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Juice Fasting Progress Report – 40 days for Osteoporosis (healed)

Female – (37 yrs)


1. Per medical diagnosis, a case of SEVERE osteoporosis and  Osteomalacia fracture of the right pubic bone, and 60 percent bone loss

2. Suspected additional minor fractures that do not show up on the X-ray since I walk very poorly (unlike my normal walk). My MRI appointment is a month away (praying that I am ok by then and they cannot find anything)


1. I cannot walk without a limp/pain. Even with the limp, it is an extrememly slow walk and painful too.  Walking makes the pain worse. I also feel that something is missing in the right pelvis which gives the illusion of my right foot being shorter (though it is not). Maybe, the bone needs some filling maybe as it is built up again. So am mainly confined indoors.

2. Cannot walk up or down the stairs without a good amount of support- even then it is stressful and not advisable for the time being- have to literaly crawl.

3. Have pain in several places in the body, practially the whole body really

4. Unable to carry any any weight or do exercise because of the fracture in the right pubic bone.

5. When I lift/raise my leg up and down, I hear a click in my knees, almost as though some flesh/cartilage is missing somewhere.

X-RAY REPORT- extracts from the report /radiologist’s opinion:


There is a a peculiar appearance to the inferior pubic ramii. The bone has a mixed sclerotic appearance with a lucent band seen near the respective pubic bone for each side. Given the bony dimineralization perceived in the bones, perhapas these represent looser lines of renal osteodistrophy or osteomalacia.

Lumbosacral Spine

I have the impression that the bones are diffusely demineralized


As I understand, it all began almost a couple years ago with excess jumping/dancing (with winter boots) for six straight months for over an hour five days a week – (excess physical jobs three months prior to that which might have slowly contributed to it) – and over-use of the body thereafter. Kept walking long distances and dancing despite because I did not take the pain/limp seriosuly enough- as I had no history of such pain/bone problems. Yes this all happened during the winter with no sunshine, and excess exposure to the cold due to inadequate layering. Also, I did a week long water fasting a couple of times- that took away the pain for the duration of the fast but tore something along the outer side of my legs when I carried some weight on mabe the seventh day of the fast- and that made things worse. It got better each time I ate low fat raw vegan food, but the pain/limp did not go fully despite that because I did not rest and eat well simultaneously. By this time, I could not eat too much because my bones were apparently not strong enough to carry my weightand that. Also, ack of sunshine/vitmain D and continued activity despite the condition-caused the stress fracture! Had no idea Sunshine/Vitmain D was such a big deal. Now I do.

I seem to “know” that juicing is the answer- but because I have never ventured ito anything as long as 40 days on juices, the fasting support lends me the confidence I need to go forward and do it.

I have been preparing for this big event for a while. have tried juicing unsuccessfully several times over the last couple years - never really went  beyond seven days (guess I did not have the strength / determination enough to push through for one reason or the other). I have been reminded over and over to just do it somehow. So finally a few days ago I got myself a more serious juicer.

And here I am…

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140 Responses to Juice Fasting Progress Report – 40 days for Osteoporosis (healed)

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    The best thing you can do your your condition is a long term juice fasting of 20 to 40 days. A high protein diet can disrupt calcium metabolism within the body Juice fasting can reset the balance.
    I would add 1200 IU daily, and 4 tablespoons of essential oils to the juice fast. 2 table spoons of black strap molasses in hot water. You can juice from the following list of fruits or veggies that are high in calcium.
    Calcium Rich Vegetables
    Broccoli: A cup of Broccoli contains about 180 mg of calcium.
    Kale Cabbage: This is a type of cabbage which is most beneficial for health. Well, half a cup of kale contains 90 to 100 mg of calcium.
    Okra: Okra is not very rich in calcium, though it has a fair amount of calcium. Half cup of okra contains around 70 mg of calcium.
    Turnip Greens: You can get between 100 to 125 mg calcium in half cup, cooked turnip greens.
    Spinach: Spinach is also good when it comes to calcium content. There is around 300 mg of calcium in a single cup of spinach. Now we know, why is it the favorite food for Popeye!
    Alfalfa Sprouts: A cup of raw Alfalfa sprouts has 11 mg of calcium.
    A single boiled or raw artichoke has around 55 mg calcium content.
    Asparagus: Half a cup of boiled asparagus has around 21 mg of calcium. Likewise in raw asparagus, 1 spear, the calcium content is 3 mg and half cup canned asparagus has 18 mg of calcium.
    Canned Bamboo shoots: The calcium content in 1 cup of canned bamboo is 11 mg.
    Beets (Canned): Beet is fairly good in calcium content. In a cup of beet, the calcium content is 44 mg. A cooked beet dish a fair amount of calcium.
    Carrot: A single cup of canned carrot juice has 57 mg of calcium. Raw carrot on the other hand contains 42 mg calcium in a single cup.
    Celery: A single cup of raw celery has 41 mg of calcium content.
    Cauliflower: Boiled half cup of cauliflower has 10 mg calcium.
    Peeled, Raw Cucumber: A single cup of peeled, raw cucumber contains 17 mg calcium.
    Eggplant: A single cup of pickled eggplant contains 34 mg calcium.
    Garlic: A tea spoon of raw garlic has 5 mg calcium content.
    Lettuce-butterhead: A cup of raw, shredded lettuce contains 19 mg of calcium.
    Edible Mushrooms: One can of mushroom has 14 mg of calcium.
    Mustard Greens: A cup of chopped, boiled mustard greens contains 104 mg of calcium.
    Onions: One cup of of chopped and raw onions contains around 40 mg of calcium.
    Peas: a cup of boiled peas contains 34 mg of calcium.
    Green chillies: Canned green chillies contain 50 mg of calcium in a single cup.
    Tomatoes: In a canned paste of tomatoes, without salt, you would find around 94 mg of calcium. On the contrary, 1 cup of green, raw tomatoes has only 23 mg of calcium.
    Green Beans: Green beans have a calcium content of 55 mg, when they are boiled and a single cup of it is considered.
    Potatoes: A cup of raw and baked peeled potatoes contains 26 mg of calcium.
    Calcium Rich Fruits and Dry Fruits
    Apples: contain the highest amount of calcium in the form of juice. A cup of unsweetened apple juice has 17 mg of calcium, where as raw apples with skin and without skin have a calcium content of 8 mg and 6 mg, respectively.

    Grapes: Green grapes have a calcium content of 15 mg per cup. American grapes contain 13 mg of calcium per cup.
    Lemon: A cup of canned or bottled lemon juice contains 27 mg of calcium.
    Orange: One large raw orange has a calcium content of 74 mg.
    Pineapple: Canned, unsweetened, pineapple juice has 33 mg calcium in a single cup.
    Cherries: Sour cherries which are canned have 26 mg calcium in one cup and frozen cherries contain 20 mg calcium in a cup. Likewise, a cup of sweet frozen cherries has 31 mg calcium.
    Cranberry: 1 cup of whole raw cranberries has just 8 mg of calcium.
    Watermelon: A single cup of diced, raw watermelon has 11mg of calcium.
    Strawberries: This yummy red fruit has a calcium content between 25 mg to 35 mg in any form – canned, frozen or raw.
    Pomegranates: A single raw pomegranate has 5 mg calcium.
    Acai Berries: These have a fantastic calcium content, that is, 260 mg per 100 gm of acai berry powder.
    Mangosteen: A cup of mangosteen contains around 24 mg of calcium.
    Goji Berries: Dried Goji Berries, also called as wolf berries have a calcium content of 65 mg per 100 gm.
    Blueberries: A single cup of blueberries, canned or frozen has around 13 mg of calcium.

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    I found that when I fast using an enema I feel less hunger and feel better, The stomach is also flat that feels good to. The drawback is that you have to go slow in breaking the fast. There are 2 thing on this site. Posts and comments. A post is this page at the top.
    A comment is what I have written. You cannot change posts once they have been made and published but an an admin can do that for you. Comment can only be deleted by and admin such as my self. I deleted the 2 comments that you asked.

  3. JCheals says:


    I certainly feel better. Stiffness has reduced. Pain is reducing too. But the main spot of injury (doctors call it a fracture in the right pubic bone) which causes me to limp is still to show major improvement. The pain/weaknes radiates to the whole leg and foot, and so still pretty sensitive, not strong enough, and in need of much more healing. Carrying any amount of weight hurts. Per the doctor, I should not even try to hold anything over five pounds and I agree (for now). But my energy levels are much higher generally.

    My appointment with the doctor is a week away- and per her estimate it would take a minimm of three months (but possibly six months to a year) for me to get better enough to think of working again. I sure would be happy to have a shorter recovery period and so lets see where this juicing journey that I have embarked upon leads me.

  4. JCheals says:


    Hi. I am happy to report that I continue to feel better. More freedom! I am still a little concerned about the limp in my right leg caused by the injured pubic bone. I am concerned about it healing correctly and am trying to listen to my body in how I can correct that. Cabbage juice helps for sure. When I had not started juicing, one big cabbage salad with avocado would clearly help bring the balance back and make the limp disappear.

    Here is the list of other improvements that have come since last week:

    1. Can sneeze freely without the fear of it causing pain
    2. Can sit with my legs folded (Indian style) – which I could not do as reely without it causing pain (not a hundred percent freedom yet but much better)
    3. Can get up in the morning without feeling as challenged as I used to -to rise and take the first few steps


    Apples -Three (medium)
    Potatoes-Two (medium)
    Taro (equal to two mid sized potatoes)
    Cabbage juice-Maybe 260 ml
    Pineapple -One (small)
    Mangoes -Four (medium)
    Strawberries- 1 LB
    Spinach- 200 grams
    Tomatoes-Four (medium)
    Aloe vera leaf (3 cms wide) -One inch
    Mung bean sprouts- Three to Four handfulls
    Orange Juice- 6 OZ
    Lime – One (medium)
    Black Strap Molasses- 2 sppons with hot water (thrice)
    Spirulina- 2 tea spoons


    Tom, am wondering if I should include one salad per day- or just increase the cabbage juice? Green smoothies with Bananas used to have the same effect but am not doing bananas since I started juicing. So should I just be patient with juicing or include one cabbage-avocado salads per day (which is easier than adding a whole lot of bananas) Would so appreciate your thougths.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JCheals
      The limp may be due to a pinched nerve. Some stretching exercise of a chiropractor may help. Stick to the juice, eat a salad and you will get hungry and the pulp will fill the intestine and slow the detox.

  5. JCheals says:


    Thanks Tom.

    Also, I wanted to mention that I am craving foods like:
    1. Avocado
    2. Corn
    3. Boiled Lima Beans
    4. Boiled peas
    4. Baked potatoes
    5. Peanuts
    6. Almonds
    7. Brazil Nuts
    8. Sunflower seeds


    1. If you see a pattern in there?
    2. Does it mean that my body is craving phosphorus? Or a combination of phosphorus and calcium? I seem to think I have enough calcium going in through the greens, supplements and veggies. So it must be phosphorus? Today I included some good phosphorus sources like potatoes and taro and mung bean sprouts. Yestrday I included green beans and peas- and feel better as I make these additions. But maybe I need to increase the quantities / add more phosphorus sources
    3. Or are they just cravings for more concentrated foods? I did not think so since I am not craving other cooked foods as such.
    4. Am I missing something? Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  6. JCheals says:

    DAY EIGHT (1.55pm)

    IMPROVEMENTS – Stiffness has gotten even better. Pain has gotten better too. But the main area of injury/so-called fracture is still to heal because it was used and over-used for a long time before I stopped working/moving around – and so maybe that increased the damamge and thus the healing time.

