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Fasting for Healing


Our body is an amazing structure and each part has its own detailed function. The structure of tube contains millions of miles of microscopic tubes while the membrane consists of thousands of square feet of delicate membrane surfaces. The circulator..

Nathan Gogol’s completes at 30-day juice fast.


Age: 23 years Start Date: January the 11th / 2008. Propose: I guess the main reason is to strengthen my walk with Christ. I try hard to remember that this fast is not for me and to look better and be healthier as much as it is to listen to Christ ..

Can I drink bottled juice during a fast?


Do not expect to heal your body drinking only bottled juices.  They lack in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Bottle juice is fine if you are only trying to lose weight and you can fast on it, but that is so much less than the incredible boost in he..

Erin Smith, Fasting Support, Overeating, Alergies, Asthma


I am 25 years old. I want to detox my body. I am addicted to food, medically obese, not "a little over weight" and "carrying it well" doesn't matter. I was on a strict diet when I was young because we couldn't afford otherwise. I have been overea..