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I second 40 day water fast!

I am proud to announce that I am embarking on another 40 day water fast.  I can say I slowly refed my body from my previous 40 day water fast in which I lost over 40 pounds!  Now I am happy to say I’m doing another one!  I have already lost one pound in one day; however, I’m focused on the experience and healing through water fasting not so much focused on weight loss.  If anyone has any questions or advice one would like to ask me please let me know!  Good luck my fellow fasters!  P.S…..anyone would like some support let me know too!
Note By Tom. This needs more info.   Could you give info on the first fast. Do you have any health conditions that were cured or presntly have.  What is your age and present weight. A photo is good.  At least a first name and something about you.  Are you male or female? What country are you in.

Posted on by Ms.Christina

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3 Responses to I second 40 day water fast!

  1. thenewme_2010 says:

    Hello Christina, Thats great about loosing 40 lbs. I am on a water fasting journey to loose 130 lbs. I would like to have encouragement from you since you have already walked this road. God Bless

  2. katharina says:

    Hello Christina! Well done about the water fast! What was your purpose of doing the fast? How long did you wait between the fasts?

  3. Ms.Christina says:

    Hello all!

    My name is Christina and I am 24 years old. I am from Queens, New York. I am 5’3 and I currently weigh 108 lbs. A picture can be found in my profile because it doesn’t want to seem to post as my main picture. My issue was bad eating habbits and bad scattered eating. Balance was missing from my life completely. I wanted to have a better relationship with food. Fasting was a way for me to build a foundation of what I could finally mold a healthy eating pattern into. To this day, my bizzare ways of eating have been cured. No longer do I emotionally eat or not eat at all. I thank this site, the support and Tom for this. Furthermore, I am so much more spiritually enlightened because of my fasting. My perception has elevated an enourmous amount and my psychic abilities have advanced.

    Second, I am so sorry I have not been on this web site in a while. My father passed away and have been dealing with so much grief these past few months.

    I am the person who did the 40 day water fast for 40 days. Might I say it was quite challenging! But determination and strength kept me going throughout this journey. Katharina; believe it or not, I fasted for depression, to learn how to listen to my body, to try to seek balance and to try to reach deeper into my spirituality. My mind was filled with negative thoughts and I found through fasting, that I was able to better myself including my depression. I never appreciated food and most of the time I just inhaled my food without really tasting it. I wanted to start over. As if I were a new born, innocent child being brought into this world. As a result, I was able to find the balance I was looking for within my eating. I ate MUCH slower, I took time to prepare my meals, I learned how to create the most delicious smoothies and vegetable juices. Best of all, I adopted a whole new healthier way of eating. This consisted of fruits, vegetables and all types of salads. Eventually, I slowly incorporated fish and beans in my diet along with healthy fats; such as, olive oil and nuts. I found it fascinating that it’s almost like feeding a new born baby for the first time. A baby doesn’t start out by eating everything. A baby must get used to food and find his or her own balance within eating normally. This is exactly what I wanted and I achieved it! I appreciate food more, I taste every bit of it and I eat slower than I ever have before.

    Now keep in mind that anyone who fasts and begins eating again, including myself, you will gain some water retention and some waste in your colon. This does NOT mean that you are packing on pounds of fat. All you have to do after a fast is reintroduce foods slowly. Start out by drinking home made healthy fruit and vegetable juice drinks. One can even include a small fruit salad, try some broth and sip it. Make some home made apple sauce. I used to mash up a sweet potato minus the skin and eat the inside of it. My favorite thing to do was to cut a kiwi in half and spoon one half at a time and eat it slowly and I still enjoy doing it! Healthy, mushy foods and salads is what I stuck to after my fast. I ate small portions throughout the day (5 to 6) and I ate when I felt hungry. When it came to water, I drank half my body weight in ounces. But it took a while to work up to that amount of water within one day. Just take it slow.

    If one sticks to a healthy diet and DOES NOT over eat after a fast, you won’t put on fat pounds at all. I gained quite a bit of water retention but after two months I was able to pee it all out, stuck to a 1800 calorie diet and had bowel movements again WITHOUT gaining back any fat. The body just collects nutrients for a while until it feels it has all of the ingrediants to get the pipes functioning again. To this day, I eat vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, beans, hummus, olive oil, egg beaters, cottage cheese, light and fit yogurt, oat meal, dry fruit, salads and I drink almond milk. Pay attention to the nutrient content on foods and really focus on the calories of products that come from fat (fat calories.) Stick to a low fat calorie product and low sodium. After my fast, I stuck to mostly fat free products. But I soon realized that my body was literally craving fat. That is when I started adding healthy nuts and olive oil in my diet. It is so important to listen to what your body wants. Allow your body to guide you.

    I guarentee once a fast is completed you will become extremely aware of what your body is calling for. You will be curious about healthier foods and you will want to stay fit!

    Don’t forget to exercise. Even if it’s only for a half hour after your fast. Eventually, work up to HIIT- high intensity interval training. This cardio technique is claimed the toughest cardio work out out there. It will keep fat off your body while tone you at the same time. It’s good to keep that in mind.

    Here are some helpful tips to get your mind off of hunger pains
    1. Meditate-go deep inside your spirit to another world and just relax!
    2. Take some deep breaths and tell yourself you can do it that you are almost done with your fast
    3. Stay determined lots of positive self talk- imagine yourself reaching your goals!
    4. Take this journey so you may enlighten others about your experience!
    5. Although cold water gets absorbed much quicker, I drank 2 cups of warm water each day-this
    helped me feel “full” and it soothed my hunger pains.
    6. Understand and repeat to yourself that hunger pains don’t last forever, they will go away!
    7. Use hunger pains to strengthen yourself.
    8. We all have different tolerant levels, if you find your hunger pains unbearable, lay a heating
    pad over your stomach ( I did this many times, and it worked for me!)
    9. Think of yourself as a winner of fasting not a survivor.
    10. Keep busy, but DO NOT over exert yourself-if you have to clean- clean in slow motion. Walk
    very slowly.
    11. Give your body lots of time to wake up in the morning.
    12. If you find yourself having a dizzy spell-close your eyes and get down on one knee for a few
    minutes and take some deep breaths.
    13. Do some light stretching.
    14. Listen to soothing music before bed.
    15. Endulge yourself in a hot bath and say kind words about yourself and how beautiful you are.
    16. Reach out to your higher power for strength and open up your spirit to the world around you.
    17. Find out who you really are, what you like.
    18. Write every day or every night about your feelings, dreams, goals, wishes, hopes and write
    negative and positive things-whatever comes to mind.

    All of those things I did in order to get through my fast.

    Good luck to my fellow fasters. I am planning on doing a quick 20 day water fast just to touch up! Today is my first day and have been doing great thus far. PLEASE feel free to contact me through e-mail for support or if you have any questions, I will be happy to assist you. My e-mail is and you can also reach me at Thank you!