th – 20 days. On the 29th, I with break my water fast with fresh juice & continue with a juice fast for at least one full month. I’ll break my fast slowly with raw fruits & veggies. I hope to remain rawetarian thereafter. The breaking of the fast is by far the hardest part for me. That & exercise. I’m going to at least stretch everyday & try going for daily walks as well. If I have too much trouble during my fast I may just dry fast or go back to water fasting (if during my juice fast), until I get past it. I will succeed this time! I will find my way through this with prayer & a whole lot of help from God.

    Happy Fasting All & God Bless!

  14. marieat says:

    Thanks Once & Nikki. I’m going to get some dandelion leaves tonight and I’ll take that along with my alfalfa. I’ve been drinking a lot of water (and going to the bathroom a lot) since yesterday afternoon. If I don’t get rid of the retention this weekend, I’ll fast for a few days. Thanks everyone!

  15. Azeron says:

    “Rawetarian” Very interesting… Hmmmmm…

    • Monda says:

      Hi Azeron – did I read somtime ago in one of your posting that you had a feeling of smoething stuck in your throat ? i am not sure if it was your posting or anyone else I can’t find that posting…Thks

  16. Once says:

    Azeron!! What’s new? How are you doing? How’s the driving? Are you maintaining your new weight?

    • Azeron says:

      Hi, Once. I am doing well. Yes, I am still driving. I now weigh 238 lbs. I have hovered between 235 and 240. Eating is no thrill for me either. The ENT diagnosed me with acid reflux and recommended that I see a gastrointestinal specialist. I don’t know but it still feels like something is clogging up my throat. I wish that I could water fast some more. I read about your joint problems. Sorry that happened and glad that you came through it in the end.

      • Once says:

        I’m sorry to see this, Azeron…I won’t tell you not to bother, but every GI I’ve gone to (including – and ESPECIALLY Dr. Terdiman – really, that’s actually the man’s name, and describes his attitude!) was worse than useless, and when their prescription drugs made things worse, they got frustrated with me! Zelnorm and Amitiza were especially fun – and I think Zelnorm’s since been outlawed due to its side effects – like – oh…heart attack & stroke, I think. I just stopped going. The less time I waste farting around with “specialists” the better! I do not want to see another rheumatologist but my husband and GP are insisting.

        I hope you have better luck, and maybe you can sneak in a water fast later in the summer if the weather gets really hot…when no one will really notice you not eating.

        • Azeron says:

          I did not end my water fast because of pressure from my family. (Though there was certainly enough of it). I ended it because I fell…hard. I don’t blame the fasting, but rather my bad judgment. The fasting was fine as long as I did not have to move around much, but the energy I was expending…it wasn’t going to work. I do not know if I will ever have the opportunity to fast for more than three days or so again and I don’t see the point if I cannot move into ketosis. As far as the GI…I am really not a fan of drugs so if THAT is the recommendation then I will likely just nod and listen and not return. Drugs cover up the warning bells. Those pains are usually indicators of a problem….not THE problem.

  17. hope_83 says:

    end of day 2.. pheewww..

  18. Nikki says:

    Looks like they fixed the pics for us Once – hehe. We’re all looking slimmer today :D . Way to go admin! & thanks! ;)

  19. Ron says:

    Hi Azeron, I also had Acid Reflux disease. The only cure is juice fasting! I suffered with reflux for almost 10 years! I was on daily meds for over 3 years. Now, as long as I watch my diet I am symptom free!

    Water fasting doesn’t give you the nutrients and enzymes you need to rebuild your damaged tissue. Raw, uncooked foods are the way to go for repairs!

    Carrots and cabbage were very instrumental in my cure! Especially carrots! I can give you the list of beneficial vegetables and herbs to help you. Stay away from fruits during the first 2-3 weeks of the fast. Ron

  20. marieat says:

    Monda, I’ve been wanting to go 100% raw for a long time. But I so love my cheese.

    Would love to chat more about it. If you’d like, e-mail me at


    • Monda says:

      Marieat – I would more than happy to share with you my positive raw experience, re your love for cheese so did I, my desert used to a platter of different cheese/grapes and wine almost daily, I dont even crave it now, but you can start eating more goat cheese and less of the other kinds and hand in hand with moving slowly towards raw food all your body needs are totally fullfilled with all the nutrients offered by the raw food you will less and less cravings of anything at all.
      I will email you.

      • Azeron says:

        Not craving cheese would make a vegan out of many a vegetarian.

        • keith101 says:

          Hi Azeron
          This natural remedy might help with Acid Reflux.?

          Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Acid Reflux
          There are many people who will readily testify that apple cider vinegar cures GERD. One of natures finest products, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, 3 times per day will not only help with reducing the symptoms of acid relux, in the long term, apple cider vinegar will completely cure any indigestion problems.

  21. Territorytaker says:

    130.0 lbs…..right in the middle of my goal weight range…and running 6-8 miles a day…it’s beginning to come together…thanks to all for your support…couldn’t do it without you…God bless, br John

  22. marieat says:

    Do enemas really help you lose more weight when you’re fasting? What is the percentage (on average) of weight that you lose faster?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Marieat,
      Yes, I believe that enemas help you lose weight quicker as the pulp from the juicer supplies calories in the intestine. You also eliminate fiber in the colon. The percentage difference would be marginal.
      But I find on a long fast that I feel better using an enema. Up to 10 days I skip it.

      • Monda says:

        Hi Tom, have a question regarding enemas, I am on day 7 of juice fasting, should I be doing it even though my BM is once a day regularly and if yes how often should I do it, I plan a 21 day juice fastin, also I am sometimes out of breath and also have sometimes shortness of breaths – should I be taking any supplements ?? thank you in advance.

  23. keith101 says:


    My reply would be…If you are fasting just for 7-10 days you dont have to bother with an enema
    If you self endulge in junk food then it would be a good idea to do an enema on day 1, this speeds up detox.

    Read up on this so you can learn about fasting before you decide to fast so you know what you are doing.
    This way you will not run into problems during your fast.
    Regards Keith.

    • Monda says:

      Keith, I have a question, first of all I am on day 7, yesterday and today I have feel some mucus feels stuck between my throat and nasal, is that part of the Detox or am I catching a cold ?? and how can I get rid of it ?

  24. hope_83 says:

    hi hi.. so day 3 finished.. :) i’m happy i made it.. i hope i can keep it up.. thanx for the support everyone.. and good luck! ;)

  25. Nikki says:

    Ugh.. I’m stuck. I think I forgot how to fast? I keep eating. I’m not even hungry. In fact, I’m not sure I can even remember what hunger feels like! I’m certain it would take quite a long time of fasting before I experienced actual hunger. I have no idea why I can’t seem to give myself the chance to get there? I have no idea what’s happened to me? I got out of the habit of fasting & lost my sense of self discipline? I will get there! I just need to spend more time in prayer asking God for help, as well as spend more time in the word. I’ll keep reading on here. There is so much support here, including links with Bible verses & the temtations encountered fasting, fasting highs & lows, etc. I will post again when I complete day 3. That’s always marked the end of the hard part for me in the past. Wish me luck! I will keep you all in my prayers.
    Happy fasting all & God bless!


    • Monda says:

      Nikki – The main think is I can see you are still in the fight, so you will get there, dont give up girl, I find it is easy if you keep busy, weekdays are easier for me because Iam at work, weekend (this my frist weekend) is harder as I am not so busy, and yes most importantly keep asking the Lord to give the strenght togo through it, Good Luck !!

  26. Steve says:

    Hi everyone
    im on day 34 and the last 2 days i have had
    loads of energy and been feeling the best i have
    in the whole fast which is nice

    I have some photo’s from day 5, 25, 33
    when i finish the full 40 days i will put a jpg up
    from day 5, 25, 33, 41

    Im quite a shy person and dont like the idea of my photo’s being on the net but will put one up for a few days at the end of the fast for you guys to see

    I had a huge craving for home made italian ministrone
    soup a few days ago and ended up spending 4 hours making over 14 litres of it which i put in the freezer in 1/2 litre containers totaling 5700 calories divided by 28

    So i have plenty of lunches for after i have finished my fast

    My plan is to go on a strict 1000 calorie diet after the 40 days making sure i get all my nutrition and minerals etc

    and will be doing 2 days a week of 2 hours a time
    at gym working upto 5 days as fitness dictates

    it will take a good few months to be fit enough to do 5 days though ofc

    • Monda says:

      Congrats again Steve, what a feeling you must feel right now, not just because of weight loss but mainly because of the strenght of character you have shown !!

      • keith101 says:

        Hi Monda
        Blow your nose that should do it LOL..

        To be honest it could be part of the detox, you could be run down a little depending on your intake of fruit/veg?
        Nothing to worry about though !!!

        I had a friend last week in a panic because she could not keep water down, but this can be part of the fast, it can last up to 7 days which is not verry nice, when she broke her fast it made her worse,
        So i told her to break her fast with watered down juice, small sips, and natural yoghurt small sips every 2 hours.

        • Monda says:

          Very Funny Steve, now why didn’t think of blowing my nose…sometimes I tell I wonder about me :-)

          thanks for the reply, I guess I will wait it out and see what happened, I may be run down as you say because today is beautiful day in Toronto so we decided to hit for China Town for a walk, I could not walk for more than 2 hours, and that is strolling, so may be you are right, BUT the good thing I am at the end of day 7, my first ever week of fasting and other than the need to slow down I feel great – Do not knwo how to thank you for helping me get onto this sight it has been a great help and a wealth of knowledge.

  27. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. day 4 finished.. i can’t wait to finish 7-10 days i think it’ll get easier for me.. but wasn’t so bad today either ;)
    NIKKI.. u can definitely do it.. just keep trying.. i tried a gizillion times as i told u before.. i think it helps if u don’t set a number of days that u’ll be on fast.. just start and go with the flow and keep it up for as long as u can.. good luck :)

  28. Samuel says:

    Hi guys,

    hope all is well,

    Its mighty fine weather here these days, perfect to start my long juice fast once and for all, previously the cold shivers in days 2 and 3 made me quit.

    A quick question, I have heard juicing watermelon with the rind is okay to do, is that so, and does the “rind” include the green outer layer?

    Thank you and God bless

    • Monda says:

      Hi Samuel – Keith and Tom please feel free to correct me, but I have been juicing water melon with the rind for years as the rind
      has a great amount of nutrients I wash the watermelon whole with some vegetables soap and juice it green and all, take the seeds out though.

  29. cici says:

    Hi everyone, I am looking to start a water fast for 10 days very soon and I would love to have a buddy, someone to give encouragement, and someone I can email when i feel like giving up…If anyone is interested, please email me at I have done a water fast before but only for 7 days and I would really feel accomplished if I could make it to 10days. This is for a cleanse of both body and mind. Thanks

  30. DL says:

    wow, made it to day 7 of a waterfast. My water fast a couple of weeks ago I made it to day 5. Headaches and all! I think I am comfortable right now with alternating one week water, one week juice (and my breakfast drink with udo’s oil and greenfood on juice days) Got out and walked 5 km today and it felt great. I’ll attempt a 10 day waterfast when there’s a long weekend – as I was getting a little bitchy at work with challenging customers – this I need to work on while doing a fast, but until then, I’m starting to feel good about my accomplishments to date.

