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Progress Report – Deaunna Evans

Reasons for Fasting:
I’ve had low energy lately and feeling a little depressed so that’s my cue that it’s time for another fast. I also want to loose weight and get rid of the acid crystals that have built up in my joints that cause me a lot of stiffness and pain.

Intended Length of Fast: 8 days
Name: Deaunna  Evans
Site User Name: Swim Mom
City, State and Country: Spring Hill, TN, USA
Sex: F
Weight: Way to chunky at 165lbs
Height: 5’5”
Proposed Fasting Method: 5 day Water Only 3 day juice
Past Fasting Experience: I regularly take a 24 hr fast the first Sunday of each month w/out food or water for religious reasons. Over the past 8 years I have done at least semi annual internal organ cleanses that required 5 day juice fasting. I have recently been educating myself on the benefits of water fasting (Miracle of Fasting at this site), so I have successfully completed 2 five day water only fast.

Present Diet: I eat heathfully at mealtimes however I have sugar cravings especially after a meal. I also have trouble with late night unhealthful carb snacking of which I would love to find a solution.

Relevant Medical History: In 1984 I had a baseball size brain tumor surgically removed however there was residual tumor that was inoperable. Seven years later the tumor had regrown so back onto the table I went, but again, with residual tumor being inoperable. After a couple of years an MRI showed the tumor to be growing again and was now size 3cm x 4cm. It was then I started doing internal cleanses, using juice fasting and herbal formula’s. 2 years later a routine MRI showed NO TUMOR OR RESIDUAL GROWTH! Pretty cool, huh! Juice fasting and internal organ cleansings enabled my body to rid itself of that pesky brain tumor better than any army of doctors costing over 50 thousand dollars! Present Medical Problems: Painful aching and stiff joints, which by the way, I am completely pain free beginning on day 3 of fasting- so I don’t think it is rocket science to assume that I have food alergies that are causing my pain (inflamation).

State of Mind: I’m very happily married and content with my spiritual and temporal life.
Limitations: none

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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One Response to Progress Report – Deaunna Evans

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Deaunna,
    So great to have you fasting as you can already feel the difference in your body in only three days. Thanks for the evidence that juicing and heal cancer and assist the body to remove tumors. Looking forward to more good news as you continue your fast.