    JUICING – Talking of juicing, I have included bean sprouts and mung sprouts in the juicing. If I were not juicing exclusively, I would have enjoyed eating the mung sprout fibre which smell like yummy crackers.

    So since today morning I had these juices:

    1. Mung sprouts, apples-10 oz
    2. Grapefruit-10oz
    3. Tomatoes, green onions, ginger, bok choy, cayenne pepper- with hot water added to make it it a hot soup-maybe 30 to 40 oz.

    SPIRULINA – I find spirulina very helpful- especially I drink it with warm water on an empty stomach. the healing seems to come through so much faster.

    VITMAINS -I dissolve them in warm/hot water and sometimes add blackstrap molasses. I hope to be free of vitmains soon.

    BLACK STRAP MOLASSES: Also, I figures that there are various kinds of Black strap molasses and the calcium / iron content varies. The first one I tried had 15% calcium and I felt really good after having it. Next few times, I had other brands of black strap with less calcium/iron content but they did not seem as effective. Actually I even broke out into a rash with one paricular brand.

    LOWER BACK – I feel my lower back has stengthened somewhat compared to before though there is still more healing to happen.


    My limp has still not gone- am a little worried. I hear a cracking sound when I lift my right leg up and down- feels like something is dislocated but if that were the case how would I feel better with eating more of certain foods. One time, I did feel movement of something when I forced myself to walk a few months ago – could that be a pinched nerve? The pelvis x-ray did not capture it. Wonder if they should have also x-rayed the femur? Any advice? My MRI is three weeks away- and asking for prayer that the heal happens correctly.

    More in a day or two…

  7. JCheals says:


    How I feel on the eve of Easter? Hopeful.

    IMPROVEMENT – My lower back feels much stronger.But my supposed fracture site has some catching up to do.

    Juices I had today included:

    Zuchini- one (large)
    Pineapples – two (medium)
    Collard Green – One (big bunch)
    Potatoes- two (small)
    Mung sprouts – (from 50 grams of mung beans)
    Apples- two (medium)
    Pears – two (medium)
    Romaine Lettuce- one head (medium)
    Carrots- 20 oz
    Spirulina- two teaspoons

    CONCERN -I think Tom might be right about the pinched nerve because I stil have pain which travels from the base of the spine on to the right hip and on to the outsie of the leg (actually also along the inside- down to the knees and down to the foot). Its hard to tell because the apparent fracture is of the pubic bone may also radiate pain. Maybe, I’ll mention it to the doctor and see what she has to say.

    Limp is till there but hot water soak certainly makes it better. Wondering if I should see a chiropractor or just do the streching exercises for it that are available online?

    Happy Easter everyone. I sure am healed by the stripes of Christ. Would love to wake up all healed up:)

  8. JCheals says:


    Yes, I cheated last night- but not because I was craving but because I did not want to regret not-doing something I felt would help me get over the limp- and resulting apprehension of the right leg becoming centimeter or two shorter due to incorrect healing. Yes, I had an avocado, cabbage, green onion, lemon salad last night, and another avocao in the morning in addition to the juicing. No I did not really enjoy that much but somehow it helped and I can’t tell how or why exactly. I wanted to check if it is something about that salad combination or something about avocado that makes me feel stronger in my pelvis right after eating it.

    I feel a similar effect when I add spirulina to my water/juice three four times a day. Maybe what I need is essential oils which are there both in avocado and spirulina [though avocado apparently has less omega 3 (to meet the needs) and more omega 6 and 9)- but spirulina has all three]. Maybe I should use spirulina more consistently (whch has morga 3, 6 and 9) (or get flax seed oil which has plenty omega 3 and 6). So much for my research. A good time to research and experiemnt for sure. Tom did suggest using Essential Oils in the juices.

    Did do some exercises for pinched nerve (if thats what the pinch in my right hip is about) – and the hot water soack always makes me feel better. Cayenne pepper seems to help too- internall as well as externally.

    Am going to continue juicing now though don’t know whether to call it continuation of juicing or a new start.


    My blood work is all normal and my vitmain D / Calcium levels are now normal (not to forget the sunshine and the supplements- but more importantly, the gift of the Body and Blood of Jesus in the communion, and prayers of others in the Body of Christ). I felt a good amount of improvement after the Easter service.

    My back is stronger than before for sure.

  9. JCheals says:


    Today unconsciously I walked down the stairs to the basement, not remembering that I used to walk down backward (with support from both sides of the wall and the stairs very carefully so as to not put pressure on my right pubic bone). Today I walked slowly putting the left foot forward first each step. But it is after a few months now that I walked down the stairs facing the right side- and not backward. And it came to me naturally- without having to think about it. WOW! It may not make much sense to anyone else but it is a huge progress for someone who has not been able to do that in a long time.

    Yes, it has now become a modified juice fast and I did not intend to do this at all. But I have added one cabbage, avocado, lemon, green onion salad per day temporarily since this combination seems to do the trick of reducing the limp). I did not sense such obvious results with another salad combination with other greens in the past- or maybe I never watched so close.

    I know I am building on the ten day complete juice fast. I have to confess that I did throw in some almonds too today out of fear of not not getting rid of the limp- and to add to the calcium intake. Do I regret? Not yet. But will know better tomorrow, but most likely will eliminate almonds because I feel less “freedom” if that makes sense though my body is apparently feeling better. Really need more discerning here.

    But am still juicing all day. Tom I know I am slowing the detox by eating but I do not want to be consumed by the fear of having one leg shorter than the other due to continuing limp and the limping causing the pubic bone to not heal right. The fear was well founded since on measuring, the right leg did seem about a centimeter shorter and I noticed it after someone pointed it out and measured. You can imagine how terrifying that can be.

    But because I feel better now, and my limp has reduced, am really excited to share with everyone. Maybe there was some loosening required somewhere to pull the bone in the right place.

    My back feels so much stronger too and the hot water soak with table salt and cayenne pepper(with olive oil) really really really helps- I can feel the “looseing” each night after the soak.

    So anyone out there who has given up, I just want to say- there is hope!

    Thanks Tom. Please bear with me until I get back to 100% juicing again and have more to celebrate and share.

  10. JCheals says:


    Thanks Tom- sure I want to encourage you to keep the great work going. You cannot imagine how much confidence the support extends to someone who want to do the juicing but needs that “Go for it – I’m with you supporting you in this journey and will guide you if you need help”. It gives enough room to experiment on our own and yet have the comfort of having someone to come back to if something does not work quite right. Here’s today’s update-

    So I went to the doctor today and per my blood work the calcium level has come up quite a bit though it is still a little below what is medically accepted as normal level. But not far from it now. I am continuing to add the calcium supplements to my juices too- though I hope to be free of them sooner than the doctors estimate.

    My improvement is visible to anyone and everyone. The doctors were glad to see the improvement. They have told me to not lift anything over five pounds for four to six months- but I can slowly begin to walk outdoors to exercise my bones and muscles and maybe even swim. Now that may not sound too great but it is a huge improvement considering that last month they were so concerned about my condition that they wanted to send me into emergency to administer vitamins through intravenous.

    There is still more healing to happen. The bones and body in general still need to be stronger, and need to come into alignment with the Word of God – but am grateful for what I have already received and also for what is coming.

    In terms of eating, I noticed that I have been doing more cabbage/vegetable juice in the last three days, than I normally do, and less fruit than I would otherwise. So yes just learning to listen to my body better every day.

    So today I had these juices:

    1. Pear, collard greens
    2. Apples, cucumbers
    3. Spinach, ginger, green onion, cayenne pepper, tomatoes

    I did eat some almonds today too- and have only a few left for one more bite- so my intention is to not buy again until I am done the 40 days.

    And now for dinner I am going to have cabbage juice, and then eat the wonder working cabbage+avocado+green onion+lemon salad.

  11. JCheals says:

    DAY SIXTEEN – 11.12am

    So yesterday, I ran out of avocados and cabbage and decided to check out if broccoli could make me feel as good too. So yes, I cheated. I ate steamed broccoli. My Flax seed oil arrived in the mail and so I added some flax oil on top of broccoli with cayenne pepper sprinkled. I mention this for two reasons. One- to confess that I did this, and second- to tell you my experience.

    I ate the same without particularly enjoying it and waited to see how I would feel later in the day. I was good enough to climb stairs even better than the day before before I ate broccoli. As the day went by I began to feel pain and fatigue in my lower back (as I used to before juicing). So I drank several glasses of juices, ate the green fibre (spinach-tomatoe-ginger-gren onion) left from juicing and after that had a hot water soak with salt and cayenne- and the pain and fatigue finally left. So, the conclusion is that I did well with juice, even better with one cabbage avocado salad added to the day of juicing, ok with some almonds added (though I am not having them currently) – but worse with steamed broccoli. But regardless, hot water soak makes a huge difference.

    Today, I still don’t have avocado or cabbage in stock- so was planning on doing all juice day today. My limp has improved but pain in the right pelvis is still there and it radiates down to the foot if I walk more a minute or so. The pain is not shooting -but it is there-enough to be aware of the injury and to be cautious. It was less with cabbage+avocado salad yesterday. So I feel I must hold on to that and include it in my menu every single day till my body tells me otherwise.

    Got to a late start today- no juice yet. But am thinking mango and spinach juice to begin with. Maybe, along the day, will also juice carrots, green beans, cantolope and more.

    Yesterday’s consumption:

    1. Cabbage juice- 10 oz (from the night before)
    2. Steamed Broccoli with flax oil and cayenne pepper added on top
    3. Bok choy+ mango -15oz
    4. Mustard greens+apple+mango – 30 oz
    5. Spinach (150 gram)+ 3 mid sized tomatoes+ginger+green onion-16oz

    Will update on my progress again tomorrow.

  12. JCheals says:


    Did a full day of juicing only. Added flax oil to my juice- started with one big table spoon.

    I felt great.

    No more almonds and no more cooked veggies.

    Feels like I am finally getting some joy back into my life after much suffering!


    I figured from yesterday that green beans are powerhouses. I juiced them with apples and feel positively better.

    I did get avocados- and got back to my one cabbage+avocado salad a day routine. When the limp goes, I might try eliminating the salad altogether again. Lets see.

    Walking better, limp improving quite a bit- but still feel some pain travel down the leg to the foot. So not walking too much yet.

    Going for my blood-test tomorrow.

    More soon……

    • JCheals says:


      Hi Tom:

      So I went for my blood-work this morning. The Lab attendant who was attending to me recognized me from an earlier visit /blood-test. The improvement in me was obvious to her and I did not think she would have even remembered me. She asked me “what did you do?? You are walking so much better, you’ve even put on some weight.” (Yes, I have put on weight with juicing -and I am talking healthy weight.). She was interested in knowing what had made such a big difference for me because she has some osteoporosis symptoms too though has not been to a doctor yet.

