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Progress Report of Leslie

Reasons for Fasting: Weight loss, increase energy

Intended Length of Fast: 30 days

First Name:Leslie

Site User Name: sunny

City, State and Country: Miami, FL, USA


Age: 38



Proposed Fasting Method: Juice Fasting

Past Fasting Experience: Attended wellness center and did 1 and 2 week fasts.

Present Diet: Vegetarian but succumb to latte’s and chocolate

Relevant Medical History: None

Present Medical Problems: None

State of Mind: Good, ready to feel better

2 young kids to cook for and need to shop for the family.  I almost caved in at Whole Foods this morning.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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2 Responses to Progress Report of Leslie

  1. sunny says:

    Today is day 2 of my juice fast. I am still experimenting with different juice recipes to find ones I like. I am finding the vegetable juice more challenging. Today I did spinach, carrots, celery and one apple. I had a pineapple juice that was fantastic.

    I started at 176.6 pounds yesterday morning. This morning I was down to 174.4 and tonight already 172.6.

    It was hard baking cookies for the kids tonight for their party at school tomorrow but I resisted the temptation. I just keep looking back at pictures of me before I had kids.

    Overall, I feel pretty good. I get a little sleepy. This morning I had a quite unpleasant bowel movement but glad it is out. I scheduled a colonic for tomorrow afternoon.

    Do you recommend taking anything like smooth move? Right now I am only taking a multi vitamin and flax seed oil. Any recommendations or advice are welcome.

  2. bella83 says:

    I commend you for your determination. How are you doing today?