  31. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Day 15 of my water-fast and I am feeling fine.
    My slight headache is gone.

    I am missing the sosial life being on the fast, there is quite a bit of it onboard here and that envolves food and drinks of course. I don’t miss the food itselves, what I miss is the sosial thing about it; sitting down eating with a glass of wine. I am very partial to a glass of wine or three… :-)

    I am amazed at how little sleep I need these days and I feel rested when waking up! 5 hours is maximum and I wake up a couple of times during the night also. The brain is working “overtime” and my thinking is very clear.

    Hey Keith; I wish you could tell us how you ended your 32 day water-fast. Did you drink juice and eat youghurt? For how long?
    I know you are already back in the gym, so you must be feeling good!

    We are docked in Doha Qatar for a couple of days

    Cheers, Didrik

    • keith101 says:

      Hey Didrik
      Well done mate, you are sailing through your fast lol.
      Get it?…Sailing lol…
      I am doing fantastic here the muscle is going on me rapid style after my fast, looking to get down to a 29 inch waist, with the v look of my past bodybuilding, anyway in training 6-7 days a week which some would think to much, but i know what i am doing, nutritional ways!!!

      You are having all the effects on your fasting as i had so this is good news to me.

      I broke my fast with natural live yoghurt 50 grams 4 times a day with watered down fruit/veg juice every 2 hrs. Do this for the first 3-4 days of breaking your fast, then go on to organic blended broths, adding a light small salad after this to see if you are fine to take in solids, but wake up the digestive system slowly…Fish, raw veg, anything that is light on your gut.
      You will find alcohol hard to consume, leave it out for at least 14 days after your fast or you will think that your kidneys are about to expload lol.

      TC..keep in touch and well done on day 15, that takes a lot of willpower.

  32. Samuel says:

    Argghh… Failed on day 1 of my juice fast, but after I ate, I felt so bad, and was motivated to actually see this through once and for all…

    So from here on out, I feel like a new man on a mission… wish me luck guys, tommorow is my umptenth attempt at day 1, I think I will post up regular progress reports for a sense of responsibility.

    A quick question, I have some Hoodia from pure slim, its organic and real, with all the certificate to prove its genuine etc, can I use it on a juice fast? will it slow progress of my fast???

    Peace out…

  33. hope_83 says:

    hi guys.. i was back at uni yesterday after 2 weeks of easter break.. was a veeeeery long day and i was exhausted by the time i got home didn’t get a chance to post yesterday.. but thank god i didn’t break my fast.. so 5 days finished and today is day 6 just got back from uni and i’m super hungry.. i’m hoping to last!!!! :-/

  34. marieat says:

    I admit juice fasts are better than the Master Cleanse. But I know myself. I won’t juice the fruits & veggies.

    Can you do a 10-day water fast followed by a 20 to 30 day Master Cleanse?

    • Azeron says:

      If someone else juiced the fruits and veggies and I did not have to view the leavings…I MIGHT be able to juice fast.

      • Monda says:


        To my knowledge juicing/mixing fruits and veggies is not ideal in fact I read many times that it interferes with the digestive system due to the acidity in the fruits. But I have been juicing both for the past 2 years daily, it has nto bothered me, but may be it is doing me some harm that I dotn know of, but I can’t drik vegetable juice alon.
        Does anyone know if I can do a vegetable broth on a juice fasting ?
        Thank you

  35. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I am planning a three day fast beginning this upcoming Thursday night.

  36. Azeron says:

    I began my water fast Thursday evening weighing 233 lbs.

  37. Once says:

    Hi Keith

    How is it going? I’m really interested to know how you are doing post-fast. What has improved, and what changes were more temporary. There is not much testimony about lasting changes to body and mind following a long fast. I have stopped fasting for awhile because my hair loss has been continuing for a month now, and I’m going to see a dermatologist. I have been taking iron pills in case it’s that-but it could also be part of the auto-immune disorder. It’s not just vanity, but the feeling that it is a warning sign of something uncool going on.

    I am also trying to get v-shaped. It comes back fast, and pulling and pushing on the weights really feels GOOD after so much time away. I haven’t lost very much upper body strength, but oh, my legs are BAD! Oh well, it’ll come back. Please tell us more about the post-fast weeks.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Once,
      Hair loss is rare but can occur during water fasting. Generally growth returns in 3 months. Not sure why. May be hormonal, toxins from the blood of nutirent deficiency. For that reason I always recommend starting a water fast by juice fasting with essential oils, B complex to build nutrient reserves for that fast. Although water fasting is excellent there are healthy limits and it was wise to break the fast. For you a series of short water fasts may be more beneficial.

  38. keith101 says:

    I will not leave you in the dark… Trust me Once.
    Post fast?…
    There are allways past remorse on a long water fast, not that i am talking about that at the moment though toots, all in time.

    Ps what is your real name?…

  39. Once says:

    “toots”? Sounds like you’re in fine fettle!!

    • keith101 says:

      Yeah I am in great spirits lol. Once
      Training nearly everyday helps with low moods.

      The one thing after my fast that was quite shocking to me was that my thyroid went overactive, I am at a loss on how this happened?
      The Doctor told me to reduce my levelthyroxine to 150 micro grams instead of the 175 that i had been stable with for well over 8 yrs?….

      • Once says:

        Hi there! I’m back from my annual 12 hour vacation! Refreshed and exhausted. I don’t understand how your thyroid is overactive Keith…levothyroxine is a thyroid replacement hormone. I take 75 mcg and my dr. told me I can’t ever expect to be able to stop taking it. You’ve mentioned that your thyroid was irradiated – maybe it managed to regenerate a little…? That sounds very promising to me!!

  40. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone..
    so u all prob think i’m such a failure and disappointment.. well i think so too and more than anyone else i let myself down AGAIN :( but i’ve decided i won’t give up till i make it to my goal.. so i started again today was day 1 and it’s over.. i’ll post again soon..

    • Azeron says:

      I do not think that you are a failure. You are trying and that is better than most (including myself for many years). I would not judge you and I urge you not to beat yourself up. It is not constructive. Just keep at it.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      I failed about 10 times when I started trying to fast. You will never succeed unless you see failure is opportunity. It is a demand to rise to the challenge.

    • Once says:

      Stop saying you’re a failure and a disappointment!! We might start to believe you!! But we don’t yet – so KEEP TRYING. It’s going to work, when you least expect it, it’ll suddenly become easier.

  41. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I am now 231 lbs.

  42. Steve says:

    Its 1pm on day 40 still going strong

    will post full results on day 41 at 11am
    when i have finished a full 40 days

  43. lynn2010 says:

    Hello All,
    I made it 4 days and failed again. but I will get back up and continue on. today is a new day. Carret juice and pineapple juice is my breakfast.

    • eehoya says:

      Hi Lynn,
      I was reading your posts and I have the same problems with you over and over. I have tried fasting and failed many times.
      I would like to ask you if you want to be my fasting buddy for the next couple of days. I think support of one another would be great for us to complete a fast.
      I will be starting in 2 hours for my 10 day- 12 day fast water/juice fast.

  44. Didrik says:

    I had to break off my water-fast today, day 20, due to very low WBC.
    The Doctor onboard told me that I could die from a common infection if contracted with this count, due to a non existent immune system.

    Before the fast my WBC was 5.6 and Granulocytes 2.6. – Now it is respectively 2.7 and 0.9.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the fast brought this low count on, but whether or not it is normal that the count goes down during a fast, I don’t know? Will the count come up quickly after I break the fast?

    I was feeling perfectly fine, with lots of energy, so this would be something for everybody to consider when fasting over a long period; how do you know that your immune system is still functioning? Whit the low count I have now I could contract any disease and not being able to fight it off. I could even die…
    The Doctor was so concerned with my situation that he sent me ashore in Sur, Oman to a Hematologist.
    She found the same result as my Doctor on-board.

    Anyways, I am off my water fast at day 20, the fast was supposed to last 30 days.

    I lost 8KG, (17lb) but I never did this fast to loose weight, but rather to boost my immune system. Now I find out that it did quite the opposite… Very disappointing to me…

    A little about my fast:

    My headache stopped on day 11. It wasn’t much of a headache, but it was there.
    I was amazed at how little sleep I needed and feel rested when waking up! 5 hours was maximum and I woke up a couple of times during the night also. The brain was working “overtime” and my thinking was very clear.
    My energy level was very high! It was almost like I was on ‘speed’
    I had to work during this fast, though my work was not very physical; I still had to walk quite a bit during the day, but in the end of the day I was not tired at all.
    I was missing the social life being on the fast, there is quite a bit of it on-board here and that evolves food and drinks of course. I wasn’t miss the food it selves, what I was missing was the social thing about it; sitting down eating with a glass of wine. I am very partial to a glass of wine or three… :-)
    Also, I recommend the book ‘Eat Right For Your Type’ by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. It is a book that shows you what to eat for your blood type. I have blood type ‘O’ and should stay away from Wheat and dairy products. This book has helped me to become a healthier person, not that my diet was terribly wrong before I read it, but it taught me to eliminate some foods that were not good for my type ‘O’ blood. I was very surprised about some of the things I shouldn’t eat; Brussels sprouts being one of them.
    Brussels sprout are bad for blood type ‘O’, neutral for type ‘A’ and ‘AB’ and highly beneficial for blood type ‘B’.
    Anyways, my fasting came to a disappointing end. Disappointing, not because of the premature end of the fast, but because I achieved the complete opposite with this fast than I was trying to do; boost my WBC.

    I will fast in the future, but only short ones, like 2 – 3 days.
    I will also be very interested in seeing what my WBC is 10 days from now, after I have been eating healthy food.

    All the best to everybody.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Didrick,
      Normally during a water fast white blood cells increase, but I believe that if they do not have sufficient nutrition from the reserves stored in the body then the production diminishes.
      For this reason I never recommend long term water fasting for healing. I always recommend a small amount of juice, or alternating juice and water fasting. The number of people who do a long water fast and run into problems is high. A long water fast after a toxic diet is a risk to the body.

  45. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day two of my three day fast. I am now 230 lbs.

  46. Steve says:

    Its day 41 and it was a full 40 days 17 mins ago

    as promised here’s my start and finish photo

    I have lost 62.4 lb

    and in that time i have had 6 litres of Orange juice and 30 multi vitamins

    No other nutrients

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Awesome, you are the first to post a pic journal of you fast. Buddy please lets do up a page for you with the photos.
      I work so hard to get accurate documentation of fasts but almost never get it.
      So make me happy!!!!
      67 lbs of weight loss is off the chart for most people to even believe.

  47. Didrik says:

    Good on you Mate! Did you juice fast for all those days?
    Did you juice yourself and what type juice did you drink the most? Carrot, Apple etc.?

    You should be real proud of yourself!


