Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is excellent during a juice fast.
Most Aloe Vera products on the market are useless because they have been pasteurized. Look for whole-leaf, cold-processed. Aloe Vera is excellent for the healing of digestive and intestinal problems and has been successful in treating colitis and Crone’s disease.

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10 Responses to Aloe Vera

  1. G says:

    Do you just eat it? i have loads of this stuff.

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    If you do it will taste awful. They process it so that it is almost tasteless, and sell it in health food stores.

  3. enirra says:

    My mom took aloe vera internally, she used a recipe and combined it with honey and lemon juice (I think these 2 to preserve) and she was healed of a terrible infected ulcer or eczema (the dr said it was an eczema, but it was really nasty) – it took 1 year to heal it completely, did not take anything internally, and only 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 in the evening of aloe.

  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Did she take the aloe,lemon and honey combination, 2 teaspoons a day applied to the skin. Thanks for posting.

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  8. tslate says:

    Regarding the Aloe vera comments. They are fundmentally incorrect. I do not know where a product can be sold legally for consumption without pasteurization and/or homogenization.

    One of the biggest labs that supplies Aloe vera to the market in many varieties of powder and gel is both homogenized and pasteurized. The product may or may not be whole leaf, but generally you want the inner gel not the leaf. A variety of compounds are removed in all Aloe processing because they will irriate the stomach lining (leaf products only).

    That said, this labs product can say cold-processed, but it uses an alcohol based solvent.

    Anyone whose telling you they cold-process their powder and either whole leaf and/or gel is lying except for one lab and that stuff is very expensive, not retail available either.

    They all get them from labs that do similar processing. I don’t think it’s legal otherwise. Besides the only way product wise to get the volume processed quickly enough before the gel degrades is heat based dehydration, alcohol based and newer cyro-vac techniques. That is truly cold-processed. But then again they attempt to remove only certain beneficial properties depending on the product.

    So the average vendor hawking products stating whole leaf and cold-processed is pure BS. I would guess pure cyro-vac’d aloe gel is probably $100/ounce yes, that’s right per OUNCE, and that’s probably cheap.

    Check it out yourselves, 1 kilo of alcohol processed powder is around $1450. THat’s roughly $41 ounce. So unless you’re paying alot for your aloe products it’s crap.


  9. AmandaDee says:

    I work as a colonic hydrotherapist. I’ve used Aloe as an implant to fight candida, and it works very well to clean the gastrointestinal tract! I’ve heard of drinks you can use to soothe your stomach and small intestines by diluting a tablespoon or two of the gel in some water and adding a little lime, but I haven’t taken it orally. I’ve also read you can use some of the gel in water to swish in your mouth to eliminate thrush.

    When you’re juice fasting, you really want to make sure the fast balances your internal flora. You don’t want to do too much fruit juice because it could exasperate an already present candida imbalance. Using aloe to clear up candida is very helpful, and lost of green juices are extremely cleansing and healing to your digestive tract. Candida imbalance is linked with health problems too numerous to note here. It’s usually hand-in-hand with leaky gut, which can be difficult to heal but the body is a remarkable organism! Aloe V and green juices work miraculously!