Progress Report ID-7461 by versus

  • NOLENS VOLENS, 28 years old female, weighing 53 kg / 116.6 lbs, 59 in /149.86 cm tall, United Kingdom GB

  • Doing 30 days of Water Fasting. Starting January 31, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    I am fat,I have acute hyperpigmentation whilst being plagued with blemishes.I have vitiligo.I lead a fairly sedentary existence,so exercising for the recommened 30 minutes is fairly redundant (although I do this and more regularly and in earnest, alas to no avail).My goals I'd like continuous fasting to alleviate my skin concerns,wishful thinking perhaps?! Achieve permenent weight loss and dare I say,engage with and ensure enduring enlightenment:)

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    I have twice started a 40 DAY water fast only managing 10 days each,once Dry fasted (3 days),and juice fasted on several ocassions but anxiety over took the benefits,so this i hope will be soothing manifesting in calmness /clarity and, of course I fast during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

  • Present Diet:
    Frequently my meals are limited to only wild salmon,avacodos,broccoli,copious amounts of EVO oil,raw garlic and green/fennel tea.Portion control is not foremost on my mind,mostly refraining from consuming processed/wheat foodstuff as it makes me sluggish and void of humour lol,nevertheless I find it near impossible to shift any meaningful weight to be precise fat, I'd gladly weight the same if not more if it were muscle,by 'meaningful' I'm of course refering to my 'Viseceral fat' charming words are'nt they 'Viseceral fat'!

  • Supplements:
    Cod liver oil Selenium multi vits Brewers yeast vit B complex magnesium folic acid

  • State of Mind:
    'GLASS HALF FULL' mentality just as well considering I'm on a water fast!

  • Limitations:
    My abhorrent disregard for my own health,so limitations,ha ha nope not very many.Oh yes I forgot to mention I'm a zillion percent addicted to full fat cream cheese,I'll gobble a whole tub or two on its own or with a huge bag of kettle chips without a seconds thought,but with much crunching lol oh also I make a mean lamb pie,pastry & all every couple of weeks for my folks so consequently a little one for me too! Yep if all else fails use the parents as an excuse!

  • Questions:
    I've read of Estrogen being somewhat of a factor in weight gain,skin/overall health,the fact that its in our water supply as well as everyday stuff like plastics is something i did'nt know so its very shocking.I was wondering if anyone has had any thoughts,experiences of how to combat the threat that this hormone supposedly poses? Also is there any vitamins I should be taking? I'm very curious about coconut water as a fast or aid to a fast does anyone have any experience? Does it work? Oh and lastly I become awfully cold during a fast(with the heating on) my hands and feet espescially.Its unbearable even if I wear gloves,I've been known to wear slippers under my desk at work any ideas on supplements I could be taking to alleviate the cold? Anyways I shall endevour to use this site for reporting my progress much like a food diary but without erm food:D

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9 Responses to Progress Report ID-7461 by versus

  1. nikkisixx89 says:

    How is your fast coming along? I am starting a 40 day water fast tomorrow. I’ve been eating only once a day for a few weeks and I’ve done fasts before, the longest being 10 days in September this year. I want to do this for detox, weight loss and spiritual reasons, but I need support to get through it. The first few days are always the worst for me, since my brain is screaming at me to eat and trying to trick me into eating all the time! Have you found that you’ve been trapped in a battlefield between your ears also? It’s frustrating because my body copes well apart from dizziness when I stand up from sitting, but my brain is the enemy :P

    • versus says:

      Thanks for your reply,i should have replied sooner so apolgises.How is your fast progressing?I hope its going well, I myself only managed 10 ‘dizzy’ days so yesteday I started a new 40 day fast, hopefully i can ‘go the whole hog’ I shall prevail haha anyway we shall see.You are right! Hunger for me isn’t the issue its all in the mind.Its what food represents instilled from childhood.My body is telling me ‘stuff’ but i have never stood still (long enough) to read the signs and my mind is constantly reminding me of things i already ‘know’ and ‘feel’ via family,wider society and the media.Food in western society is abundant so can be relied upon,comforting, (i was watching a show documenting homeless people in and around London,and the people on it concluded food was never an issue it was readily avaliable) aspirational ( i.e exspensive,restaurants,branded foodstuff to denote class and quality of both product and buyer lol etc) and not forgetting cheap,food is essential and should provide nourishment but Capitalism forgoes this to provide us with excess which isnt really ‘food’ in the true,real sense of the word,okay we all know how we got here!Hopefully we can get out via a fast!

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    For skin, aloa vera can be good. You are getting heavy oil in your diet and that can affect skin. Skin brushing or the sugar scrub is good for the face.

    • versus says:

      Thanks for the recommendations,I do sometimes take aloe vera juice with water and have used topical 100% aloe gel previously both these do not make any difference to my skin problems,dry skin brushing I do,the sugar scrub is that an oil and sugar mixture? I do use a lot of extra virgin olive oil (approx for 2 years) both orally and topically beacuse it makes my skin somewhat smoother,my skin is never oily if anything its predisopsed to drying out but it (the oil) does nothing for my hyperpigmentation and was curious to know if you are aware of fasting alleviating such problems as I have pretty much tried everything from treatments to topical creams including microdermabrasion,chinese herbal medicine,homeopathy the list is endless and fruitess!

  3. Ron says:

    Hi versus, I had a dermatologist once tell me, “nothing you put on your body will effect it as much as what you put in it”. That is sound advice. Juice Fasting can do many good things including clearing up skin problems.

    That said, as a topical, Jojoba oil is great for dry and damaged skin. It matches the ph of the body. I have used it for years…and it works better than anything else I’ve used.

    Vitamins E, A and D are also big benefits. As well as Flax seed oil supplements. Hope this helps. Ron

  4. melissa752 says:

    Hi! Fasting definatley helps clear skin. I often hear I “glow” :)

  5. AngelGirl says:


    Sounds like you’re on the right track. For me it has been Day #2 and I”ve been dragging all day long; but determined each step.

    How much olive oil do you consume orally? As I read your posts I’ve begun to search the benefits…

    Much luck and success. Keep posting

  6. AboutTime says:

    Hi Versus,
    Water fasting , that’s brave… I am on a juice fasting and I will be checking your progress

  7. versus says:

    erm I only managed around 72 hrs,I think the intial exicitment of water fasting has pretty much waned that is I gather partly to do with not seeing my skin improve,the previous times,so I guess I’m a tad demoralised.I’m also a little miffed as to why I have’nt at least lasted 10 days but I have noticed an increase in THOUGHTS of food even though I did’nt and don’t actually FEEL like eating,anyway I did succumb to temptation in the form of a humble avacado! Nevertheless I decided as of saturday to press on with another fast so its been what? erm 46 hrs so far and I’m craving foods that I’d normally find wholly unappetizinging I’m not sure what that’s about its has never occured before. I was under the impression that fasting would become easier the more it’s experienced but alas it seems to be the reverse,for me anyway. Fasting has become somewhat of an endurance whereas before I’d have likened fasting to a sublime and effervescent experience lol no really!