      Two people who are kind enough to help me with outdoor errands recognize the improvement more than anyone else- because I walk faster, I limp much much less and I sit in the car more easily (earlier, even that was a challenge). They are witnesses to the difference juicing (plus cabbage+avocado salad) has made. They may not have been as supportive when I started juicing but now they are getting interested in some juicing too! Can you imagine! They say I look so much better than I did even last month.

      Our God is so amazing to make the perfect food for us.

      Climbing stairs was a challenge last month – and now I get a thrill out of just being able to walk up on my two feet- without hand support from the stairs or the walls. If I dropped something on the floor, it would take me a giant effort to bend and pick up, and now I am able to bend more easily and pick up things if I need to. I do not have complete freedom in my pelvis yet – so I don’t bend too much to the floor yet. But it is so much better than before. Still not completely free of pain from the right hip /pelvis travelling down to the right foot- but much much better.

      I am drinking juices more than I have ever before in my life. But if I don’t drink enough, I start limping if I walk a little longer. Guess there is some buiding up and restoration in progress and I should not rush into walking too much too soon.

      I feel so much better but I am also a little weary of juicing so much. The result is motivation enough to go on but it certainly takes some effort. No pain, no gain?

      But thanks so much Tom. Just writing these updates makes me feel accountable- and that in turn motivates me to not give in to cravings (because then I would have to report). Wrong motivation perhaps- but it helps.

      My MRI is only a week or so away. I hope, by then, I am healed enough for them to not find anythign wrong. Will update on the reports from the blood test in a couple days.

      I must also mention that the vitmains are contributing to the juicing effort. Though I do feel some side effects- like pain travelling up and down the nerves. The doctor says I need the vitmains for atleast two more months. Maybe, tomorrow, I should tell her the side-effect and see if she can bring down or eliminate anything.

      More soon..

  13. JCheals says:

    Just wanted to share /mention that some foods that seem to have contributed more than others for the healing that is coming through:


    1. Collard Greens
    2. Spirulina
    3. Spinach
    3. Cabbage
    4. Mustard Greens
    5. Green beans
    6. Tomatoes
    7. Kale
    8. Swiss chard
    9. Avocado
    10. Green Onions
    11. Lime /Lemon
    12. But every vegetable seems to be adding value (carrots, beets, radish, celery,…)


    1. Apples
    2. Cantilope
    3. Berries
    4. Pineapples
    5. But all fruits help- mangoes, oranges, grapefruit,…


    Including these supplements in the juices for rebuilding/repair of the bones and overall healing:

    1. Vitmain D (and sunshine when I can get it) with calcium

    Hot water soak:

    1. With table salt, plus
    2. Cayenne pepper mixed with olive oil


    Lots of prayer have gone into this from several people, and I could not have been blessed with a juicer, nor have had the finances or stamina to juice, nor had the appropriate medical support and nor this fasting support from Tom if I did not have Jesus. Thank you Jesus!

  14. JCheals says:


    So my results are better. The doctor says that things are not normal yet but they are far better than expected. I can reduce my blood work from once a week to once in two weeks since they don’t need to monitor as closely as things are begining to stabilize – which is a relief.

    Apparently my condition was way too severe for it to take so long to heal fully. Per the doctor, the next two to three months are crucial (and I agree), though it would take years for my bones to be fully normalized (I don’t seem to believe that- the doc must be talking of people on regular not so healthy food). I don’t want to be presumptious but I do feel more optimistic than that.

    I am so so so so much better compared to last month. I am able to sit now without having to worry about an aching lower back. I am able to bend if I need to. I can go up and down the stairs without too much of deliberating. I can do my chores around the house with much more ease -which I earlier had a tough time doing. I can even walk but not venturing out for too long a walk right now since the right pelvis still needs to heal. My limp is better but I can tell the difference between the two legs. I still feel somethign is missing in the right pelvis- but all the bones are in place per the x-ray-May be, its just the bone needing to be filled in with more calcium as it is being build up. I also continue to notice a small click sound in my right inner joint (pelvis) when I lift the leg/knee up towards my chest- so that makes me wonder too. But my MRI is happening soon- so will have the answer soon I think.

    I have been good with my juicing plus salad. I confess I did experiment with boiled potatoes one meal quite a few days ago. Wanted to check if that would help reduce the limp. I did not feel worse but not better either. But it certainly makes me lose taste for the juices- and I think that must be a bad sign. It took a day atleast to get the taste back. But have been good otherwise-.

    Tom, my limp is still not fully gone though much better- I feel like I need to include bananas too now- since that did help me in the past- maybe green smoothies with bananas. Nuts? Do you think I should add soaked almonds?

    Any thoughts on how to continue?

  15. JCheals says:


    Since I was doing pretty well, I tried incorporating a meal of boiled potatoes to the juicing routine. It intially helped my body so obviously within a day that I felt to experiment some more with broccoli, beans, almonds, Oats and Quinoa – which I did the last couple days.

    Well I am doing ok eating some of these alongside juicing and salad- but I can tell that I seem to have hit a plateau now. I did this in order to get rid of the limp (as also the questionmark about not getting enough calories) – But I think what worked best was the cabbage-avocado salad and and at the most banana smoothies.

    I have to say that I feel to get back to where I was with the juicing, salad with smoothies added for trial for a few days.I may or may not do soaked almonds. Lets see

    So I think I am going to do just that. It just does not feel the same on the inside eating these steamed/boiled items.

    Got my MRI done – don’t have the report yet but will update what they find- they might find out some helpful stuff.

    Anyway, for now, I am feeling good but still need more healing to happen. I need to cross over to the other side of the plateau- and I know I will if I can discern better- and distinguish fleshy craving from inner leading

    So contining to learn!

  16. JCheals says:


    HI! Dropping in a note to say I am doing really well.

    Am back to juicing, green smoothies with bananas (without ice though), and cabbage-avocado salad. This combination is working great.

    I went for my blood-work yesterday after a couple weeks- and the lab attendant had a trainee with her this time. She was telling the trainee about me- how I walked the first time I came and how I was walking this time. She also commented how much better I was looking.

    Well, there’s some more healing to happen on the right side (side of the supposed fracture)- but its sooooooooooo much better than what it used to be.

    I have so much energy and it keeps getting better. Everyone can see the difference- it is so obvious. Actually if I don’t tell them I still need some healing to come through, they think I am fully healed already because I am walking more or less normally again.

    Speakign for myself, I feel juicing is great- but if I were to fall off the wagon or need to modify the juicing to meet my specific conditions, its better to fall on/modify within the framework of raw fruits and vegetables, than other cooked/processed foods. I needed to increase my juice and smoothie consumption greatly to meet my specific needs. If I were overweight it would not have been as much an issue- but I was under-weight. Now I am not. I have put on some weight but its really more of muscle weight- because I wear the same clothes still.

    Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update. Thanks to Tom, and encouragement to all readers!

  17. JCheals says:


    Hey hey hey, I feel even better than I did yesterday- pain is also less than yesterday! I am begining to feel I am not that far from complete healing. I almost wanted to go walking a llittle longer distance today because I felt so much energy. But thought to wait a few days more- until the pain is fuly gone.

    Well, I felt my body asking to be fed more. So now I am doing green smoothies twice a day (about 60 oz in all). I am also doing two salads a day. I have also included mung sprouts and make a salad out of it in addition to the cabbage-avocado salad. Sometimes I do cabbage-avocado salad twice a day- and I really feel great the next day. And in between the smoothies and salads, I do juices.

    Cabbage is powerful powerful powerful. I drink the juice first and then I make a salad out of the fibre. I never regret drinking too much of it- if I drink it twice a day day, I can be sure my next day would be better physically

    Spirulina is amazing. Whenever I felt pain after eating steamed/boiled veggies /quinoa during my experimenting last week and earlier on, I made a spirulina drink with water and a table spoon full of spirulina and drank it last thing before sleeping and first thing on waking- and beleive me, it made the biggest difference and the quickest.

    Vitmains are helping too, and my dosage has reduced since I first started.

    Black strap Molasses helps too but it also causes rash like breakouts on my skin – but not serious enough to stop Molasses. I have found it helpful and I stay ok when I stick with just a table spoon or two of it per day. But pain-wise, I have found it helpful too. But I would personally place it second to spirulina.

    I feel so so so much better- and that obviously greatly impacts how I feel. I have much joy and am so looking forward to the days ahead of me.

    I may sound repetitive but I do so for the benefit of those in situations similar to mine when I first started. We may all not respond the same to the same foods because so much depends on our specific conditions which may be caused because of different reasons even though the symptoms may be similar. So I think the key lies in “Test all things and hold on to what is good.”

    Thank you to our wonderful awesome Creator God, our Savior and Holy Spirit who guides us all along even when we make mistakes and mess up with our eating- so we can always start again even if we mess up on a few ocassions or even for a few days- let that not dissuade us from getting back to working to get our health back with some juicing- either 100% or a modified version, depending on our condition.

  18. JCheals says:

    Thanks so much Tom! It really helped to write as I journeyed through it.

    Thank you for having facilitated this and for being a brilliant exhorter!

  19. JCheals says:


    Even better today…….

    So grateful

  20. JCheals says:


    There is something about 40 days that is so significant. I feel something today and I don’t necessarily understand it – like a major milestone, even though I messed up so many times and drank so much juice- so was never really hungry. So I can imagine the power of a perfect 40 days fast that Jesus did.

    Anyway, at the end of it, I feel I did not do a perfect juice fast but I did learn to hear my body better and fine tune my intake to my specific needs -and have a better undestanding of different foods as also my body.

    The major breakthrough has occurred already-Here are the highlights:

    1. Can walk the stairs- used to take about minute or two to climb the stairs and answer the doorbell. Now it takes about 5 to 10 seconds

    2. Can turn around when sleeping (earlier had to sleep in one position al night because it would pain to move)

    3. Walking out of my bed upon waking is no longer a challenge- I used to struggle to walk every step. each step used to be painful.

    4. My limp is almost gone (was terrified when my right leg started to feel shorter-and I was so afraid that I might end up limping all my life if the bone did not heal right) – but as I experimented and listened to my body better- it got better. But, I did make lots of mistakes along the way.

    5. The aches and pains have drastically reduced but since my case was exceptionally severe (three times worse than what it woud have been for an aged person), it is taking some time for the full healing. But like I said, the major breakthrough has happened already.

    6. I could not lift my knees/legs high- now I can.

    7. I could not bend earlier to pick up things I dropped on the floor without my knees aching and that too super-slowly. My knees are more or less painfree now.

    8. I could not even climb a chair to shut the high window without causing myself immense pain – now I can.

    9. Have some joy back in my life :)

    But I still have to walk the last mile. Usually the last mile is the longest or feels like it. Lets see how it turns out for me.

    Would like to continue writing until my complete healing if that is ok with Tom or maybe I could start a Part 2 called

    I may not write so often- but want to report significant milestones as and when they occcur and reasons which contributed to it.

    Incidentally, did I mention someplace that Jesus is my HERO?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      This is so good to here. Your healing is the very reason I push so hard and long to build this site and promote fasting. No the more you write the better.
      Lets keep the info on one page. And yes you can keep going and you will see more healing. Are you taking any essential oils, B vitamins, vitamin E?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JCheals,’
      Did you drink coffee on you diet before the fast. I am investigating a link better arthritis and coffee consumption.