    • Steve says:

      I had a 200ml carton of orange juice

      i had 28 over the 41 days with a multi vitamin at the same time

      i also had 2 200ml apple juice that i had in the fridge
      that i had with a multi vitamin

      so had a juice and a multi vitamin on 30 of the 41 days

  48. Steve says:

    On a side note
    i had 945 calories yesterday

    11 am 200ml live yogurt 134 cals
    all was fine

    1pm 1litre of home made chicken and veg soup 406 cals (i made 14 lites and froze it and added up all the cals put into the soup and divided by whatever the container size was)

    within 20 mins of eating it i went very tired and slept for 2 hours maybe for my body to switch to burning carbs?

    6pm i had a lean breast of chicken with lots of veg in an italian tomato sauce 405 cals

    i didnt sleep that time but yawned quite a bit

    I think i will have the same today as i quite enjoyed it

    • Once says:

      Hi Steve –

      What an incredible difference. I hope you will be able to exercise now and maintain your progress. Well done!

      • Steve says:

        Yep im going to wait 3 days though before starting
        then 1-2 hours a day three days a week
        building upto 5 as my pep increases

        sticking to the 1000 cal diet also

        i put on 1lb yesterday
        due to food in intestines i presume

        im expecting the same tomorrow
        though it would be nice if i didnt

  49. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I ended my three day fast at 229lbs.

  50. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. i’m done 5 full days.. day 6 now, heading to uni.. i’ll keep u posted.. thanks to everyone for all the support and motivation :)

  51. Steve says:

    I have been sticking to 1000 cals a day
    after my fast

    mainly steamed veg and fish
    but i have also had beef jerky twice
    and atleast 1 pro biotic drink a day

    Day 42 +1 lb
    Day 43 +1.4 lb
    Day 44 +0.0 lb

    I expect to weigh atleast 1lb more tomorrow
    as i have eaten around 2kg of veg and fish

    I did 30 mins on on the cross trainer at the gym
    day 43 to test that i had enough strengh and was feeling ok which totaled 350 cals burned

    and im going to do atleast 1 hour tomorrow
    though im aiming for more

    • Steve says:

      This is and example of my typical daily

      do you think i am varying it enough after a fast?

      08:00 Pro Biotic Yogurt Drink 28 Cal

      13:35 Runner Beans Steamed 37 Cal
      13:35 Breast of Chicken & Pasta in Tomato Sauce 325 Cal

      18:50 Smoked Haddock 352g Frozen 215g Steamed 262.94
      18:50 Sprouts Steamed 37.45 Cal
      18:50 Carrots Steamed 44.66 Cal
      18:50 Broccoli Steamed 25.44 Cal
      18:50 Beans Steamed 35.75 Cal
      18:50 Cauli 44.80 Cal

      22:30 Pro Biotic Yogurt Drink 28 Cal

      Total 879.04 Cal

  52. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I am beginning a new water fast today. Goal will be ten days. Today I am 233lbs.

  53. Nikki says:

    Hey Monda are you still out there??
    I was hoping you may be able to give me some tips for starting my raw food diet. I’m not really sure what combination of raw foods would constitute a day of healthy eating. I think if I try to live on just salad, I will probably get sick of it & fail. There is fruit too, but what is the right combination of foods in a day. Every food has its own nutrients it provides. I also have 3 children, ages 9, 11, 13. While a raw food diet may be too much of an adjustment for them, I do want them to be healthier & have a healthy diet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Monda says:

      Nikki here is my favorite recipe:
      2 medium green zuccini, as thick (fat) and straight as possible.

      “Spiralize” in “Saladacco (Spiral Slicer)”, or similar machine. Shredded zuccini can work also, but the authentic “pasta effect” is not as notable.

      Arrange on plate similar to pasta.

      Pasta Sauce
      10-12 “sundried” tomatoes, allow to soak for several minutes in warm water to soften.
      1 large fresh tomato
      1 large red pepper
      1-2 stalks of celery
      1 clove garlic
      (4-5 fresh basil leaves)

      Blend all of the sauce ingredients in a blender or Food Processor. Add the soaked sundried tomatoes last, a few at a time.

      Pour nicely over the zucchini “pasta”. Some fresh curly parsley sprinkled over the top adds a nice touch!

      Enjoy!! and let me know when you try it.

  54. Monda says:

    Hi Nikki, So glad to read that you are ready to try raw food, you will need to make sure that you have your veggies, fruits and protein, the last one can be in the form of raw almonda, cashews or any raw nuts, alternatively what I often do is boil some water with sea sald take off the stove, add some lentils put the lid on it and leave over night next day you can spice it to your taste, I usually make hot I add cumin and chilli peppers and it will store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, when ready to use add tomatoes, cucumbers cilentro if you want and eat, great protein and very tasty, you dont have to eat salads every day try spaghtti…stuffed peppers..etc…there are plenty of raw food recipes on line, my favorite is pasta marinara and stuffed green peppers if you can’t find them let me knwo and I will email you a whole bunch of reipes that I have tried successfully…but Iam here if you have any questions. Good Luck.

  55. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I missed my day two report. I was down to two hundred and thirty pounds. Today is day three and I am down to two hundred and twenty-seven pounds.

  56. hope_83 says:

    hi guys..
    i seriously need some help.. how do u do it? how do u stay on the fast? how do u focus and don’t give up? how do u distract yourselves when u get hungry? i’ve been trying to fast a gizillion times in the past month and half.. the most i’ve kept it was 5 days if i even made it to day 5!!!!!!! i seriously need to lose some weight and i don’ have more than 3-4 weeks! i need help? please? i tend to comfort eat, or eat out of boredom.. the more time goes by i get more and more frustrated and every time i break my fast i beat myself even more than the last time.. i broke it again tonight after only 2 days.. i’m gonna try and start again tomorrow.. i hope god helps me and i stick to it this time.. but i would really appreciate any kind of advice that you think would help me stick to it this time.. my body definitely needs to be cleansed since i haven’t been eating healthy for a while and i definitely need to lose about 20 pounds and i sometimes think that would be impossible in only 3-4 weeks so this negative thought makes me break the fast and totally give up!!! PLEASE GUYS.. ADVICE? ANYTHING? HELP?????? :,(

    • Azeron says:

      This is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand I do not think that you should beat yourself up as it is not fair to yourself nor constructive. I will tell you what worked for me, however. I do not watch television or listen to the radio. There are far too many commercials advertising food. If advertising did not influence the public, would companies really spend billions? As far as you becoming bored and eating for comfort…I suggest that you sleep more often. I do not know what type of fast you are on, but on my initial water fast, I slept ten hours a day. When you are awake and become bored and think about eating, go to a full body mirror and ask yourself, “Is this the way I want to look?” I found that I never encountered hunger pains on my fast, however and apparently this is abnormal. I just wanted to eat because I thought about food or there were people eating around me. I would suggest avoiding such situations. I also had a chip on my shoulder because people doubted me. Nothing made me more determined than for someone to tell me that I could not maintain my 40 day fast. They were right in the end (I only made it 31 days), but until I ended it I had a “me against the world” mentality. I also found holding a straw or toothpick between my lips but not chewing on them to be helpful.

  57. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day four of my water fast and I am two hundred and twenty-five pounds.

  58. hope_83 says:

    hi AREZONE.. thanx for replying.. i don’t watch tv either.. and i don’t get hungry much it’s just the fact that i get bored and start eating and the worst part is i eat all the unhealthy stuff that u’re not supposed to eat.. i’m gonna try ur strategy and try and go to bed earlier than usual.. i’m in university at the moment and my exams are coming up, i’m not very active at the moment mostly either sitting in class at uni or sitting at home.. but i’m starting my fast again today.. i’m doing a juice fast (from 1-3 glasses of orange juice maximum everyday, the rest just water or tea).. do u think it’s possible for me to lose about 20 lbs in 3-4 weeks? how often do u weigh urself? everyday? i’m going on the scale tomorrow morning.. i’ll keep u posted..

  59. hope_83 says:

    hi AREZON.. thanx for replying.. i don’t watch tv either.. and i don’t get hungry much it’s just the fact that i get bored and start eating and the worst part is i eat all the unhealthy stuff that u’re not supposed to eat.. i’m gonna try ur strategy and try and go to bed earlier than usual.. i’m in university at the moment and my exams are coming up, i’m not very active at the moment mostly either sitting in class at uni or sitting at home.. but i’m starting my fast again today.. i’m doing a juice fast (from 1-3 glasses of orange juice maximum everyday, the rest just water or tea).. do u think it’s possible for me to lose about 20 lbs in 3-4 weeks? how often do u weigh urself? everyday? i’m going on the scale tomorrow morning.. i’ll keep u posted..

  60. hope_83 says:

    sorry :( i made a mistake typing ur name again and again.. AZERON

  61. Azeron says:

    Hi hope! Twenty pounds in twenty-eight days sounds reasonable to me. That is only five pounds a week. Yes, I weigh myself daily. I also keep my three hundred and fifty pound pic on my desk (wonderful motivation tool). Are you doing any exercising? I think you are okay to exercise on a juice fast, so even though I believe your goal is attainable without it, I think adding exercise to your daily routine would cinch it. Think about it… Twenty pounds is less than a pound a day. GO FOR IT!

    • hope_83 says:

      hi AZERON.. i’m not really exercising at the moment i’m gonna try and go for walks everyday and somehow move around more instead of just sitting, the only thing is that i have to be sitting a lot too cause i need to study lol i’m gonna weigh myself everyday just like u, i’ll let u know how it goes.. i’ll keep u posted :)

  62. Once says:

    ok Hope

    I will be yr fasting buddy. My husband & I are starting a juice fast. I want to knock off 20 lbs and become a ripped (yet spiritual and not at all self-centered or vain) specimen of health and chiseled beauty, and speed, and heal a bunch of stupid physical injuries I’ve accumulated. My husband will lose 30 lbs or so, probably at twice my rate of weightloss. He is preparing for a knee replacement this summer. I will be runnIng and at the gym, since when you put effort in there, you are less likely to sabotage your fasting. I find I have to mete out the juice I get at set times…ie 10:00, and 2:00 and broth at 6, then nothing. Thats the “witching hour”, when fasts are busted. Go to bed right after your last meal and read a novel, or a textbook until you pass out.

    This is disgusting in a mother of four, but they’re old enough to fend for themselves. It’s only temporary. To get adequate protein I am grinding flax seeds and 2 kinds of sesame seeds and when the hunger gets painful I take a spoon of almond butter. It eases the pangs. You just have to become very businesslike about the juice you take, and when you can have it.

    • hope_83 says:

      hi ONCE.. thanx, i think having u as my fasting buddy will help me a lot :) i totally agree evenings are the “witching hour” lol.. i’m not going to the gym, but i’m gonna try to go for walks everyday.. today is the last day i’ll be at uni then my exams are coming up soon and after that i’m going back home to canada, i wanna lose 20 lbs so when i go back i look the same as when i left and be confident again.. i hope i can achieve my goal in about 4 weeks as AZERON said.. i will weigh myself everyday or every other day so i actually see the weight coming off and keep motivated.. keep me posted.. ;)

  63. marieat says:

    I’ve read that when you come off a water fast, you can go to raw food and lose more weight, even faster. How do I do that? And is the 3 day transition period noted below (after 10 days) the same or does it change if you’re going to raw food? Thanks!

