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Water Fasting Support -Day 8 -Feeling Sick

I’m looking for a little support while I fast, I’m doing a water only fast and I have been sooooooo sick! I am on day 8 and still feel very weak and yucky. Wow, was this more than I bargained for, but the end result is worth it. I am fasting for personal breakthrough and offering this time of selflessness to the Lord as a sacrifice. I welcome any support I get. Blessings to all those out there fasting too!

Posted on by daddysgirl22

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17 Responses to Water Fasting Support -Day 8 -Feeling Sick

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi daddysgirl22
    Most people that tackle water fasting as a first fast without any preparation find it very difficult. It may get easier in a few days but if the nausea continues for 3 days I would switch to juice for 3 days and then go back to water. Fasting before God is more about the heart than the sacrifice.

  2. lynn2010 says:

    Hi daddysgirl22
    I am starting my first water fast tomorrow for the same reasons. and weight loss. How long are you doing your fast?

    • daddysgirl22 says:

      Hi lynn2010,
      I was going to try and go 30-40 days but the Lord stopped me on 21 today. I would have loved to have gone 30 at least, maybe next time. It is really worth every minute of it. I didn’t do only water the whole way like I wanted because I couldn’t keep up with all four of my kids and my busy schedule. I did drink very diluted juices, and diluted broth though. It also helped me to get past the legalistic mindset that I was struggling with when Tom told me to try the juices and then switch back. I really got a lot out of this fast.
      Keep it up you can do it!!!!

  3. KittySoulflower says:

    I really tip my hat to people who do water fasts even spiritually cause I’m to chicken. So your AWESOME to have made it this far. GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! I agree with Tom if your so sick you can’t function (go to work etc) then switch to juice and don’t feel bad.

  4. Femi_oladipo says:

    Keep going otherwise switch to juice but i bet you its worth all the trouble. May God strngthen you in Jesus mighty name.

  5. dorianab says:

    Hi daddysgirl22
    I’ve fasting now for 11 days now with the last 4 days on pure water.
    I started out 2 days on water then adding squeezed lemon. Felt very sloooow with headaches. Ended up eating “pigged out” on Easter evening, back on track the next day with lemoned water.
    Day after determined to drink water only and still feeling sloooow, with no headaches and feeling better today.

    • daddysgirl22 says:

      You can do it, read Tom’s advice here and you’ll make it just fine. Acidic juices for me didn’t help, only soft smooth juices like coconut juice and carrot were the ones that really helped.

  6. alive2 says:

    I came across your post because I was looking for natural treatments for thrush and somehow got directed here.


    Please go and eat, get physically strong, and live your life!
    Your life is a gift!!! You are a gift! Just as you are.
    You’re already worthy, just by being you. You’re already a part of God too. It’s everything, including you.
    I don’t know where you got your unhealthy views on selflessness from, or who taught you them, but I can assure you, that it is not strong or virtuous to punish your body. It is really, really sad.

    I urge you to go and see a psychologist as soon as possible, to help you remember how much you really love life, and forget about sites like this.

    • daddysgirl22 says:

      I appreciate you care and concern over my well being.
      I was not punishing my body and was detoxing heavily and too fast due to ignorance. I took Tom’s advice and it really helped and I made it for 21 days no problem. I would have gone longer but the Spirit told me to break the fast and so I have. The benefits have far outweighed the few days that I spent being sick. This is definitely the first of many fasts for me. The information on this site is very helpful and I will definitely follow it on starting my next fast. BTW I felt more alive and loved life more without food than I did with food. Interesting concept huh?

  7. alive2 says:

    this is a site for people with eating disorders

  8. daddysgirl22 says:

    Thank you to all who posted supportive responses to my post! I really appreciate it. I fasted a total of 21 days total. I jumped in because if I didn’t I never would have done it or made it for more than a day. I was great for the first 4 days. Day 5 came and I did get real sick. I was detoxing way too fast and even though I knew that I wasn’t sure what to do about it. Tom’s advice to start the juice was the ticket. I did this for a few days but as I have four kids and a hectic schedule I found that going back to water only just was making me too weak. I started taking a little broth and that helped significantly. So, until today I drank water, VERY diluted juices, and diluted broth. I made my own broth too so that I knew what was in it and wouldn’t be taking on more toxins. I broke the fast today because the Lord told me to do so.
    I am soooooooooo glad that I did this fast!
    There has been breakthrough in several areas of my life that were really needed.
    It has really helped with the way I think and my emotions.
    This will definitely not be my last fast. There are more breakthroughs to be made and several things that I desire in the realm of my personal health.
    I will take much more precaution in the future though in preparation of fasting. I will fast too on a regular basis just simply for the health benefits.
    Thank you Tom for this site and the wealth of information you make available here!

  9. Julie says:

    Hi daddysgirl22,

    I did not prepare for the fast either, although I know I should have because I’ve done short water and longer juice fasts before. Well, like you, I got sick on Day 8 and was lying in bed most of the day, but it was over the next day. My plan is to do a 40-day water fast, but we’ll see how far I get. Then I am switching to juice fasting. Congratulations on completing 21 days of fasting!!! :) You are a great encouragement to all of us who are also trying to something better for ourselves. Thank you and take care! :)

  10. samurai says:

    kudos to you, daddysgirl22!

    i’m a faster as well; currently on day 8 of my 21-day liquid fast. (water, tea, fresh vegetable juice, & small amounts of diluted lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.)

    this is to be my second longest fast — the longest being a 5-weeker with an intake of 1/2cup orange juice daily. it was definitely the best experience of my life and one of the most life-changing.

    good luck to you on your future fasting endeavours~

  11. bundarara says:

    I’d been fasting for 11 day with water only fast, last year and got a very amazing time. Now i’m sick, i don’t know maybe some kind of arthritis. From yesterday i’ve been doing fast again, but my physic going weak so i have banana and tomato juice. i’m a coffee’s addict too, it must a cup of coffee every my morning. now i’ve a headache coz this time i should take a cup of coffee but i did not do it in my fasting. but i can’t help it anymore, should i giving up? thanks for sharing.

  12. Ron says:

    Switch to juice fasting!