Progress Report ID-8964 by Fi Fi

  • Fiona 37 years old female, weighing 63 kg / 138.6 lbs, 64 in /162.56 cm tall, Israel IL

  • Doing 7 days of Other. Starting July 10, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    To loose weight and detox

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    Detox tea

  • Present Diet:
    I have started the Micro Algae fast

  • State of Mind:

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3 Responses to Progress Report ID-8964 by Fi Fi

  1. Fi Fi says:

    Day 1

    For those with blood sugar imbalances and attendant sugar craving, and for those who find fasting difficult. Combine micro-algae with a veggie or fruit juice, herb tea, or other liquid fast. When micro-algae are taken with a cooked grain or veggie fast, the combination becomes the safest fast for people who tend to be slightly weak or thin. Also ideal for people who much maintain a busy schedule while fasting. Hunger is seldom.

    Use micro-algae mixed into liquid two or three times a day. Each time, take approx. 5g of spirulina, 1 1/2 g chlorella, or 3/4 g wild blue-green. At the start of the fast halve this dosage for three days unless you are already in the habit of using micro-algae.

    I bought the Pukka Clean Greens organic powder that contains all of the above. Had 3 glasses of it today no food at all.

  2. Fi Fi says:

    Day 2

    Very tired but also very focused! I felt the need to mix it today with carrot juice just to take the edge of the dizziness. Drinking Pukka Teas too.

    Come late evening I had a terrible headache, went to bed early and woke up with a pounding headache :(
    Didn’t take a pill just went back to bed.

  3. Fi Fi says:

    Day 3

    Peppermint tea first thing + Clean Greens.
    Carrot juice for lunch
    Headache has gone finally!
    So far so good :)
    I hope to add steamed veggies tonight as I read that this fast is recommended for 7 days if you stay at home and rest, I am working.

    As of Thursday I will start the Absolute fast for 36 hours which basically means nothing, not even water. Basically the Oxygen charge from this fast helps get rid of water retention or candida overgrowth and sluggishness.