    First day: Eat a piece of fruit in the morning and a small bowl of raw vegetable salad for lunch; vegetable broth also is good. Drink freshly made juice for the rest of the day.

    Second day: Soaked prunes or figs for breakfast. Small bowl of fresh vegetable salad for lunch. Vegetable soup made without salt at dinner. Two apples or a fruit salad eaten between meals. All this in addition to freshly made juices and broths.

    Third day: Same as the second day, but add a handful of dates or raisins.

    Fourth day: You may return to the diet you have chosen, but it is important to listen to your stomach, eat smaller meals, chew your food and eat according to hunger.

  64. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day five of my water fast and I am two hundred and twenty-three pounds. Hello Once! I’m not even going to lie to you. I would love to see a waist line or a rib. I would not know anything about vanity. Hell, I don’t even want to see myself with my shirt off. I do not see how those people on The Biggest Loser do it.

    • Once says:

      I was kidding Azeron!! I don’t like my shirt off either!! I don’t know what I’m supposed to see in the mirror, but I’m pretty sure I’m NOT seeing it!!! I just want to get rid of surplus fat and get fit. From my short fasts earlier this year I got rid of ten lbs, and have 15 – 20 left. Like Hope I would like to be feeling good by the end of May, since a year ago on my birthday was the last time I fit into any of my clothes. I’ve been living in stretchy tatty track pants and feeling like a fat bum (pun intended)

  65. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day six of my water fast and I am two hundred and twenty-two pounds. No problem Once. If I sounded defensive, I apologize. It has become reflexive, I suppose. I have relatives telling me that I’ve gone far enough. When I pinch my stomach and explain there is still work to be done they dismiss it. That’s easy for them, I’m the one who has to look at this body everyday.

    • Once says:

      True, but don’t ever forget to be thankful for being given a good healthy body that’s strong enough to fast, and take very good care of yourself between these water fasts – remember to replenish your vitamin & mineral stores, because you don’t want to become deficient and ruin your basic good health (and I’m talking to myself here as well).

      Day three on juice – and three pounds gone. But by God I HATE the juice machine!! Hate it. Wish I could afford to have someone else do it all. Oh well – have to believe the ridiculous amt of time spent is worth it

      • Once says:

        -and here’s the weird part about vanity-about 4 years ago I found some sexy black evening dresses on sale, and when I had occasion to wear one at a party, I was very fit, running long distances and juice fasting, with not an ounce of fat. But at the party, I suddenly got very self-conscious, and felt that the dress was too much – people would think I was desperately showing off. I kept my jacket on the whole time, even though it was very hot.

        How silly it all is…I only hope I can get the dress out again and enjoy wearing it.

  66. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day six of my water fast and I am two hundred and twenty-one pounds.

  67. Azeron says:

    *Correction* Greetings! Day seven of my water fast and I am two hundred and twenty-one pounds

  68. Azeron says:

    Initially, I intended a ten day water fast, however I am feeling well and I think that I will extend it another ten.

  69. Once says:

    as always, Azeron, you turn me green!! I am on day three or four, lost count already, and contending with gnawing hunger and a bad taste in my mouth. Looming large is the Machine – since I make all the juice for me and my husband. I feel as if I’m melting away, but the scales aren’t moving at the moment. I will not feel grumpy today!!

    • Azeron says:

      Greetings! Day eight of my water fast and I am two hundred and twenty pounds. Hi, Once. Well…I AM water fasting as opposed to juice fasting. Water fasting reportedly is much harsher, but with my slow metabolism and my revulsion for the fruit and vegetable leavings…it is my preferred method of fasting. I am sure once you have two or three more days behind you there will be no more cravings. Take care!

  70. Once says:

    Hi Azeron

    Revulsion…how did dry fibers earn that description? There’s nothing wet or slimy there…anyway-I’m certainly not finding fault!! It is a chore juicing stuff. How are you handling driving? You had some issues last time with being alert behind the wheel. I am having problems w/ dizziness and overwhelming fatigue…and I wanted to be Ttaker, running endless miles, etc. We’ll see how that goes…

  71. keith101 says:

    Hey Once
    Good to see your still here, your a great inspiration to the site.
    I have been AWOL for over a week, work is busy.
    Big day on the 4th-5th of may with the court as you know, with my children.
    Still at the gym going strong. I will let you know when i post some more videos.
    Blessings Keith.

    • Once says:

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks! Best of luck in court. It certainly won’t hurt you to be fit, healthy and strong! Here’s hoping that you have your children around you from now on, and enjoy your family in good health.

  72. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Yesterday was day nine and today is day ten of my water fast. I am still sitting at two hundred and twenty pounds. I suppose with my slow metabolism I am not going to lose any pounds unless I hit the gym. I have missed the past few days (slacking). Hi, Once. Yes. Revulsion. I do not like the leavings. Such a waste. I was never in jeopardy of fainting while driving. It was the standing up that I could not handle during the training there were times I had to get out of the sun and sit.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Azeron,
      The pulp from the juicer has very little nutrients. I boiled 5 kilos of carrot pulp and it tasted like water. It is just fiber that you do not need if juicing.

      • Once says:

        It also makes for excellent compost, with very little effort. It will enrich the soil if you have a garden. It would all become waste no matter what!!

    • Once says:

      Hi Azeron. Hitting the gym will be uncomfortable. Better to go for brisk walks – you can rev your metab that way. Whenever you have time. Pushups, situps pullups you can do at home at your own pace and lower intensity,

      courage! You’ll get there.

  73. hope_83 says:

    hi.. just have a quick question might sound a bit silly but am i allowed skimmed milk on juice fast?!!!! :-/

  74. Once says:

    you are allowed to do whatever you want. If you are fasting for cleansing and healing the fast must be strictly juice, water, herbal teas and broth. Dairy creates mucus and slows healing, but if your fast is purely a weightloss tool, then you have to figure in the calories. How is your fast going?

  75. hope_83 says:

    hey ONCE.. well, i’m fasting for weight loss but i do want to cleanse my body and detox too, so i think i’ll hold off the milk lol.. i’m doing ok so far.. i started my juice fast on may 1st.. and it’s my 5th day today.. in my past attempts to fast i usually only lasted 5 days only.. but i think it could be more of a psychological thing that i think oh i’ve made it to day 5 that’s good enough.. but i’m gonna break the cycle this time.. going strong so far ;) sorry haven’t been really in touch i’m revising for my final exams at uni.. how’s ur fast going? do u feel tired at all? i feel a bit tired most days and it’s a bit hard for me to fall asleep like most nights i’m tossing and turning for a couple of hours until i actually fall asleep! u experiencing that too?!

    • Once says:

      Yes. It would help if I could go walking for an hour in the evenings – but my husband is teaching and I can’t leave the kids. I wouldn’t take them either because going out would rev them up before bedtime. I actually have an allergy to dairy, and laying off the fontina has left my skin soft and free of pimples and rashes. Also, even though the pollen count here is through the roof – I have yet to even sneeze!

      Good luck with your exams. I have some too – my linguistics class is really excruciating, and I can’t retain anything on the subject. Of course, I’ll blame the fast for my failure to excel…

  76. Steve says:

    Just a quick update after my fast

    I have been on a strict 1000 cal diet after
    and have been going to the gym every day
    and burning atleast 1000 cals on the cross trainer
    every day

    it has taken me 17 days to get below my weight at day 41 which i wasnt expecting i was maybe expecting 5 days or so

    here’s a chart of my weight from day 41 to day 58

    Day 41 18th Apr 11:00 19st 5.8 lb 271.8 0.6lb 62.4 lb
    Day 42 19th Apr 04:00 19st 6.8 lb 272.8 1.0lb+ 61.4 lb
    Day 43 20th Apr 12:00 19st 8.2 lb 274.2 1.4lb+ 60.0 lb
    Day 44 21st Apr 08:45 19st 8.2 lb 274.2 0.0lb 60.0 lb
    Day 45 22nd Apr 08:24 19st 11.4lb 277.4 3.2lb+ 56.8 lb
    Day 46 23rd Apr 08:06 19st 12.2lb 278.2 0.8lb+ 56.0 lb
    Day 47 24th Apr 07:00 19st 13.6 lb 279.6 1.4lb+ 54.6 lb
    Day 48 25th Apr 12:15 20st 1.0 lb 281 1.4lb+ 53.2 lb
    Day 49 26th Apr 06:00 19st 12.4 lb 278.4 2.6lb 55.8 lb
    Day 50 27th Apr 08:00 20st 0.0 lb 280 1.6lb+ 54.2 lb
    Day 51 28th Apr 08:10 20st 0.4 lb 280.4 0.4lb+ 53.8 lb
    Day 52 29th Apr 08:00 19st 12.8 lb 278.8 1.6lb 55.4 lb
    Day 53 30th Apr 11.45 19st 9.2 lb 275.2 3.6lb 59.0 lb
    Day 54 1st May 14:15 19st 8.2 lb 274.2 1.0lb 60.0 lb
    Day 55 2nd May 13:57 19st 7.4 lb 273.4 0.8lb 60.8 lb
    Day 56 3rd May 13:00 19st 7.4 lb 273.4 0.0lb 60.8 lb
    Day 57 4th May 09:45 19st 6.4 lb 272.4 1.0lb 61.8 lb
    Day 58 5th May 11:45 19st 5.0 lb 271 1.4lb 63.2 lb

  77. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I think today is day thirteen of my water fast. I am losing count. I am two hundred and nineteen pounds. I feel good. I feel as though I could go on fasting for a while, but I will probably need to end it soon so that I can begin weight training with free weights. I think I will need to eat to build muscle. Thoughts anyone?

    • Once says:

      hi Azeron!! Thoughts? Well, normally I would make a couple of cryptic yet facetious remarks concerning the necessity for a phone booth, cape and otherworldly origins to provide the ability to increase muscle mass while on a diet of water…but then again, I am aware that I am talking to Azeron here…it just might be possible!

  78. gashinshotan says:

    Hi new here. Did a series of fasts two weeks ago (2.75 days water fast, ate one meal then 2 days dry fast). Lost a total of 11lbs (187.2 to 176) with that one. The week following I tried to avoid carbs and sugar though I did eat 6 slices of pizza and gained a total of 2.6lbs. From my last meal at lunch this past Sunday I started with a 1 day dry fast and got from 178.6 down to 175.4 but when I started drinking water on Tuesday I got up to 176.8 though today I am at 174.2 after drinking a lot of water. So a total of 4.4lbs lost over 3 days excluding my water intake for today. My goal weight is 135 and I am planning on doing a 40 day fast for religious reasons as well as to lose weight. Ketosis hit in full strength today and I have 0 hunger and feel very energetic and positive.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi gashinshotan
      Remember that a safety on a long water fast is dependent of having a good nutrient reserve and this is best accomplished with juice fasting and vitamin supplementation. We have endless fasters having problems entering water fasting from a standard diet.

      • gashinshotan says:

        Do you recommend a vitamin supplement? I normally avoid fruit juices because of the sugar so I don’t feel I could last on fruit juice honestly.

