Starting a 40-Day Water Fast

amanda123 - Apr 1st, 2010
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Hi, I am starting a 40day water fast. I am not new to water fasting, longest water fast I did was 15days and 30 days juice. I think I m ready to do a 40day water fast. I have not fasted for about a year now and I think I lost myself. I think fasting will he me find myself again. I am posting here to get support and motivation.

thank you

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  1. al says:

    I commend your ambition, while you know your body better than others remember this is for you and not for a number of days. Not that you need to be told how to fast, it is my suggestion, when you are overcome with hunger that that will be the time to begin eating, and if the 40th day comes before then – good on you. This is encouraging for me to watch and I look forward to reading what you are going through and am hopeful you will document this journey with dialog on the blog.

  2. keith101 keith101 says:

    Hi al
    Yeah your right on what you have said, but sometimes the fast is broken before detox is compleat, then you have the fear factor that sets in when you do a long water fast,you can have a look at my water fasting videos on
    I am on day 28 of a 40 day water fast.
    Blessings Keith.

  3. bkcarlton says:


    That is really impressive. I recently fasted 21 days with water, tea, some clear broth, and on some days I had half a glass of juice. I was incredibly fatigued the entire time and very hungry. But I am also hungry when I am eating.

    Anyway, how do you keep from your blood sugar dropping too low? I wanted to water fast 10 days last year but after 3 days my blood sugar had dropped to 48 and I was very dizzy.


    • keith101 keith101 says:

      Hi Kristina
      your body uses up its sugar stores on day 3, thats why you feel week and dizzy, after day 3 the body goes into ketosis, using fat cells for fuel, your body adapts as you go into differant phases of a water fast.

      It is very hard for people with a fast metab to go on a long water fast but not imposible!
      Blessings Keith.

  4. bkcarlton says:

    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for the reply. I don’t think I have a fast metabolism and would love to try a water fast again to eradicate fungal/bacterial overgrowth.

    So are you saying after roughly 3 days, and an initial dip in blood sugar, once my body switches to using fat cells for fuel my blood sugar will come back up? I knew there are certain changes that occur after 3 to 4 days but what you mention did not occur to me at the time. Instead I had a tiny bit of honey in some water with fresh lemon juice. Maybe if I had stuck it out a bit longer things would have normalized?

    On a different note, do you think fasting 24 hours every week for 3 weeks then three days the fourth week is too much? That would mean three 24-hour fasts plus a three day fast every month.

    Thank you,

  5. keith101 keith101 says:

    Hi Kristina
    give yourself 4-5 days for your body to adapt to a water fast if that is what you choose. I was the same on day 3 late on in the night for a piece of chocolate to get some sugar in my body, but i held of and was fine on day 5.

    If you choose to alternate your fast 24,hrs then a 3 day fast, thats fine but your body will never go into ketosis.
    Best wishes Keith.

    • bkcarlton says:

      Hi Keith,

      I follow the Fast-5 plan with zero carb so I would think I am in ketosis. The 24 hours every week plus 3 days a month was in addition to eating Fast-5 AND doing one or two longer fasts a year. Does that makes sense? I just don’t want to mess up my metabolism by doing this. Wasn’t sure if that’s too much fasting throughout the year.

      • keith101 keith101 says:

        Hi bk
        Your body will not go into ketosis unles you go past the 3 days.
        Fasting 1 day a week is very healthy for you to do, i have read quite a bit into this,
        I have a friend who is on the fast-5 diet and swears by it.You are spot on by keeping your carbs to a bare minimum.

        Even by having zero carbs your body will never go into ketosis.Any fibers in your diet has to be digested,
        Juice faters never go into ketosis
        Best wishes Keith.

  6. Enlightenment Enlightenment says:

    i am looking for a fasting buddy

  7. Enlightenment Enlightenment says:

    i want to fast for 21-25 days

  8. keith101 keith101 says:

    Hi Enlightenment
    There are a few new fasters on the fasting progress reports page 2
    Best wishes on your fast.
    You can view my water fasting videos at
    This is day 29 on a water fast.
    Best wishes Keith

  9. jcriswell says:

    I have started my water fast, I know it will be longer than 3 days but I am not sure how much longer. I have never gone past 3 days, saying this if there is anyone interested in a fasting partner I am all ears.

  10. nay4nay says:

    I started my water fast on April 2 – my goal is to fast for 40 days on water today is day 4 and i feel very tired and my tunny is very bloated and hurts. I cant understand why I have so much gas on my tummy.
    Any thoughts on what I should do, I want to make it thru to finish the whole 40days.
    plz help!!!

  11. al says:

    Where is Amanda123?

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