  21. JCheals says:

    Hi Tom:

    No, I am not a coffee / tea drinker at all. Have not had either for over twenty years.

    Besides, thanks for your encouragement. Yes I am taking Flax oil (essential oil). I do not take vitmain E.

    But I do get lots of vitmain E from Avocados, kiwis, collard greens, swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes and mustand greens etc.

    Did you have any suggestions?

    Thanks again!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JCheals,
      You can never get too much vitamin E, 1600 IU daily is the best for healing. I am wondering if there was any diet factors that caused your osteoporosis. Did you eat much fried foods, or meats?
      There are so many suffering with osteoporosis and this treatment has almost healed you. If there were any possible food factors they would be avoided. To me it is hard to believe that it is genetic. I think genetics create susceptibility but it is diet that starts the deterioration to disease. The disease is cause by flawed calcium usage in the body. Any acid forming food, such a cooked starches or meats demand the hydrochloric acid be neutralized with calcium and this can lock up calcium and stop it being used in the bones is my best guess. I am believing in “a research team for Tom”. LOL

  22. JCheals says:

    Thanks Tom.

    In my case it was not a meat/ fried foods factor since I don’t do either – but I was under-nourished for a year or so because if I ate much, my stiffness would increase and I had more discomfort walking. Now my medicals indicate that that happened because my bones were not strong enough to carry my weight. I was not over-weight, but my bones sure needed healing.

    It was more of a sports injury caused due to lack of vitamin D- which caused low calcium abrorption, and this low bones density, and in turn a stress fracture and related pain. My improvement started from the point I started having vitmain D, and juicing helped accelerate the process for sure.

    Wonder if that helps?

  23. JCheals says:

    Hi Tom:

    I honestly don’t think I ever had a disease called osteoporosis or osteomalacia- its just a term the doctors gave for a condition that developed from lack of vitmain D (which affects calcium absorption in turn). In my heart, I never identified with those names/terms and never accepted them – and I think that helped a great deal. I was super-healthy until 2008- thats when I over did my dancing, jumping and walking excessively- and had no sunshine to feed me. So in my case, it was not genetic nor that long standing. So probably not a typical case of osteroporosis. The pains and aches began in 2008 but got better each summer, my X-rays were normal too in 2008-2009. But it became really bad again this past winter, and its then that I got my medicals done again and the mystery of Vitmain D got uncovered.

    I did not need to take vitamin D in the past bcause I always got adequate sunshine but when I moved to a colder/snowy place- I not only had less sun-shine but even when I did (in the sumer), I did not expose myself much to the sun since I worked indoors and so hardly got a chance to get out into the sun – which was a big blunder. Now I know the power of sunshine and why God made it. Its not as much where we live but how much sunshine we get. I also find from my research that people in tropical countries with a lot of sunshine face similar issues because they hardly ever get out in the sun- and they don’t realize that thier condition is simply because of lack of sunshine. Of course, there are supplements and food sources too. but nothing to compare with the sunshine. I get a sense that I might not have needed ithe vitmain D supplements at all if I had not overdone my physical acitivity in the winters.

    I’ve led a raw vegan lifestyle for several years with some boiled /steamed stuff every now and then- so was super-healthy until I over did physical activity/outdoors in freezing winters without adequate supplies of Vitmain D (apparently, the Vitmain D stores last about six month).

    Per my latest blood test report, both vitmaind D and calcium levels are very healthy; my bone is still building but the numbers show more improvement since the last report. I think even the doctors are wondering how come things are improving so rapidly- and they attribute it to me being young (in thirties) because thats the only explanation they find- but I know its much more than that. It’s Dr. Jesus at work, and His Body that is coming together to help each other – without ulterior motives.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Thank for the background. I now think that vitamin D should be part of every juice fast. I will watch the videos later. You do not need prayer. You will ace it. You just finished fasting. I am praying for the other students!!! LOL

  24. JCheals says:

    Thanks for your prayers Tom. Could really do with more.

    If people are in a place where they are blessed to have sunshine, its better to encourage people to go hiking in the sun or sunbathing in the beach or just sitting out in the sun , than to look only to supplements.

  25. JCheals says:

    Hi Tom:

    Talking of my physical condition – I am even better now!

    I have started walking outdoor more- which is so refreshing. The pain has not gone fully but is much better. I had more pain on the side of the supposed fracture (right)- and the injured pubic bone affected the whole pelvic girdle- and the pain on the right side is taking time to go because it used to be really really bad.

    I have so much energy. I can walk as I used to before the fracture etc – which was pretty briskly. I feel such joy just to be able to walk to the bus stop and take public transport.- I did it for the first time after nearly six months. I am even thinking now that in another few weeks I may be able to get back to work.

    Yes, it is great to have my mobility back. I have not been to the doctor in a while because of my exams- so haven’t heard their opinion on my MRI. But I am no longer concerned about what the pictures show- I know I am better :)

    Anyway, will write again in a couple weeks.

    Encouragement and hope to everyone!

  26. JCheals says:

    How do I feel? Well, I am going to the doctor tomorow- to get a clearance for getting back to work.

    The healing has not come though 100% but continues to get better everyday- yes, the last mile does seem the longest- but am at a point where resting alone is not helpful. A little bit of exercise actually helps. I just have to avoid carrying weights for a while longer- but other than that, I am doing pretty well overall. I go up and down the stairs several times a day- without any issues.

    Will have results from the MRI tomorrow. Went for my bloodwork after a month this time. The lab attendants were again commenting “you’re running now.” They don’t stop to smile when they see me walk- because they know what a bad case I was when I first starting doing the blood work.

    Have stopped bananas and avocados again. Feel an urge to juice again- so am back to juicing for a few days.

    More soon

  27. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi JCheals,
    Your was on of the first progress reports. I just read it though and it is a wealth of information. It is like going on a journey with you. We are excited about the MRI results. Can you get a before and after MRI. LOL

  28. JCheals says:

    Hi Tom- Just got back from my doctor’s visit.

    Two updates:

    1. MRI- whatever they saw on the x-ray seems to have healed. The MRI is 100% normal!!!

    2. So now I am certified fit to resume work except that I am not to carry weights.

    Now how’s that?

    Well I did allow myself to slip just a wee bit today- because I was out all day and the only thing available was nuts and seeds “honey coated” snack bar. Not ideal at all but I ate it anyway. Was not tempted as such- was just hungry, and not equipped with fruit.

    In future just need to carry fruit along. Juicing seems hard to keep up with if out of home unless I carry a huge thermos. Since I need to be traveling for the next four days, will get back to juicing after that. Until then will stick to fruits and veggies, and juice when possible. Well I have also been doing a lot of mung sprouts- sometimes also soaked chick peas. Well the bright side of it is that I am fit enough to travel!!!! I have small mobile blender which I carry along except that I did not carry it today.

    Tom, its like a new lease of life. I saw an old colleague today who first took me to a doctor in January when all this got diagnosed. In her words “this is a miracle”- and I am not even sure if she is a believer.

    Am so looking forward to a 100% recovery- I know its not far. As far as onlookers are concerned, they cannot tell anythign is wrong. I have my brisk walking pace back- and I am so grateful just to be able to get on with life and do the everyday things and errands on my own.

    Anyway, now I am awaiting my latest blood report. Should get it sometime early next week.

    Will keep you posted.

    Thanks for all the encouragement Tom. Yes, I wrote out all those details because I really wanted this write up to be some use to someone in such a painful condition as I was in. Glad to know that you see some value in it.

    Incidentally, I have found aloe vera to be very helpful to me- I add it to tomatoe spinach juice when possible.

  29. JCheals says:

    Hi Tom:

    No comments to that because desperation does get one to try different cures. Perhaps, the ideal combination would be to use medical advancement selectively and yet not get trapped in it.

    But yes, I do hope more and more people will ffigure a way out, and explore websites like this one.

    Anyway,am back from my short trip. I feel stronger than before- can even carry some weights now though I am being slow and not attemping to carry heavier weights just yet. But I think I am doing far better than what the doc expected.

    My blood report from ten days ago is out- and it indicates pretty good progress. Both legs don’t feel quite the same yet but getting closer to it compared to earlier.

    The bone is getting strengthened as I walk- and the muscles too.

    Lets see how long would it be before I can stop doing my blood work and cut down on the vitamins completely. I have reduced them but still taking some (vitamin D and calcium).

    More in a few days…..

  30. JCheals says:

    You’re right Tom. In the next few weeks the bone turnover will most likely stop. The bloodwork shows (through test for Alkaline Phosphatase) the bonetunover rate- which means the bone that was damaged is still being built. The bloodwork will tell when the turnovers stops or is within normal range- and then I can work with weights.

    So today I had a visit with the other doctor (speacilist)- and now my blood-work can be reduced to once a month (compared to once a week that I started with).

    My Calcium supplementation has reduced too. Vitamin D remains the same for now.

    I don’t feel upto juicing exclusively right now though I did feel like it a few days ago. But I did juicing exclusively for one day this week- lets see what I end up doing in the next few days. I still juice two or three times a day but I eat as well. Have started sprouting on a daily basis and I find that helpful- am going to try adding them to each fruit or veggie/salad meal. I guess its all about testing through trial and errors.

    Nuts- I did some during my recent trip and one day even after that. Still trying to test and see how my body feels with and without them at this point. so I eat them some days and don’t eat the rest of the days.

    More later…

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JCheals,
      I find nuts can be heavy on the stomach after a fast. But I find that chewing them with raisins helps them digest. The weekly fast and periods of juice only during the day are great to continue the healing.

  31. JCheals says:

    Thanks Tom!

  32. JCheals says:

    So I notice my body asking me to juice again. Not enjoying salads anymore- and nuts don’t seem to be helping-and feeling like I am hitting a plateau again. I am so close to complete healing but the last bit is kind of happeneing slowly- so feel inspired to juice again- and am believing my body can handle juicing better this time. Actually, I started juicing again today morning- and I can already tell the difference already.

    I want to keep juicing for a while now till I am symptom free. But lets see how it goes. Will take a day at a time.

    More later….

  33. JCheals says:


    Today is my third day. Been juicng since I last wrote- feeling stronger about it – so am continuing- no turning back now.

    Feeling better than I was two days ago.

    Some of the tightness around the fractured area and the pelvic bones is loosening up more.

    Thats all to report for now.

  34. JCheals says:


    Have doubled my greens (juices).

    If anything, I am only feeling better – and I think increase in greens contributes greatly to it.

  35. JCheals says:


    Something is changing- cannot put my finger on it yet.

    Going strong so far. Did not realize I was already on day 5. Maybe the summer makes it easier.

  36. JCheals says:


    Improvement is happeneing- very gradual pace but atleast it is happening- thats a relief after having hit the plateau recently- feels like the body is getting rid of remains from the supplements- not sure- but I think so.

    Losing some weight again- but feeling better. Feels like an internal wash and cleansing is happening again.

    The MRI did not catch this pain/cause of pain (whatever remains) since the mRI is normal- and doc says its just the bone healing- and that takes a while. She is proabably right except that I don’t think she is entirely right. Anyway, what ever is is the issue, juicig is helping. Have no desire to eat- so that is certainly making juicing easier. I thank God for that!

