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  • Amvdude
  • Mahadi Mallick, 19 years old male, weighing 103 kg / 226.6 lbs, 71 in /180.34 cm tall, From Karachi, Pakistan PK

  • Doing 30 days of Water Fasting. Starting May 18, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Promote self discipline, becomes responsible, take care of my body and weight, lose weight, recover self esteem, gain confidence, do bodybuilding, heal acne and cysts, clear skin and remove toxins from the body.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    One 1 1/2 day fast and One 3 day fast (both water). Last fast was 16 days =D (started on May 18th 2011, ended on May 30th 2011).

  • Present Diet:
    Junk food and home food mostly. Got this habit 5 years back which resulted in this huge amount of weight. Am planning to go on raw after this fast.

  • Supplements:
    None whatsoever.

  • Relevant Medical History:
    Tonsillitis, Sebacious Cysts and Sunburns (results in tanning mostly).

  • Present Medication or Drug Usage:
    No medications or drug usage.

  • State of Mind:
    Depressed, Angry, Moody, Agitated, Confused and Hopeless.

  • Limitations:
    None that I am aware of. If I have a limit then I work to break free of them.

  • Questions:
    Hi there =) I just embarked on a 30 day water fast (hopefully). I'm new at this and was hoping you all could provide guidelines. This is my 10th day on the water fast (just about ends as it's past 12am here) which I hopefully intend to keep and carry on till day 30th or 40th of water fasting. This is my third attempt at water fasting in two months. My question is that I haven't found anything about the symptoms experienced during a water fast anywhere. Whatever I search for ends up with just telling me how vigorous water fasting is and then starts talking about juice fasting etc. I want to know of the symptoms of the water fast and it's detox cycle. I for one have a few of the symptoms occurring such as blackouts (when rising too quickly), coated tongue, bad breath, acne breakouts, rashes and body odor. However, I still haven't gotten the mucous as of yet. None at all. Is this normal? Does this only happen on the juice fast? Also, I've been having stomach cramps since I started the fast which subside when I rest and flare up when I bend down. I did not start the water fast properly I admit, but I decreased my food intake the week before my fast. I hadn't researched on it much until the 3rd day of my fast. Now I am aware of most of the things such as breaking the fast etc. but am curious about these symptoms. Please help since I am new to this. No need for a lengthy answer (to save your time), just a quick summary please. Thanks in advance! =) will keep posting about the fast regularly!

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14 Responses to Progress Report ID-8772 by Amvdude

  1. Orion says:

    In a juice fast, you’re providing nutrients (and calories), which takes up some energy to process. In a water fast, there’s nothing to process, and no nutrients, so the body more actively releases toxins. In essence, the symptoms will be the same whether you juice or water. Water just makes them more intense and frequent. Things progress faster on water. You detox faster, lose weight faster, your liver, kidney, lungs, blood etc have a higher toxicity.
    Plus, juicing fits better with the modern audience, it’s also safer and easier in most cases. Imagine the guy with liver issues reading this forum, and choosing to start an unsupervised water-fast, putting enormous stress on an already stressed liver. People would rather recommend juice fasting until they know more about the person…

    Your reading assignment:,1787,2836&q=759
    You don’t necessarily get ALL the known symptoms. It varies, everyone’s different. Don’t worry about it.
    I’d get a second opinion on that cramp though, doesn’t sound too good to me. Did you have to go to the bathroom in these first 10 days? If not, you may need to flush. Ron, any thoughts?

    PS I don’t do short answers. Sorry.

  2. Ron says:

    Hi Amv, Orion has covered most of it. Your cramps are normal. The reasons vary. Anything from gas, to holding on to the toxins built up in your system. Do a swf, or at the very least an enema soon…and often (3-4 times a week for a while)! You don’t want to hold on to that toxic stuff! Remember, that even 25 days into your fast your intestines will STILL have something in there! YUCK! So cleaning yourself out is very important! Fire away with any ???. We are here to help and support! With prayers too! Ron

    PS Thanks O!

  3. Amvdude says:

    @ Orion: lol yes I had to go the bathroom within these first ten days. The SWF does not respond well with me, dunno why. I know that sometimes people start to bloat due to the salt and water retention, but I vomited the water out. That was strange I guess..
    Anyway, short answers were for saving your time =p but long answers are even better as I love reading lol =)
    Thanks for the reply and the tips! =D (I’ll be sure to follow them! =)

    @ Ron: In the country I live in, getting an enema kit or an enema for that matter is extremely rare or if available, too darn expensive! =s (The country income goes more on defense than in health and education!)
    I’ll try the Swf again tonight if possible. The urge to eat is easily controlled somehow if I put my mind to it lol. I rarely have family dinners as everyone is so busy, but I told my mom about my water fast and later on juice fast with a fruit diet. She was happy that I’m actually doing this =D On the other hand, some people like my friends and relatives aren’t believing in this and say its all bull and that I can’t possibly survive that long without food… guess this shows them! =D
    Thanks to you as well Ron =D For being a guiding light to those who need it! =D