      • Once says:

        …particularly if you have lived with a parasite load (candida etc). You’ll already be deficient in essential b vitamins and vital minerals, and your blood sugars will be haywire. Especially if you’re a woman who’s had multiple pregnancies. It seems that women have more difficulty on this site (me included) with fasting, although I am not sure if this holds true across the board, because there may also be more women than men attempting to fast.

        • gashinshotan says:

          I’m 23 years old and have no health issues or have ever had anything beyond an ear infection. So far I seem fine right now on the 6th day and have no energy or nausea problems. Should I take a multivitamin? I watched the Aaron Cohen (the guy’s wife is the one fasting) vids and she said whenever she took multi’s she felt sick.

          • Once says:

            Usually the whole point of a water fast is the complete absence of nutrition of any kind, which forces the body to consume its stores of fat and presumably, any diseased or damaged cells, which it will not do unless completely deprived of any other source of nourishment.

            If you are juice fasting, there are many vegetable sources low in sugar, and carrot juice is the usual base, since its sugar content is mitigated by the nutritional and anti-oxidant properties. You can cut the vegetable juice with ice or water to halve the calories and sugar content. Spinach, celery, cucumber, grannysmith apples are all low in sugar/cals and full of the good stuff. People often add liquid multi-vits to the juices, since solid horse-pills often pass undigested, and can make you nauseous. There’s a wealth of info on this site.

          • Tom Coghill says:
            Tom Coghill

            Hi gashinshotan
            Taking vitamins on a water fast is usually bad but fine during juice fasting.

  79. gashinshotan says:

    After urinating I am at 173. Going to do dry fast from today to Saturday 3:30pm (started my fast on Sunday 3:30pm)

  80. technolady says:

    Hello Everyone!

    This is actually my first post, ever! I’m currently on day 4 of my water-fast and I think it’s the hardest day of all, mostly because I’m really REALLY tired! The hunger comes and goes, which isn’t my main concern. However, I set a goal of 10 days and I constantly find myself wanting to switch to juice. I know it isn’t really considered “failing” if you alternate between water and juice, but I don’t want to let myself down after I’ve made it this far. 6 additional days just seems like a lot for me (though some of you troopers can make it through 40 days! my hat is off to you!).

    Hopefully you can shed some light on my situation and help me stay focused, because I’m doing this alone and have no one to help me so far!


    • gashinshotan says:

      Keep busy! When you keep busy you don’t have time to concentrate on food. I just finished day 5 and while 4 was bad, 5 was very easy because I just went out the whole day.

      Down to 171 this morning and got to a low of 169.6 after a hot shower. After drinking water I am at 170.
      I am planning on finishing 40 days and I think it is very possible as long as I keep myself busy.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Kelly
      Water fasting form most people is an endurance event and a battle of resolve. It gets easier the cleaner your body get and that is why water fasting is much easier after juice fasting.
      Almost all the people that do long water fasts have a slow metabolism.

      • Once says:

        It’s a dream of mine to complete a water fast – even 10 days. But every time I’ve tried, it has triggered severe migraines, and on cue there will be a call from school to say my son’s been suspended, come and get him and deal with angry teachers, or my daughter has an asthma attack and goes to the ER, or I have a nasty fight with the husband that scares me. All I want to do is lie down and quiet everything and heal, but it’s impossible! I can’t handle long days or stress on a fast. One day in the future I will do it, though.

  81. gashinshotan says:

    So after the restroom today I am at 169.8. Not much weight loss from yesterday but I think it’s just water. Will update tonight.

  82. gashinshotan says:

    169.0…. I guess my metabolism slowed down a lot haha – no more 2lb a day losses :(

  83. gashinshotan says:

    So after a hot shower and going to restroom I’m 167.2. I guess the extra weight really was water and I’m starting to clean out my system :) .

  84. Steve says:

    Just a quick update after my 40 day fast
    its day 80 today and i have lost 80.4 lbs

    thats my weight loss graph and chart for anyone interested

  85. marieat says:

    That’s amazing Steve. How did you continue to lose weight after your fast?

  86. Steve says:

    Im on a strict 1000 cal a day diet
    i mainly eat
    King Prawns

    basicly anything low in cals high in vitamins/minerals

  87. DL says:

    looking forward to doing another fast. The first 3 days (starting tomorrow) won’t count as these are to clean myself out. Thursday will be day one. I lasted 14 days on juice, and 6 days on water on the last fasts I did earlier this spring. Both times I felt amazing, re-energized and learned what to expect from my body.

  88. DL says:

    I’m thinking of alternating 7 days juice, then 7 days water for 4 weeks could be an interesting experiment on myself. I’m all set up for multivitamins, my juicer is still working fine and it’s coming into berry and fruit season here.

  89. Nikki says:

    Hi everybody!

    I’m back! I hope you’re all doing well. Last week I started fasting & made it every day until dinner time, lol. My last meal was Sunday. That was another day that started off great, then I broke down & ate dinner, then started over again. Yesterday I woke up with a migraine, felt very sick & instead of taking something for it before it got worse, I decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to tough it out & stay on track with my fast. I’m 37.5 hrs into my 10 day water fast now. I made it through the 1st day with a whole lot of help from God & over halfway through my 2nd. I find I’m much more successful when I take it 1 hour at a time so I break it up into hours instead of days. In the past I’ve done as little as possible while fasting & mostly lay in bed. Usually I’m tired & don’t feel good & sleep through the hunger (probably cheating). I’m attempting to do things differently this time around. I’m going to try walking at least a couple miles every day & hopefully do some other exercises as well. I’m really in terrible shape! I haven’t had anything but purified water thus far, but I may at some point add lemon juice to my water & start taking cayenne & maybe have some tea here & there. I’m going to try & stick with just water as long as I can though. So when I started my fast on Sunday I weighed 148.5 lbs. Yesterday I weighed 146 lbs & today I’m at 144. I somehow managed to become a food addict this year – not sure how that happened? I was doing so great for such a long time after all of my fasts last year. There’s a link on this sight with ‘tongue in cheek’ tips on returning to toxic diet. I know it’s supposed to be a joke, but I’ve actually had a very hard time not doing those things. I’m hoping that I’m finally going to get it right this time! With some help from God, I hope to end this 10 day water fast with a short juice fast, then continue as a rawetarian. Wish me luck! I’m making the kids burritos for dinner – my fav :( but I’m off to a great start this time & I know I can do this! After all, I have the Lord on my side :)

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Nikki,
      There is a psycological process caused by dieting that can become negative. The more you focus on food and eating less, the more the mind feels depived. Following comes the urge to eat. The urge overcome discipline and guilt follows the reduces self-discipline and so a cycle starts. Wanting to eat healthy but totally a victuim of emotional eating without any control. Fasting can be a doorway to increase or develop compulsive eating habits. The high of fasting is addictive. There is a total feeling of control. It makes the emotion of blowing diet, so much worse and deepens the guilt and the power of the cycle.
      The solution is a rebuild of the self-image and allowing mistakes, indulgences, failure. And that is a jouney to our place in the universe and a loving Father, Creator of All Life.

  90. DL says:

    Question for Tom:
    what has your research taught you about detox and quick fat loss vs slow fat loss? Have you come across any learnings to pass along in regards to reducing high toxicity levels due to rapid fat loss during a fast?

    this is what I read which has sparked my interest.

    Our foods contain various chemicals (e.g. pesticides) that are fat soluble. Throughout our lives, we tend to accumulate chemicals in our fat as we eat commercially grown and processed foods. Most of these chemicals are very slowly eliminated from our bodies when they are not bound up in our fat. Therefore, losing fat (weight) too quickly will flush lots of toxic chemicals into our bloodstream — too fast for our bodies to effectively eliminate. The result: dangerously high levels of toxins circulating in our bloodstream and other tissues — clearly undesirable from a health and/or longevity perspective.

    Thanks for any insight or learnings you can provide.

  91. DL says:

    Tom what you wrote about the cycle is so true. I might even add that when you start thinking you are deprived, you want. If your internal monologue is “this is my last meal for 30 days or I can’t have food” then you overeat because your brain believes it’s being deprived. I’m finding that if I switch my internal monologue to ” yes I can have X juice today and as much as I want cause there’s lots – this seems to be helping. I still regulate the amount of juice and water it down otherwise I get too hyped up from the sugars. I also find that I’ve changed my internal dialog to I don’t want that unhealthy X food (something unhealthy I would have consumed before ) I want to taste all the delicious mango juice I want today. it’s like I’m tricking my brain into believing that it’s not being deprived – which it isn’t, I can have all the X type of juice I want, and I change my juices daily.

    • Once says:

      Also – there’s the pattern I have of planning for a fast- then having family celebrations and events back to back (like now-three graduations, three birthdays, all with food-laden celebrations, where you have to pretend to feel sick not to have to eat). I’ve had to put off the start of the fast again and again-so that the day before the fast, where your mind says incessantly “have some cheese-it’s the LAST you’ll get” – (or chips, or other junk food) -happens over and over! I can gain an extra 10 lbs trying to START a fast!

      Then, when you’re safely launched and fasting, and still have to go to family gatherings, where everybody’s eating and drinking, even when you don’t want to join them – it becomes really boring, and the sight of a bunch of significantly overweight people eating pork and pasta and beer by the bucketload becomes disturbing, and you have to concentrate on looking as if you’re eating something and NOT being disturbed…I find it difficult. I am trying to rack my brains to think of how to get out of going to a birthday celebration tomorrow with a ton of food & various forms of alcohol and a Mariachi band(!) will be blasting away in a very small house. I love them all, but I don’t think I can take it

  92. Samuel says:

    Hi everyone. I’m enjoying my mini juice fasts, done a few 1 & 2 days on juice, also a few longer. wanted to do a 30day but the weather in England was cold, gonna start it soon now.

    question for Tom, or anyone else. I’ve been putting off going to the dentist for a few months, and I need a filling. was wondering if a juice fast can cure loose teeth and other dental problems. If not is there any natural cure for it?

    • Ron says:

      Hi Samuel, I know that Gingivitis (bleeding gums) is cured in some cases through fasting. By excluding foods that cause bacteria, the gums tighten and heal.

      But loose teeth, or any damage would need professional attention. Fasting can’t hurt your situation, but it’s not a cure all for everything. Broken bones, and lacerations would also fall in this category.

  93. discussions42 says:

    Hi! I don’t know if this is the right place for this but this afternoon I will have completed my 3rd day – this is my first attempt at a longer fast. I’d like 10-30 days of alternating juice and water, as much water as possible but whatever it takes to “make it”

    I feel great, kind of weak, once in a while I am ready to eat my three year old (he is the round one) but I’m thrilled with what only three days has done to my appetite and figure.

    • discussions42 says:

      day three over, I feel awesome. Actually I have way too much energy this evening I’d love to wake up feeling like this :) I was told today that I look better than yesterday, even though my friend didn’t know why. I know, it’s the fast. Looking forward to seeing this through.

    • Ron says:

      Hi 42, Start slow. Make small goals and work your way up! Also, drink only what you need. Water fasting is very tricky. Do some research on this site, and consider Tom’s books for expert guidance and advice.