    Thats it for today!

  37. JCheals says:


    Thanks Tom- But thats why we need JC, right?

    So doing my best and leaving the rest to Him.

    I am feeling better though- the pain slowly continues to reduce- almost like big pain areas have reduced to smaller pain patches- and they keep getting smaller.

  38. JCheals says:


    Tom, I was able to jump and dance today!!!! I don’t have any immediate side effects (pain) but I realize I ought to take it slow.

    Thanks for all the encouragement.

  39. JCheals says:

    I think my juice intake has reduced a little bit. Am sleeping less since the body does not need so much sleep on juices. Felt a distinct change in the number of hours a couple days ago.

    So have more time on hand- always wanted more time- and now I have it!

    Last time (in March/April) I gave up on exclusive juicing on day eleven. This time, I feel good enough to keep going.

  40. JCheals says:


    Sailed through the eleventh day without giving in. I did get one thought of eating but my motivation seems to have been far stronger than the tiny suggestion/thought.

    Not sure what more lies ahead in the next 29 days- but I know it won’t be futile.


    My appetite seems to be decreasing. Have to tell myself to juice and drink i-nstead of my hunger motivating me.

  41. JCheals says:


    Its past noon and am not thirsty for juice still. Wondering if it is something I should be concerend about.

  42. JCheals says:


    Still have reduced appetite but don’t feel that great if I don’t drink a decent amount of juice. So I need to drink even if I have less appetite (which could be because of the vitmain supplements) since the bone sill needs some repairing.

    • Ron says:

      Hi JCH,
      It is normal to have reduced needs for juice, especially if you are not exercising. You might want to start a program of exercise. It can be as simple as a walk around the block, or up and down some stairs. This will help with detoxing, build bone, oxygenate the blood, increase white blood cells…and more benefits than can be counted. Remember, it’s not necessarily the intensity of exercise done, but the frequency that makes the difference.

      Also, beware of low blood pressure at this point! I always forget, and have momentary blackouts. Take a few deep breaths before moving faster than normal. God Bless, Ron

  43. JCheals says:


    Thanks Ron.

    Yes, I am active physically and do walk, stairs etc. Adding more activities gradually.

    Feels like I am slowly begining to get past the plateau.


  44. JCheals says:


    Tom: Glad that my progress brings encouragement to you!

    Now on day sixteen, it only seems to be becoming easier to keep juicing. Never done liquids/juices for more than ten days- so this certainly feels like an adventure- a worthwhile one.

    Still not sure how many more days to complete healing- but every teeny bit of improvement is a step closer- so am grateful for every step, rather than eating and aching.

  45. JCheals says:


    Feeling a distinct shift today- good sign and good motivation!!

    Am loving Juicing. It has also freed me up so much in several ways!

    Not counting days anymore! Enjoying each day.

    The fruits just tell me of God’s love for us to make such amazing fruits for food for us. God’s love for us is so fascinating.

  46. JCheals says:


    Going strong…..

  47. JCheals says:


    So am at the half way mark today (day twenty).

    Noticing more improvement in the pain. Certainly getting past teh plateau.

    But am also continuing to dissolve and drink my calcium and vitmain d supplements along with the juices. Had stopped calcium mid-way but thought of continuing at least until the bone is fully healed. Am late for my blood-work- but will probabaly go early next week- will then be able to figure how much more the bone needs to heal.

    Feeling more optimistic

  48. JCheals says:


    Can literally feel the pain trapped (in tissues perhaps) being ripped off and dislodged from stubborn spots- still more to happen but it feels better each day.

    Wow- so I made it to day 21. I am continuing to need less sleep. Waiting to see what happens in the next 19 days.

  49. JCheals says:


    So I did some dancing with the flags (in each hand) today for about 45 minutes. Actually, today I also found myself running a small stretch (instinctively)- about 30 feet. Short distance as it may be- it was sheer joy to be able to run at all! Its been a couple years since I ran any distance at all.

    Can’t wait to run longer distances- but have to wait until the bones are done repairing themselves. Will go for the blood work this week- so will know the bone-repair progress in medical terms.

  50. JCheals says:


    Feels like an achievement to have juiced for this long. Thank God for the grace!

  51. JCheals says:


    Went for my blood work today. Continuing to feel better each day.

    Will get the results in a few days- curious to see the progress this time.

  52. Ron says:

    Hi JCH!

    I remember after my first 30 day fast. I went to my doctor, and he was so amazed at my “numbers” he asked me to do other tests to satisfy his curiousity! After looking at the results, and comparing them to the year before, he was very intrigued. I ask him if he would recommend fasting to his patients now? He said, “well no, I wouldn’t”. I just laughed and shook my head!

    I thought that after him seeing all the positive results of these tests, (that I volunteered to do) and my healings that I was on prescribed meds for 3 years, he would want to help his other patients. I guess even “proof” that fasting is healing is not enough for some to change!

  53. JCheals says:


    Thanks Ron for sharing your experience with the doc. I think its not a matter of the doc not believing you, its proabably more a question of not wantin to get out of the comfort zone- and we can’t really blame them for the grilling conditioning for years- it is indeed hard to break out of that- because primarily, its desperation/deep concern that forces one out of comfort zone and if we are not in that desperate/concerned spot, we most likely won’t look or find.

    For the doctors who do, they apparently face the wrath of fellow-professionals for taking a stand for the truth. For instance, I hear that Dr Russel Blaylock (experienced neurosurgeon) supposedly had a hard time after he wrote his book “Excitotoxins” challenging some of the well accepted things:

    So it really boils down to The Truth versus socially-accepted-truths. Thankfully, when we search with all our hearts, God helps us find. But that is not to put down the medical community because we (me included) greatly benefit from the medical advancements as long as we don’t get trapped in them and don’t shift the personal responsibility of our health to doctors all the time without taking constructive (even radical) steps towards recovery ourselves.

  54. JCheals says:


    Its still the morning of day twenty six but just wanted to say that pain just got dislodged from the most stubborn pain spot (in the back of the right pelvis). It has not gone a hundred percent from the surrounding areas but it has reduced drastically enough to be obvious.

    I don’t know if that is simply progressive improvement on day twenty-six or because of the specific juices I had yesterday.

    In any case, will mention that the only new juice I had yesterday (after several weeks) was that of mustard green (with water, tomatoes, aloe vera, green onions and ginger).

    In my experience green juices work most effectively when not mixed with fruit juices (but tomatoes are ok) though I think mixing with fruit juices are a great way of increasing the green intake otherwise.

    That’s it for now.

  55. Ron says:

    Hi JCH,

    Your words are very true!! In the midst of our sufferings there
    also is God to hold and protect us. And in most cases protect us from ourselves. We need only listen. I do believe the medical community is a gift from God. I never understood why some religious groups have discredited doctors. In Sirach, it is clearly stated that “doctors, and makers of earthly medicines are a gift from God to help us.” Why can’t God and doctors work together? Are we not here to help one another? I guess it makes too much sense. We like to complicate everything.

    I have found carrot juice to be very healing. If possible get organic carrots, and leave the skins on when juicing. Aloe-vera also is very therapeutic. I have a glass every morning! In the teas, dandelion and marshmellow are fantastic healers too.

    It’s just amazing that the Lord has given us everything needed to heal ourselves. Physically….and spiritually! We just need to listen! God Bless, Ron

  56. JCheals says:


    Thanks for you inputs Ron.

    So am continuing to feel better.

    I am begining to wonder if I’ll feel this good once I start eating. But the good thing is that when it comes time to eat, God willing, I would have recovered 100%. Feels like this whole experience has disciplined me for life. I don’t think I can ever get casual about food again- when I have very clearly seen the power of making the right choices, and the consequence of making the wrong ones.

    Incidentally, I felt inspired to switch to a new juicing routine for as long as I my body asks for it. Only fruits during the day- and greens/neutral veggies in the evening. It seems to be working well so far. But will add veggie juices too during the day soon. More pain got dislodged today.

    Incidentally, during this juicing period since July 3, I have not been including any essential oils in my juices. Somehow, I felt I was to do it without it. So far so good. But yes, My Vitamin D does contain a tiny bit of palm oil I think.

  57. Ron says:

    Hi JCH,

    I was actually scared to start eating after my first long fast! I was afraid the pain would return. Well, I was wrong! The pain only returns if you go back to your old habits. It took several months of NOT eating correctly, and completely for “some” pain to return!

    I then realized that I had to change my “old ways” of eating. Even the slightest of processed foods have an adverse effect on my health these days! Once you do the long, detox fast your body loses it’s tolerance to “bad foods”, and you will have discomfort, or pain!

    Flax oils are very good during a fast! I usually use them daily! Ron

    • JCheals says:


      Thats true. I have felt that too. Besides, at this point, I don’t even have a desire to eat stuff that I know is not beneficial. But if temptations do come in the future, I would need to use wisdom and remind myself of all that I have learnt along the journey- instead of giving into the appeals of my taste buds.

      I do have flax oil- but somehow I just don’t feel inspired to use it. May after I am done the 40 days. But point noted.

      Besides, I think the difference between the two legs is gradually diminishing- which means the injured leg is catching up with the other one. That is indeed a breathrough because that was one of the biggest challenges- and the begining of restoration there confirms that Juicing trumps healthy eating (for the healing season).

      By the way, I wonder how many long fasts you, Tom and the team have done? Do you guys do them yearly, or more often or as you feel led?

      I did try carrying more weight than usual yesterday and now I feel I need to take it slow with weights. Too much too soon is not the best way. I felt great yesterday but feel a little sore today around my right neck /shoulder where I hung the bag. But its not too bad and I think it will go by tomorrow. But a lesson learnt.

  58. Ron says:

    Hi JCH,

    I try to keep fasting a way of life! One day a week, one week per month, and 30 days or more once a year. I did 2, 30+ days this past year. I have been fasting one day per week on and off, for 30 years! Only recently have I fasted over 30 days.

    I really feel my best during fasts. While I’m eating it is up and down. Not drastically, but noticeable. Of course I eat along with my family, so I’m not getting 100% raw foods. I try to limit my meats, wheat, sugars and dairy. But, out of convenience or stupidity I’ll consume the wrong things from time to time.

    I love coffee, and beer. But I just can’t use them any longer! That makes me sad, because I never really abused them. Just one cup of coffee a day and maybe, at most a six pack of beer a week! But, my body is just too sensitive to them now. And my health is more important!

    If I do intentionally slip, I try to just use a sip, or a bite or 2. This way I get a taste…and I don’t feel deprived, or too guilty afterwards. Or, crappy!! If I over do it…only a fast, or raw foods will help me to get back!

    I’m sure one day I will be able to just eat “all” the right things. But until then, I have the fasting to get me back physically! Thanks be to God!!

    Oh yeah….Flax oils come in “capsules” too! That’s what I use. Two caps a day. Ron

  59. JCheals says:

    Thanks Ron. I’ve been through that cycle too- of giving in every now and then to things I know are not best for me. But I have to say that I have gotten far more disciplined since I began this healing journey. It kind of takes an extreme situation to get extremely disciplined. Am grateful for that discipine though and it has kind of begun to grow on me.

