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Progress Report-Robin

Intended Length of Fast: 30 Day

First Name:Robin

Site User Name:ERobinM

City, State and Country:



Weight:242 lbs

Height: 5’1

Proposed Fasting Method: Water Fasting

Past Fasting Experience:Water went good.

Present Diet:None

Relevant Medical History:Thyroid Cancer,High Blood Pressure,Headaches

Present Medical Problems:None

State of Mind:right now? cranky and tired Lol

Limitations:I’m a stay at home mom and home school so None.
Ok so its the 8th day and this is my 1st 30day water fast.  The other 2 water fasts were for 17 days.  I was 350lbs the first time and lost 48lbs.  The second fast lost 42lbs I have went from 259 to 242 in these 8 days. I am doing it for weight loss because I was 115 and thyroid cancer pushed me up to the 350 in 4 months…so im doing this One for 30 days then taking a week or 2 break and going  for another 30day water fast.. Today for some reason i am very irritable and i will feel hungry then not even 5 minutes later get nauseous but i vented to my Husband who is supportive of me and i feel somewhat better.. is it just me or does kids etc decide to really show more attitude when we least need them to??  like today..Lol   The other 2 fasts i did pics but i watched Keith’s videos(which i bookmarked Lol) an really thought it was a good idea to video these last 2 fasts i want to do..

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22 Responses to Progress Report-Robin

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Robin,
    42 lbs weight loss in 8 days of fasting is very rapid. Do you have any problem with water retention? Great to have you with us. Please encourage others.

  2. ERobinM says:

    Oh that wasnt from this fast Lol that was the first 2 -17 day fasts-.. i wish it was though Lol this 8 day out of 30 so far im only down 17lbs =-) and today was a sluggish day for me and yesterday i was cranky and not feeling to good..Lol but now im feeling better so hopefully tomorrow is better or this fast will be very unliked but.. i wont stop Lol so if i stay cranky then i do.. =-) but i do however have water retention very bad even when more slender i usually keep a size or two bigger close because if i eat the wrong thing i wake up the next day swollen from face to toes Lol the fasts i do are for this weight but for the thyroid itself and blood pressure because frankly im sick of them Lol an im sorry for putting post here an there where im sure they didnt go Lol but im calming down enough down to enough to fully read and find the how to’s here Lol for some reason past couple of days its like i acquired A.D.D. =-D

  3. ERobinM says:

    Clothes* sorry about the typo’s =-D

  4. ERobinM says:

    Today is Day 9 on my 30-day water fast im feeling a little better than yesterday and the day before.. yesterday was worse though.. i was weak and tired and nauseous.. Weight was 241 this morning.. i took some cayenne sprinkled in water today and i think that may have some to do with me feeling a little better.. My husband got me a juicer today(didnt know they were so pricey)and i made him some apple juice that he loved Lol i did a so called V8 with veggies only for him since we usually drink that and i took a sip of what i made him(didnt swallow-because im doing Water only =-}.. it was kinda gross actually LOL but maybe i was just not used to drinking actual pure juice.. but anyways..feeling better today..

  5. ERobinM says:

    Sorry.. Today is Day 10 i forgot i didnt write anything Day 9 because i was sick..

  6. ERobinM says:

    ok Today is Day 11 on my WaterFast of 30Days.. weight is 239…Im feeling alot better today.. i did get sick to my stomach last night to the point of throwing up.. alot of acid only.. still hanging in there though =-D

  7. ERobinM says:

    Day 12 of my water-fast (aiming for 30days) Weight is down to 238 so thats 21lbs down so far.. i started at 259 and when i found the site i was already down to 242.. Blood pressure is great! and my water retention is even better! =-D “Meg if you read this my messenger is being idiotic Lol thats why i havent been on msn.. shoot me an email though because im fixing it today! =-D We can do this Fasting! =-}”

  8. ERobinM says:

    Day13 i have a little headache this morning but other than that i still feel good.. weight is still 238.. Blood pressure is raised some but i think its because i got up to fast this morning..hmm..

  9. ERobinM says:

    Still hanging in there.. yesterday i was VERY cranky and my senses and nerves were very heightened but doing alot better today and my face is clearing up now where the past few days decided to go through puberty or something again Lol.. weight is still 238 though but blood pressure is fantastic!

  10. discussions42 says:

    I’m finding a shortened fuse as well actually. I’ve developed a really long fuse and patience – with a lot of work lol, but on this fast I’m not bitchy, I just find it very quick to get annoyed.

    The face skin too yikes. At least I’m looking young to go with it

  11. ERobinM says:

    Congrats! =-} yea im feeling alot better today! im also working on my scale addiction Lol i have always hopped on it 2-4 times a day even when i was onl 115-130.. but im going to start doing it once a week as an incentive Lol but everything is going pretty good i actually had enough energy etc to stain half my porch Lol doing the other half today (weather permitting) anyways =-} this all actually works well with my normal schedule etc the kids are home schooled so that works perfect! i have a home daycare so it all fits together nicely.. Oh and a very supportive husband in all that i do Helps tremendously! Lol will weight Post on friday =-}

  12. bella83 says:

    ERobinM, you are inspiration, keep it up. I just started my fast, and I am day 2. Also doing it for weight loss and doing water only. Keep in touch girl!