    PS I’ll keep posting whenever I get the time! I have my A level exams going on right now so I rarely come online!… However this water fast has improved my night vision! =D

    • Orion says:

      As much as it’s a part of us and everything we consume, the body doesn’t really like salt, so the vomit response is natural while drinking. Of course, if it happens more than 5 minutes after you’re done drinking, something’s not right there. I find there’s air bubbles getting stuck in my stomach while drinking. I swallow a bit, wait for the burp, then swallow some more. Makes it a lot easier to hold in. I don’t bloat, my body just gurgles a lot, then spends 20 minutes in the little men’s room, and once more near the end of the day.

      For the non-believers:
      If the unprepared can live 49 days on snow to stay alive, then we can do 30 on clean water in a warm house.
      I had people trying to feed me, reporting me, and offering to take me to a hospital during my second month. This time, I’m telling no one. Either way, don’t let them persuade you. With people so addicted to food, the ability to fast is a sign of great discipline. Many can’t do it, so be proud.

  4. Amvdude says:

    Thanks a lot for the info =D
    I’m sorry to say I had to have an emergency breaking of my fast =(
    even though I continued till day 16, told my family it was 13 days lol… I lost 11 kg I found out today =D
    I’ll keep everything in mind because this will now be my second long water fasting attempt. Tonight I am starting on my water fast again because not only has it convinced me, it has made me feel better than I have in years! It’s improved my eyesight and night vision =D and cut 2 inches off my waist! =D
    I’ll continue posting in this same post, but lets just say I am restarting starting tonight. Tomorrow will count as day 1 for me. Hell no am I waiting for a proper time, I’m starting again today! Hopefully I will continue this fast to about a month or so, as I am convinced now that I can do it! =D
    PS: The emergency was that I got extremely ill… had severe rashes, extremely high fever (and a shouting father over my head due to more symptoms lol)…
    I’m starting my fast today (June 5th), and hopefully complete and end it on July 5th (or possibly before if I reach my desired weight). Will keep posting on this same post! =)

  5. Amvdude says:

    Hey Orion and Ron! =D
    Sorry for the extremely looooong delay! I am back now! =D
    I had a hell lot of family probs, had to move to another city, forgot my username etc on and was ill most of the time with sinus! =(
    Anyway, am back now and ready to tackle water fasting! =D
    I’m currently on my 5th day of water fasting. Started on the 1st of Jan, stopped eating last year on the 31st dec =p
    So currently 5 days have passed, just did a salt water flush, followed both of your instructions and the tips of Keith Admin (especially the 21 times clockwise, anti-clockwise belly massage lol). I’m just soooo happy I did that! =D (full of energy! my first SWF, Did NOT vomit as of yet, yes I had BM, but lasted max for 25 mins. No smell watsoever =s, that is the confusing part, clear BM, but no stink of dark color, just clear BM… confusing for me lol)
    This time I plan to fast for 20 days to see if I am capable of doing it. If I can, then I will continue and probably end up doing a 30 day water fast! =D
    And last but not least, I will login and update about my fast regularly!
    God Bless You All! =D (Tom, Ron, Keith And Orion! =D, for this wonderful site, all your support and for answering questions before I even thought of asking them lol =D)

  6. David says:

    I understand you had sinus issues. Before fasting I didn’t have any, now I do, kinda interesting….keep it up, sounds like your doing great.

  7. Ron says:

    Heya Amv! Thank you! Happy New Year! Glad to see you back, and in good spirits. If your diet has been pretty good, you may not get the nasty BM. Then of course you may need to dig a little deeper w/ another 2 or three swf! Good luck, God Bless. I’ll pray for you and your intentions! Ron

  8. Amvdude says:

    lol Happy New Year to you too Ron! =D
    Day 6,7 and 8 were awesome lol. However today (day 8 ) I had my Grandmother’s (paternal) death Anniversary, which I totally forgot about (I ended up breaking my fast!).
    This happened due to my Dad making me guilty… seriously, he said “How many times a year does your grandmother’s anniversary happen?”… (made me feel really guilty lol..)
    Anyway, I’m starting a fresh right now, since all everything is over lol. Gonna do the Swf tomorrow first thing in the morning =)
    However, my question is, I had a heavy meal, but I did not have any stomach pain usually associated with breaking a fast longer than 5 days. Also, I’m continuously hungry? =s (before I broke the fast. Felt like my digestive system never shut down, even though I had the white tongue and insomnia symptoms). Right now I’m full, thanks to the heavy meal, gonna do the swf to clear that out lol. I still don’t have the sinus symptoms or say, runny nose (thank God! lol). Is this normal? I’ll count tomorrow as day 1 lol. Lost around 11kg in 8 days! =D (metabolism seems to have sped up since its in 8 days rather than 13 lol). Thanks in Advance lol =D
    As far as my diet is concerned, been having cold chicken sandwiches (chicken, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and chicken spread), donuts, loads of soup (Tomato, Manchurian, Corn, Cabbage and lastly Vegetable soup), Fish (salmon mostly), K&N’s Burgers and…. Rice with/ without pulses. Planning to add Brown rice to my diet after the water fast completes =D

  9. Ron says:

    Hi Mahadi, In general we don’t often celebrate death anniversaries, except for a memorial mass once in a while. And with a private thought and prayers.