    Yes, if the rest of the family eats different, it can be a bit of a challenge. But I guess the key is being able to strike a good balance which you seem to have been able to.

    Thanks for sharing.

  60. JCheals says:


    So I skipped juice this morning- had a 20oz juice around 2pm, and then I decided to do a few errarnds on foot. So I walked a distance that I have not walked in a couple years. Not sure how long I walked but certainly for over an hour, maybe closer to two- but it was a brisk walk- so I actually walked a longer distance in a shorer time.

    Came back and still had all the energy I needed to pack up (am moving houses tomorrow).

    So certainly good progress but really waiting for the 100% healing mark- I know its coming.

    • JCheals says:


      Packed all day- moved houses in the evening- the energy kept rolling in all day long from just the three juices I had. So grateful for the healing!


      So I got the report from my blood work today. Everything looks good except that the bone turnover is not completely in the normal range yet- but close.

      The normal range is 35 to 122 – U/L. Mine was 950+ at the time of fracture in January. Now it has come down to 194. So it needs to come down a little bit more before it can be considered 100% normal in medical terms.

      Pain-wise, the worst spots continue to dislodge pain little by little- but its not fully there yet. But my stamina /physical movement abilities have increased considerably – back to being what it used to be before this whole thign started – well almost. The people around me are getting inspired to juice too- seeing my energy levels. So that certinly speaks for itself. All the doubts and questions people had about juicing are lifting with the breakthrough which has already happened and the remainder that is continuing to happen.

      Not too bad for day 31 given the extreme condition that I came out of :)

  61. Ron says:

    Great News JCH!

    How long do you plan on continuing your fast? Have you done any water “only” days during your juice fast?

    I usually mix it up between juice & water during a long fast for deeper detoxing! It may help get rid of some of the pain you are still having. Of course you want to be resting during the water only days. Also, the juice is a welcomed treat after a few days of water!

  62. JCheals says:


    The difference between the two pelvic joints continues to reduce.

    Yesterday and today, I carried weights heavier than I should and realized that I need to be more patient with the weights, and not rush. Not just yet. I mean I was really trying to carry some weights – over 15 lbs. I feel the impact on the most stubborn pain spot which seems a little more achy today. But not too bad- I know I will recoup from that by tomorrow.

    Also, I figure that even if one were juicing purely for physical healing reasons, one cannot help but be drawn spiritually too. Juicing is like an overhaul!

  63. JCheals says:


    Thanks Ron.

    I intend to do 40 days to begin with, may go beyond if the need be but might take a days break after 40 days. Lets see. Just don’t feel inspired to go outside the biblically prescibed limit- but I can start another one after a small break like I said.

    Much better this morning. The pain from yesterday is all gone. I missed my vitamins (D and Calcium) yesterday and am feeling better today- maybe I need to slowly cut down on my supplementation- but not sure.

    Yes, doing water only in between might be a good idea. But I do not feel led to do that at this point- maybe at another point. But some days (like ysterday), I feel inspired to increase green juices (and reduce fruit juices) which seems to help a great deal.

    Anyway, more later.

  64. JCheals says:


    Really waiting in anticipation as to what the next six days will unfold- in terms of complete healing and other breakthroughs.

    I think slowly the desire to eat is returning. Think I will be happy to eat salad after 40 days. Am craving greens more than ever even though I do juice a good amount each day.

    More tomorrow

  65. JCheals says:


    So I feel that carrying those weights in the recent days did impact the healing pace- I did not feel as much right away but I did later- but picking up the pace again now.

    Lesson learnt- don’t get impatient when you’re almost there, it can take us more steps backwarks than we’d like.

  66. JCheals says:


    Feeling great today.

    Last bit of pain is getting out too gradually! Not fully yet- but closer :)

  67. JCheals says:


    This is definitely a battle- and am seeing how resistant the last bit is- but if we keep going, stuff does get uprooted. Am feeling some of those roots have come off, some are still putting up a fight even though they are weakened. But because the battle belongs to the Lord, the victory has to be ours. But if we fight it in our own strength, we may not be able to get very far- so holding on to JC, and doing my bit too in practical terms.

    Waiting in anticipation for the next few days to unfold more things.

  68. healthyhappyrose says:

    Beautiful testimony here JCheals.
    Love to see someone looking to the Great Physician for healing and using the foods and herbs He has given us to be whole.
    Blessings to you~Rose

  69. JCheals says:


    As you would notice, I have two entries for day seventeen. Which means I am actually on day thiry nine already- just got my numbers wrong.

    So how do I feel on day thirty-nine?

    Great but the healing has not come through a 100% still. Its just the last bit that is left but its still there.

    I don’t know what my next step will be. I thought I might do another 40 days juicing after a little break. But I think I am going to sit on it for a few days and get a better feel of how my body feels with my regular raw lifestyle after this juicing stint.

    But still have another day to go. Who knows what I might have to say tomorrow!

    More tomorow.

  70. Ron says:

    Hi JCH, You could try a raw foods diet for a while, and add supplements for your specific condition. The stomach can handle a bigger regiment of vitamins when combined with food too! And you can add proteins; legumes, nuts, eggs and grains that are not in juices.

    Also, you will have more stamina with food, so you can be more active and strengthen your body. So there are pluses when eating again.

  71. JCheals says:


    Thanks Ron. Yes, eating has its upsides for sure.

    I do feel ready to eat. But I can tell, I could NEVER have done these 40 days without His grace. No way!!!

    How do I feel? Well, yesterday, I watched this which was powerful:

    I am certainly in a far far far better place than I was in on Day one- but when 100% is what we seek, 90% or 95% or even 99% does not feel good enough. So thats the bracket I am in right now.

    I do get a sense that eating will actually help at thsi stage. But would be happy to report when the 100% comes through.

    So Tom / Ron, do I close this page here since I am not juicing for a while? If it helps anyone, I could drop in to report when my 100% recovery does happen and I could summarize what helped most. In the alternate, I could post once in a while to report progress with my blood work on my raw vegan (eating plus juicing) lifestyle. Let me know what you think.

    Second to God, this reporting system has been key in me having come this far. It really has- accountability of some sort helps for sure.

    Thanks for all the encouragement! It meant a big big deal. You guys are awesome!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JCheals
      No just keep the page open. Your comments and additions are perfect and have left a path for many to follow. I have learned to shoot for the stars but accept my limits and the fact that nothing is perfect.
      But in time your body will fully recover. You have come such an incredible distance. Your spirit and recovery has often motivated me through the hard times. I just drove 14 hours to get around an landside. (entire mountain side) to go work in a new country for free and the brakes on the van died and we had to dump the van in some village in the mountains, then our bus was impounded in Manila, LA LA LA LOL. There are many times when I think, what am I doing? But then I just smile and keep going. Considering that you were almost crippled and you are now mobile is on the edge of a miracle. Today is a good day to give thanks.

  72. Ron says:

    Hi JCH, Congrats on your accomplishment!! You have done what few others have.

    Are we ever 100%? Sometimes years of pain…emotionally, spiritually and physically need more time to heal. Some never heal.

    There always seems to be room for improvement. I believe the Lord helps us to find our way gradually through “patience and prayer”! That is what the bible tells us. When we say we are “there”, we are at the beginning again…at least spiritually! The destination doesn’t always tell us anything, but the journey does.

    It took me over a year to acheive “most” of my physical healings! I still have a ways to go in many areas of my life. That is why fasting is as much a part of my life as eating is! Nothing compares to the way I feel when fasting. Fasting is an old friend that I have grown to love, and need! And I thank God, daily for giving me this friend.

    For me healing physically, is now second to the spiritual healing that I have, and do experience! As well as the many gifts from God that have been granted during fasting and prayer.

    The Lord has also given me a mini-ministry! I have gotten family and friends to change their lives forever, with the help of God, and fasting! It is a very deep emotional, and humbling experience for me. And I cannot thank the Lord enough!

    Through “prayer and patience”, the Lord will give you your “next” step towards the healing that you want, and the closeness you need to Him. All things are possible through the Lord! Just keep believing that YOU WILL BE HEALED!! I will keep praying for you as I have been. God Bless. Ron

    • JCheals says:

      Thanks Ron. Much appreciate your prayers.

      By 100%, I was referring to physical healing of the once fractured pelvis. I do believe its on the way.

      Well, its goodbye for now – unless I come back for another 40 days at some point down the line.

      God bless you and the team.

      P.S. Incidentally, I am not enjoying eating today. I thought I would but I am not. Missing juicing, can you beleive? Just made myself a huge glass of juice – and finally I feel satiated! Funny how the body adapts to whatever we give it :) What an amazing God we have !

  73. Ron says:

    JCH, I know it is physically you need healing.

    I was relating the “many” ways fasting is healing for me, and others. I started my “long term” fasting for physical healing. It is now much more!

    I hope that you keep fasting as a way of life, as I and many do.

  74. JCheals says:

    Thanks Tom / Ron.

    I am continuing to feel better- doing more veggies and salads than I did earlier. Loving my greens and avocado salads as also sprouts.

    Felt inspired to stop the calcium supplementation a couple days ago and get it all naturally through raw foods. Can’t seem to give up juicing entirely. So eating as well as juicing (atleast once a day).

    One thing I have learnt is that people blame a lot of things on avocados but avocados seem to work wonders for me. Its the nuts that mess up the balance. I absolutely feel to abstrain from nuts until my healing comes through fully. I have tried them for long enough to notice that they do not help me at all in the healing process. All they did for me in the past was to give energy- but they did nothing for the pain.

    I have learnt to listen to my body more than people – though I certainly test out many things qualified people tell me -just to see if it works for me. Most of the times it does not but what does work most often is what my body tells me. But because I could very well make mistakes, I do keep myself open enough to test all things and hold on to what is good.

    Tom, thanks for letting me keep this page- I certainly do hope that people in chronic pain stumble upon this page- and it encourages and motivates them to walk their way to their healing as God intended them to. Thanks also for sharing about your challenging journey, and its always good to hear that testimoonies like mine brings encouragement to you to keep going .and helping more people.

    More soon

  75. JCheals says:

    Am continuing to work on the remaining 8 to 10% healing that still needs to come through.

    Did some water meals alongside juice meals last couple days- and it sure helps.

    Another thing that seems to be helping once again is spirulina.

  76. JCheals says:

    Hey folks:

    I am feeling led to do a water / spirulina fast. Going for just one day right now. This morning I was reminded of the seven day water/spirulina fast I had done one time and all the pain had gone fully but I had made a mistake of carrying weights right after and ended up harming myself after the recovery (have explained it in one of my posts above).

    So this time, I need to listen closer to what I must do – a step at a time. But feeling very optimistic. Kind of feeling that I am learning to not eat for comfort (like I did at times in the past) but to eat for health. Feels like I am getting stripped of the wrong relationship with food. Wonder if that makes sense?

  77. Ron says:

    Hi JCH, I meant to tell you that mold is in many nuts. So, you may do well to stay away from certain mold producing foods like: mushrooms, grapes, most cheeses. etc. You might want to get a list online of these foods and test them. Mold triggers migraine headaches for my wife.

