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Veggie Juice Fasting For Healing the Pancreas & Liver

I am trying to juice fast with mainly green veggies for 30 days or more to heal my inflamed pancreas & congested liver. My digestion is very bad right and I have pancreas pain,candida,low blood pressure & no gall bladder. I do not have ele..

Tom Coghill’s 30-Day Juice Fast


Fasting Testimony by the author. Juice Fasting: 30 days Healing: Kidney & liver damage, leg muscle spasms, tiredness, loss of sex drive, poor memory, depression. Location: Oshawa, ON Canada Some of us are born different. And the difference ..

Negative Fasting Reactions


Bad Breath Waste passes through the lungs, which are an eliminative organ. Brushing the tongue with a toothbrush, using dental floss and rinsing with mouthwash will reduce bad breath. I do not recommend chewing gum for a fast as it stimulates dige..