  13. ERobinM says:

    Ty Bella =-} I started My first Fast When I had thyroid cancer that spread.. i tried Chemo etc and sorry it just wasnt for “me” personally.. surgery and chemo sits ok with some but for “me” it wasnt my cup of tea.. which is how i researched and made “My tea” and the fasting i actually learned from a shaman Lol and i was on my road to recovery.. of course i had these lovely extra pounds (over 200 extra lbs)it decided to drop on my feet etc Lol along with high blood pressure etc.. sooo here i am again and i will do one more after this one with a 2 week break in between.. i found this site and i can at least have a journal of some sort that i dont have to worry about it being picked through by anyone but those going through similar things and not being constantly told “you have an eating disorder” that comes from people who just do not get or understand the spiritual side of anything.. Yes i get the benefit of losing the weight as well but i also learn so much more that people cant see.. and it really keeps me humble and the clarity i get from it lets me see even the simplest things i wouldnt normally see with the hustle and bustle of things… =-} it works for me.. We should do things to Please ourself Not others.. That i learned years ago from my first fast.. i do what i do for me and if some people dont approve then i tell them…” Thats a personal problem because i didnt tell you to trail after me and do as i do” =-} sooo Here i can read and think and acquire various outlooks that either help me or let me see things from others points of views.. Good Luck! and ty for the encouragement =-} Day 2 and 3 was THE hardest this time and the other Fasts i did Lol get through those and its alot easier.. =-}

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi ERobin,
      Could you write your healing story from cancer for use to publish it?

      • ERobinM says:

        Sure.. I kept a “diary” through it all.. good and bad, the scary and at times hilarious( i tend to get very silly notions when unexpected things happen to me and for some reason some people find it funny) for example: at one point i thought i had anthrax during the big anthrax thing because in my business i was handling alot of mail etc and come to find out the more i researched(im big on doing my research Lol).. i had carbon monoxide poisoning so of course the doctor i was seeing at the time found that very humorous Lol.. I can write a shorter version from the diaries i kept if you would like..

  14. bella83 says:

    Ty Robin! I can sure use your encouragement right now. I’m feeling weak, and like quiting. Agh…

  15. ERobinM says:

    Yvw Bella! =-} i find my old pics before i gained the weight thnx to the thyroid issue i had and then my 350lb ones help me ALOT! Lol so now tht i did what i wanted with this fast as far as my inside work i needed done.. i look at the weight and set a goal that is like 5lbs a week.. in case i hit a plateau that way when i check and its over 6 etc i get all happy Lol and usually fasting with water or juice we lose more and i honestly think in “my” opinion we all gain more than those who dont fast of any kind because we usually.. reflect,humblize etc,and take on a more simplicity outlook of things because we are working on the inside as well.. is it hard?? pfft! YES! Lol but i keep telling myself.. ok in 3 or so weeks i can either say.. Dang i would have been done! OR i can say.. I DID IT! but we slip here and there… we just get back up and do it again… 1-4 weeks out of our busy and even not so busy lives.. i think we can afford that for the results and think we gain in the end.. again this is “My personal Opinion” =-}

  16. thenewme_2010 says:

    Hi ERobinM, Wow you are such an Inspiration to me. I am currently 255 lbs and I am trying so hard to hold on to a fast but I give in and then I look back and say man I would have been done. Can you coach me on this first fast and help me make it through. So did you have a healing of the cancer? My messenger is My name is Rebecca

  17. ERobinM says:

    Oh Rebecca tyvm =-} Yes i was Healed.. i am a Holistic Healer and i work with herbs etc and have for many many years as did my grandmother an so i researched for months after chemo did not do anything but made me deathly Ill.. and for 6 months i drank my tea twice a day.. My Family only use A doctor to diagnose.. but again this is “My and My Families” way of life or Path if you will… i was not used to being the 350 i went up to in a matter of four months because of the thyroid cancer.. so i fasted as well as did my teas.. again though i always suggest people go by what they feel or feel is right for them because not all aides etc work for everyone.. I would be happy to give you moral support and encouragement but i dont know about coaching because i tend to slip as well Lol i just hop back on and know time will work for me and not against me if i play fair Lol The first 2 water fast i did was actually easier for me than this one Lol now i do intend to wean off in 2 weeks which will be my 30 day i dedicated myself to and it was NOT easy Lol i actually had to start a week over just before finding this site of support Lol but i am down 22lbs in almost 2 weeks so im happy Lol Then take a week or 2 to do another 30 day water fast.. i enjoy very much the way i feel and think while fasting though.. =-}

  18. thenewme_2010 says:

    Thats what I really meant I have poly cystic ovarian disease and I know if I can fast that I will get my healing it get tough when I am alone all day and I dont have anyone to call when i get cravings or any way to keep me busy . I am not able to walk in my neighborhood its nota great place to live so thats why I am wanting support. Gonna try it today being day 1 gonna do fresh vegis and salads for 5 days then juice and green tea for 5 days and then water for 5 and so on to break it up

  19. ERobinM says:

    Ok I made it to NOT weighing myself until today Lol as i said before im a scale addict so that was an achievement in itself Lol but was happy..I not only feel great inside and also the scale went from 237 to 228 this week so just another thing i made it through this week =-} so since i started Fasting at 259 just a week before finding this site until now thats 31lbs dropped and im even breathing much better! now i have noticed though my sweating has minimized.. dunno whats up with that but ok Lol its been like 98 with the humidity and while my husband and kids are pouring sweat i sit on the porch.. Not sweating at all… Hmm thats a new one to me.. but for the most part it was a very good week! 10 more pounds to go for this Water Fast weight goal (about 2 weeks left) and then i break for about 2 weeks and will give another 30 day Fast a go.. =-} so my goals of blood pressure, New eating habits(normal and healthy) and the weight and my headaches have diminished to maybe one every 3-4 days so tht pleases me alot!..So yes this is a very good Water Fast for me but then again they all have been! =-}