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  • Helena 22 years old female, weighing 59 kg / 129.8 lbs, 63 in /160.02 cm tall, From Richland, United States US

  • Doing 30 days of Other. Starting January 20, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Mental clarity, spiritual, eating disorder (food addiction), energy levels, and clearer skin.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    I have successfully done a 5 day fruit fast.

  • Present Diet:
    Fruits, baked goods, chocolates, candy, fast food, pizza, pasta, ice cream, chip, and all sorts of other good tasting, but terrible for you foods 🙁

  • Supplements:

  • Relevant Medical History:

  • Present Medication or Drug Usage:

  • State of Mind:
    I feel out of control, just 4 days ago I did a 5 day fruit fast, and what do I do, binge on junk food for 4 days 🙁 I want to jump back on the band wagon and continue eating fruit. I feel so much better when I'm not thinking about what to eat next. I actually got a lot of homework and things to do done. My skin broke out horribly because I was eating healthy and then bombarded my body with toxic foods.

  • Limitations:

  • Questions:
    When struggling with cravings, like I do on the 5th day what do you do? I already read and take a lot of baths/showers when fasting. I also tend to clean and run errands. It is just so tough to tell your mind no when it is trying to hard to convince you to to eat something other than fruit or vegetables.

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