Types of Body Detoxification

Types of Body Detoxification

Methods of body detoxification with juice fasting and raw food

Poor living, including not getting enough sleep and exercise, worry, and poor diet all inhibit the body’s ability to divest itself of toxins. Even the medicines that we take and the treatments that are used on us for the treatment of disease, actually poison our bodies. It is against this overwhelming obstacle that we address the subject of detoxification.
Virtually any improvement that we can make in these areas enhances the body’s ability to shed these burdens of toxic waste.

The body stores oil-soluble toxins, logically, in our body’s oil supply, our fat. That is, in part, why a fat-reducing program is also a detoxifying process.

There are some things that we can do that directly helps the body to detoxify. This is fortunate, because, with our busy life styles, we can’t always take time off from work or school and visit a spa. We can do many effective things that can be incorporated into our lifestyle.

Water fasting is a stringent and effective way to detoxify your body because it forces the metabolism of body fat and thereby releases stored toxins in the body fat into the blood stream for elimination as the fat oils are used for fuel. Only the very healthy should go on short water fasts because the toxins released could overwhelm toxic and sick bodies.

Juice fasting is the king of detoxification methods because it nourishes the body, especially with live enzymes which jump start’ a sluggish immune system and provides nourishment for sustaining the fast for long periods of time.

Lemon juice and honey fasting. This is less stringent that water fasting as it supplies some basic nutrition and the cleansing progresses at a level that is more comfortable than water fasting alone.

Cleansing with raw food. This refers to vegetables and fruits, of course. Again, the live enzymes yield great benefit to a body that has been impoverished with cooked foods for a long time. Many people seldom eat any fresh vegetables and their only fruit may be a banana on their breakfast cereal.

You will notice immediate benefits. Your bathroom experiences will be virtually odorless and you will experience unbelievable regularity. The normal function is to have a movement for each meal. The fiber assures adequate bulk as the nourishment of the raw food enhances and cleanses the blood stream.

For healthy people, especially the very young whose bodies have not been compromised by the highly toxic lifestyle of fast foods, this is the best way to achieve maximum health.

Most people don’t realize that one of the biggest organs of elimination is the lungs. Exercise in the fresh air and sunshine is a powerful detoxifying treatment. This and stress reduction are among the most effective ways to build vibrant health.

This article was written by our guest writer, Mr. Bob Davis.
Founder of the Alternative Cancer Treatments website!

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