Your Promised Land

For 40 years, cruel desert winds reminded the Israelite of their cowardice in turning back because they saw giant warriors. To Joshua they were midgets before the power of God. With his leadership in five years of war, the battlefield became a nation of peace and prosperity, and the Israelite enjoyed all the blessings of God, in the Promised Land.

A spiritual strong hold is a thought process that is false and stands against Christ. Anything that stops you enjoying the peace and pleasure of God is a stronghold. A stronghold is a distorted thought pattern where the demonic realm can have power over your decisions and actions. A person with a stronghold cannot serve God in that area. A Christian who gossips has a stronghold that allows the person to be used by Satan in that area. A Christian with an addiction cannot have the authority to take others out of addiction.

For a person who gossips the main stronghold is pride that supports the attitude that other people’s sin should be exposed while hiding their sin. Guilt is another stronghold that supports the stronghold of gossip and focusing on other people’s problems is to feel better about themselves. Each stronghold has alliances for strength.

Strongholds get rooted in our life through believing a lie such as I need drugs to feel good. I can’t live without my soap operas. I need a good stiff coffee every morning. I always blow it. My life is a mess. I can’t handle stress. These statements may appear innocent but they have the power to govern decisions, attitudes, and emotions and allow the power of distorted faith to empower a stronghold.

It is faith that connects us to the spiritual realm. False beliefs twist the power of faith creating power shifts in the spiritual realm. When many people believe the same thing it has an impact on a global scale, creating strongholds in every nation, organization, religion, church, group, family and movement. Each stronghold has multi-tiered levels of power, authority and control that maintains Satan’s earthly kingdom. Many of which are so strong they will stand until the return of Christ.

The Bible says that truth shall set your free but freedom is a lengthy painful process. In six weeks Joshua conquered 26 kingdoms but it took five years for the last five. Some strongholds were quick some took years of assault.

To gain victory, Joshua mastered the art of war and fought effectively. He studied his enemy for weakness and knew his own limitations and strengths. In the same way the conquering of the sin nature needs skill, study, planning, persistence, patience, and the courage to endue pain. Above all, you will need the faith to see yourself victorious, standing against all odds, the amazing person God intended you to be, an over comer, conqueror, enjoying the incredible blessing of His glorious freedom.

Author’s Note – End of Religion

After being a staunch Bible believer for several years I discovered that the four gospels were originally anonymous and the names Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were added years later including the fake personal intro. With more study it became clear that the books of the Bible were written from 40 to 120 years AD and each version becoming more complex and detailed.  I was in shock to read the note at the bottom of Mark stating the various more elaborate additions of the resurrection story that did not exist in the first publishing and were added at a later date.  The evidence pointed to a highly embellished story centred on a travelling magician that became a central plot for hundreds of versions.  Over one hundred were discovered dated to the period. One had John the Baptist ordering bedbugs out of his bed with the power of God. One statement in the Bible is accurate “the truth shall set you free.”

I had based my belief on a feeling. Believing in God had given me purpose, significance and a plan. I wanted to feel special.  I faced harsh depression when the religion bubble bust and it took me years to get to a basic understanding that I define my purpose and death is not to be feared as there is nothing.

I have continued to help people in fasting and worked in a hospital in the Philippines and with the provincial governments of Papua New Guinea. I believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is to help people regain health and passion for life.  I have travelled the world for 15 years and presently in Asia. Occasionally, I am joined by a visitor from and we have fasted together and become good friends.

It takes courage to challenge a religious belief that offers so much.  For me, truth and hash cold reality is better than  the most beautiful intoxicating lie. Soul searching finding meaning purpose and passion is a journey that you define.  There is no map or predefined steps to take, just big questions and the courage to make changes.  I constantly ask myself “what do I want” and “what do I need”.  At this moment I am living in a hotel in Vietnam for $6 a day in the cool mountain air of Dalat, Vietnam. I have more than I need, rich in experience and freedom and uncluttered with possessions and attachments. Yet I never would have made it to this point without the big questions and forcing myself to answer and act. Freedom demands sacrifice to reach it which I am glad I did.

When I read what I wrote when I was a believer I only feel sadness. My neediness and desire dominated logic, reason and common sense. Contact on the site if you need help breaking free of the delusion.

By Tom Coghill of
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2 Responses to Your Promised Land

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  2. Carol says:

    Tom: Praises to God for this Excerpt. “Freedom is a lengthy painful process.” I am ready to endure the pain for to reap the rewards God has in store for me.