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Fasting Progress Report-Brag 2 .:.

Fasting Progress Report-Brag 2 Week Juice Fast For Cleansing, Healing, Candida, Spiritual Insight

Today is my "PRE" day for a (hopefully) 14 day juice/water fast. I am a little nervous because in Febuary I did a 9 day juice/water fast and it was pretty difficult. Also I am 5'8" and weigh 141 lbs at the moment. I would personal

White Yellow Tongue

White Yellow Tongue

The tongue becomes white or yellow during fasting. This occurrence is almost universal to all faster past the 3 day mark and often starts on day one. Some have stated that this discoloration is due to the excretion toxins which i

Caralee B. Reduction in Candida .:.

Caralee B. Reduction in Candida, skin healing, sinus problem.

Juice Fasting Testimony: Caralee B. Juice Fasting: 3 & 5 days Healing: Reduction in Candida, skin healing, sinus problem. Location: Whitby, ON, Canada I was open to fasting because I was at my wit end with a sinus prob