Progress Report ID-14963 by fastria

  • Ria 32 years old female, weighing 59 kg / 129.8 lbs, 64 in /162.56 cm tall, Canada CA

  • Doing 10 days of Juice Fasting. Starting February 8, 2012

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    - Health, cell regeneration - Spiritual awareness - Cleansing the temple to make it worthy

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    just 6days ago I finished a 10-day juice fast. I had a 2-day break and prior to that I tried my first fast, which was a 3-day fast. All juice fasts. this will be the 2nd time I'll try a 10-day juice fast.

  • Present Diet:
    Today, I start my first day of Juice Fast again. I will fast for 10-days. Take a one day break, and then head for the 30-day fast. The intention is so that later on, I can handle a 120-day juice fast for higher spiritual consciousness. In between and after fasts, I intend to eat only raw fruit juices, and vegetables, nuts and another other sunfood. Nothing processed and no meat also. Vegan as much as I can.

  • Supplements:
    Not taking anything at the moment. Perhaps I'll take colloidal silver for the cold sores and the mucous I seem to have so much coming out right now. I'm not sure if that can be considered a supplement.

  • Relevant Medical History:
    - Bursitis, depression

  • Present Medication or Drug Usage:
    - I refuse to take any medication, so nothing.

  • Limitations:
    - can't really walk as far and stand for longer hours. i'm afraid to pull a muscle that can trigger my bursitis.

  • Questions:
    I'd like to know if I can take any sort of supplements or vitamins during my juice feast. If that's alright, here's a list of them I intend to take while on the juice fast: - Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Cal/Mag, Ion Mag, Bioxxy, Multi-Vitamin - Psyllium Husks I just have so many and don't want to waste them. I won't take the ones that say I have to take with a meal, obviously. And they're not all necessary in liquid forms but in capsules so I'm not sure if this will affect the digestive even tho I'm not chewing them. Also, is nutmilk ok to drink during juice fast? (I usually make peanut, cashews, hemp, almonds, sesame along with coconut juice and meat, I grind them up and use a nutmilk bag to filter just the milk) but there's still a little bit of the coconut meat that goes through or the nut grinds, it sort of becomes a light smoothie.

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6 Responses to Progress Report ID-14963 by fastria

  1. Ria says:

    Thanks in advance for your advise and suggestions. If I may also add, what are the best juices for bursitis, dermatitis, and acne? Please, and thank you!

  2. Ron says:

    Hi Ria, Welcome to our site! Wow!! You are very motivated toward getting your body, mind and spirit right with fasting! My first suggestion is to ease in to a fasting routine, which it seems you’ve started. It will get easier the more you fast. The breaks are fine in-between, but watch that you don’t over do it with different foods. Stick mostly to what you were juicing for the first few days you start eating.

    Also, you don’t need the vitamins and supplements that you mentioned. Your body will get most of your needs from the right juices. The only vitamins and nutrients that we rarely get in our diets are: vitamin D, some B complexes, and K. Omegas are a nutrient we don’t always get either.

    Fasting alone will help with all that ails you! With some moderate exercise, and mostly veggie juice…you’ll feel like a million bucks after a few fasts! Don’t over-think the supplements. As good as they are in certain cases, most people need them because of their lousy diets!

    Use a lot of veggie juice for you skin and muscle issues. You just can’t “beat”, bright colored, and leafy, dark green veggies for healing! Use fruit added to the vegetables just for taste at first. Once you get a few fasts under your belt, you can increase the fruit. The best fruits are: apples, red grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries and watermelon. But, the sugar in them will slow the cleansing process. So it will take longer to reach your cleansing goals. Juice more fruits if you workout, or need a boost during the body detoxing process while fasting.

    Just go slow, and take what you need in the way of amounts. You don’t need much juice each day. I never use more than a liter per day. I mix it up by just fasting on water, and/or herbal teas some days. Fasting is the main focus for the real benefits!

    If at some point you want to use any supplement and vitamins while fasting, make sure they are very easily digested. Test them in lukewarm water. If they don’t dissolve in 20 minutes, don’t use them. Also, use less than recommended. Use one at a time in case there is a reaction you’ll know which did it.

    Avoid the nuts and nutmilk, any pulps or proteins. Unfortunately they are very hard to digest and may cause abdominal distress during a fast. I wouldn’t use nuts in-between your fasts either. They are very rough on the digestive system and intestines. The idea is to keep your digestive system shutdown so your body can do maintenance. I hope I haven’t discouraged you too much… But I have been through the “over-thinking” part many times. It always comes down to the “fast”. That’s the best thing you will be doing! Good Luck, and God Bless. Ron

    P.S. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns!

