Salt Water Flush

Is the Salt Water Flush a salt drink or salt water enama? In the past I have drank epson salt drink with really fast result.

These are two very different flushes.  The salt water flush is designed to flush the colon and the Epsom Gall Bladder Flush is intended to dilate the opening of the gall bladder and demand maximum secretion of bile and thereby flushing the gall bladder.

Which method to use is up for discussion and debate.  It may be possible to start the fast with the gall bladder flush, then move to the salt flush, then and enema for the last part of the fast.   A salt water enema is another option during fasting.  Yes the Salt Water Flush is basically drinking a glass of water with about 2 table spoons of sea salt.

Do any of the members have some suggestions on a cleansing protocol for fasting that would use a combination of this colon cleansing methods.  Just add a comment, and I will update this page.

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  1. winget says:

    I am currently doing a juice fast for the first time. This is my fourth day into it. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and have been very sick from that and on antibiotics that only made me sicker. I also have 60 pounds to loose. Should I do a colon cleanse as well? I plan on doing the fast for at least 30 days. I am water fasting two days a week (not consecutively) also. Also, do I loose muscle during a fast or only fat and toxins? Thank you for your help. I have researched and researched and your site is by far superior to anything out there. So appreciated.