    Obviously it is important to your dad. We should honor our parents wishes, even if it seems unreasonable or emotionally driven. I had a similar experience with my dad, when his father (my grandfather) died. It was a lot worse than your situation…and much more puzzling to me. I was 16 at that time. I forgave him after a while, and chalked it up to something emotional that “he” was going through. I brought it up to him recently…he doesn’t even remember the episode. So, I guess it isn’t worth me remembering, or getting upset over, or holding a grudge.

    Everything you are experiencing is within a normal range of fasting. There are many reason the digestive system will keep going. If your intestines are full, it will slow the system down. Also, pulps in juices will keep it going. And if you are not exercising, it’s slower. You just got lucky on the stomach pain. Or, you are getting used to breaking a fast.

    Your diet sounds pretty good! Keep the burgers to a minimum.

  10. Amvdude says:

    Hi Ron =D
    Yes you’re right =), it was an important matter for my dad since today morning he apologized for breaking my fast. I’m the type to forgive easily lol, so no grudges here =D
    I believe it was for the better, am getting along with my dad better than I used to lol.

    I see, am getting heart burn right now since my fast is to begin again tomorrow. Starting the fast is always the hardest for me lol, so am preparing everything just in-case. Probably the intestines were full, exercising is a 50/50 for me. I’m the impulsive type of person so whenever I feel like it, then I exercise (which is usually almost everyday – I play basketball, volleyball and badminton. Bicycling 2 hours minimum per week).

    The K&N burgers are just ready to cook burger patties, available here where I live. It’s a choice to fry, toast, deep fry, microwave etc. I toast it and eat with tomatoes and lettuce. (I already have reduced the burgers since the past 2 months =D).

    Thanks Ron! =D

    Btw, I noticed one thing when I broke my fast, my body literally pushed out most of the food in my system through BM within an hour or 2 of breaking the fast. Also, today morning, when I decided to do the SWF, I could only drink 1 glass since I wasn’t feeling well and ready to throw-up. This however had the same effect as drinking an entire liter of the SWF mix. It removed the same amount, with the same clear stuff I mentioned earlier. Still no bad odor or color in BM lol..

  11. Ron says:

    A little squeeze of fresh lemon juice in some warm water during your fast will cut down on the heartburn! The exercise you are getting is fine too!

    Starting is also hard for me…but because I fast often it’s gotten easier over the years! I’ll be fasting along with you this week! God Bless, Ron

  12. Amvdude says:

    Ah Thanks for the tip lol =D

    I plan on increasing the exercises to at least 20 hours of bicycling per week once the winters subside. It’s too cold to even go out now since it’s snowing some 50 kilometers away in the mountains! =D
    Starting for me is hard due to the fact that my mom is a Diabetic type 2 (she can never go a day or 6 hours without feeling hungry – she can’t control her hunger or else I’d have put her on juice fasting, sugar levels were around 500 to 600 before she became insulin dependent), so I have to cook her and the entire family meals. However once I do start it’s easy for me to avoid since there’s this nagging thought in the back of my head repeating – eat it now, regret it later! You’ll loose all that you worked for! Just take a deep breath, away from the food! lol =D

    Alright then! =D lets have a competition then lol! This way it’ll be much easier and fun! =D

  13. Ron says:

    LOL! I’m only fasting for a week… maybe 2 if the mood strikes me! My big fast is during Lent. I “try” to go 40 days every year. Last year I did 30 days. I think I’ll get closer to 40 this year!

    Fasting is getting a little easier for me as the years go by. The second day is the hardest. My metabolism is slow, so the first day my belly is still full. I get a little hungry into the second week of fasting. After that I’m free sailing until the 30 day mark. It’s a little rough from then on. Fasting helps me on many levels; physically, mentally, and best of all spiritually.

    The Lord has blessed me very much, and have had many prayers answered while fasting! Fasting, and prayer don’t go unnoticed by our Heavenly Father. We have a wonderful gift given unto us! If only people knew just how powerful fasting and prayer is together….they would be doing it by the millions. The Lord’s promises are revealed through fasting and prayer. We just need to BELIEVE it so! I’ll pray for all your intentions during “our” fast! God Bless, Ron