    As I related before, it may take awhile to be completely healed “physically”. Being infirm for so long sometimes needs some considerable time to be erradicated. You seem to be dedicated to what is important for your body. You will get there!

  78. JCheals says:


    Do you know anyone who has had success with juicing in more serious cases like shoulder dislocations? I came across soemone who needs help who is alreayd on medication and considering surgical replacement.

    Uness God heals it, is there any juicing advice for someone in that condition?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JCheals.
      A 30 day juice fasting can heal ligaments can reduce pain and inflamation. And fasting is the best to prepare for any sugery. Nothing lost in fasting.
      Note: We are about 5 hours from Sagada and it will be good to be home. Papua New Guinea was intense. Good to get back to normal life in paradise.

  79. Ron says:

    Hi JCH, Anything is possible in the Lord! Fasting will help with inflammation and eventually pain. But joint problems and broken bones need professional treatment in most cases. Fasting can help. But is not always a solution for those issues.

    Before committing to surgery please tell your friend to get different opinions. There is no going back after the knife!

    Cleansing and detoxing your body is always good, and will help with the healing process in any situation. And prayer is a miracle healer as you know! I will pray for your friend. Ron

  80. JCheals says:

    Thanks Tom/ Ron for your inputs and Tom- good to have you back.

    On my front, I did not get very far with my spirulina fast- and am now back to a season of cabbage salads among other things.

    I am almost back to normal but I do feel a pinch somewhere in my right pelvis (possibly a nerve) which pulls on both ends and has so far kept me from being 100% pain free. But then this is the very spot which was the worst hit- so its not surprising that it is taking the longest. I did feel some more improvement with the cabbage salad- now sure what the co-relation is but it seems to help.

    Medically, the MRI did not capture any pinched nerve- so not sure if it is a pinched nerve or just a deep injury which needs more healing time. Will be doing my blood work sometime this week – so lets see where I stand at this point .

    Wondering if I should explore the physiotherapy option or just let it heal gradually. What remains is so minor that it is almost an irritant- but because it is stubborn, I feel I do need to fight it out.

    I continue to feel great otherwise.

    Ron, re nuts and other mold forming foods- that is an interesting observation. I do not know enough to explain the science behind it but I seem to agree from my experience that dry nuts and seeds are probably not as much of a health food as they are promoted to be.

    More soon.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JCheals,
      Back in the saddle and catching. Papua New Guinea was a huge even. It was like every door was open and the country hungry for change.
      Jamie is well respected as a leader and everyone new him. I look forward to going back in a few months to take things to the next level.
      As to your healing, there is already so much healing that I would wait and see what your body does. If the problem is still there after 6 month then I would go for physiotherapy.
      But on the other side if treatment is free and you have the time go for it.

      • JCheals says:

        Thanks Tom for the update. Awesome to hear stories of breakthroughs. Feels like the roads are really taking us back to Genesis 1:29 or perhaps forward to Revelation 22:2. Blesings to you and your team in your endeavors to reach out and help those who can’t seem to get breakthroughts any other way.

        As for me, am doing better each day. I seem to have more energy than I can use- so really catching up on as much as I can.

  81. JCheals says:

    I haven’t still gotten my blood-work done for the month but will sooon.

    In the meanwhile, I have introduced bananas back into my routines along with lots of greens. Yes, green smoothies are working great for me once again.

    Last friday, I actually danced and ran around quite a bit. Yesterday, I ran for a bit again. Wow- I am loving it- just to be able to run.

    Feeling the remaining pain leave slowly.

    Actually, what helped even more yesterday was a declaration of Psalm 23. We were talking about the insecurity that comes when we make anything or anyone except the Lord our security. Yes, I have to use the wisdom God gives me and follow His leading as best as I can, but having done that I have to remind myself that THE LORD is our Shepherd and in Him alone am I healed, in Him alone is my security.

    If I amy, I am going to paste Psalm 23 below- for the benefit of anyone who needs to say it too:


    The Lord is my shepherd,
    I shall not want;
    He makes me lie down in green pastures.
    He leads me beside still waters;
    He restores my soul.
    He leads me in paths of righteousness
    for His name’s sake.

    Even though I walk through the valley
    of the shadow of death,
    I fear no evil;
    for You are with me;
    Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
    all the days of my life;
    and I shall dwell in the house of the
    Lord forever.

    More soon…..

  82. JCheals says:

    Green smoothies and green salads – are doing wonders.

    Some useful combinations that work for me:

    Bananas and Spinach
    Bananas and Mustard Greens
    Bananas and Collard greens
    Bananas and Kale
    Bananas and Dandelion greens

    People add other fruits too- but I personally prefer to stick to bananas or at the most mangoes- but there are ocasional exceptions.

    The beauty of green smoothies is that it makes one crave and appreciate greens even more- so I end up comsuming a whole lot of green everyday. And I absolutely love it.
    “Green leaves for the healing of the nations”………right?

    Haven’t left juicing- still juice whenever I crave juices – loving the orange juice this season.

    Feeling stronger and stronger. Getting closer and closer to the finish line :)

    • JCheals says:

      Walking longer distance with more ease- even enjoyed walking long distance in the rain (with my umbrealla of course). Don’t think I have enjoying walking in the rain as much since early childhood years!. Seem to have lots of energy. Getting closer to the 100% mark.

      Yes, continuing to crave lots of greens. spinach, mustard, kale collard, romaine lettice, various chinese greens. Vegetables too- especially cabbage (both green and purple), carrots, zuchini, green beans, broccoli etc.

      For sure vegetables and greens are a powerhouse for reconstruction work as well as maintenance.

      This week mainly did fruits like papaya, peaches, apples, cantilopes, pineapple, oranges, grapefruits, tomatos, limes, not to forget lots of avocados (but in combination with greens, not with sweet fruit).

      Did my blood-work today. Will know the results in a few days. Will update.

  83. JCheals says:

    Okay so I did get my blood report. Doc says it looks great overall. The bone turnover rate (from Alkaline Phosphatase test) has reduced but still not completely within the normal range. Let me repeat, the normal range is 45-129u/l. Mine was 992 to begin with in Jan 2010. My last blood report showed 184- and now it is down to 173. So not quite there yet- but closer.

    My observation is that the count came down quite a bit during exclusive juicing and been gradual since. Almost makes me wonder if I need to do another 40 days.

    Better I do it before the winter approaches if I do- or maybe I should stick with one solid meal a day and juice the rest of the time.

    Siting on it for a few days before I figure my next step. Am doing great otherwise. Have increased my physical activities quite a bit but have to use wisdom.

    More later

  84. JCheals says:

    Thanks Tom-sure would be interesting to read the info you’ve found.

    At my end, I feel directed back to Revelation 22:2 – back to green leaves “for the healing of the nations.”

    Feeling a further breakthrough- but will report a little later.

  85. JCheals says:


    I felt led to juice yet again. Not sure if it will be for a week or shorter or longer- but I started yesterday afternoon.

    Also noticing that I don’t feel good with the supplements anymore. Feeling the need to cut down on them- have skipped for a couple days- and feel I need to watch out now- and consume in a very limited measure if at all. Feeling good with the break.

    Am feeling good with juicing- especially the greens.

  86. JCheals says:


    Thsi time, so far, I have not tried to juice fruits and greens together except for neutral ones like tomatoes, clery and cumcumbers.

    Doing greens separately. Unlike previous times, whe I added warm water to the green juices to get a warm soupy flavor, this time I am doing it even without the warm water- just juice- and it surely seems far more effective. Surely, the heat does seem to take something away for the body to not be able to benefit form it fully.

    That’s it for now. So far so good. Feeling even stronger this time, no temptation to eat so far. The results keep me motivated- not to forget the grace which got me started in the first place.

  87. JCheals says:


    Guys, this is really working. I have been off all supplementation- and am on greens in a new way apart from fruits. Will chalk out the details later, but just wnted you to know I am better than ever befoe.

    The difference is obvious on just the third day. The final breakthrough is here- the pain in the most stubborn spot came down this morning. Things can only get beter now!

    Revelation 22:2 works. It indeed works. But it has also changed thigns inside of me- I don’t think one can juice and not be impacted on the inside!

  88. JCheals says:


    “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

    I seem to agree that it is always truth at some level that sets us free- whether it be about the choices we make or the disposition of our hearts- only facing the truth can set anyone free! The more of it we face, the more free we get. I guess between being kind and being right, it may be better to be kind; but not so kind that we lose the truth to the kindness!

    Anyway, for this season, I am once again getting to experience the truth about green leaves – spinach, collard greens, kale, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, spirulina to mention just a few. Spirulina is proving powerful in my case for sure.

    I can literally tell the difference each day! Now that the pain is gone in all my body except one specific spot, it is easy to recognize the improvement. I have been off suplementation completely for a few days and am feeling better- but I am not saing that the supplements did not help me, they certainly did help- but not by themselves. Supplementation (vitmain D and calcium) without juicing was bringing about gradual improvement- but the improvment became dramatic only once I started to juice.

    It is funny that the supplements did help normalize my numbers in the blood work but did not help me feel much better. Juicing helped normalize my number to a lesser degree than the supplements but it sure helped me feel a whole lot better. That tells me that the numbers are not always an accurate description of how one feels- at least not in the initial stages. Or maybe I just don’t know enough science. I am just putting two and two together based on my reports corresponding to the juicing (and not juicing) periods.

    Also, I was so grateful for the sunshine coming right through my window today- to give me a big Vitmain D dose (now that I am off the supplement). New mercies every morning!

    Am doing the blood work next week- so will update on what shows on my blood reports this time without the supplements and with the juicing.

  89. JCheals says:


    Better still. I now realize that all the pain originated here in this spot. Even the right leg felt shorter because of this. If it is a pinched nerve, the MRI did not capture it. Whatever else it is, seems to be gradualy yielding to juicing.

  90. JCheals says:


    Felt inspired to add back fresh aloe vera and fresh turmeric root to my juices.

    Am also experimenting with cayenne pepper once again- adding it to the juice. It worked in the past, and then I took break from it, and now just re-experimenting.

    Today’s green juices included – mustard greens, romaine lettice, tomatoes, fresh turmeric root, fresh ginger root, aloe vera, cayenne pepper, green onions

    Today’s fruit juices included: cantilope, pineapple, apples

    Well, am again juicing greens and fruits together atleast for one juice meal.

    Its kind of neat how the body begins to speak when we test all things and hold on what is good. It is an ongoing testing process but it has certainly been worth the time and effort-considering that my life is back to normal again.

    Pain in that one last spot (in the right pelvis) is coming down- but still feeling a pinch.

    Waiting and watching how long the last of the pain is going to stay in there. I am not settling for anything but complete eviction!

  91. JCheals says:


    Guys, most of my pain is gone. Maybe, the last three to four percent is left, maybe less. Got some prayer too yesterday. So, it could be a combination of both juicing and prayers. bu the point is it is almost gone :)


    Thanks to the One who leads me, guides me and heals me.

  92. JCheals says:


    Today, I had my fourth swim lesson and just got over the fear of drowning (which I had lived with all these years!).

    Just learnt to float -not much beyond that yet – but I could float atleast 40 feet worth of length- that was a BIG BIG BIG deal for me – was able to let go of the walls for the first time where I was stuck for the last three classes and was surviving on floaters really. Had tried learning to swim about fifteeen years ago too – but had miserably failed. Today, I really felt like I got a major breakthrough.

