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  • Marie Anderson, 39 years old female, weighing 149 kg / 327.8 lbs, 66 in /167.64 cm tall, Christian. From Tullahoma, United States US

  • Doing 75 days of Juice/Water Fasting. Starting December 17, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Weight Loss, Addiction to Food, Prayer, Increase spiritual life, personal challenge

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    5 days longest on water only

  • Present Diet:
    High calorie, high fat, high processed foods. Zip on vegs and fruits.

  • Supplements:
    Calcium, Fish Oil, Multivitamin

  • Relevant Medical History:
    High BP, polyarthritis, skin issues. Weight is currently over 400, options on selection didn't go that high. :(

  • Present Medication or Drug Usage:
    BP med, NSAIDs, melatonin to sleep

  • State of Mind:
    Awesome. I have never accomplished so much before. I am feeling freedom for the first time in a long time from the constant circling food thought. It hits at times, but 95% of the time I am able to let those thoughts pass and continue on my day. The slips I have had are very small in the grand scheme of things, and I am growing closer and closer to a pure, abstinent juice/water fast. I am so grateful for God's helps.

  • Limitations:
    I cook for 4 kids, my husband and my mother, plus a houseguest for the holidays. Cooking and cleaning the kitchen are hard, but the farther along I get, I am noticing I am getting more creative with food and am providing better meals for my family than when I was eating.

  • Questions:
    How do I know if I am experiencing deficiencies? I have had some muscle cramps which I have experienced in the past with calcium deficiency, and a glass of tonic water helped. I am taking my supplements, but what about protein? Should I increase my calcium since I have a history of deficiency which lead to head to toe muscle cramps? I am reading so much conflicting information about protein. Should I consider supplementing it or not? Is this just my head trying to get some free food???? LOL.

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