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Veggie Juice Fasting For Healing the Pancreas & Liver

I am trying to juice fast with mainly green veggies for 30 days or more to heal my inflamed pancreas & congested liver. My digestion is very bad right and I have pancreas pain,candida,low blood pressure & no gall bladder. I do not have ele..

Water Fasting Can Be Scary

Many have had a bad first introduction to water fasting. A few hours without food can cause headaches and discomfort. The tongue turns yellow, breath becomes foul, weakness and dizziness set in, confirming what you already suspected fasting is undesi..

Cannabis Research


Pot Smoking Toxins Can Be Cleansed By Juice Fasting Juice fasting is one of the most powerful ways and if not, the best way to clean the lungs from built up toxins and tar caused by pot smoking. When I was young I smoked pot for several years hea..

Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly


Water fasting is tough. Water fasting can have good and bad times. I decided to write this post during a water fast. Water Fasting The Good Ending a water fast is always amazing. The first few glasses of fresh juice flooding the blood with nothing..

Water Fasting – An Introduction


From glistening crystals of snow to the multicolored hues of a rainbow, H2O takes on a myriad of shapes and shimmers. Daily, it is used to cleanse our floors, cars and toilets. Yet, the greatest value of water is that it internally cleanses our body...

Fasting for Healing


Our body is an amazing structure and each part has its own detailed function. The structure of tube contains millions of miles of microscopic tubes while the membrane consists of thousands of square feet of delicate membrane surfaces. The circulator..

Nathan Gogol’s completes at 30-day juice fast.


Age: 23 years Start Date: January the 11th / 2008. Propose: I guess the main reason is to strengthen my walk with Christ. I try hard to remember that this fast is not for me and to look better and be healthier as much as it is to listen to Christ ..