    How is that linked to juicing? I don’t know but it is. The body sure feels more in harmony with the water, maybe? Have lots of energy for sure- far more than average.

    Not rid of the pain fully yet. I know now that the pain in the pelvis is not in the bone- it is somewhere in the flesh. Maybe somethign to do with nerves (dont know enough science to know better!) – ayway it is something that the MRI was not able to capture.

    So still waiting for the last bit of pain to leave. It is acting stubborn- but so am I ( in a good way)- and its hold is loosening from around my pelvis for sure.

  93. JCheals says:


    POWER OF SLEEP – Noticing the power of sleep and healing work that happens during sleep. I always feel great when I get up without an alarm- but the days I cut my sleep short with an alarm, I can tell the difference (in the healing) though I am still very energentic.

    In my experience, sleeping well is key. Just eating well and fresh air, water and exercise is not good enough.

    SLOW-DOWN BY IMPATIENCE - It suddenly dawned upon me today that I could be responsible for slowing down my own healing. Yes, I was so excited about being able to do all the things that I had not been able to do for two years that I did not wait for complete healing to come through. I started to run, jump and dance a little prematurely (also walking long distances). So that is what it could be. What do I call that? Impatience, right?

    I am going to try and slow down now and see if that makes a differece (coupled with juicing)- I seem to think it will.

  94. JCheals says:


    Forty days is what I feel I am to do. I started of with juicing this time taking a day at a time- but as I continued, I felt His grace once again- am enjoying juicing every bit- and I just know I am heading in the right direction.

    Yes, I am better still – but not as quick as I would like- but atleast I am making some progress (opposed to hitting the plateau which I did just before I started juicing.

    But can only reiterate that juicing is not just about the physical body- there is much more cleansing that seems to happen at a heart-level than at a physical level- but can’t really compare.

  95. JCheals says:


    Yes, now as I rest more, the remaining pain in that deep spot (in the back of the pelvis) is surfacing as it is getting healed -if that makes sense. The pain has surfaced but spread a little bit to the surrounding area. Almost feels like digging for a well and when one finally gets to the water, the water flows over if we dig deeper than the water level – around it (if that were practically possible). Not the best analogy but could not think of a better one right now.

    The digging job is done by juicing coupled with resting and sleeping enough.

    Also, I felt inspired to add the vitmain D and calcium supplements back- to the juices. Will check a week and see if it makes the healing any faster in combination with rest and juicing.

    Yes, I know I have been going back and forth with the vitmains- but I need to keep testing with and without- to know the difference.

  96. JCheals says:


    I feel even better today. Also, I feel like the final countdown has begun!

  97. JCheals says:


    The pain is out from that deep places in my right pelvis- it has surfaced almost fully- so it is leaving from the surface too and it reduces each day. I can easily say that only the abslute last fragment remains now- not more than 5%-maybe less.

    Amazing amazing amazing. Speaking for myself, it sure helped to pay heed to the inner voice even if it meant making some mistakes and learning from them.


    I feel like I need to check out vegetable juicing only. (with tomatoes, limes, etc. included).

    Not sure how I am going to do it- never done it before (exclusively). Not sure I have the courage to do it- but I still feel like I am supposed to try. Well, can try atleast for a day and check if out.

    Not best to juice in the winters- so am back to adding warm water to my green juices- to get warmed up. I want to be fully healed before this year passes me by- so am doing everything that I sense I should do. So tomorrow is going to be a daring day indeed.

  98. JCheals says:

    DAY TWENTY FOUR (today, feel led to add one veggie/green salad a day (on some days) and juice all other meals.

    So I still feel inspired to do the vegetable juicing- but felt to eat them too. So starting today, am veggie juices and raw vegetables and salads- with non-sweet fruits like tomatoes and avocados. But will eat only one time a day- but possible that I go some days without eating at all and choose to only juice.

    So I am prepared for atleast one week of veggy/green juices – with NO sweet fruit. Somethinn I am trying for the first time. Lets see how it works. May prolong it depending on how things go and what I sense in my body.

  99. JCheals says:


    Today morning I actually tried to see if I could feel any pain with different movements- but I could not feel it except with one particular movement. But the pain is very faint in cmparison to earlier.

    What did I do?

    1/ First an foremost, I got inspired to ask for prayer from a special Christian couple ( that came to mind – as they prayed, the Lord showed them that the pain would go very soon and that I was to do a couple exercises (knee bends while lying down and also lifting the legs up and then down. I followed that every single day for the last few days and it certainly helped. Thank you Jesus.

    2. Have had no sweet fruit since November 4. Had lots and lots of greens and some carrot juice. (spinach, collard greens, limes, avocados, green onions, hot green peppers, ginger, aloe vera, carrots, cabbage).

    3. Yes hot green pepper was a new introduction- but I felt inspired to add them to my juices and greens- and I think they worked very well.

    4. I have been trying t discipline my sleeping – by going to bed before midnight- and been sleeping more than my five to 6 hours- have done almost 8 hous every other day. Am working towards retiring to bed even earlier- so that I can get up early and yet get at least seven hours of sleep. That sure makes a big difference.

    5. Did go for my blood work on friday- will tell the progress after I get the report.

  100. JCheals says:

    My staple these days (juices as well as salads):

    Apart from fresh air, rest and sleep:

    1. Greens (spring mix, swiss chard, kale, spinach),
    2. Cabbage, beets, carrots
    3. Tomatoes, green onions, ginger, limes
    5. Avocados
    5. Fresh mung sprouts

    Healing- not complete still but very close.

  101. JCheals says:

    Blood work report has arrived. Alkaline phosphates has come down to 151 from 173. Closer to the normal range (45 to 129) since my update on September 27.

  102. JCheals says:



    I am writing one too – but want to wait until a 100% to write more.That makes a four of us. I was thinking of giving this link (to this page) in my book when I am done- if you are o k with it. Of course, I will edit this page before I give this link. Would you let me know if thats ok with you? If not, any suggestion?

    I sure hope the book/s will help several othes.


    So today I felt inspired to add back blueberries and bananas- just had a banana blueberry smoothie today. Don’t feel inspired to add any other fruit yet.

  103. JCheals says:

    I am absolutely loving greens this season- more than ever.

    Still a little way to go for the 100% -seems like I need to get at least seven hours of sleep each night- eight is great if I am able to sleep that long. I did a few short nights these few days gone by- so can tell the difference it makes (healing slows down) when I sleep less. (I barely slept about 3 to four hours a night for
    four to five nights.).

    Big lesson- one sure way (at least for me) to find out how much difference sleep makes is to check out sleeping less some days and see if the chronic pain increases or decreases. When the body is not in pain, it is harder to tell the difference.

  104. JCheals says:


    Very close but not a 100% yet. Great forty days but I cannot really call this fasting- I just love this life-style. Must say that more happened in ways other than physical healing (I mean breakthroughs) during this period, and one of these days this break-through will be complete too. Thanks to JC.

  105. JCheals says:

    I feel to focus on the word of God more (in addition to taking the practical steps in terms of eating healthy). I am almost there but not quite there in terms of 100% healing.

    I am looking to JC to complete the good work He has started in me.

    Will keep this page updated of key developments.

    Incidentally, I ate some raw sunflower seeds today after a long season of not having eaten nuts and seeds. I did not enjoy eating them though I did in the past. But I don’t feel inclined to eat them again- not for a while at least. Lets see.

  106. JCheals says:

    It seems like I never know what my body is going to tell me the next day. Today, I felt inspired to have a handful of walnuts. Did not seem to particularly enjoy them- but I ate them anyway. Am also begining to slowly add back other fruits.

    Tonight, I also felt inspired to sprout more regularly- so I guess I am going to be making that addition and testing that out.

    Swimming should help too. Still doing my weekly swim lessons- feel great in the water- good exercise for my pelvis.

    Amazing how much time the last tiny bit of pain takes to leave. The pain is not deep anymore. It is barely there some days but some days when I carry anythign heavy or don’t eat regularly enough or don’t sleep enough, I feel some pain return.

    In other words, I have to take care to not go too long without eating which I sometimes do for one reason or another. I need to avoid carrying much weights for a while longer and sure I need to get enough sleep- the discipline sure helps.

    The scripture that comes to me for healing today – is strangely Psalm 91- well not that strange- it is quite all encompassing.

  107. JCheals says:

    Today it was really windy in the evening when I went out for a walk- and it got worse on the way back. In that instant, I was reminded that last year this time, winds used to terrify me and I used to literally get blown away by the winds in the direction of the winds because my body was so fragile and in so much pain that it was easy for it to lose balance. I had to literally struggle to walk in the wind and did so only because at times, I had no choice but to walk.

    How grateful I felt today for the distance I have come since then. Winters no longer scare me- I still don’t particularly like them but atleast I know I can withstand it.

    Grateful indeed!

  108. JCheals says:

    So today, during my swim lessons, as I began to practice kicking while floating- I noticed that my kicks were not very strong to begin with – but it sure did exercise my pelvis- but as I practiced on, the kicks got a little stronger- but I think the kicking has more or less the same effect as the exercised the Lord showed that couple who prayed for me- because that feel the same in effect as the kicking in water.

    So now, I am continuing to juice/ eat healthy- but I am alongside also being more regular with the physical disciplines which exercie my pelvis like swimming and ground exercises that stretch the pelvis. The last bit IS stubborn, tiny little bit as it may be. But I am not letting it sit or hide.

  109. JCheals says:

    Better but not a hundred percent pain-free. The couple exercises I mentioned above are really helping strengthen whatever needs strengthening.

    I tried eating nuts and seeds for a few days – I am really not sure if they help me at all. The pain seems more pronounded after I eat them and it kind of messes up the natural balance that comes with eating fresh fruits and vegetables or even sprouts.

    Sprouts are better than nuts but on the relative scale, I think my body responds best when I stick with just fresh fruits and vegetables- that way I can listen to my body the best, and the healing comes more efficiently.

  110. JCheals says:

    I stopped eating nuts and seeds- have not had them since I last wrote- and can confidently say that my body heals better and faster without nuts and seeds. I had been on and off them a few times since last March but each time, I came to the same conclusion in the end -though initially I always felt good. May work for others- but I feel better and safer without nuts and seeds.

    Exercises are definitely helping and so is eating wisely and juicing, but there is one more things that is helping big-time but I’ll write about it when my healing come through fully.

  111. JCheals says:

    Will be going in from my bloodwork tomorrow or day after. Excited to see what the results will show!

  112. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jcheals
    I sent you am email but you did not respond. I need to contact you are this book on osteoporosis is well underway. Can you send me an email using the contact form at the top of the page? I would like for you to review the book.

  113. JCheals says:

    Hi Tom:

    Sorry I haven’t been on this page for a while. Will check your email and reply back.

    I still have not got back my blood report from the doc yet- it got dealyed with the Christmas/New Year holidays. I have to confess I am not a 100% yet though very close. Its like that main pocket of pain opened up with juicing (yes I juiced again for seven days) and now everythign is spilling out- but the spill has not cleaned up yet.

    Its is taking longer than I thought- I guess the injury was deeper than I thought.