      • discussions42 says:

        Hi, thanks for the advice Ron!
        It’s only the morning of day four but I have to write becuase the positive changes in the mirror are so exciting.
        Not just the mirror. My desire for has almost vanished, and since I’m doing this to free myself from compulsive and emotional eating (the reason for fatness) it’s wonderful. I feel clearheaded, positive, and my body is getting that sort of crackly “loosening up of stagnancy” feeling. Posture is improving.

        It feels extremely easy to do this knowing that I can have a drink of juice **if I want** it seems to curb the desire to even have the juice. A little apple/cucumber juice tastes heavenly.

        • Ron says:

          Hi 42, Glad to hear you are having a great fast! Most fasters would love to be in your spirits at this point in your fast. Usually, by days 3-6 the detox is producing some unpleasant side effects. You may be in better condition physically than you realize! Thats good news. Also, your extremely positive attitude will ease the detox, as well as other things in your life.

          Remember, you rule your fast!

          I like: (**if I want**), in your statement. It shows that you have made the biggest step. Making fasting a part of your life! God Bless! Ron

        • Tom Coghill says:
          Tom Coghill

          Hi discussions42
          All the positive changes as so good to here. Just be prepared for a detox as it can all those great feeling and change to bad in hours. But after that wow. Some never go through a detox crisis.

          • discussions42 says:

            Day 5 here :) Feels so good to say that.

            Hunger and cravings – goood, meaning minimal to none
            Strength – excellent. I’m really not having much juice, keeping with the caffeine though. I actually feel stronger with pushups, but fatigue more quickly when lifting weights (clean and press) over my head.

            I’m sleepy today, but not getting sleep is my own choice not caused by the fast. (in a distance relationship, we talk at night)

            My skin is really breaking out and getting irritated in patches on my face, it’s normally nice so this could be a fasting thing.

            If my ex is around to be with the kids I’ll go for a run tonight to see how running feels on the fast. Brisk walks are effortless and after 90 minutes I feel like I could keep going for hours. Other than that I have no probs with my daily errands, walking, lifting, feeling strong etc.

            Thank you for the encouragement Ron and Tom! I could be delayed in having a detox or crisis because I haven’t gone pure water and am still putting things like black coffee, green tea and even a diet cola into myself. Not trying to make excuses, but I am not really concerned with the detox as a priority this time around. I’m just enjoying this first big step to taking control of my physical health / eating habits, and want the freedom and pleasure of a fitter figure asap. Little summer dresses are waiting, it’s so inconvenient to want to cover up in the heat.

  94. DL says:

    day 3 water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and 1/2 cup of decaf tea in the morning. day one and two – anxious, almost ate, but I waited a couple of minutes and asked myself why – is this what I want to do, and the reason for wanting to was work stress so I went for a walk instead- boy did I ever feel good about myself and my commitment to myself afterwards. Today, much more relaxed – although forgetful! I have been laughing at myself all day for locking the car, going to get something from the trunk, walking away and leaving the drivers door fully ajar! slept about 8 hours straight without disturbances and woke up a little short fused – this is what I need to work on during this fast – emotional control and emotional eating. I’m journalling every day to record what’s going on, so for the next fast, I will have my own tips and tricks about what works for me.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi DL,
      One of the great freedoms in my life has been a greater ability to stay as peace. If provides a base for discipline and happiness. But it take work in that thought are like wild animals with a life of there own that need to be tamed into submission.

  95. Ron says:

    Amen to that Tom!

    Staying close to fasting has been my key to staying in tune with my mind, body and spirit! And most importantly God. It centers you, and focuses on what is real, and important in life! Peace brother Tom! Ron

  96. DL says:

    doing much better today. When I went to sleep last night I told myself I was going to wake up in a good mood – I did. I’m going to try this again tonight. I caught myself being short tempered in time, calmed my voice and breathing instead of pissing off a customer. This only happened twice today so I can tell I’m getting better in my detox and I’m more aware of how things can quickly go awry if I am not conscious of what I am saying and how I am saying it. I am much calmer today and have more energy. I walked about 1 km yesterday and about 1 km today. I was very happy with myself today – we went out for dinner and I had a 1/2 litre of orange juice and a tomato soup. I figured it was close enough to fruit and vegetables and fasting, and I was able to enjoy my meal while everyone else had the most unhealthy choices – I am very conscious of healthy choices vs unhealthy choices today whereas a week ago I was not as conscious of healthy or unhealthy choices. It’s a good day all around today. biggest lesson for me so far is: start the fast on a friday so the first couple of day of detox do not interfere with work.

  97. discussions42 says:

    Day 6

    Feeling normal/great!
    It’s easier to make food for the kids without the urge to taste it
    Bit of a sore throat – not inside, the small muscles surrounding it
    A few skin things, but as I’m not smelly and my mouth feels fine there has to be SOMEthing right?

    Oh my weight (but not size or appearance) went back up to the original. Probably becuase of the jump in heat yesterday, and I did have some mouthfuls of soy sauce.

    I noticed twice – specific urges to eat after an emotional reaction. I love how this fasting really complements and adds that extra edge to being emotionally aware and responsible for our feelings.

  98. discussions42 says:

    So. I have the last 1/4 of an assigment left to finish, one that I told myself I would finish this morning and send off. I’ve finished many other chores and little things I can do instead and now am feeling kitcheny urges!!! I wanted to go and eat and distract myself with preparing food instead of finish an assigment that I am reluctant to finish and be graded on. lol!!!!! Ah facing yourself is fun. I’m compromising with a coffee and posting here and getting to work :)

    • ERobinM says:

      Seeing how its going! as you can probably see im having issues with my email again Lol it picks and chooses who i get them from.. and since it stays kinda quiet for certain ppl here Lol i wanted to let ya know im still thinking about ya =-D

  99. DL says:

    excellent day today: much much calmer, today was blackberry juice and water day. I’m finding I have to mix my juice about 2/3 water and 1/3 fruit juice otherwise I end up bouncing! Day 4 is good. Day one and two were challenging, day three was easier. I’m finding that I consciously want to go and walk/exercise, this is 3 days in a row where I’ve gone for a walk on purpose. I’ve fasted for short periods twice now, and this wanting to exercise is different this time – and really good. I imagine a little “miss pac man” inside of me eating away all the yucky cells and pretty pink healthy new ones magically sprouting to take their place. The foggy brain is starting to lessen – next time I will forsure start my fast on a Friday to go through the initial phases on a weekend. The initial phases seem to be less intense with each time I fast. My concentration is starting to increase I’m noticing at work, but it’s still mixed in with foggy brain minutes. I’m very conscious of the foggy brain bits so I try to bring myself back to whatever I’m doing at work – it’s sorta like daydreaming and forgetfulness mixed together, this foggy brain bit.

    going away into the mountains for a couple of days to breathe some nice fresh air – wont have my own fresh made juice, but I’ll find the healthiest juice I can buy with the least amount of preservatives.
    have a wonderful weekend

  100. DL says:

    silly me – just went to do my journal now, it’s day 5 today not day 4! foggy brain.

  101. discussions42 says:

    Day 8. Drank a rather large glass of sweet juice today – melon and peach , not excited about having done that. I made it for the kids but they didn’t want it.

    Felt good today but got spacey in the afternoon after a little bike riding/running until I finally had some veg and fruit juice. Now I want to sleep. My knees and ankles and hands hurt and I also am getting crampy muscles.

  102. DL says:

    day 7 – I’ve amazed myself this week which is the first week. I spent the weekend visiting friends and kept to my watered down juice all weekend. I feel really good about having stuck to my plan. I’m going to go for another week. The closest thing I came to eating was tomatoe soup when we unexpectidly went out for dinner, soup was my concession. My skin is amazing, my breath is back to normal, no dizziness etc, I did a blood sugar test after having had 1/2 litre of water and juice – it was at 7.2 so I’m not worried. I have 1/2 cup of decaf in the mornings. Daily exercise is a must because I get too wound up from the sugar. Sleeping is fine I’m averaging 6 hours a night with no waking up, so that’s all good. Foggy brain is about 3/4 gone these days, and my concentration is much better. I am really looking forward to feeling the changes this week as I go through them and I’m even going to try water only fasting Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  103. DL says:

    today at work i was able to concentrate on finishing a task I’ve been trying to finish for 6 weeks. This felt really good to just get it done! no more monkeying around! My skin on my face is really tender – like when you have a cold and you blow your nose alot – the skin is really tender. I treated myself today and went to a juice bar for a fun mixture of carrot, spinach, parsley and celery. Drank water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper all day. Foggy brain has transformed into very intense daydreams which last for about 3-4 minutes. Slept like a log last night – a solid 8 hours with no disturbances. It’s funny because I have this need to clean, and be clean, it must be part of the psychological effects of doing a cleanse and reading as much as I can take in each day about how to make this fast and detox even better. It’s not a bad thing that’s forsure!

  104. joeanne12 says:

    Thinking of starting my first fruit fast ever. Thanks so much for the posts DL and discussions42 would like to know how your weight is going. I am 45 only 5 foot tall and weigh 85 kg. Never seriously tried to lose weight before but recently gave up smoking and found I can’t stop eating. Cutting down seems so hard so am preparing to juice fast. How many days should I aim for, being my first time?
    Thanks Joeanne12

  105. DL says:

    Joeanne: here’s what I’ve learned about fasting and not smoking – for me, and I can not speak for anyone else – it is the only way I have been able to stop smoking. It’s a “girl thing” to be completely paranoid about putting on weight and for me it has always hindered me from continuing to be a non-smoker after I’ve stopped smoking. As soon as I saw the scale move up – I started smoking again. yes I know, it’s not logical at all, but this is what has happened over the past. As for the non stop munchies – you are in control of your brain and you are in control of what you emotions. When you are ready to take back your control from the addiction of nicotine, your brain will go on auto pilot and you’ll stop the abusing food as a substitute for your withdrawal symptoms. It lasts as long as you let it last.

    Start your fast on a Friday if you work monday to friday – the first couple of days are an emotional rollercoaster. Baby yourself for the first 3 days, pamper yourself, and spend quiet, relaxing time – read a book, do yoga, meditate. Oh I learned something this weekend – I visited a friend out of town and we watched TV (I do not own a TV) and I was very aware of all the commercials about food – it was disgusting really. If you own a TV – turn it off. Read books about juicing and using nutrition from juice to heal yourself on the inside. I find the more I read about how to improve my health from the inside out, the stronger I am at resisting a munchie attack. I cleaned all the food out of my kitchen which also helped.

    I’m on day 10 of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and syrop, about 1 1/2 litres of this and then 1/2 litre watered down of carrot juice or tomatoe juice, or some sort of berry juice – blueberry etc. Some days I only drink the water and lemon juice because I find I get hungry if I drink fruit juice or vege juice. I don’t know why this happens.

    for real – plan for 3 days of gradually exchanging your food choices to be only fruits and veges, then try for 3 days of juice, then gradually bring yourself back to fruits and veges.

    Each time I do a cleanse, I have a goal – and none of my goals are weight loss -it’s just a nice bonus. Your goal may be a personal journey about learning how to take back your control from your addiction, or learning how to clean all the poison from your lungs and how to breathe like a human being again, whatever works for you.

