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Progress Report Rebecca

Reasons for Fasting: I am 130 lbs over weight. I am very upset with myself for getting like this. I want to beat PCOS( polycystic ovarian disease.)

Intended Length of Fast: 17 day water only fast

First Name: Rebecca

Site User Name: thenewme_2010

City, State and Country: Indiana, USA

Sex: Female

Age: 29

Weight: 260


Proposed Fasting Method:Water only (distilled water)

Past Fasting Experience: Several small fast

Present Diet:Anything that sounds good

Relevant Medical History: PCOS

Present Medical Problems:None

State of Mind:Excited about this fast for weight loss. Upset that I let my body get this big.


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18 Responses to Progress Report Rebecca

  1. thenewme_2010 says:

    Hello All, Today is the beginning of a 17 day water fasting Journey. I am doing this to loose weight and for spiritual growth also. I would love some followers to help me get to the top of the stairs. God Bless. Got to see how much weight I can loose by June 20 thats when my family and I are going to Florida on vacation.

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Fasting has transformed many lives of which I am one. It is always good to have goals to motivate. You have fasted before so you know what to expect. Weight gain is a result of lifestyle that is built by our thought processes that when repeated become neurological pathways hardwired into our brains that will always be there. Fasting is a journey of creating new pathways. Biblically: Renewing the mind.

  3. Once says:

    Hi Rebecca, how is your fast going? I just wanted to give encouragement, and say that water fasting is very extreme and difficult, and might not leave you in optimal condition for a pleasant vacation. With the little time you have before you go – you want to start the weight loss, but still have plenty of energy for fun! If the water fast becomes too much – I would try to have a combination of juice and a couple of small healthy meals morning and evening – fruit, yoghurt, salads, vegetable soups, and start walking as much as you can. For the polycystic disease, moderate calorie restriction, a vegetarian diet (even temporarily) and almost everything you eat should have nutritional and healing value.

    The weight will come off fast enough, but you ought to give it 3 to 6 months, and then you will become fit and lean, and be able to increase your energy and immune system. If you are interested, read about the CRON diet – it’s really interesting, the research they’ve done, and although it’s another extreme approach, there are aspects that I find useful for maintaining control. Don’t be upset with yourself – that only allows the extreme eating habits to get worse!

  4. thenewme_2010 says:

    Hi Once,
    Thanks for the encouragement its really needed. Having a rough time today is day 3 and its not easy. If I get to weak I will switch to juice for a few day. I am wanting to drop 10 to 15 lbs for vacation and the rest when i get back. I will look up the CRON diet and see what it is thanks. Have you went on a water fast before? I have decided to water fast first to see fast results. Do you know if its ok to drink a little crystal light and decaff tea with water? Thanks for responding to me. It was nice for someone to give encouragement. Hope to get to talk to you again.

    • Once says:

      Hi Rebecca, how’s it going?

      I’ve done some very short water fasts, but usually have to end them because of migraines and family stress. You can’t have stress and constant running around after 6 kids (even the grown ones! – They create the most drama) while on a water fast. It’s supposed to be a quiet reflective healing experience.

      Generally you don’t drink anything but water on a water fast – and that means no vitamins, supplements, or other drinks. Some people do have herbal teas, but it’s basically just water. When you switch to juices, teas are good, and vegetable broth with cayenne pepper and a drop of lemon juice (to replace the salt) is delicious and warming and aids w/your weight loss. You can then add liquid vitamins to your juice for optimum nutrition. Good luck!

  5. ERobinM says:

    Hi Rebecca! i am new here and starting my Water Fast again as well, i am currently 244 down from 350 and have dropped 19lbs since last friday and i would be more than happy to be a “Fasting Buddy” if you would like one =-} and its rough but we can do it! =-} ~Robin~

  6. ERobinM says:

    Kk Mine is and tht sounds good =-} Im a Holistic Healer so I Truly Love Fasting and the positive effects it has on the body Lol an i was very happy to find this site and found it by accident Lol

  7. ERobinM says:

    Oh and i forgot to say tonight at day almost 8 as i was cooking for my husband and kids(5 of them Lol) i was so nauseated! at first sensation i thought it was a hunger pain coming on but the smell of the thick gravy i was making made me literally sick so tht made me happy Lol odd sounding i know but i was! =-}

  8. ERobinM says:

    Lol Ty Tom and i was very happy to find your site! Its a Wonderful thing of knowledge and support system you have, i have read numerous stories and was so very happy for them and even the ones who fell here and there had a place they could come because it is hard and harder when you have nobody with the physical knowledge of what you go through.. so here.. they have that and i mean myself as well Lol Oh and i did a newbie introduction but.. i do believe its on another page under the wrong category Lol Today it was down to 242.. My downfall is.. im a scale addict and i do mean a 3-4 time check a day addict.. i cant seem to break the habit and i go nuts(cranky,very moody etc) when i do NOT have a scale..=-S

  9. ERobinM says:

    I did forget to ask.. how do i look at profiles? its probably where im not reading on how to look at them Lol im weird,usually when i fast i get sluggish for about 30 minutes but then its like im hyper,and my attention span?? i wont even go there! Lol so when someone says “remember i showed you this or that” i look at em an say..hmm you probably did..Lol so please bear with me i really do have all my marbles Lol

  10. thenewme_2010 says:

    Today is day 4 doing good.

  11. thenewme_2010 says:

    I am posting videos starting today of this spiritual / weight loss/ cure for PCOS and overall health. 60 days is my goal. Working on a site to post my videos as soon as I get one I will post it for any followers and people to encourage me.