  3. Ria says:

    Ron, thank you sooo much for your words! I appreciate them. It was soo hard doing these fasts alone. I’m really blessed you are here. And no, you didn’t discourage me at all. If anything, now that you’re here I am more determined more than ever and hopeful that I can reach my goal (sooner or later) of doing a 120-day fast. I am quite determined to reach spiritual awareness. It’s now a matter of “when”. If it was up to me I’d really like it “sooner”. haha

    Anyway, last night I felt so bad I broke my fast. I gave in to the smell of cooked food. Had horrible greenish-yellow mucus runs all throughout the day and night, and for some reason I thought eating would make it stop. Well of course it would, because it was my body’s way of releasing my toxins and yet I made it stop when I started eating. Was I right about this? If so, then I guess it was a good sign.

    But now I have to start over again. :( The mucus and the horrible mouth sores didn’t actually even start until the last days of my previous (and only) 10-day fast which was silly wasn’t it? Or was that normal? Was this something I was supposed to expect when I pass a longer fast? Forgive me I bought Tom’s books but still couldn’t finish the first book. I had to put priority on fasting than reading.

    I have another good question for you tho. A couple weekends coming up, I will be putting myself in a situation wherein I will be tempted to eat, so I’ve made peace with this thought already and decided I will eat this weekend both Saturday and Sun (Feb 11 & 12), then the Saturday after (Feb 18). I will be cooking meals and be surrounded by buffet (occasions I cannot escape: wedding, baptism, grad, etc). and could possibly even include a dinner date on the 16th.

    Would you recommend that I just eat normal around these “temptation” dates since I am going to eat on those days anyway or do you suggest I continue fasting as much as I could as best I can anyway?

    Whatever the outcome is, I still strongly intend to do a 30-day fast starting Feb 19 – March 20.

    If you were in my situation Ron, what would you do?

    And then here’s another thing, I’ll be gone out of the country for a month. March 23-April 20, traveling with a company who primarily eats meat, bread, less veggies etc. What do you suggest I do when I’m surrounded with a company (family, friends) like this? If I eat how they do, then my fast will have all been lost to nothing. I have to clean my temple all over again, right? I really worry about this. I really want to reach higher spiritual awareness and if that means I have to do a 120-day fast I will do it.

    Please Ron, your words are precious to me.

    In gratitude,

  4. Ron says:

    Hi Ria, I’m honored that you feel that way about my advice! It’s inspired by the Holy Spirit. And from the heart.

    I remember fasting into my 4th week and actually cooking at 2 different birthday parties! My brother found out that I was fasting at one event… while wolfing down a burger asked how I could go without eating for so long? In the opposite case, I remember not making it one day into a short 3 day fast I planned!

    First and foremost… YOU RULE YOUR FAST! There are no fasting rules. Only the ones you make for yourself. I’ve been in all the situations you’ve mentioned. How I handled it was different in each case. In some situations I was strong. In most, I asked the Lord…and listened! In other cases I gave-in to temptation. The best part is that I made a choice, and lived with that choice. Never thinking I wasn’t in control. This is in most part because of my Faith. Secondly, because I always fast! It’s part of my lifestyle! I fast one day per week, one week per month, and at least 30 days during Lenten season. This is to honor our Lord, and to pray for those who need it while fasting. The great by-product fasting is health, and mental clarity!

    So there you have my take! If fasting fits into your life at the moment, fast! If you don’t think you can manage it on a trip, or certain times of the year, don’t! Two things will happen: you will want to fast even more; and you will enjoy the times you do fast!

    Once we get past the “denying” part of fasting….we realize that we are actually “accepting” something wonderful and exclusive. A great GIFT! We go to a place few travel. And we get blessings from our Lord, and miraculous things happen when we pray to Him! It is promised to us!

    Relax and plan your fasts. And if something gets in your way…either step around it or embrace it. If you ask the Lord for help, you WILL RECEIVE AN ANSWER! If you really want to fast, or not be tempted you will find a way. If you give-in, remember there is always your next fast. You only fail when you give up trying.

    If you do decide to fast in-between your “occasions” be careful. Personally, I would just try to eat raw, or as raw as possible when I could. If you know your going out that evening for dinner eating meat and rich foods…have yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and don’t over-do the dinner. Hope this helped you some. Ron

  5. Ria says:

    This definitely helped me Ron I’m grateful you are guided by the Holy Spirit. Few things I got from your reply that I will do: meditate/pray, LISTEN, plan ahead.

    Thank you, I’m very blessed. I’ll update you once I start the 30-day fast. (After Feb 18).

    In Light,

  6. Ron says:

    Great Ria! I’ll pray for you, and your intentions! God Bless, Ron