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Retune The Body with Periodic F .:.

Retune The Body with Periodic Fasting

To understand how the body reacts to a lack of food, you could start by looking at what happens to newborns. Newborns can't sleep through the night because they need to eat every few hours. They don't produce enough glycogen, the

Juice Fast- Urine Acidic, Thick .:.

Juice Fast- Urine Acidic, Thick With Bubbles

As of Day 10, I began noticing a thick urine.  Filled with small bubbles (I read this is yeast - is this true?) and thick, filminess to it.  Also, I do pH ion test strips every morning to measure my alkalinity. Before the fa

Fasting Research on Mice

Fasting Research on Mice

Study on mice shows fasting improves health as much as cutting calories. Periodic fasting and cutting calories is proven to increase health and lifespan. Research -Fasting Increases Lifespan and Insulin Sensitivity Several