Weight Loss Per Day, Week, Month.

April 23, 2008 | 1,713 views

How much weight will I lose? The main benefit offered by a fast, to those who wish to lose weight, is the speed of the weight loss. To see a person drop 30-to-40 pounds in a 30-day juice fast is to see a person totally transform his life. Self-esteem... 


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  • Water Fasting - An Introduction (12)
    • Josh: Hey Tom, I’ve made it to day 21 now and I’m going to break my water fast and juice fast for a bit. I was wondering how slowly i should introduce solids and food groups back into my system, and if there was anything i should be careful of.
  • Fasting- How Much Juice or Water Per Day (74)
    • Anu: hi tom, it’s me anu again!!! i m from abu dhabi and seeking your advice on my request dated 21.04.08.pls help!!!
    • Tom Coghill: Hi . janeelizabeth You are doing great and that is a lot of weight to loose. You must feel great. Just eating melon is a just as powerful a detox a juice fasting. Eating only melons, has almost the same benefits as juice fasting. But there is more fiber in the system and therefor the...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Jil Thank you for the encouragement. It is good to start and end a water fast with one or two days of juice fasting. If this is your first fast I recommend juice fast as a warm up. Tom
  • Fasting Support for Christin L. (26)
    • Tom Coghill: I think Centrum is a lower quality vitamin. I usually buy the more expensive ones if I have the money. I would avoid them during water fasting. Your body has more than enough vitamin reserves for weeks of water fasting.
    • MKJJD: Hey Tom, Yeah the honey doesn’t have that effect on me and Have been sleeping soundly. I was wondering if Centrum was oaky to take while water fasting.
    • janeelizabeth: Hey Tom thanks! I am on day 8 and doing very well! I wake up at 7am now without an alarm clock.. is this because i am sleeping more soundly?? Ive nevvver been a morning person until now.. so this is an odd thing for me! I have lost 12pds in 8 days and have more enegy than I no what...
  • Exercise During Fasting? (2)
    • Tom Coghill: Saunua’s during fasting are good in moderation but be cautious. The blood pressure is already lower due to the heart slowing down and a sauna will increase that. You will feel the impact of a sauna faster and less time is better. Do not get up quickly or you may get blackouts. If...
    • ashley: what about saunua’s ?
  • Gray Hodge lost 26.5 lbs., healed arthritis, continual colds, bowel problems, poor health. (4)
    • cynthia: I am looking for a water fasting buddy!
    • cynthia: I am looking for a water fasting buddy!nthia
  • Fasting Teenagers? (11)
    • ashley: tom, i have a pool party in 4 days and i was wondering what the best way to lose weight is. im scared i will start a fast and break it before the party or gain weight.


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If a butterfly could talk of its experience of changing from a crawling insect into a multi-colored, graceful, flying creation, it would most likely be saying the words I felt in my heart. My healing through the 40 days of juice fasting gave back what drugs took away. Thanks for your support Tom. You were a good friend when I needed one. — Carl Wineberg

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