Water Fasting Progress Report -Katharina

Reasons for Fasting: To lose weight and get rid of fat. Sort out bad eating habits, stop eating and craving sugar, regular eating schedule. Stop smoking everything.
Intended Length of Fast: 4 weeks
First Name: Katharina
City, State and Country: Belgrade, Serbia
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Weight: 69kg
Height: 172 cm
Proposed Fasting Method: Water fast
Past Fasting Experience: Completed a 60 day fast, partly on water and partly on juice.
Present Diet: Went back to eating a lot of sugar relatively quickly.
Relevant Medical History: None
Present Medical Problems: None
State of Mind: Feeling depressed at not sticking with new eating habits.

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2 Responses to Water Fasting Progress Report -Katharina

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Katharina,
    Great to have a seasoned faster with us and sharing your fast. Feel free to encourage others. Your problem can be solved by renewing your mind with positive uplifting thoughts. If you do this fasting can be life changing. Make a list of every positive thing in your life and keep reading and adding to it. Your mind and discipline will be transformed.

  2. leatris says:

    Hey Katharina,
    I am just started a master cleanse today. Looking to go for 21 days… My specs are similar to yours…. Its my first time doing the MC but I have done short water fast before. I have been doing short fast for 18 mos now and they have really help me to change lots of bad habits and as a result lost 15lbs over the last 18mos..Earlier this year I increased my refine sugar intake and gain 8lbs as a results.. I was feeling great with the 15 off and when I gain back those 8 I was like what the hell and it just really set on a bad cycle… I lost motivation and just started to intake more and more refine sugars on top of all the great nutritional changes I had made. I am hoping that the master cleanse will reset my brain addiction to sugar… Best of luck!!!