Water Fasting Support -Day 8 -Feeling Sick

daddysgirl22 - Apr 6th, 2010
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I’m looking for a little support while I fast, I’m doing a water only fast and I have been sooooooo sick! I am on day 8 and still feel very weak and yucky. Wow, was this more than I bargained for, but the end result is worth it. I am fasting for personal breakthrough and offering this time of selflessness to the Lord as a sacrifice. I welcome any support I get. Blessings to all those out there fasting too!

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5 Responses to “Water Fasting Support -Day 8 -Feeling Sick”

  1. Hi daddysgirl22
    Most people that tackle water fasting as a first fast without any preparation find it very difficult. It may get easier in a few days but if the nausea continues for 3 days I would switch to juice for 3 days and then go back to water. Fasting before God is more about the heart than the sacrifice.

  2. lynn2010 lynn2010 says:

    Hi daddysgirl22
    I am starting my first water fast tomorrow for the same reasons. and weight loss. How long are you doing your fast?

  3. KittySoulflower KittySoulflower says:

    I really tip my hat to people who do water fasts even spiritually cause I’m to chicken. So your AWESOME to have made it this far. GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! I agree with Tom if your so sick you can’t function (go to work etc) then switch to juice and don’t feel bad.

  4. Femi_oladipo says:

    Keep going otherwise switch to juice but i bet you its worth all the trouble. May God strngthen you in Jesus mighty name.

  5. dorianab dorianab says:

    Hi daddysgirl22
    I’ve fasting now for 11 days now with the last 4 days on pure water.
    I started out 2 days on water then adding squeezed lemon. Felt very sloooow with headaches. Ended up eating “pigged out” on Easter evening, back on track the next day with lemoned water.
    Day after determined to drink water only and still feeling sloooow, with no headaches and feeling better today.

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