Progress Report ID-9020 by Sangeetha

  • Sangeetha Karanam, 26 years old female, weighing 51 kg / 112.2 lbs, 63 in /160.02 cm tall, Hindu. From Hyderabad, India IN

  • Doing 4 days of Juice Fasting. Starting July 26, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Detox, colon cleanse

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    few one and three day fasts

  • Present Diet:
    Veg - everything

  • State of Mind:
    Not clear

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8 Responses to Progress Report ID-9020 by Sangeetha

  1. Sangeetha says:

    I am on day 4 of juice fasting. I did not take up a fixed number of days fasting as i am not sure how many days i will be able to do it and this is becoz of my previous unsuccessful fasts. So i want to see how many days i will be able to do it. I wish i can do a 30 or 40 day fast and get rid of all my problems.
    I am feeling pretty normal, except a little weakness and nausea during nights.
    I am already thin, i am worried if i will become anorexic. My hemoglobin count is 12.8 something. I’ve been suffering from fecal impaction and almost all of its side effects :( This is becoz of body dehydration. Now i am drinking about 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water a day apart from juices. i hope all my problems will go away and i will enjoy the goodness of health :)

  2. Ron says:

    Hi Santeetha, Watch your water intake. It can act like a diuretic and dehydrate you. I suggest an herbal tea, like Senna to rid your fecal matter. That will do the trick.

    2 liters of fluids “total” per day during a fast is somewhat normal. Listen to your body. You can pinch the back of your hand to check for dehydration. If the skin stays in the pinched position longer than 2 seconds, you are dehydrated.

    Take fasting a day at a time. Don’t set unreasonable goals for yourself. Start small and work your way up! If you set too high of a goal you will never have the satisfation of reaching it and feeling good about yourself. Once you’ve reached a few small goals, you will have the confidence to reach higher! Good Fasting! Ron

  3. Sangeetha says:

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks a lot for the above info and suggestions.
    I have completed a 6 day fast and started with a fresh fruit salad for lunch :)
    I am feeling good. And what you said about taking it slow, i completely agree.
    I will have to know so many things. I thought i knew enough, but during this six day fast, i came to know that there are still so many things unknown to me.
    I will practice one day a week till i go on a long fast after 3 or 4 months.
    Happy fasting everybody.
    Once again thanks Ron, you’ve been a great support.

  4. keithmckay101 says:

    hi Ron
    Im back after a long break lol.
    Just finished a long water fast, 28 days.
    How are you?
    Great to see your still helping others.

  5. Ron says:

    Hi Keef! I missed you!! I needed your experience here! Without you, (and Tom) I’ve had to do my share of research and studying from time to time. LOL.

    I’m starting my monthly “week long” fast tonight. Great to have you back. God’s Blessings, Ron

    P.S. If you didn’t know, Tom is in New Guinea inoculating malaria victims. He has emailed me when he gets near civilization. He is doing God’s work! He will appreciate your help here, and your prayers!

  6. keithmckay101 says:

    Hey Ron
    Ill do my best to help.
    As you know fasting has many twists and turns. the basics of fasting goes further without baking ones noodle lol.

    I have been seeing my childreen for months now after 2 yrs of fighting through court and many water fasts to ease the pain of the fight lol.

    Ill do my best to help you.
    Blessing Keith.

  7. keithmckay101 says:

    Not suse if this will will work,
    To help others to see my videos on water fasting for 32 days, and what to expect.
    I still have not made the 40 days lol. God loves a tryer though. How are you?.

    PS…I think some of the site needs to go back to the way it was?…
    Maby we should talk with tom?…

  8. Ron says:

    Tom, I found this video from 1976, of a tribe in Papua, New Guinea meeting a white man for the first time! Truly amazing watch!