Water Fasting Diminished Water Needs

I have been water fasting for just 8 days now but the last few days I find it is difficult for me to drink the 120-150 oz of water I drank in the beginning.  Day 6 only 32 oz. Day 7 58 oz. and so far day 8 under 30 oz.  No other new symptoms.  Could this be something indicating that I should break my fast?  I was hoping for 15 days.  Loving the clarity, loving the sense that things are being resolved and healed.  Love the weight loss – 15.5 lbs so far!  Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.  49 years young 5’6″ Current weight 194.5 Have dry fasted for no longer than 36 hours at a time, the same with water fasting in the past.  Was losing control with restaurant food for an unspecified reason or reasons the last two weeks before I jumped directly into water fasting to get a grip.  Otherwise mostly vegan live food for the last 8 months or so has been my primary diet.

Answer By Tom Coghill

The body during water fasting has very little need for water due to a slowdown of all metabolic processes.  I am of the opinion that reduced liquid increases the bodies capacity to cleanse due to reduces lymph flow make it easier for the WBC’s to attack and neutralize antigens.  But that is a theory but it would seem that many people have reported reduced need for water the longer they fast.  I would follow your body. If you feel good then, continue with reduced water intake.  I have heard of  faster doing 10 days of dry fasting so it would seem that the human body has a much greater capacity to conserve water in the fasting state.

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