Cellular Detoxification

April 23, 2008 | 671 views

Cellular Detoxification’s Complexity Cellular detoxification of even a single cell within the human body is more complex than the most modern supercomputer. Cellular detoxification or the process of removing a hundred thousand antigens, each with... 


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  • Fasting- How Much Juice or Water Per Day (150)
    • Catherine: Thanks for answering all the questions. I just made hubby bacon and eggs and I did not even want to taste it, truly amazing!!!!!! To my utter dissapointment I can’t weigh myself, but last night I sat in the bath and shaved my legs, which is a very acrobatic thing, being paralysed...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Catherine, Speak in whatever language you want… pero hablo solo Espanol e Inglis. You can tell when your body is breaking down because of how your body feels but toxin release caused by fasting can feel bad but is good for you so you need to wait out feeling bad for about 2...
    • Catherine: Tom, I’m on day 4 and feeling really good. The headaches are still around but I can handle them. I think they are brought on by smoking but please don’t say I must quit now!!!! I can’t believe that I have the willpower that I have. I was always eating, all day long...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Lisa Water fasting 2-3 lb a day. Juice 1-3 lbs a day. What day of the fast are you on.
    • Lisa: actually its more like 3 miles a day sorry
    • Lisa: hey tom , i am walking up to 8.5 miles per day. doing about 100 situps a day. and am fasting for 15 days. i am about 160 , how much weight do you think i could lose?
    • Tom Coghill: Yea the headaches and be bad till day four especially after quiting coffee. You will feel better soon. I bet I make more spelling mistakes than you.LOL Yes you can drink store bought juice. Frozen juice is better than canned. We are rootin for you. Tom
    • Ona: Groeten Katherine, Ik ben Amerikans maar ik woon in Nederland meer dan 10 jaar. Als je wil soms een beetje makelijker spreken, kunt je een klein berichtje onderaan doen. Ik zou voor je uitkijken! Succes met alles! Ona
  • Fasting Weight Loss Rates for Juice Fasting, Water Fasting and Dry Fasting. (1)
    • Jess: Well I guess thats true about a slow metabolism I must have one. I have been on a juice fast for 23 days and have lost 17lbs. for some odd reason I feel like I should have lost more. But I am very excited for what I have lost nad it keeps me going strong!
  • Dry Fasting (11)
    • Jess: Hi MKJJD I hope you continue with the juice fasting and get your health up to snuff. I understand how this process can become obsessive because I feel myslef becoming that way. But I have to remember to take care of myslef and think long term about my health. I feel it will be a long...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi MK Yea, to me about 2 days of dry fasting is enough. I can’t see the value in pushing dry fasting past that maybe 3 at the very most. It it certainly could have damaged your body. You should read from my site http://compulsive.ws it will help you get your metal relationship...
    • MKJJD: Hi Jess I am doing okay but my doctor said that fasting messed my body up really bad but I think it was the 6 dry fast that messed my body up not the 53 day juice/water fast. I did not break my fast properly so I am really bloated and I gained almost all of the weight back. The worst part...
    • Jess: Hi MKJJD I just wanted to peek in and see how you are doing I hope things are good for you. I have been on my juice fast for 22 days now and still needing to lose more so I am continuing for 30 and see how I feel. Hope to hear from you
  • We are offline due to a TYPOON (4)
    • Tom Coghill: Wow we now have a electrical power. After 7 days I have gained a great appreciation for it.

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I have lost over 30 lbs. to date, and have a new look as well as a new outlook on life. Not only did the fasting help me with my physical self, but my spiritual self will never be the same. The books were a total support and read them several times, especially when detoxing and feeling apathetic. I heard you have a new book coming out. Save my email, I want it. — Debbie Ried

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