72 Hours on Water With No Hunger?

mainefast - May 30th, 2010
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I’m on 72 hours now of a complete water fast and so far I have not had any bodily signs of hunger (sure I crave food).  I believe that is suppose to happen in Day 1 and 2 but I have not been uncomfortable at all.  My energy levels feel normal as well (I have paused my 5day workout routine for the fast), I went hiking along the Maine coast yesterday with no ill effects.  My last meal was a Large Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Is this because of my weight?  I weigh 245lbs (now 238) and am 6 feet tall.  I am drinking (sipping all day) about 2 liters of water only and am taking no supplements (I am using shampoo, toothpaste, and moisturizer).  This is my first fast ever and plan on going to 25-30 days (I heard you should stop when you get the second bout of strong hunger pains), and then break the fast with 5 days of juice fasting.

Has anyone else started a long term fast with no initial hunger?

Answer by Tom Coghill

Yes, lack of hunger is a normal response to water fasting.  Yes, your slower metabolism and fatty tissue reserves are making it easy for catabolism to meet your energy needs. Hunger pains are not an indicator to break a fast.  The smell of toast or coffee can cause an intense hunger reaction with the increased sense of smell during fasting.  The best indicator on when to break a fast is your inborn sense.  The body guides a fast, if you let it.  Just listen.

You have made one mistake common to water fasting.  Your last meals determine the nutritional reserves of your body.  Health problems can occur later in the fast.  This is my belief based on the fact that I have often seen health issues in water fasting after 16 days, started from nutritionally poor diets. A large Dairy Queen Blizzard definitely fits that category.  For this reason I always recommend starting a water fast with 3 to 5 days of juicing.

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