Progress Report of Janet

Intended Length of Fast: 40 Days–beginning June 1st
First Name: Janet
Site User Name: janet
City, State and Country: Seattle, WA USA
Sex: Female
Age: 56
Weight: 335 at present (360 all time high on 5/10/10)
Height: 6’0”
Proposed Fasting Method: Juice/Water
Past Fasting Experience: Longest previous fast–21 days, June 2009
Present Diet: Standard American Diet high in sugar–on which I gradually gained all the weight I lost last year during my 21 day fast–plus 10 lbs. Although I did manage to keep last year’s fasting weight off for several months before I gradually went back to the old ways. From Since May 10, 2010 on I have been on a fasting prequel. 1 cup organic coffee in AM/protein shake late morning or early afternoon/green juice (from powder) mixed with bottled red veggie juice from Trader Joe’s and organic chicken broth in evening.
Relevant Medical History: Very healthy for being so overweight, but I can tell it won’t last much longer if I don’t change my ways permanently.
Present Medical Problems: 160 pounds overweight, and starting to have angina. It’s under control as long as I take cayenne pepper and garlic. But something’s wrong because it comes back at if I get at all lax in taking the capsules. My ankles were swelling badly but it totally cleared up since being on the pre-fast. I figure if anything can fix whatever is wrong, it will be an extended fast.
State of Mind: Good. I think it helped to go on the 3 week prep with the protein shakes. It took me two weeks past the time I wanted to start last year to get myself talked into fasting because I didn’t want to give up eating. I’ve already got that part taken care of. Now I need to get busy and get prepped. As in, get out the juicer, get a juicing recipe book from the library, and get a supply of the appropriate fresh fruits and veggies. My most motivating factors for starting on June 1st are I’m finally tired of the protein shakes and my weight loss may be beginning to slow. Also if I start on the 1st it will be simple to keep track of what day I am on of the fast. I’m looking forward to getting started. This site was a huge help to me last year, although I never posted anything.
Limitations: Have big family so I have a lot to do and can’t just kick back and mediate, although, my husband is very good about cooking.
Other Issues: I plan on doing juice when I need energy and water when I can take it a bit easier. Although, I would like to water fast after I get through the first few days of juice, I’m not sure if I can. I need to take the cayenne and garlic capsules. I do put some powder straight into the veggie juice, but not enough for what I need to take. Also during last year’s fast on about day 18, I broke out in red spots across my abdomen. It looked like measles. It took about a week to clear up after I stopped at 21 days. I wasn’t sure if it was a reaction to the juice ingredients i.e. citrus, or a healing crisis. Hope it doesn’t happen again. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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2 Responses to Progress Report of Janet

  1. thenewme_2010 says:

    Hello Janet, I am currently on a fast as well I am starting on water first to get the detox over quickly and then its on juice for the healing and repairing my body. I wish you the best of luck. We can do this together if you would like. My email is I am very excited about loosing this weight. Currently I am 250 and would like to loose 130 lbs. Sounds like alot but I can do it and you can to. Glad to hear you did this last year and made it 21 days thats great.

  2. Richard says:

    Nice to see another person from Seattle.
    Add my email to the round robin encouragement. The only way I did it last time was other folk emailed me and we encouraged each other. Many hands make “fast” work…. I am starting today which is Monday also.
    God bless…Richard