    I keep a journal also, which I write in each morning and evening. I re-read my goals, track what I experience each day, document changes, mark my progress.

    With each cleanse, the symptoms seem to be reduced in severity, and I seem to be able to go a little bit longer each time.

  106. DL says:

    Joeanne: another way to reduce the munchies is to become obsessed with cleaning the smoke smell from your home – washing the walls by hand, the flloors by hand, inside every single cupboard, clean all your laundry linens etc.
    get your brain to substitute its obsession for food to controlling your brains obsession into cleaning as a positive way to compensate for the withdrawal symptons. Fasting will also help, but the desire to not eat takes for me about 4-6 days. Each day the desire to eat becomes less and I play games with my brain by imagining a game of Pacman going on inside of me – the good cells are hungry and eating the bad cells, and when a bad cell is eaten, a beautiful pink new healthy cell replaces it. I’m cleaning my self on the inside from the harm I did from smoking. I am a non-smoker now and I really love breathing in a deep breath of clean air like a regular normal person. This particular quest is a personal journey but one of the objectives is to learn how to exercise while on an extended cleanse – I’ve been babying myself for almost 2 weeks but I think I am ready to get the job done over the next while. I have no particular duration of this fast, I’m just seeing how long I can go for and what the changes are I experience along the way.

  107. joeanne12 says:

    Thanks, I gave up smoking about six weeks ago and six weeks of uncontrolled eating has taken its toll as I was already very overweight. My husband left to go over seas for two weeks today so I am going t start tomorrow on a 24hr water fast then go on the fruit juice and just see how I go. I am not doing this just for weight loss, I need to take control, cleanse my body and strengthen my mind. I will write a diary recording my state of mind and also my bodies reactions.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Joanne
      If you Create Progress” report and post every day it will keep you honest and on track.
      Most people gain weight from quitting smoking and it they gain to much many go back to smoking as the lesser evil.

  108. joeanne12 says:

    Thanks, I have a few questions I haven’t been able to find answers to by searching the site. First how much juice should I have in one day and is it better to sip all day or have a full glass at intervals? What would be reasons or symptoms to stop a juice fast?
    Thanks again for your fast replies.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Joeanne12
      There is no exact juice amount and the around depends on many factors. Are you doing physical labor or resting? Caner or diabetes? If you do not have a disease then you can drinks as much as you like how you like. The juice is not the healer…. it is catabolsim. The juices support catabolism and molecular turnover in the cells.

  109. Ron says:

    Hi J12,

    There is no set amount of juices to drink, Actually, the least amount needed will suffice. Listen to your body. I usually, don’t use any juice until I am feeling very deprived a day or 2 in. Then I take as much as I need to feel satisfied. Some days it might be 2 liters. Other days, one glass might do it.

    The joy of fasting is that you make the rules! I would say there is no real reason to stop a fast. I never encountered any during a fast. I have waited to fast because of an event coming up, or because I wasn’t mentally ready.

    But, when heavy detoxing is making you ill, a few days of raw foods may ease the effects. Then you can go back to juice or water.

    Consider Tom’s e-books for a wealth of knowledge and ideas, as well as exploring this site! Tom, Keith, myself and many, many experienced fasters are here to help! Welcome and God Bless, Ron

  110. keith101 says:

    Hi Joeanne 12
    Your body will tell you what intake of juice/veg it needs whilst on a juice fast and how much to take, listen to what your body is telling you.
    Water fasting is a little more complex in my opinion as it needs lots more mind power!!!… as i found out on my last 32 day water fast.

    I was going for the 40 days on water but i listened to what my body was saying and decided to stop.

    Juice/veg fasting is very safe, you just have to look into the nutrients and intake. Ron has gave good advice on the 2 ltr intake, but you need to make up your mind why you are fasting in the first place?…focus on a goal that you want to see yourself achieve, pray, then fast.
    We are all here to support you on safe fasting through experiance.
    Blessings Keith.

  111. Samuel says:

    Hi everybody.

    I bought Toms eBooks a few weeks ago and just read through the fasting one at the moment, amazing book and very informative, hoping to get around to the rest of them soon.

    I am on a 30 day juice Fast, just completed 1st day. Have a question,

    I have kerataconus, an eye condition, and along with a weak eyesight it is terrible having to wear Rigid contact lens at all times.

    Im wondering if there is any juice recipe or certain juice or supplement I can take/drink during my fast which may help improve my eyesight or condition?. Im not expecting any miracles, but if there is a potential of a certain juice to help, i will be willing to give it a shot and see if anything improves.

    In the book, I think Tom mentioned that antioxidents vitamin c, e and beta carotene may help improve eyesight, which fruits and vegs have them in abundance?

  112. wendymmitchell says:

    Wendy Mitchell
    Day 6 of 40 – I am doing a weekly cycle 2 days water, 2 days Master Cleanse, 3 days juice. So far the first 6 days have been rather easy. I did over do it today with yard work and I almost fainted, but came home had some juice and have been resting. I weighed 196 lbs. on day 1, and when I weighed today I had lost 10 lbs.! This is a spiritual fast, but I am excited about the physical healing and cleansing that is happening.

  113. Steve says:

    Just a quick update on after my fast and my progress
    I started my fast at 334.2 lbs and on day 41 i was 271.8 lbs
    It was day 140 Yesterday and i weiged 217.0 lbs
    following a strict 1000 cal a day diet
    of mainly salad/veg and king prawns/chicken etc.

    And my bmi is down from 46.6 to 30.3
    and im still going strong

  114. Steve says:

    Oh and here’s something interesting

    04/18/2010 271.8 lbs
    Day 41 end of fast

    05/05/2010 271.0 lbs
    First time after the fast that my weigh went below day 41 (17 days later)

    05/22/2010 256.6 lbs
    Another 17 Days 14.4 lbs Lost in that time

    Considering that i was on 1000 calories the whole time
    and still loosing weight it seems a good guess to me that 15 lbs of the 62.4 lbs that i lost whilst fasting was salt water/lack of anyting in my digestive system

  115. Azeron says:

    I began my third fast on August 27. I was two hundred and twenty-five pounds. I have been unable to weigh myself since. I am having no issues with hunger pains or discomfort.

    • Once says:

      You never do !! How are you Azeron? You are really dwindling down. You’ll be under 200 in a few days! I have started a juice fast, and have lost 8 lbs, with 20 – 25 to go. We’ll see how it goes.

  116. Azeron says:

    I just weighed myself and I am now two hundred and fifteen pounds.

  117. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Azeron,
    Congrats. You are sticking it out. Yea about `10 lb for just emptying the colon and excess fluid retention. Been trying to catch up on the site. So glad for Ron being there.

    • Ron says:

      Hey Tom! Thanks for being there for me when I needed you!! I can’t put into words what a beacon of guidance, hope and assurance you were during one of my darker times, physically and spiritually. Your life long bud, Ron

      • Tom Coghill says:
        Tom Coghill

        Just think. What I did for you, you are now doing for a lot of people. It is clear we are going to be getting way to busy just for you and me. I have some cool coding coming to organize the progress reports. Larry should be finished in a few days. Little crazy on my site as I see it all as data, streams that need coding structures. That I my head and sometimes I lose track of the impact we are having.

  118. Once says:

    Tom – if you include a strained veg broth in your fast, will it hurt to put a pinch of salt in it?

  119. Once says:

    er…guys? I’ve just gotten a weird message in my email titled “[Fasting] Admin IP Watcher Alert” and indicating that my IP address is unknown…it’s not, you know, and I am not admin (on this site)…?

  120. Once says:

    Down another lb…=9 lbs lost, 23 left to lose. I made canteloupe/carrot juice yesterday & pigged out…it was indescribable…I guess you can overdo it with juice too – only w/out the punishment that follows food indiscretions! It’s just impossible to sip something that good & ice cold on a hot day.

  121. Once says:

    Now I have lost 12.5 lbs, and feel heartened that I am getting down to firm muscle under the blubber…I am beginning to remember my athlete state, and hope is dawning. On the down side, I have no energy, and starting yesterday have not wanted any juices, only herb teas and hot broth. I have tried to start cutting down on my sleeping pills and adderal with no success. I halved my sleeping pill ration last night and spend a horrible night waking up every 20 minutes, and having really bad dreams in between, with the result that my jaw and back are in spasm. I halved my Adderal dose this morning, and felt as if there isn’t enough oxygen in my blood, no energy for the Sunday housecleaning/laundry and kids etc, and I’m really grumpy and desperate for energy.

    So I’vehad to take the other 10 mg, in order to function and be bearable. I know I’ve mentioned this before while trying to fast, and I guess I won’t attempt to heal too much or detox on this fast – but will be thrilled to lose the remaining 20 lbs or so, and start exercising again. I am finally beginning to grasp how long a >30 day fast really is, and how long the tough part is.

  122. Azeron says:

    Thanks, Tom. I weighed myself and am now down to 205lbs.

    Once: Congrats on your weight loss. I wish that I had an athlete state to remember. There is still plenty of blubber around the midsection and thighs for me. I find myself becoming quite irritated when I see or hear food commercials or when my co-driver goes on a food binge. I empathize with those who have to prepare food while fasting. It cannot be easy. Wow, Once! I do not know what to say. I wish you strength. I find that all I want to do when not driving is sleep.

    • Once says:


      Sleep cannot be overrated!!! If you can sleep, you should! Did you get into the gym? I took a fitness class yesterday for the first time in about 18 months. I was amazed at how easy it was, and how good it felt! Of course it was not very grueling, compared to the boot camp workouts I used to do!! Today I am very fatigued. I am tempted to break the fast because this is going to be a very tough weekend…but my kitchen table is laden with a beautiful variety of the last melons of the season, and I am called to juice ‘em! As for the blubber…if you can manage it, a half hour walk would help with the weightloss – even a slow walk. It would help with the toxins that must be in your bloodstream right now. I continue to be impressed with your fortitude, man!! Is your family getting used to your fasts?

  123. Carol says:

    DAY 4 (of 5 Day Juice Fast). With God’s Grace, I’ve made it to Day 4. After consuming pure, fresh, home-made juice, I have come to the conclusion that the store bought stuff that I’ve been buying all these years are void of nutrients and simply just colored liquid loaded with sugar – even if it does say “100%” juice.
    It feels good giving my body wholesome nutrients. I don’t feel any lag or weakness as yet. My focus is determination that I must come out of this journey permanently changed, or all my efforts are futile and useless.

    Why put in all this hard work, if I don’t intend to change? I have to remember that IF I am in Christ, then I am a new creation and old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new.” ~ 2 CORINTHIANS 5:17.

    My 40 Day (Intermittent) Water Fast is quickly approaching. Please pray that I will approach the upcoming fast with Welcome Expectation rather than Dreadful Perceived Deprivation.

    Thank you to everyone who is supporting me and encouraging me.

