You Will Be Tempted

After forty days in the desert, Satan came to tempt Jesus. You also will be tempted. Satan will not ask you to turn stone into bread but bread into toast because he knows the aroma of fresh toast is deadlier than krypton to a person fasting. During fasting, all five senses increase in sensitivity. When the next-door neighbor pops bread into the toaster, you will smell it like never before. You can almost taste the molecules floating in the air. The brain is invaded with the smooth, delicious flavor of peanut butter melting on freshly browned toast. It feels as if you have not eaten for months. Feelings of being deprived start to surface and it is easy to open the refrigerator just for a look.

There is no temptation stronger than God has allowed. The victory of Christ is within you. Resist and he will flee. Try to remember that toast is mucus-forming.

The greatest enemy of a fast is lack of faith. Like a silent enemy, you cannot see it coming. Fasting’s lethargic down times sneak up on you. Thoughts become dark and depressive. Nothing seems to matter, and there is a deep ache inside. You don’t even feel like eating but you do because you don’t care. Breaking the fast, at this time, can cause a period of hard depression taking a few days to return to normal.

This is a time for prayer and drawing close to God. Prayer is so deep in these times. Your whole being cries out to God through pain and emptiness.

By Tom Coghill of
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