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Progress Report – Luiza

Reasons for Fasting: Weight loss/ break food adiction / spiritual reasons
Intended Length of Fast: 21 days
First Name: Luiza
(Optional) Last Name:
Site User Name: luizarios
City, State and Country: Wigan, England
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Weight: 191 lbs
Height: 1.61m
Proposed Fasting Method: Water mostly
Past Fasting Experience: 3 days water fast, 5 days water fast, 11 days water fast
Present Diet: trying to keep low calories but have a bad food adiction, don’t eat much during the days but at night time I can eat a ridiculous amount of sweets and junk food in general
Relevant Medical History: Underactive thyroid
Present Medical Problems:
State of Mind:
Limitations: none

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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3 Responses to Progress Report – Luiza

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Luiza,
    Entering a water fast from a toxic diet can be an exercise in pain.
    How about buying a juicer to start and break the fast with.