  124. Once says:

    Hi Tom, and Ron and everybody. I have the answer for my terrible stomach problems…a blood test came back pos for celiac sprue. I ended a juice fast about a week ago, and began suffering again. So I today I am back on the wagon, to try to heal my system. I see a specialist next week who will probably want a biopsy. At this time I am past fasting for weightloss or God’s good graces, but simply because I seem to have become incapable of digesting anything at all. It’s kind of impossible if you don’t produce saliva or stomach acid anymore. I hope to be able to heal, and to get guidance about how to reintroduce solid foods. From what I’ve read, some of the secondary damage doesn’t ever resolve, but maybe fasting would facilitate it – given time. I’m not sure the specialist will agree with this, but it’s all I can do. Which are the best juices for this situation? During my last fast, the juice seemed “harsh” after a couple of days, so maybe I’ll mix them with water. Any advice?

  125. Ron says:

    Hi Once, As you probably know this is a treatable condition. Gluten is a no-no! So all wheat products need to be cut out. Also vitamins K & D are very important for helping your small intestines absorb critical nutrients and enzymes.

    With a good diet cielac sprue is very treatable. Problem is it will return if you don’t keep up on your diet. And left untreated can cause cancer. That is mostly due to you NOT getting the nutrients for healing purposes.

    All your juices should be fine for healing and getting those needed enzymes. Vitamins D & K will need to be gotten from supplements mostly. As most juices don’t have them naturally.

    From what I’ve read, don’t feel alone 1 in 3000 people have it to some degree. And most don’t even know it! There is a lot of info on line for sprue, and very good diet recommendations. Hope I’ve helped a little. I’ll keep you in my prayers. God Bless, Ron

    • Once says:

      Thanks Ron. Actually, I have read about it – because this is the third time I’ve been tested over the past 4 years, but the first time the result was positive. My doctor has always suspected it – that’s why she repeated the test. But I have always had constant overwhelming cravings for breads/pastas and beer and other very gluteny stuff (the very foods that have made me sick- why?). But no more of that. At least now for the first time I don’t feel like a nut who cooks up stomach probs to amuse myself. I can fix this with some support, like yours. Thanks again, Ron

  126. Ron says:

    I love wheat products too! Especially beer! I’m an A+ blood type. Usually we don’t have a big problem w/ glutens, according to my wife who is an expert on the subject. She (type O) also cannot tolerate wheats. She has cut it completely from her diet…and me and the kids by default! LOL.

    We have a lot of rice, and brown rice products which are not glutenous. The pastas are not bad! My wife said Tynkada brands are excellent. Don’t over cook them! Tsing Tao Chinese beer is made from rice. But I’m not sure it is Barley free which wouldn’t work.

    If you focus on getting your health back you probably won’t want any wheats after a while. And even if you slip now and again, you will have at least got yourself in good shape and will bounce back with no effort.

    If I get more info…from my wife, or elsewhere I’ll pass it on!! Ron

    • Once says:

      Yup – I’m type O pos too. I’m hoping to be able to work up to fibrous fresh foods- I can’t digest a darn thing right now – and am always starving for proteins/fats. I’m praying that this specialist is helpful!!! Fortunately we type Os are fairly robust (o.k. – we’re muscular studs!!) so I’m not sweating too much bone loss…but my hair is practically a memory!!

  127. Once says:

    Hi guys – with all due respect and affection, I must say your site is a bit complicated to navigate…for instance, i once found a recipe for improving night blindness (?) which is a problem for me, and I think it was beet, fennel, apple? Can’t find it again.

  128. Ron says:

    Hi Once, I don’t have much to do about the site workings. I do know it’s been revamped a few times. So, that item you missed may have dissolved. Tom would probably know more.

    Vitamin A is your source for night vision. Carrots of course would be great! Vitamin C is also good for the eyes.

  129. Once says:

    hah! found it. /juice-fasting/31/fennel-juice-beet-apple – but beware of adding beet greens to the juice if you’re squeamish…they will turn any juice brown and gritty and tasting of compost, and now I am remembering the awful swamp-breath I came down with afterward…

    Ron, you were saying that you should not boil vegetables for broth – but how do you get the nutrients out of them into the broth? How would you make a veg broth?

  130. Ron says:

    Hi Once, I juice the veggies, strain them well, then heat them in a sauce pan. Just keep the temp under 140 degrees. This will preserve most of the enzymes. If you like it hotter, no problem. You will still keep the broth somewhat alive! Just don’t boil it. That will kill everything for sure!

    I’m not that anal about this! My wife will get me the health store, clear broth! I’m not sure if it’s alive…but it sure tastes great! lol

  131. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I ended my fast on September 20. Twenty-three days. I weighed 198 pounds.

  132. Once says:

    Hi guys –

    Just checking in…again – congrats Azeron! You must feel fantastic. I am semi-juicing…I have a biopsy in a couple of weeks, and the doctor has requested that I keep up a nominal amt of gluten intake until then, so as to have an accurate result…so I am sticking to the couple of things that don’t bother me too much…and then whatever the test reveals, I want to get back to a vegetable juice fast. My husband and I have lost 15 lbs each, and he looks great!

  133. Once says:

    Hi Guys: I am not fasting completely this week – the doctor told me to eat small amts of gluten foods in the week before the biopsy (it’s miserable!) and I was wondering if the gut will heal much faster on a fast, or should you keep some foodstuffs moving through to trigger rebuilding? The doctor will probably say option 2, but it’s supposed to take several years to heal for an adult. Will the gut rebuild its lining as efficiently on a juice fast, and do you have any idea how long the fast should be? I’m no longer keen on weightloss – I’ve been feeling so weak & unvigorous lately-it’s the least of my troubles.

  134. Ron says:

    Hi Once, I have no idea why your doctor would want you to eat any gluten products with your condition. Except maybe to see how your body is reacting to it. Maybe Tom would have some idea.

    Juice fasting would likely speed the healing process. Raw foods would be the next logical step. I would stay away from any gluten based foods, most cooked foods, grains, nuts and meats. At least until you are getting better, or well on your way to healing.

    You have to take away the irritant, then get the proper nutrients to help your body heal itself. And that doesn’t mean constantly throwing vitamins and supplement in your system. Remember, moderation is key even for the “good” things. Your body can heal itself with proper care. Ron

  135. Once says:

    Hi Ron

    Yeah – that’s thw theory – if there is gluten in my system, they will see active celiac at work, then we’ll all know that I really must avoid gluten, and maybe how far the malnourishment has gone. Raw foods is impossible right now – the last time I fixed myself a beautiful fresh salad – homemade oil/vinegar/yoghurt dressing, and a couple of hours later, I was blown up and in agony. I can no longer handle any fiber or fructose. That is a recent development during the last 3 or 4 years. I’ve despaired of having healthy eating habits. I am hoping that the damage can be reversed. Either way – this biopsy is scaring me. Either they won’t find anything they see as significant, in which case I’m on my own with whatever this is – OR, there is celiac damage, and the only foods I can tolerate in small amounts are out. Forever. If God put me here to be of any use to ANYBODY, pray the he points the way on Friday.

  136. Ron says:

    Hi Once, I, and my family will pray that you will be OK! Keep your faith going…that’s also needed to complete the prayers! God Bless, Ron

    • Once says:

      Hi Ron and all,

      Who’s fasting at the moment? I had my biopsy last week – and although it was “indicative” of celiac, the doctor still wanted me to have a genetic blood test, to absolutely rule out any other cause. That result should be in today or tomorrow – but I don’t care so much. I want to ease into a juice fast for healing – but first I have to deal with some very self-destructive thoughts and habits that would mess up my fasting. I also have an almost pathological hatred of my poor juicer, which manages to spray pulp everywhere and get clogged constantly, and I also don’t like juice that is more than a day old – it tends to separate, and there’s something about the sight of a jar with watery orange fluid on top and greenish brown sludge underneath….I know – I should just shake it up – but still-it always turns me off, and it doesn’t taste as good. Is there a small, easy to clean (under 30 minutes!) little juicer with only 2 or 3 parts to it that will juice 1 – 2 servings at a time?

  137. keith101 says:

    Hi Once
    Glad to see you are still here my prayers are with you.
    This is the 2nd attempt at the 40 day water fast, as you know i only made it to day 32 last time.
    Just posted my 1st video of day 5 on my site http://www.http//
    I will post as much as i can of the 40 days, ill give you guys a laugh at the salt water flush on day 10.
    I have been doing oral enemas on day 1-3. Don’t fancy putting a tube in my rectum for a flush, much rather do the SWF even though it makes you want to puke.

    Ron i goy your email about spam cheers mate. Are you still getting bogus mail?
    Blessings Keith.

  138. Once says:

    Hi Keith,

    Best of luck on fast no. 2. I thought the last fast healed your eye injury. If the theory holds true…there may be other old injuries etc that surface during this fast, but hopefully they’re minor ones. I am just starting a juice/broth fast. I want to fast through Thanksgiving at least. The blood test hasn’t come back yet for celiac disease, but my insides look inflamed to the doc and I feel pretty bad, as do most of us when we turn to fasting. Why doesn’t the body learn after a while that fasting is good for it and there’s no dangerous famine on so quit buggin us for sugar and cheese etc. when we’re trying to do the right thing!!

    Did you keep your weight and get fit from the last fast? I didn’t find any post-fast updates from you or Azeron, who also completed a couple of water fasts this year. And Ttaker – how are you? Are you still here? Running?

    • Azeron says:

      Hi all! It has been a while. I am starting a water fast today. I have not eaten in seven days, but I have been drinking juice. I am currently 219 lbs. I was down to 205 lbs. at my lowest.

  139. Clauso says:

    Hello Tom and Everyone,

    I’m on day 4 of a water fast. I completed a 30 day juice fast about 2 years ago and fell right back into my bad habbits. Breaking those habbits will be the real challenge for me. I am planning on a 20 day water fast then switching to juice for 20 days. I found this website about two days ago and have spent about 6 hours surfing it since then. It is great. Thanks.

    I have 2 questions…..

    Firstly, I read one of your responses regarding the sauna. I am assuming that the same advice applies to a hot tub too. Or, should I steer clear from the hot tub because of the chemicals in the pool?

    Secondly, I read your response about smoking cigarettes. I like to smoke cigars and pipes. I do not inhale and was hoping that I could continue to smoke during the fast? It helps with the hunger.

    PS…. I want to thank Keith101 and Ron. Found their responses helpfull too.

    Thanks…God Bless

  140. Once says:

    Hi Everyone, I haven’t been fasting for awhile, but I want to start a juice & vegetable fast for healing. My question is – would healing be very much slowed down (if not prevented) by adding some blended root vegetable soups in the afternoon & evenings? It is cold here and I need strength later in the day. I am also afraid to completely shut down my digestive system. The soups are freshly made, the vegetables not boiled but “steeped” until soft and put through the blender with plenty of water until smooth, and then lemon juice and cayenne pepper added. There wouldn’t be much digestion required after that – but it does keep me warm and strong. The reason I’m so concerned is that it is my digestive tract that needs the healing. Thanks for any advice.

  141. debbie72 says:

    Day four of a 40 day water fast. Doing okay. Pretty rough couple of days though. Harder than I imagined it would be. I have a new appreciation of what Jesus did. He was alone in the wilderness. I still have my shower, air conditioning, my family around me, ice I can put in my water…..and it is really hard mentally and pysically. Jesus you are truely an amazing savior.